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InventCase Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014 Smart Multi-Functional Leather Book Case Cover with Sleep Wake Function - Black and Tan
InventCase Amazon Kindle Voyage 2014 Smart Multi-Functional Leather Book Case Cover with Sleep Wake Function - Black and Tan
Offered by Sunny Savers Ltd

5.0 out of 5 stars A QUALITY PRODUCT, 26 July 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I have spent ages looking for a case for my Kindle Voyage.

I wasn't looking for a case I could strap to my hand or a case I could pull a stand out of. All I wanted was a black case, leather if possible that protected the Kindle, wasn't the size of a 747, didn’t add too much weight, opened like a book and was well made.

I saw this advertised and it appeared to check all the boxes and more.

I have not been disappointed. While it is slightly heavier than some composite plastic cases it just feels right when you hold it in your hand. It is well made, the stitching, perfect on my case and I particularly like the the black leather outer contrasting with the lighter brown on the inside.

Holding it feels like you have one of those small leather bound books in your hand as the spine is slightly squared off.

There are places inside the front cover to store credit cards and a windowed section for a drivers licence. Not that I intend to use it as a wallet, but for some it is a handy but of storage space.

It fits the Kindle Voyage like a glove and comes with a decently thick screen protector and a stylus which is held on the side in a small elastic tab. If you intend to carry cards in the case then I would recommend the screen protector. There is no soft velvety lining but it does not need it.

Opening and closing the case switched the device on and off, a magnet keeps the front cover in place and is sufficiently strong though I would probably like to have seen an additional fastening.

All in all this is a decent protective case for the Kindle Voyage, it suits my requirements and it beats the Kindle Origami case hands down. A quality and robust product.

MICRO Pedi Nails Inc Replacement Rollers - Pack of 2
MICRO Pedi Nails Inc Replacement Rollers - Pack of 2
Price: £12.99

4.0 out of 5 stars LONGER LASTING, DECENTLY COARSE, 26 July 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
These are replacement rollers specifically for the Micro Pedi Nails Inc. They do not fit previous models due to the cog teeth at the top of the roller being more pronounced. The rollers tend to last for a good length if time and are sufficiently coarse to grind their way through the hardest of skin.
Maybe a little over priced but in retrospect they do last unlike some after market replacements.

Rexel JOY 182 mm Comfort Scissors - Blissful Blue
Rexel JOY 182 mm Comfort Scissors - Blissful Blue
Price: £2.63

Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The cutting blades are generally quite sharp but these are not what I would call comfort scissors. The inner ring (the technical scissor term for the bit that you put your fingers through), lined with a small amount of rubber, is quite small so these do not suit medium to large hands. In fact my dainty digits found cutting with them to be an uncomfortable experience as they rubbed at the top joint of my forefinger. Also I could barely get two fingers through the inner ring that is incidentally designed for two fingers. The width of the inner ring is also too narrow and so does not spread the pressure when cutting anything harder than a bit of ribbon.

In conclusion, these scissors suit small hands, they have a decent cutting blade, they are very lightweight and would be suitable for small light jobs. I have better and more comfortable scissors that suit my hands more but not at the price Rexel market them at. Great value, cheap as chips and worth buying if you have small hands.
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Philips S2BK/00 Premium Fidelio In-ear Including Universal Headset Function (13.5 mm Sound System, Titanium Housing, Turbo Bass Technology, Acoustics Tube)
Philips S2BK/00 Premium Fidelio In-ear Including Universal Headset Function (13.5 mm Sound System, Titanium Housing, Turbo Bass Technology, Acoustics Tube)
Price: £140.39

Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
If the packaging is anything to go by these should be the bees knees of in-ear headphones.

The box is well presented with a magnetic overlap and opens like a book with everything well presented and pleasing to the eye. The quality of the packaging is impressive.

As I took the headphones out of the packaging I noticed a number of things, they are not as light as my usual Klipsch X10 set, they are not as small as my Klipsch S4 which I prefer for the extra bass they give. The cord is flat and two tone, black on one side, brown on the other, this also makes it feel like it has more bulk. The cord is difficult to hide but at least it may solve the proverbial tangle problems. The plug is right angled so that I will have to use a straight extension plug if I want to use it with my iPhone/ which happens to reside in a case.

While I am not a fan of in-line switches and microphones it is not too intrusive, but I like the purity of headphones without these attachments. There is also a decent round carry case in the package.

I also noticed that the design shape looks very much like a Sony set I had years ago and which I rated highly and was extremely sad at its accidental demise in a glass of cola.

Setting up the headphones was simple, there is a good choice of ear buds to fit most sizes of ear though not as many as have been supplied with some other manufacturers products. I found the medium sizes the better fit, though not perfect as a half size up would have been the perfect size.

So to get an impression of how well they perform I subjected them to my eclectic taste in music played through my Macbook Pro. I also changed and swapped a number of headphones while listening to the same songs to get a comparison of sounds, Sennheiser in ear and over ear, Klipsch, dire Samsungs, awful Apples and a pair of Vibe FLi over ears set.

I tried a number of music combinations, but I wanted to see how they performed when songs had lyrics to listen to but plenty of bass in the background. The Hurlers by Seth Lakeman, Spiderbaits Black Betty, Cash’s Hurt, Mumford and Frankie Goes to Hollywoods Relax. Finally just for good measure Right Round by Flo Rider.

First impressions were reasonable but I felt that the underlying bass was dull, the highs and mids blunt and the headphones were a bit quiet. Swapping them over for the Klipsch almost blew my eardrums and I had to quickly turn the volume down. I wonder whether they have a limited amount of volume because I struggled to play music loud enough that it became uncomfortable, something I can do with other headsets.

I spent an hour swapping headphones and listening to the same songs time and time again to get a comparison and this is where it gets interesting. It might have been down to what some people believe is the burning in period of headphones. In this case I believe they do need this as they got better and better to the point where some of the other headphones began to sound mundane.

Increasing volume appeared to benefit the clarity, lowering the volume benefitted the bass without it being intrusive. The mids got sharper, the high much clearer and the bass had added warmth.
They need a good few hours of listening to get the best out of them and as they settle the quality comes out.

The Klipsch kept up and stayed at the top, but only just on sound quality with their clarity and also down to the fact they weigh less and are less intrusive and more comfortable when I’m lying down on my side. The Sennheisers and Vibe lost ground and the Apple and Samsung were just not in contention.

Everyones ears are different, what we hear varies from person to person so my perception as to the quality of these headphones will differ from others. I only give 5 star reviews to what I believe deserves them and in my opinion this does, whereas some music devices and headphone I have reviewed have scored poorly. I was scathing over a Philips speaker but they have redeemed themselves with this.

I think Philips have produced a nicely balanced headphone, as happy in the ears of a rocker as the ears of folk or country and western fan or even pop and rap. They are versatile and generally comfortable if a little tiny bit on the heavy side. The cord is more intrusive because it is flat and more obvious in two tone colours. Half size ear buds would be a bonus. The bottom line is the quality of sound and yes I believe they do have that and as a result I can live with the other minor tribulations.

As to value, its like buying an expensive pair of shoes, once you get over the initial cost you will enjoy wearing them all the more and the pleasure of using them will let you forget the price you had to pay.
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AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to DVI Adapter
AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to DVI Adapter

4.0 out of 5 stars GOOD VALUE AND GOOD BUILD QUALITY, 21 July 2015
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I will give this cable 5 stars for value, 4 for build quality. Generally Amazon Basics products do have good build quality and this does not appear to be the exception to the rule. You will of course require a full sized DVI cable as the DVI end is a female socket.

One thing to point out is that you may not get audio, DVI was designed for computer monitors. Check your device.

It also does not appear to say whether this cable is a single or dual link, if single link then it will be restricted to around 1920x1200. It will be a decent picture though
Using this to play through your telly should be ok because they will, in most but not all, cases convert the picture to the television a resolution. Problems may or may not occur with a monitor though. You might have to adjust the resolution manually.

All in all a reasonable quality cable that may be the answer to what you were looking for though it may have limited uses.

Apple 30 Pin to USB Cable Adapter
Apple 30 Pin to USB Cable Adapter
Offered by Global Tronix
Price: £4.97

Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Its made by Apple and replaces the original one that split and died. Good value.
I do wish they would be a little bit more robust as all Apple cable adaptors tend to split and come apart at the connecting plug.

Rexel JOY A5 192 Page Journal - Pretty Pink
Rexel JOY A5 192 Page Journal - Pretty Pink
Price: £3.37

Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
It is a pleasant little notebook/journal, just he right size to pop into a bag without it being overlarge and too heavy to carry. The colour is vibrant and the cloth cover is finished nicely. The only downside is the quality of the pages. I think that they could used a better quality finish and a thicker paper.

All in all though it is reasonable value.

Garmin nuviCam 6-inch Sat Nav With Built-in Dash Cam, UK and Full Europe Maps, Free Lifetime Map Updates, Free Lifetime Digital Traffic Alerts and Bluetooth
Garmin nuviCam 6-inch Sat Nav With Built-in Dash Cam, UK and Full Europe Maps, Free Lifetime Map Updates, Free Lifetime Digital Traffic Alerts and Bluetooth
Price: £267.89

28 of 31 people found the following review helpful
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I have been using Tom Tom navigation devices for a number of years so this Garmin nuviCam is a departure for me.

I tested this unit over a period of 5-6 days, covering 600 miles , from Liverpool city centre through the Cheshire countryside into North Wales. I drove on dirt tracks, motorways, bridges, A roads, B roads, Z roads, a tunnel and over cattle grids where mobile reception was strong, non-exisitant and intermittent. I am not a delivery driver or salesman. For me a navigation device has to be easy to use, have a good data base and one that finds the best routes without sending me up dead end tracks or road.

I found it relatively quick to get used to the idiosyncrasies of the Garmin, the interface is easy to learn but nowhere near as intuitive as its competitor. I have found the same issue with Garmin handheld GPS units, the interfaces need more development.

As a navigation device I do rate Garmin products highly, I have used them in the air since the 1990’s on the various aircraft I have flown. They have always been reliable, robust and accurate. The technology has not been entirely flawless, and again, though the user interfaces needed some work they have been good.

The Garmin nuviCam LMT-D is easy to set up but beware the map update, I’d advise you to give yourself plenty of time. Luckily I have Infinity Broadband so the initial warning that it would take 3 hours and 41 minutes to complete the update was wrong. It took around 35 minutes. It is fastened to the windscreen mount by a magnet. The windscreen suction mount is very solid, even over unmade roads and the magnet is strong. However if you do leave the mount on the windscreen it advertises the fact that you have probably left it somewhere in the car.

The Garmin nuviCam LMT-D has an accurate road database and it is generally fast enough to keep up. There were however occasions when the screen was noticeably jerky and lagged at some more complicated junctions. Occasionally it struggled to find the orientation of the car at roundabouts and spun the display round a little until it settled down.

The screen is huge and clear, the device measures approximately 19cm x 9.5cm x2.5cm. It takes up quite a bit of windscreen space so watch out you don’t create a blind spot for yourself. I liked the way it informs you about roads ahead and the motorway junction information when it appears on a split screen is excellent. The voice directions are clear but again pronunciation of some road names left a bit to be desired. All navigation devices suffer from this.

The power cable for the mount is substantial and quite thick, it has a fixed power adaptor. I cannot understand why they didn't make it a simple USB connection. I have a flush fitting 2x USB plug in the lighter socket. I had to remove this and therefore lost the ability to charge my phone at the same time. This might be down to the fact that it has to draw power for both the navigation and camera and most likely max's out the power supply. It also has an extra plug in ariel wire for DAB reception. There is nothing tidy about the cabling and I felt it intruded compared to my Tom Tom device.

I’m not sure about the DAB traffic alerts as reception in the country areas where I drive is hit and miss. I have a FM/AM/DAB radio in my car, when in towns and cities there is no problem with reception, but get out of the urban areas and it is a different matter. So far the best traffic alert system I have been using is part of Google Maps on my smart phone. It’s in real time and vastly more accurate and reliable than DAB alerts. It has shown alerts when there have been no hold ups so this might mean it takes its time to update the information.

Hands free Voice Navigation is supposedly a bonus. The voice navigation starts with the you saying the words ‘Voice Command’ and responds well to the menu commands such as ‘Home’, ‘Exit’ and ‘Stop’. However 80% of the time it struggled understanding road names and postcodes especially beginning with CH, CW and also to numbers especially the number 8. It is as flawed as the voice system in my car which I barely bother using. It is quicker typing in the address. The keyboard and predictive input road naming though are excellent. Regional accents confuse it.

I have built in Bluetooth in my car so do not use it for hands free calling but for those that don't it is a plus. The speaker is generally loud enough and so long as the NuviCam is not miles away from you at the bottom of a steep sloped windscreen it has reasonable pick up. Callers do not have any problem understanding you.

The basic driving interface is generally very good, relatively uncluttered but providing the navigation information to get you from point A to point B via X, Y, Z. It keeps things simple, the routing is easy to read and is clear. I missed the ability to have both ETA and Distance to the location on the display at the same time. It is one or the other on this device. I found this annoying because I can have this information and more on my Tom Tom.

The Garmin nuviCam has a number of new tricks up its sleeve which might be useful if they ran perfectly 100% of the time. They didn’t.

Forward Collision warnings are in principle a good idea and I have this as standard in on my own car. These are not perfect and I get a lot of false positives especially when the car in front of me is turning left. I find it a distraction as I am unlikely to hit the car in front but the alarm screams at me and I get distracted taking my eyes off the road and look down at the warning signs flashing at me. It will distract you as your eyes will automatically look at the warning, by the time you look up at the road again it might be too late. I’d advise you to turn it off and instead give the road your 100% attention.

The Lane Departure warning works when it sees white lines but here it was quite hit or miss. I deliberately tried to get it to warn me, it didn't but that might have been down to the rain. Good on motorways but useless on normal road. Still if you are veering from side to side it might be advisable to take your eyes off your phone and stop texting or stop and get some sleep. It did give one false positive as I exited on the motorway slip road.

These features are a good idea in principle but if you concentrate on your driving they should be pretty much redundant. They do however add to information overload. With time you may get used to the warnings and be less distracted. If it was 100% perfect it would be a true selling point and a must have, but it is nowhere near that good.

The built in Dash Cam is a great idea, especially if like me you have been involved in an accident with a Post Office van travelling on the wrong side of the road crashing into you while you were parked by the side of a country road. If I’d had a dash cam it would not have taken 18 months and a court case to be compensated. Take it from me, if you do not have one, get one.

The dash cam on this device works well, has a good wide angle view and clear picture but appears a bit grainy in poor lighting conditions. This is the most worthwhile extra addition to the device.

I use a Brodit Clip for my phone and existing SatNav so I have had to go back to mounting my SatNav on my windscreen with a suction pad rather than having it mounted within the reach of my fingertips to get the benefit of the Dash Cam. It is a shame that Garmin did not design it with a wired camera that could be mounted away from the SatNav and left in place. To get the benefits of the camera it has to be placed on the windscreen. There is an optional wireless rear view camera that can be purchased. Perhaps this can be adapted?

The ‘Clear View’ of your destination is a clever idea. It gives a real time picture of your final destination through the dash cam, pointing you to your destination on live Cam feed rather than the map display. Great fun but only as good as the data base and on a number of occasions, pointed to the wrong side of the road and the wrong house. It is still good though.

In conclusion I think this is a well specified and competent navigation device. It got me to my destinations without problems, the routing on the devices was good and it did come up with some surprises that bettered my usual SatNav. It does have its flaws, some of which can probably be sorted with some software updates. It has a much larger feature set than my existing Tom Tom’s but some of these features such as collision avoidance and lane departure warning need more development, Maybe a little gimmicky? The dash cam on the other hand is good and a real selling point.

I still think dedicated navigation devices have a place and are better than smart phone apps, but for how long?

My only real complaints are the fact that while this device is the premium Garmin SatNav with the price to match, they don't supply a case for it in the box which I think is mean and the fact that I haven't found a way to switch off the liability warning message every time I start the device up. A simple software update with a check box to say you have read it would be a good idea then the warning could be consigned to history. It concerns me that everytime the device is switched on I have to reach to the windscreen and press ok to show I have read the disclaimer over the collision avoidance and lane guidance.

UPDATE: Points to note:

1. The auto zoom in/out on the 3D display is very good and gives you an excellent view of your route.
2. Video playback is good and it also incorporates a map display to the right hand side of the screen so that you can see where you were driving.
3. ETA, Arrival Time and Time to Arrival can be displayed at the same time in a box on that takes up a quarter of the screen on the right hand side.
4. Using the keyboard is fast and easy to input the address, it also offers predictive input, just like predictive texting as you type in the address.
5. I still have not found a way to cancel the 'we accept no responsibility or liability' warning page at start up which relates to the collision avoidance and lane guidance.
6. Incidentally, while in North Wales I was running the Tom Tom side by side, the Garmin showed me as being in a field while the other one took me straight to the front door and showed the very minor track/road I was on. This was from a post code search.
7. The voice control understood me when I said I wanted to navigate to Gwyddelwern, that was unexpected.
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Cesar Senior  Deliciously Fresh Selection in Jelly 8 x100g, Pack of 6,48 pouches
Cesar Senior Deliciously Fresh Selection in Jelly 8 x100g, Pack of 6,48 pouches
Price: £20.94

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Our rescue dog, a 30kg Greyhound cross Lurcher is generally fed on dry food. Not that he is too fussy, he will eat pretty much any brand of dog food put into his bowl. His usual daily amount of dry food is around 350-400g a day split between 2 meals. This seems to be the optimum amount he needs as he is generally very active on his walks, around 3 miles twice a day, but a sofa surfer when inside.

To make his meals more interesting we have been substituting 100g of Cesar Deliciously Fresh Selection with the dry food for his evening meal. He's a pretty quiet dog on the whole, rarely barks or shows emotion.

As a rescue dog during the first 6 months of his ownership he would bolt his food down as if it was his last meal ever and he'd not been fed for three weeks. Since then he has become more confident and settled enough to leave some food for later. Well, with Cesar mixed in with the biscuits it's as if it's his birthday every evening meal time. The bowl is left empty every time.

As soon as he sees us pick up a sachet his eyes never leave the bowl, he'd probably eat the packaging if he could get hold of it.

The sachets do not contain 100% pure meat which for our dog is fine as it is not overly rich. We have had problems with his digestion in the past on products that are too meat rich hence our move to dry food.

The 100g sachets are just right to mix in with the biscuits. The dog likes them and the price per sachet is pretty reasonable.

Rexel Joy A4 5 Subject Notebook - Lovely Lime
Rexel Joy A4 5 Subject Notebook - Lovely Lime
Price: £8.42

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
A stylish note pad. The pads come in five wipe clean covers, they include a two year calendar, somewhere to write your name in the front and tear off corners in the pages. In A4 size you get 250 pages. There is also a sheet of 8 tear out cards called 'memory joggers' and a place to put your pen.

The paper is also good quality. The pages can be torn out and have already been pre-punched for filing if required.

Personally the only minor point is that I'd prefer sticky notes instead of the tear out cards as I find them more versatile and they can stick to most surfaces and work well as reminders. Cards I tend to lose. There are also a couple of pockets to store loose paper in as well.

There are a whole series of products matched to this including ring binders, lever arch files, staplers and box files. It can be colour coordinated with the JOY range of products.

While A4 notebooks can be purchased at a fraction of the cost this note book looks stylish and has some added extras that are generally quite useful so it's not what I would call primarily style over substance.

If you want to make more of a statement than say using a bog standard cheap A4 pad then I think you will see the value of this product. It is not cheap but has some genuinely useful features.

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