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Spigen iphone 6 Screen Protectros (Crystal CR Screen Protector)
Spigen iphone 6 Screen Protectros (Crystal CR Screen Protector)
Offered by Keep in Case
Price: £5.99

Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The screen protectors from Spigen are generally extremely good and this one is no exception. I have been using them on phones for years because the clarity is second to none and although they are a compromise on the screen, it doesn't have too much of a different feel when swiping the screen with this attached.

However, use this in conjunction with a Spigen case and you will very quickly realise this screen protector does not fit edge to edge.
This is because the new iPhone 6 screen curves at the edges. You will notice a gap between the case and the screen protector of a few mm all round the outside of the screen. The new Otterbox cases appear to give more cover to the front of the phone and over lap the curved edges more so this might not be such a problem is you use that.

Unfortunately if you do not have a case that overlaps the curves of the screen, it will leave those edges vulnerable. With a case that has more overlap you will not have a problem.

Leifheit Pegasus M Classic 81514 Drying Rack
Leifheit Pegasus M Classic 81514 Drying Rack
Price: £49.02

Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
We have two of these and we have two of these because my wife has made that decision because she like this Leifheit Pegasus drying rack. She likes it because it is sturdy and lightweight.

I have two under 10 year old children, we get through clothes like some people go through fizzy drinks, couple that with the amount of work clothes I get through it means a lot of washing. The washing machine is on every day and we have clothes to air and dry every single day.

Yes we have a tumble dryer but that tends to demand better conditions and go on strike every few weeks. The drying rack is invaluable. A good drying rack is even better, and this is a well made and spacious drying rack. It can hold a massive amount of clothing.

Have you ever been attacked by a drying rack? Has it collapsed on you at the worst possible time? Have you trapped your fingers? Cut them on sharp edges? They should come with a full health and safety assessment sheet because some are downright dangerous.

This one however is built like a German car, no squeaks, sharp edges and the panels fit properly. This is the Audi or Mercedes of drying racks care has been taken in the design.

Best of all it is easy to use, it hasn't defeated me or left me with injuries, so I don't mind putting the thing up and hanging out the washing. It is so light and easy to manoeuvre.

Well designed and does the job.

QuickBooks Online Plus, 12-Month Subscription (Mac/PC)
QuickBooks Online Plus, 12-Month Subscription (Mac/PC)
Price: £74.99

Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I have used Quickbooks stand alone products for years. My only complaint is that they have never developed a Mac only edition. Instead I have to run a dual boot Macbook Pro with a Windows 7 partition. I can access this relatively easily from within OSX but it still means I have to have a Windows installation on the hard drive.

I go through all this palaver simply because I think Quickbooks is the best small business accountancy package, easy to use and fully featured, I have tried others but this still has the edge over the competition. It is also feature rich.

This cloud based package comes in three flavours, Plus being the top of the range. So now I can use my Mac and other devices to access the cloud and get on with things anywhere I can get internet access. However on a more practical point, I have been running my business for the last 19 years and I don't remember when I actually needed to look at or access my accounts when I was out and about working. I certainly don't have time to sit in my car and count my pennies every time I stop, especially when I am out and about 12 hours a day. My motto, I work until it is dark and then some. While it is a good facility to have, for me it is a moot point. Be realistic if you have time to keep checking your accounting package your not working hard enough. I have access to my business bank account 24 hours a day if necessary, but if you are logging on to your Quickbooks more then twice a day you are probably becoming obsessive and need a holiday or your business is failing.

This is where I have a bit of a concern. The first question in my mind was what if my internet connection failed? The second is where my backup files would be kept and if I could keep a hard copy on my hard drive and two backup drives and could I rely on this third party to protect my information and banking details? Thirdly, what if I failed to pay the subscription once it had lapsed?

The Cloud is getting better day by day but I have been without internet access on a number of occasions, one time for two weeks due to some idiots digging up a road. At least I could still print out invoices, download a copy of the accounts and pass them to the accountant and check who owed what and how long they were overdue. I know I could access them over 3G and 4G, but when do I ever get a signal that I can rely on where I live? Phone reception is bad enough.

The other point I might mention is how much will this cost me next year or the year after? According to the Intuit website it can cost £29 per month to run this ` Plus' online facility. A quick check of the calculator and that's £348 per year. Oh and don't forget to add the vat which if you are not vat registered you cannot claim back. The stand alone Pro version is now only £180 and you can use it for a couple of years even three before you even consider upgrading while the online edition requires the monthly continuous subscription, over two years? £696 + Vat. Three years £1044 + Vat. You can of course buy this 12 month subscription for £180 or so but just start adding stuff like payroll and extra users. Ouch!

Look, this is a great product, no questions, Quickbooks Plus online is a really good fully featured product. I even use an Intuit card reader to take card payments in conjunction with my mobile phone Quickbooks is sorted.

However I've still got a bit of the old school in me and I need tangible things, I like books, I like DVDs, I like CDs, I like magazines, to touch, to feel, to be. If I can feel it, it feels like I own it.

I also want value for money and I think that the online facility is maybe a little on the expensive side if you take into consideration the monthly charges afterwards.

All in all a quality product, but it might not be a great fit with everyone and you have to rely on at least 4 businesses not to let you down for access, Quickbooks, your broadband provider, 3G mobile supplier and the cloud storage facility.

I'd suggest you trial it first and then decide whether a cloud based or stand alone copy suits you best.

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared [DVD]
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared [DVD]
Dvd ~ Robert Gustafsson
Price: £12.50

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
The review is based on the pre-release DVD, a basic no box plain disc.

I’m not sure what to make of this film, (here I was hoping it would be on the lines of Gangsta Granny which incidentally was not ‘that’ funny) but realising quite quickly that humour doesn't travel well from different national cultures.

Instead of the hoped for LOL I was left feeling bemused, not quite sure whether I should be laughing or if that particular part I was watching was supposed to be serious. The film title says it all, told in flashback and real time and with voice overs it is the adventures of an OAP 100+ after he makes his escape out of a window.

The hero of the story is not a very likeable character a cross between Baron Munchausen and Forrest Gump story telling where you might be left bemused with it all, this is no Don Quixote satire but it is satirical.

Maybe Swedish humour should be left at home and we should stick with what they are really good at such as The Bridge?

However, it is curiously quite watchable, my mum would have probably found it really funny, but she was German, whereas half of me saw the humour, but the other half didn’t quite get it at times.

It is nowhere near being a bad film mostly quite entertaining and maybe should be watched as a study in Scandinavian humour by film students.

I did like the film and giving it a 4 star rating is fair, but it is only just 4 stars.

3M Scotchlite White Reflective Tape (1m x 30mm)
3M Scotchlite White Reflective Tape (1m x 30mm)
Offered by Reflective-UK
Price: £3.95

4.0 out of 5 stars EXPENSIVE BUT WILL LAST A LONG TIME, 20 Sep 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Top quality reflective tape, of a little on the expensive side. I have used this to outline the rear doors on my van. It went on without a fuss stayed stuck down and reflects like a cats eye in a thunderstorm. It is a good product but rather expensive.

Westcott 8-inch Titanium Scissors
Westcott 8-inch Titanium Scissors
Price: £5.79

5.0 out of 5 stars SOLID AND GOOD VALUE, 20 Sep 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Comfortable to use, easy to manoeuvre and sharp. A pair of scissors for every occasion, they fell robust so I am sure they will stand the test of time. I also like the colour and the rubber grip for your fingers, less chance of a slip if your fingers are sweaty or wet.

A good solid product and good value for money.

QuickBooks Pro 2015 (PC)
QuickBooks Pro 2015 (PC)
Price: £99.99

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This review is from: QuickBooks Pro 2015 (PC) (DVD-ROM)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
I started using Quickbooks quite a few years ago for the small business I run. Of all the accountancy packages at the time this I felt was far the easiest to get to grips with. Overtime I have become used to the way it works but I have also looked at and trialled other comparable products, yet I always come back to it.

I like the fact that it is intuitive and user friendly, mostly laid out in a common sense way that make it easy to navigate. Not all accountancy packages provide this.

Every year a new addition appears, with a few new features but generally the updates are tweaks, some of them a little more substantial. With the product being so good you'd probably get away with running the program for a good couple of years before the need or desire to upgrade.

This years update is more tweak than new, visually it is better, and so much better than a few years ago when they had a major revamp to a visually harsh black and white.

I have yet to get into its dark corners but what I have found is that it is better to look at, smoother and feels quicker.
The upgrade from the previous version was without drama and easy to register and set up.

The product is feature rich, but the most important part is how well it works and how easy it is to use. I haven't found anything better yet and I have looked at and tried the competition.

In my opinion, for small businesses this is the one I recommend, it has a perfect balance of usability and value.

Spigen iPhone 6 Case Neo Hybrid Series Reventon Yellow (METALLIZED BUTTONS) SGP11034
Spigen iPhone 6 Case Neo Hybrid Series Reventon Yellow (METALLIZED BUTTONS) SGP11034
Offered by Spigen UK Store
Price: £24.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars IPHONE ARRIVED TODAY, THIS IS A GOOD CASE AND IT FITS ,BUT..., 15 Sep 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
UPDATED: 20/09 after 24 hours of use.

Button Issue Update 25/09/2012

Yes Spigen have contacted me regarding the button issue and have offered to send me a button stabiliser. While this is commendable and they have admitted that there is a problem, I could just return it for a refund. I'm also not quite clear on the process to get these stabilisers, might be good if they provided a link through Amazon.

I use two different cases on my iPhones depending on where I am or where I am going. The Otterbox defender for those days when extra protection is needed when I'm in work boots, overalls and safety vests, then the Spigen when I have my days wearing a suit.

The iPhone 6 arrived today the 19th and the case fits like a glove. However the on off button, now on the side loses a bit of feel to it when pressing the 'case' button. There is also a lack of feel with the volume buttons.
You will really need to press hard, really really hard to engage the buttons, too hard. The textured back give a fair amount of grip though the metalised side are just a tad slippery. I think the yellow makes it stand out.

The best thing about the case is that it adds very little bulk to the phone but prevents accidental scratches and bumps. It still feels like an iPhone instead of a box.

If you are looking for more extreme protection for your phone then the Otterbox is your best bet, but for everyday use this case is ideal.

My only concern is the lack of screen protector. Again I generally use Spigen Glas to protect the screen as it is more like the real screen glass and I don't understand why Spigen don't ever package the two together.

All in all it is a well made case in grippy textured TPU with a Yellow outer band that stands out.

However the strength needed to engage the volume and on off buttons lets the case down significantly though the case offers good protection.

Don't forget to regularly take the case off and clean inside just in case a bit of gritty grit gets inside and rubs away at the vulnerable anodised aluminium (Space Grey is prone to this kind of damage).

Why put a case on what some term a work or art? Think of the resale value of your phone, unmarked you'll get at least 60% of the value when you sell it to upgrade to the new model next year.
Comment Comment (1) | Permalink | Most recent comment: Sep 25, 2014 1:03 PM BST

Tacwise 1187 16ga/ 45 Finish Nailer Nail Gun
Tacwise 1187 16ga/ 45 Finish Nailer Nail Gun
Price: £118.69

4.0 out of 5 stars A GOOD TOOL FOR THE JOB IT IS DESIGNED TO DO, 13 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Being old school I'm a dab hand with a hammer and nails, but this little nail gun makes life so much easier.

When I say little, I actually mean sturdy and solid with a weight that make you believe it is unbreakable. It arrives in its own plastic carry case which is a real benefit in that it is easy to store after use. It is also light enough to use without needing to work out in the gym to build up those biceps.

In the 24 hours since I took delivery I repaired a fence, repaired a gate, tacked down a chip board floor in the attic and still had time to sit down and have a cup of tea.

It really does make life a lot easier and saves your thumbs from a bashing.

Reloading is easy, strips of nails fit into the magazine and you can see how many nails are still left, in fact it is so much fun you might find yourself nailing everything you can see.
The cost of replacement nails are reasonable, a little more expensive than buying loose nails but that more than makes up for the convenience.

Of course it has it's flaws, it is limited to a certain size of nail and you need a power supply. A hammer does not need electricity and six inch nails are beyond it.

For the right jobs this can be an invaluable tool, but always keep a hammer handy just in case you get a job that it outside of its design.

GOODOGS CAPRICE Can Snack for Dogs, Small
GOODOGS CAPRICE Can Snack for Dogs, Small
Price: £2.35

5.0 out of 5 stars ELMO LIKES IT, 12 Sep 2014
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Elmo is 14 years old and a great fan of meaty goodness snacks. He might not be as fast as he was, he likes to sleep several hours a day longer than he used to, he might not see as well as he did, but his nose is still super sensitive and can smell a stinky snack in a sealed box 3 gardens away buried under a compost mound.

He is also quite particular and not every snack is to his taste.

Now I cannot personally comment on the texture or taste, and Elmo is not one for fancy words of lengthy prose. What I can say as an observation is that when he was offered the snack he sniffed opened his mouth and it was gone. Then he sat patiently for more, sticky drool coming out of the corners of his mouth.

I think I can safely say that though I was not impressed with his table manners he liked it very much it would be nice if he managed to chew a little instead of gulping it down (like he once did to a squirrel but we don't like to mention that though you may be leased to know he suffered no ill effects).

Thank goodness for the well sealed tub.

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