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Muppets Most Wanted
Muppets Most Wanted
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £7.50

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gosh, this is addictive!, 27 Mar 2014
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This review is from: Muppets Most Wanted (Audio CD)
I held off getting this disc until I'd seen the movie first, but now I have it, it's sending me straight back to the cinema to see it again... More songs than the first movie, and more by Bret McKenzie, who does such a stellar job. 'Something So Right' and 'I'll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu)' are just wonderful moments in the film, and become a little bit irresistible when the replay button is involved!

The whole CD is excellent and it's fantastic to hear 5 of Bret's demo tracks at the end - I think I'm going to wear this one out... Don't hesitate - it's a perfect, super-smart compliment to the movie.

Postman Pat: Series 1 - Postman Pat Takes A Message [DVD]
Postman Pat: Series 1 - Postman Pat Takes A Message [DVD]
Offered by YouWantIt-WeGotIt
Price: £3.42

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2.0 out of 5 stars Foolish decisions made during remastering, 3 Feb 2014
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Whilst I was very excited for this release, replacing the original theme and end credits with newer series' visuals and music was utterly reckless in preserving the original Ivor Wood episodes for future generations. I can understand that Pat's latest owners may have been scared about 'confusing' the modern Postman Pat audience with an older version of the theme, but it is so jarring alongside the slower pace and tone of the actual episodes contained that it makes the 'difference' worse in my opinion (especially when the "can you guess what's in his bag?" modern end credits music crashes in - sigh!).

It's great to be able to view the episodes again, but this move will annoy more than it will please, especially after many fans have waited so long to see these delightful classics available. I can't believe anyone involved in the process would not have properly weighed up the disappointment from the core audience who would be choosing this disc specifically over the countless other modern Postman Pat releases. I don't mind the newer series at all, but revisionism like this is just so frustrating when memories of the original broadcasts remain so strong!

'Complete Series 1' is a questionable term, sadly!

Happy Birthday Postman Pat [DVD]
Happy Birthday Postman Pat [DVD]
Price: £5.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great mix of old and new Pat - wonderful stuff!, 14 Oct 2011
This is an excellent 3+ hours dose of Postman Pat and finally Classic Media are letting some more original Ivor Wood episodes out of the archive! This disc features all 4 bumper length 25 minute specials made by Woodland Animations in the early 90s...





as well as three of the incredibly strong Cosgrove Hall 25 minute specials from 2003 and 2004




To support the 30th birthday/anniversary theme, it also features one Cosgrove regular 15 minute episode from 2006 - 'POSTMAN PAT'S GREAT BIG PARTY'

Hopefully the two original 13x15 minute Ivor Wood series aren't far behind this... - please make it happen, Classic Media!!
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Tickle On The Tum - The Complete Series One [DVD]
Tickle On The Tum - The Complete Series One [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bill Odie
Offered by NetsavesUK
Price: £5.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Priceless and Perfect Children's Television!, 1 Oct 2010
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The simplicity of Tickle of the Tum is so striking sitting down to watch it again (I was four when it was first broadcast and remember it warmly, but think I like it even more now!)- each 10 minute episode is so packed with material for its short length, and the utterly, charming delivery is almost a masterclass of how to create timeless children's TV.

Folk Singer Ralph McTell (for this series assisted by Danusia Harwood) run a sub-post office in a town called Tickle on the Tum, and every episode sticks to a tight comforting format - A town's resident(played by a sparkling cast of actors/actresses) pop by and, after some brief banter, and tell a story from their recent adventures in the town, straight to camera accompanied by a few illustrations - in virtually all cases, the story telling is so natural that you're swept along for the ride. In another act of simplicity, jokes from the children at home are read with the guest having a blast joining in, before the real magic happens - each episode rounds out with a Ralph McTell song on guitar - he wrote so many marvellous pieces exclusively for this series (and never released since) at the same time his own children were young. The care and depth of his understanding into what works for the age group really shows through. Often gently choatic and never over-rehearsed, the whole show gives you the feeling of stopping by with friends for 10 minutes and being as welcome as can be.

Guests in this series include the delightful Bill Oddie as Dr Dimple (in one of the most playful roles of his career), Penelope Keith as the local bus driver, Kenny Lynch, as Mike the Milkman, Billy Dainty as a Baker, and Susan Wooldrige as Miss Marker the schoolteacher. Each one of them throw themselves into this simple lunchtime children's show, thanks to the credibility that Ralph McTell adds to proceedings, and just shine with warmth and humour. I'm deperately hoping this release does well enough to warrant further volumes, as further villagers will pop up, played by the likes of Billy Connolly, Tim Healy, Joan Sims, Willie Rushton, Burt Kwouk, Nerys Hughes, Mollie Sugden and John Wells. This was basically ITV's Jackanory, given the calibre of celebrity it attracted, but with a regular accessible format, giving much greater consistancy of tone than it's BBC counterpart managed. Topped off with music written and performed by a master of musical storytelling, who's naturalness in front of the camera treats any young audience watching with the respect they deserve and are rarely afforded!

I can't recommend this enough, especially if your looking for a show from your childhood which still holds up to viewing by a new generation - a jewel in the ITV crown and left undiscovered for too long. Thank you Relevelation Films for releasing this gem, and please make sure more collections are on the way - things only get better and funnier from here!

The Raccoons - Season 1 [DVD]
The Raccoons - Season 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kevin Gillis
Price: £8.18

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5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding DVD, 20 Sep 2007
The Raccoons still holds up wonderfully as a thoughtfully written, lovingly made and intelligent children's series; on current viewings, it's immediately clear what made you wake up without fail on a Saturday morning to follow Bert, Cedric and Co's adventures. Warm, funny characters, with an excellent sense of daring mean these are absolutely worth revisiting, or introducing to a newer generation of fans.

I'm delighted that this release doesn't disappoint - the episodes look bright, clean and sharp, and the whole pacakge seems put together with such care and affection. The classy looking outer-slipcase with different case art inside (plus an episode guide leaflet) ooze quality.

The series itself is still finding it's feet format-wise, as Dan the forest ranger and his kids frame quite a few of the earliest episodes, but producers soon found that the animal characters more than carried the show on their own; their antics are epic in scale right from the start. These shows are loaded with gentle social commentary and stories that have real consequence to them, engaging the audience straight away. Let's hope that this first volume sells well enough to ensure the even-better subsequent seasons see similarly excellent releases too! Reccommended without question.
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Breaking Up
Breaking Up
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £4.21

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just Awesome!!!, 4 Mar 2006
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This review is from: Breaking Up (Audio CD)
I got this CD at the start of the week and it's barely left the player - The Research's debut is wonderful from start to finish and virtually every track is single-worthy, or like 'Spltting Hairs', just devestatingly beautiful.
The voices of Russell (keyboards), Georgia (bass guitar) and Sarah (drums) are what makes this album so special; they blend together effortlessly, yet sound so individual when each take lead vocals. Combine such conviction with shatteringly honest lyrics like 'I love you, but I'm scared I'll f*ck it ip' and these tales of joy and disfunction have the ability to utterly entrance.
'C'mon Chameleon' and 'The Hard Times' threaten to bounce right off the surface of the disc, whilst 'We've Got Something' creates sunshine quite effortlessly. Just don't let the bright exterior of The Research fool you - there is an even darker, tragic core to these recordings that creates their real beauty.
The Research are a stunning live band and happily, are just as fun yet affecting on record. I couldn't recommmend it higher!!

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