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Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi, Black
Kindle, 6" E Ink Display, Wi-Fi, Black
Price: 59.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Simple, brilliant., 3 April 2014
I've owned a Kindle Keyboard, Touch, Paperwhite and a Fire HDX.. even a Sony Reader.

I recently said goodbye to my Paperwhite when I got an HDX, which I love for video and apps, but I really missed the E-ink reading experience. So as ridiculous as it seems I bought this, the basic Kindle.

Overall, this really is a fantastic device. It is simple and every aspect of the design is considered to be unobtrusive to the reading experience. There are no gimmicks here- this little reader allows you to read books and that's pretty much it. Like every e-reading device, no-one can easily see what I'm reading, so I can indulge in a guilty pleasure on the tube without worrying what people are thinking about it!

Personally I find using the book store on the device a little tiresome as there's no keyboard, so using on a PC and sending the book to the device is my preferred, easier way of getting content. That said, it can be useful to browse around when you're out and about.

For those yet to take the plunge into E-ink, it really is a high quality reading experience and far far better than reading from a backlit screen (such as on the Fire). The screen isn't very reflective and the contrast between the different grayscales means that there's no eye strain and of course, you can see everything brilliantly well in sunlight.

The device is really light and pretty small. Despite that, it doesn't feel too flimsy and whilst I do use a cover, I don't feel that the Kindle is going to fall apart anytime soon. The battery life is great, page turn buttons well placed and are 'just right' -they're easy enough to press but not too firm.

Despite having owned pretty much every kind of Kindle there is, I like this one the best for reading. The whole thing is simple, smart and easy to use. At 59 this is a great buy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Standing Leather Origami Case (will only fit All-New Kindle Fire HD 7"), Red
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Standing Leather Origami Case (will only fit All-New Kindle Fire HD 7"), Red
Price: 29.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Returned for a replacement, 23 Nov 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The case is a good fit, but does obviously add a bit of weight to the kindle. The stand feature works well and I've used it quite a bit more than I expected to for that. The colour of the photo matches the real life look of the leather - it does look good and is pleasant to hold.

The case has a rigid plastic back with built-in buttons to press the volume and power buttons on the device. This is a great feature, but on the case I received it meant that the power button was being depressed very frequently when holding the device, turning the kindle off completely. Obviously that's is quite irritating so I have returned it for a replacement, hoping that it isn't a design flaw.

Kindle Fire HD 7", HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers
Kindle Fire HD 7", HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB - Includes Special Offers
Price: 89.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great tablet for reading and simple apps, 19 Nov 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm writing this having owned an iPad, iPad mini, Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite, Galaxy Note 8.0. I work for a software company and use tech constantly, so I hopefully write this from an informed perspective.

I waited to buy a Kindle Fire until a model was released that was 'HD' at the lowest point of entry, and that's what we have here. This is a device that is closely tied into the Amazon way of doing things and therefore requires that books, apps, music etc are all purchased from them. The price of this device is amazingly low given the build quality and connectivity offered. Buy a similarly priced 'normal' Android tablet and your experience will not be as smooth.

Look & Feel

The tablet isn't as light or as thin as an iPad mini, but it feels sturdy and is easy to grip without being too heavy. It makes for comfortable reading on my daily commute, but I imagine would get a bit heavy if holding it to watch a whole film. The device is solid - it doesn't bend, creak or flex at all. All the joins are good and buttons feel reliable.

The display is excellent. The bezel (black strip around the screen) is quite wide, but it does serve as a barrier to stop fingers obscuring text on a book page, which I found really irritating on the iPad. Books are easy to read and turning the screen brightness down from the top setting means I've so far not felt any eye strain. Video also looks great; punchy and rich.

A surprisingly great feature is the sound quality. This really is a nice bonus and compared to other tablets of the same size, speaker quality and audio reproduction is top notch. Not at all tinny; loud and bassy. Really very good indeed.

No camera. I've never taken pictures with my tablet cameras as they are invariably rubbish, only coming in useful for the occasional Skype call. This price point means no camera and a slower processor. Take the not very big jump up to the entry level HDX and those features are present. I don't think Amazon should apologise for creating a consumption-only device.


This device is designed expressly to allow the consumption of media. I.E books, video, games, magazines. Amazon try hard to keep all of that content coming to you from their stores and in-app purchases are deeply integrated. It mirrors the ease of the experience on other Kindle devices I've used and actually works really well. My parents who are reasonably IT literate but struggle to cope with updating their PC etc find this kind of experience really simple to use and uncluttered with too many options.

'Free time' is a great feature that I thought would be rubbish! Basically it means you can set the device to completely ignore notifications whilst doing things like reading. On an iPad, notifications about emails, messages etc are distracting - so this is a nice feature to have.

Books read well and there are sufficient options for most tastes without too many unnecessary settings. The Lovefilm software is great, although to my mind the selection of titles is limited. If the option to download content from Lovefilm is made available (as it has just been in the US with their video partner) I will very, very likely subscribe beyond the length of the 30 day free trial.

There is a limited selection of apps available from the appstore, but nothing I've looked for so far hasn't been available. I want this device to read with and watch videos; apps are not the main purpose.. If you're really keen on a massive app selection, get an iPad!


This is a great product available at a low price. The low cost of entry is tempered by a lack of some hardware features such as a camera, but it works well and is simple. If you are looking for a low cost, high quality tablet that works well and supports the reading of books and watching of videos, this is a great choice.
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Kindle Paperwhite 3G, 6" High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Free 3G + Wi-Fi [Previous Generation]
Kindle Paperwhite 3G, 6" High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Free 3G + Wi-Fi [Previous Generation]

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5.0 out of 5 stars My third kindle; definitely the best!, 28 Oct 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I started off with a Kindle Keyboard in 2010 and switched to a Touch earlier this year. Both models are now with my parents who I've persuaded to make the leap into e-books. I decided to get a Paperwhite as I've always wanted to read my Kindle in bed whilst my partner is asleep, but don't like to use clumsy clip-on lights that need extra batteries etc.

The Paperwhite feels like a natural evolution of the device and I think it is really great. I've used a Sony Reader and a Kobo before, neither of which had the same intuitive interface offered by Kindle. This latest version of the reader has a refreshed menu system that is responsive and easy to use. The new default 'home view' includes 'books we recommend' (i.e advertising) along the bottom of the display. You can revert to the old list view, and I'm happy to have both options.

I'm fully aware of the fact that Amazon are offering a 'walled garden'. Getting books onto a Kindle from anyone other than them is a pain, book prices can be super cheap or really overpriced and I'm not sure that small publishers always get a good deal. In addition, reading data is collected from my device and made available to publishers and Amazon as a commercial commodity.

But - and it is a big but - I'm happy with that and I'm making an informed choice to use Kindle and Amazon's platform. I've always had the 3G versions of readers (including the new Paperwhite) and there is nothing like being out and about and being able to buy and download a new book instantly. I travel extensively with my job and this feature is invaluable. Also, I've read a far wider selection of novels and non-fiction titles in the 2 years I've been using Kindle than I ever would have before. Suggestions are intelligent and often spot on.

The latest device looks and feels great. It is sturdy, well put together and light enough to be comfortable without feeling like I'm going to let it fall out of my grip. The new smaller power button is great as I can rest the kindle on my bed without turning it off accidentally (as happened with the Touch 3G a lot). The screen is brilliant and contrast is visibly improved. I like the new font choices all of which are crisp and clear.

The light is of course the principal new point of difference over other models, and it is really good. There are some slightly uneven areas of light coverage at the bottom of the screen, but my ability to read is not affected by that at all, nor do I consider it to be a defect. The light is cool and doesn't cause eye strain. I can read in bed next to my partner who is unaffected by it. I use it on the tube when lighting is dim and on the train at night. It is really great.

Overall, this is a fantastic device and a fantastic platform. This seems to be the best device so far and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering an e-reader for the first time or to any existing converts looking to get rid of those nasty clip-on book lights.

De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 15-Bar Bean to Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker - Silver
De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200 15-Bar Bean to Cup Espresso/Cappuccino Maker - Silver
Price: 279.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great coffee from a good quality machine, 28 Feb 2011
I bought this machine after having a frustrating 3 months with a top-end manual Dualit Espressivo machine that repeatedly broke down. I decided in the end to invest in a machine that was more expensive and from a different brand.

I've not been disappointed so far. The ESAM unit is a well built and attractive machine that reliably makes excellent espresso and cappuccino. It is FAR easier to clean and look after than my previous manual machine, and the coffee is consistently excellent.

The machine allows complete customisation of size, strength, body and grind of coffee. Once set, the machine will produce coffee exactly as you like it at the press of a single button. It takes about 20 seconds for espresso to be produced, and it is hot with a good crema. The milk frothing wand is brilliant as it works exactly as it should (often the pressure of steam on manual machines is just not enough to get really hot milk), and - almost as importantly, it is really easy to clean. All the parts that come into contact with milk are removed with a twist lock, and cleaned with normal washing up liquid.

Likewise, the internal parts are easy to clean. The grinds are shaped into a 'puck' at the point coffee is extracted. They are then pushed into a internal collection container that is part of the drip tray. The main bit of the machine that makes the coffee can be removed and cleaned quite easily.

The large drip tray is big enough to collect an amount of water that means you don't have to empty it every time you use the machine. It is the only part of the product that I find a bit difficult to remove and re-insert, as it seems to be quite a tight fit to the body of the unit. The water tank is a good size and has a removable lid, which stops sloshing around and splashing when moving from tap to machine.

There is very little faffing about once everything is setup. I can make a cappuccino in about 90 seconds. There is still something a bit magic about seeing whole beans disappear into the grinder and hot espresso appear in the cup shortly afterwards.

If you can stomach paying around 400 for a machine that only makes coffee.. get one of these. If you can stomach that then I guess you love coffee, and don't mind making the investment. Definitely worth the money.

Dualit 84200 Espressivo Coffee Maker, Chrome
Dualit 84200 Espressivo Coffee Maker, Chrome

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1.0 out of 5 stars Repaired, replaced..refunded, 8 Dec 2010
*****Final update, Feb '11*****
The machine developed a fault with the main control dial on the front - it wasn't possible to operate it when it was it was at the correct temperature. I returned it to John Lewis for repair.

It came back from Dualit after about two weeks and was working normally. Unfortunately 3 days later the steam wand came off during use and it wasn't possible to reconnect it. I took it back to John Lewis again who agreed it was not at the standard it should have been, and I replaced it with a Delonghi bean-to-cup machine.

The Dualit machine looks good and is of seemingly good quality. Espresso machines need to use pressure and heat to work well, but I don't think this machine was designed to cope with the stresses that these forces create. The problem to me seemed to be with the design of the machine, not the particular unit that I had.

Very disappointed to return this after only 3 months. Avoid..

****Updated, Feb '11****

The machine developed a fault that meant the main control that is used to start and stop both the production of steam and coffee became so difficult to operate that I could only do so by forcing the dial left or right with both hands. It's currently with Dualit awaiting repair. Disappointing!

**Updated. Below is the review I initially wrote. Since then this product has developed a fault and been sent for repair. Update below**

I've been using this product for around 3 months and did quite a lot of research into it before buying, so new what the potential pitfalls might be. I'm a coffee enthusiast and have owned several different machines in the past so had an idea of what I wanted and expected from a new product.

The machine produces high quality espresso based drinks quickly, easily and consistently. The build quality is good and sturdy and the controls are simple. The supplies accessories are also of a high quality and I expect will last for the life of the machine.

Espresso is produced with a good crema layer and is hot. Taste is excellent and residue minimal. Both ground coffee and ESE sized coffee pods can be used, both with good results.

The milk steamer is effective although can be a little slow - don't expect high street style steaming power, this is a domestic machine. That said, it is easily capable of making milk reach boiling point if required.

Many of the reviews of this product criticise the ability to produce drinks at a high enough temperature. Having owned 3 previous different types of espresso machine I have learnt that the secret is to pre-heat the machine in advance of using it. I make coffee with the Duality every morning and pre-heat the machine by using a plug-in on/off timer so the machine warms up about 45 minutes before I use it. That way the coffee and milk are heated to exactly the high temperature I like.

Any coffee machine like this requires regular maintenance. If you live in an area prone to limescale, you absolutely must descale the machine regularly or it will simply stop working. The way these machines work seem to meant that scale builds up very quickly, and I wonder how many of the faults listed in the reviews are because descaling wasn't happening. I descale mine once a week and also clean it thoroughly at the same time. The whole things takes maybe 15 minutes at most.

Despite this machines good quality coffee and value for money, there are a few flaws. The main control nob can be difficult to rotate during use when pressure has built up inside the machine. Secondly. the coffee baskets are not suitable for extremely finely ground espresso as they clog easily.

Overall this is a really good machine at a good price. It looks attractive and makes really good coffee. Recommended with a reminder to invest a bit of time in getting to know how it works properly.

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic reader and software platform, 30 Oct 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Kindle is a really high quality e-reader and software/store platform and is an excellent introduction to ereading for those without much experience of using 'technology' and is also great for the geekier amongst us.

Before purchasing this product I owned a Sony PRS-600 touch screen reading device that I had used for 12 months. I loved the concept of that product but the screen was too reflective and the software was never really happy running on a mac. The kindle was attractive to me because the screen appeared to be less reflective and it was possible to buy books from amazon on the device itself.

Using the kindle is easy and enjoyable. The screen really is easy to read in bright sunlight and most lighting conditions. The only time I have difficult with it is when there is a lot of artificial bright lighting above. It is still readable, you just need to tilt the screen away from you a bit more than normal. The design of the product is great and it is easy to hold for long periods of time, and the buttons to turn pages are in natural positions. The battery lasts for quite a while, especially if the wireless function is turned off. If I browse online or download a lot of things in a short period of time the battery is used more quickly. I've gone away for the weekend with only a 1/4 charge remaining and the battery lasted until I came back.

I read quite a lot of criticism about the Kindle before I purchased because of the closed proprietary system it uses for the retail of books on the device. The concept is the same as iTunes - you can purchase and download books onto the device in the Amazon format only. However, this is made obvious before buying and the kindle is not the only reader on the market. My experience of this aspect of the device/platform is very positive and I wish it was a feature that had been included on my previous Sony product. I can preview chapters, read reviews, search for blogs and newspapers and buy books right from the Kindle, or on a computer. The prices for books are competitive and almost always cheaper than the ebook providers I used previously.

My mum has arthritis in her hands and is currently reading the latest and massive hardback Ken Follett Fall of Giants (Century Trilogy 1). She can't read it for long because holding the book is painful, but when she had a go on the kindle and I explained the massive book could fit on the device she immediately wanted to buy one!

The 3G facility is worth the extra cost, as I recently really enjoyed having access to the newspaper subscriptions whilst on holiday. The included web browser is slow and not great for serious surfing, but the device managed to hold on to a connection in the middle of the Lake District and find me train times when my iPhone had given up! Well worth it.

The good:
-Lightweight, attractive, well designed and easy to use
-Display is easy to read in 95% of lighting conditions
-Intuitive menu system
-When reading, you are left alone to read, no menu screens etc get in the way
-Battery lasts ages
-Books are competitively priced and easy to buy

The bad:
-Browsing for books in the store on the device is not as good as on the amazon website (for example, no 'people who bought this also bought' feature)
-There is no case included, and you really need one if you are taking the kindle out and about.

Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 4.62

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4.0 out of 5 stars The 3rd and most developed work yet..., 6 Jun 2005
This review is from: X&Y (Audio CD)
It is true to say that the hardcore fans of Coldplay will no doubt sing the praises of X & Y as Coldplay's greatest effort so far.
Listening to the album for this first time, it's clear that the truly creative fusion of 4 white pasty British blokes can produce some stunning results, comparisons to other brit-pop bands are just not relevant, this album is a truly unique sound.
"Talk" uses the fantastic melody from Kraftwerk's "Computer Love", and the track is a rich and pure sound that truly is Coldplay- huge guitar riffs supporting Martin's falsetto tones.
Sounding similar to some of their earlier work from "parachutes"; "fix you" is a moving, simple and hollow sounding track that uses all of the bands trademark styles to hook the listener- sure to be a festival favourite.. Just two of the tracks obviously single-worthy from X & Y and bound to be treasured.
Overall, an important development in the band's profile. Head and shoulders above British pop of it's time securing Coldplay's position as a serious contribution to popular music. Makes band's like Snow Patrol, Keane and Athelete sound pedestrian. It is increasingly easy to draw similarties with U2; huge sounds, strong messages and a humble passion for the music they write. A very serious offering..

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