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Yeah Ghost (Cd Album)
Yeah Ghost (Cd Album)
Price: £13.12

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2.0 out of 5 stars There's a clear difference for me., 25 Oct 2012
This review is from: Yeah Ghost (Cd Album) (Audio CD)
For me, there is a clear difference between Yeah Ghost, and Zero 7's previous three albums.

The reason I love Zero 7 is that all the music on their first three albums is, whether sublimely chilled or more upbeat, soulful, exotic, warm, summery, relaxing, enchanting, emotional, and lavished with layers of soaking wet electronica goodness for the ears. I was a bit torn over The Garden at first, but when I gave it a chance, I found the upbeat stuff to work, because it still had those lovely warm qualities that make Zero 7 my go-to band for a summer soundtrack.

You can tell where I'm going with this can't you? The album cover says it all.

Yeah Ghost is comparatively cold, haunting, unsettling, dry and startling. There are some catchy tracks such as Mr. McGee and Everything Up (Zizou), and there is also Swing and Pop Art Blue which are a little cheerier and warm the album up slightly, but in general, Yeah Ghost strips Zero 7 of everything I love about them and leaves behind what sounds like a very self-indulgent album of experimental sound engineering that doesn't really flow as an album or leave me wanting more of the same.

I'm not saying Zero 7 should go back to their roots. I liked The Garden. They can do upbeat, they can do soul, they can do jazz, they can probably do rock, they can tell stories, they can have fun. I hope their next album continues to explore other ideas. All I ask is that they get back their signitaure warmth, because it's that that keeps me coming back one summer after another.
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Washing Machine Door Handle Kit To Fit Baumatic Caple Homark Sarena De Dietrich, Includes Striker Pin And Spring Ready Assembled.
Washing Machine Door Handle Kit To Fit Baumatic Caple Homark Sarena De Dietrich, Includes Striker Pin And Spring Ready Assembled.
Offered by Aid Cleaning Store
Price: £18.57

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5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I needed!, 31 Mar 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I accidently tore my door handle straight off before 2 minutes had elapsed after a load had finished... I didn't know you had to wait before the door could be opened.

There was no brand name on my machine, only the WM 602 model number, unfortunately. But I found this spare part which said it fits a WM 602 and looked more or less exactly like our door handle, so I took a punt. It arrived very quickly and literally just slots right in. It doesn't come with any instructions, but really all you need is common sense. The only tricky part was taking the machine's door itself apart to get the old handle out. I'm sure the machines vary but ours had screws matching a T20 screwdriver, just incase that might help anyone.

Thanks a lot for this, exactly what I needed!

Ecozone Biobulb, Energy-Saving Daylight Bulb, Bayonet Cap B22, 25W Equivalent to 100w, 1750 Lumens, Full Spectrum, Daylight White 6500k, Uses 75% Less Energy. Ideal for suffers of S.A.D
Ecozone Biobulb, Energy-Saving Daylight Bulb, Bayonet Cap B22, 25W Equivalent to 100w, 1750 Lumens, Full Spectrum, Daylight White 6500k, Uses 75% Less Energy. Ideal for suffers of S.A.D
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Glorious! Brittle. MOTH REPELLANT?!, 1 Feb 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought 3 of these lightbulbs as part of a big wellbeing upgrade to my bedroom. I'm a University student and as such my accomodation while studying is a little basic and old fashioned but these bulbs have absolutely changed everything. I was quite excited about recieving these and as well as the horrid yellow lights around the house I have a very yellow streetlight directly outside my window which tends to fill the room with an orange glow in the evening.

When I fit a bulb into my ceiling and switched it on for the first time, I was astounded. You'd have thought this is one of those things that just makes a subtle, concentrated difference for the sake of your wellbeing but NO! The difference is immediately substantial! It looks eerily blue at first and takes a couple of minutes to get used to but after a while you genuinely get the illusion of a sunny day in the room! Words simply cannot give a justified description of how much more pleasant it makes any room. Some people might find it a little bit too bright and harsh, so my advice would be to use them in dark coloured or semi-enclosed lampshades just to take the edge off a bit. If you want these for, say a desk lamp, by all means give it a go, (I did) but just bear in mind these things are BRIGHT.

But it's not so much the brightness that I bought these for, it's the colour. I've actually had neighbours speaking to me when I leave the house saying they've noticed all the other houses in the terrace have yellow light coming out of the windows but my house is PLATINUM WHITE, and it really really does look astonishing from outside. After a couple of minutes in a room with these bulbs, you just look back out to the light coming up from your hall downstairs and it looks insipid and golden. It's absolutely bizarre but I am SO happy with these.

The ONE downside is that the glass is actually very brittle, so be very gentle and careful when fitting them, especially with the bayonet caps!
Other than that, it's really down to personal preference. If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder then these bulbs will change your life, because you can use them during a gloomy day to cheer the house up! If you simply don't like a dull yellow glow in your entire house, get some of these now, I promise you'll love them!

I didn't like the yellow, now I am bathing in glorious platinum. Best thing I've bought on Amazon in 6 years, if only they weren't so easy to break!

UPDATE: It's still a little early in the year to know for sure... but.... THESE THINGS REPEL MOTHS!!!!!!!!

Think about it. Why do moths hide away in daylight but are attracted to flourescent yellow light? They must think it's daytime in my room now because I haven't seen a single one crowding my window pane at night since!!
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SEGA Superstars Tennis (Xbox 360)
SEGA Superstars Tennis (Xbox 360)
Offered by Global Xpress
Price: £9.99

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Give it a chance!, 5 July 2008
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
I have to help in balancing out the average review score as well because this is far, far from the most frustrating game ever made.

OK, let's start with the highs. If you're a fan of SEGA's many franchises from days of old including Sonic the Hedgehog, OutRun, Alex Kidd and Golden Axe, their franchises from the mid 90s such as Virtua Squad and the cult classic NiGHTS and franchises from the early years of this decade such as Samba Di Amigo, Super Monkey Ball and Space Channel 5, then this game is nostalgia heaven for you. It makes great use of the artistic styles of SEGA's wide and historic back catalogue of wonderfully creative and loveable characters and games, with faithfully revamped or reused sound effects and music from the respective games and the whole idea is for all of this great history SEGA has under their belt to simply come together and have a great party with tennis.

Even if you've never heard of most of these characters and games, (might want to consider coming out from under that rock,) you'll grow to love them quickly and when you see their own games coming out, you'll recognise the faces and have more fun. (Watch out for the new Samba Di Amigo on the Wii!) This game is great for the family and for the hardcore gamer seeking nostalgia and a bit of casual fun with tennis.

Let me clarify one thing: it's NOT a game you can just pick up and play, hence the title of this review. It requires a bit of practice and maybe a skim of the instruction manual, something the people who have written one-star reviews clearly didn't have the patience for, but when you get the hang of it after a while this is a really good game to have if you're having a party in the house or by yourself as a nice way to pass the time.

The main complaint about this game, coming from both a casual audience and the more experienced gamer seems to be unresponsive controls. I must agree that the game takes a little getting used to. Don't get me wrong, the game's not broken or deliberately programmed to cheat, but if you've ever played Virtua Tennis before (this game was based on its engine) then you're going to notice a difference at first.

People here are complaining they can't return the ball in a match or win at the missions you complete in order to unlock hidden characters, courts and music tracks. As far as returning the ball goes, I seem to get by fine by watching how your opponent is about to swing and running in a certain direction, (which is a lot more intuitive than I make it sound,) and then pressing the X button to whack it back. The characters normally dive for the ball automatically as long as you're close enough but even if the ball's coming right at you and you're standing there like a wally, don't expect any help. Also, just before you press the button to hit the ball back, tilt the control stick left or right to aim your shot and try to hit it to the opposite side of the court so that your opponent won't be able to run and dive for it before it bounces out. Obviously there's also the "Superstar Modes" as well which is a special skill assigned to each character that, when used, will just make crazy stuff happen when they hit the ball such as making it swirl in strange patterns, and making your character get dizzy or warp somewhere when you hit it back.

When you first play this game, I strongly recommend heading for the options menu and setting the game's difficulty to easy and just play some simple doubles matches so that you've got a computer player to back you up until you get better at the game. Like I said, this is a game that you need to give a chance before you throw it at the wall (or at whoever sold it to you!) but once you get the hang of the controls you'll find a fun game to play whether you want tennis with a twist playing as some loveable characters rather than boring old sweaty humans, or whether you're a long-time fan of SEGA's long back catalogue of excellent games that you want to re-visit in a tennis environment for a dose of nostalgia but also the glory of seeing it all up to date.

Buy this game, lend it your patience and a few hours practice, you'll love it, your kids will love it, your friends will love it, and when you do, you may find yourself buying the games that are showcased in this one. (No I haven't been sent from any company!!)

JLAB JBuds Original Earbuds - Black
JLAB JBuds Original Earbuds - Black
Price: £10.08

7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Very satisfied., 19 Jun 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
For £14, these are some pretty good headphones. Previously I had been using the "PSP" ones of a similar design with volume control from GAME, for about £7-£8 which served me well. However, the sound was very muffled until you had used them for a while, and one of the phones went mute after about 6 months.

The JBuds are very similar to GAME's phones. For twice the price you are getting a very long lead. *thumbs up* From the bottom of my jeans pocket, I was able to reach the ceiling holding the earpieces. There's no volume control, but I have found that the volume control makes the sound click and fuzz as you adjust it, even on a £25 pair of regular style Sennheisers I had. So maybe I'll get a longer life out of a pair without the feature and just bother to take my iPod out of my pocket to change the volume again.

The noise isolation isn't top class. At a semi-loud volume when I plugged them into my computer speakers I could hear the music but it was in a quiet room and it wasn't loud enough to know what song was playing if I were somebody else, and in the waiting room for a train, nobody seemed to notice anything.

I'm very happy with these so far, the sound is very good right from the start, unlike GAME's. Not CRYSTAL clear because in-ear phones tend to provide more bass than treble and the sound is perfect having said that. Thanks very much for a good value, good quality, and COMFY pair of headphones at last. I like to listen in bed so it's good that my ears won't hurt when the side of my head is on the pillow any more.

Sonic Shuffle
Sonic Shuffle

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Great idea, great features, not so great graphics., 15 Feb 2006
This review is from: Sonic Shuffle (Video Game)
The amount of unused potential in this game pains me, because it was such a brilliant concept. Sonic Shuffle is a very fun game to play over long intervals and I find it slightly addictive. The introduction movie to this game, and the tune to go with it were things of sheer beauty. The honestly rubbish cel-shaded models and eventual tediousness of Sonic Shuffle are possibly the biggest reason why this game got such bad ratings. In my opinion it is less repetitive than Shadow.
Sonic Shuffle brought something to the party genre that I am shocked Mario Party STILL hasn't tried (as far as I know.) That something was Mini Events, which are like excerpts from those multiple choice adventure books, and they can have very positive outcomes on your game, or they can turn your good fortune upside down.
The Mini Games are pretty good too, and they can offer big ring collecting opportunities. Other than them, there are also stage specific mini games which the game calls "Accidents." Accidents seem to happen completely at random other than the stage clear special accidents at the end of every game. The Force-Jewels also added a unique flavour to the gameplay, by allowing the player to cast special effects on the game such as cursing one of their opponents for a number of turns or swapping places with them. The Precious Stones (Stars to those who know their Mario Parties) could even be stolen by landing on Void's spaces.
Sonic Shuffle had LOADS of things that Mario Party didn't, including a storyline! (Not necessarily the best one but it's better than a gigantic cube appearing out of nowhere.) This does come as a surprise bearing in mind that planning party games can be pretty damn hard.
The concept and the brilliant tongue in cheek humour are all wonderfully thought up, and some of the animation is even "Game-and-Watch" style which looks quite fitting to a game like this, but the basic impression from the cel-shaded, re-used, animation degraded Sonic Adventure models REALLY let this game down.
One of the biggest glorious things of Sonic Shuffle is that Super Sonic was an unlockable and fully playable character in Versus mode, (or casual 1P game, whatever you want to call it,) and the mini game free-play in "Sonic's room." There are three more unlockable characters but I won't spoil them.
In my opinion, Sonic Shuffle does not deserve the common title of "worst Sonic game." It's funny, it's addictive at first, it's challenging, it's tongue-in-cheek, it's got weird, catchy and generally good music, well thought up mini games, original mini events and a heartwarming, touching ending. With the belief that I will be in Sonic Team someday, I will be appealing for a sequel to Sonic Shuffle. I find that unlocking potential is something I seem to be really good at.

Big Beautiful Sky
Big Beautiful Sky
Price: £8.76

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3.0 out of 5 stars "Nice.", 5 Jan 2006
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Big Beautiful Sky (Audio CD)
Having seen Anette Strean, the singer of Venus Hum, performing 'I Feel Love', originally a song by Donna Summer, with the Blue Man Group across America and the UK, on their live performance music video, and being amazed by the psychedelic effects on stage and Anette's flawless voice (even live!) I was convinced that Venus Hum must be an unjustly little known band of enormous talent.
I went searching for Venus Hum's music videos on Yahoo! and did find music videos of Hummingbirds and Soul Sloshing, (which have been mysteriously taken down...) I really enjoyed both songs and found their style to be a real breath of fresh air, reminding me of a sunny winter morning. I recently got round to buying Big Beautiful Sky on the strength of the two songs and was quite let down to be honest..
The decent songs being Hummingbirds, Soul Sloshing, Beautiful Spain, The Bells, Montana and Sonic Boom make Big Beautiful Sky a satisfactory purchase worth keeping, but the rest of the music seemed very filler, especially Springtime #2. Don't get me wrong, none of the songs are particularly bad, and Wordless May is arguably a touching song. Lumberjacks was probably the albums weakest song.
All of the music can easily be described as nice and enjoyable, but a lot of it is very calm and somewhat dull compared to the first impressions given to me by the excellent songs, Hummingbirds and Soul Sloshing.
To give you an idea of what Venus Hum's music is actually like, well, it's quite apt to describe it as 1980s meets 2000s resulting in the fresh synthesised pop style slightly reminiscent of Gina G and apparently Bjork. As you may know, with every decade that passes, the style of most musical genres undergoes a significant change, and I feel that Venus Hum's fresh, futuristic, nice music may really be the business in the 2010s or 2020s.
I would recommend this album to matured fans of Steps, Gina G, any fans of Bjork, and fans of Dance music. If you would like to get a vivid idea of Big Beautiful Sky without spoiling anything, have a look around for the following song;
Nothing But You - Paul Van Dyk featuring Hemstock & Jennings. Be aware there's quite a few mixes so have your best look around. It is on the first edition of Now Dance 2004.
I hope you find this information useful and spread Venus Hum's name. They are a talented group with the potential to be something big. One thing is for sure, Anette Strean is a very talented singer that can deliver a beautiful, young voice to the musical world straight out of her own voice-box, meaning that those who rely on machines to make them sound better, have their work cut out for them!

Days Go By
Days Go By
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £12.96

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4.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable, 14 Jun 2005
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Days Go By (Audio CD)
I previously had never heard of Keith Urban. I saw this album on a Woolworths ad on TV and liked the way the songs sounded. I decided I would give it a go and soon after bought the CD right here. I was skeptical about it though, as the "hill-billy" singing accent and banjos do make me cringe, I find it all really... corny, if you will.
I wasn't disappointed here, though, because it does indeed have a big feel-good rock-esque feel to it all. I would give this album five stars if I could take Keith Urban's banjo and snap it in two over my knee, then give him an acoustic finger guitar, instead, like the album Timeless by Medwyn Goodall which I have also reviewed here previously.
Most of the songs on this album I very much enjoyed and they have a very nice manly feel to them, and being a male teenager, you can't go wrong if they are said to have that feel.
I now recognise Keith Urban as a fresh new talent in my musical taste. He's opened me up to broaden my views on other types of music, not that I have ever been biased to a type of music though, especially not hip-hop, I'm not that kind of teenager. :)
On a bottom line, great CD, Keith. Keep it up. Any rock fans will be brave to give this a try and I doubt they would be disappointed. If it also encourages any girls to buy this, Keith Urban is very good looking!

Thunderstorm - Relax with Nature Vol. 8
Thunderstorm - Relax with Nature Vol. 8
Price: £7.83

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very nice, kinda makes us brits feel at home to be honest., 21 Oct 2004
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
When I recieved this item, I was a bit surprised at the picture on the front of the case, it looked like a very intense storm and I thought this may not have been a wise buy. But the picture does actually exaggerate the content of the recording itself. There is some distant thunder, some quite close thunder, but it's mostly breezes and rain. With the weather we get here in Great Britian, (most of the time anyway), this really will make you feel at home, and down to earth. As for anyone who's not british, or at least doesen't live in a constantly wet or at least cloudy country. You may not like this. However I give you every right to call this idea very erratic, but this CD would actually be quite nice to put on for atmosphere when snuggling with your partner in front of the fire, believe me, I've tried it, and it makes things quite cosy.

Great Romantic [2 Track CD]
Great Romantic [2 Track CD]
Offered by Buks4less
Price: £18.74

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5.0 out of 5 stars A genuine song with the perfect balance in dance and chill, 21 Oct 2004
Great Romantic is a very nice song. Tunde's tone of voice in the chorus of the song feels inspirational and optimistic. The melody of the song is very nice to dance to, and kick back to, also being a very nice love song too, and it can suit anybody, with a mix of a guitar and a piano, relished beautifully with smooth strings.
I would most definetely recommend this song to wed to. It really is worth listening to, and in my opinion, so is every other Lighthouse Family and solo song Tunde has sung with his amazing voice. Very deserving of your money, but I recommend to buy Tunde's album rather than just this single. This guy has much more to offer, and as an owner and reviewer of his debut album, take it from me. This will be a very satisfying buy.

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