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Michael Watford
Michael Watford
Offered by vinylandcds
Price: 9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars So into this, 21 Jan 2013
This review is from: Michael Watford (Audio CD)
Was a big fan in the 90's of the US style Garage (Soulful House). This CD has it all, what a cracker. It sums up the sound of 90's US Garage perfectly. Some of the tracks are bass heavy, some are vocally brilliant all in all this is a great album. I have played this so many times and it never disappoints. There is a dub feel about some of the tracks which are great dance floor stompers, even now after nearly 20 years.

If you were/are a fan of Frankie Knuckles, Dave Morales or any of the DEF Mix crew, then you will love this as it is of the same flavour, My Favorite tracks are "So into you" & " My first Mistake" but the rest of the tracks are outstanding.

Some will not have heard of Michael Watford, which only adds to the brilliance of this album, enough from me, buy it & love it.........

Two Can Play That Game
Two Can Play That Game
Price: 3.82

3.0 out of 5 stars Not what I expected....but don't hate it., 21 Jan 2013
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This review is from: Two Can Play That Game (Audio CD)
Ok, so I wanted a collection of Bobby Brown hits on one disc and in essence this is what I got.

If the truth be known I really only needed "On our own" as my previous copy is on vinyl. Luckily, it is one of the tracks on the album that isn't in a dance format.

In short, if you want to buy Mr Browns hits in their familiar music style then do not buy this album. This dosen't mean that this collection is a bad one, as you get remixes that you may not have heard and to be fair they are quite good, the only one I don't like is "My perogative", this is not a song that should be tampered with and the original is the only mix you need (my opinion).

If you are a BB fan then you will not mind this collection, its well balanced, highly danceable and great if you are in the mix and you want to throw in a classic without changing the tempo. Please note that although there are a number of dance remixes on this CD, you are getting the full songs and not some repetative sampled tracks.

All in all its ok and playable, I gave it 3 stars as I wasn't expecting remixes.

Prodigy Presents: Dirtchamber Sessions Vol.1
Prodigy Presents: Dirtchamber Sessions Vol.1
Price: 21.28

5.0 out of 5 stars Bring forth the Prodigy, 19 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
What is going on? A mix CD by Liam Howlett, is this even plausible...? The short review is this, if you have no interest in the influences behind the genious that is the Prodigy, then don't buy this, as its not for it and moan about it at your peril, so what if you hear 10 secs of one tune and 3 minutes of the next, thats the whole point of this type of CD. Yes its good, but its bad aswell, it was recorded of the cuff so it will contain some rough bits, but since when have the Prodigy been anything else. For at least a couple of decades we have been blessed with the innovations that are the Prodigy and now we have an incite into what makes the brains behind it tick and its not at all bad. Its right up there with the greats and the appeal is that it does take you back to the early days of mixing when you had to just get on with it and hope all your mixes were great. My hat goes off to Liam, as this is almost him bearing his soul for us all to hear.........

If you are left wondering......I love it.....

Roll Bounce [2005] [DVD]
Roll Bounce [2005] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Bow Wow
Offered by rsdvd
Price: 3.18

5.0 out of 5 stars Its a skate movie...thats actually got skating in it.....Nice, 9 Nov 2012
This review is from: Roll Bounce [2005] [DVD] (DVD)
Lets get right down to the nitty gritty. If you are a skater like me then you will get this movie. It captures the very essense of what skating is truly about. The soundtrack is to die for, many times I have skated through the park listening to "Lovely day" and it fits perfectly. Ok the acting is a bit clumsy sometimes, but who cares its about skating without a hint of inliners........I would recommend this as a good family film for everyone, even if you don't skate its a joy to watch. I wouldn't call it a comedy but there are some light hearted moments when you will have a chuckle....its fun and great to watch over & over again......

One thing, just a tiny problem with continuity, there is a scene at the roller rink when somebody skates by with kinetic wheels (that's the ones that light up), I am fairly sure that you couldn't get these in the 70's.

Still gave the movie a 5 star rating but it deserves more.............its class, its about quad skates, its just plain brilliant.

As for the actors learning to skate like that.....fair play to them its not easy..

No Title Available

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not a good buy, 5 Nov 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I hate having to give a product a bad review. I bought this bag after having a bad experience with another brand of panniers. At first this product looked good. Its got a fair amount of room in the main bag and the panniers fold neatly into the side pockets when not in use. The fixings to hold onto your bike rack consist of velcro straps, which are impossible to attach, I had to bungee the bags onto my bike. I used this product once and the seam that joins the pannier to the main bag split, The other panniers seam split about two months later and I gave up with the product. I have now removed the panniers from the main body as they are a waste of time and I now use the main bag as a small sports bag and in its defense it is usable and not of bad quality.

Underneath the main bag is a pocket that contains a hi-vis cover, this covers the whole bag including the panniers, a nice surprise as I didn't read about this in the product description. Sadly the material used for this cover is fairly thin and it wasn't long before it was ripped and ultimately I removed it as it is fairly useless when torn.

That said the main bag is ok and I still use it but not on my bike, I have now opted for using a rear basket and a sports bag to transport my equipment and so far this has worked out nicely. If you do want to buy this product then I would advise you bear in mind that I used it everyday to get to and from work and it lasted two months, not long when you consider that it is approximately 40 hours of usage.

I didn't contact the seller with regard to this as when they first split I felt that unless you are spending an absolute fortune, cheap panniers are a waste of money and I didn't want to battle to get a replacement that I knew would be sub-standard.

Sad but true.

Price: 5.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Loving the sound........maybe!, 26 Oct 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Higher (Audio CD)
Ok, now before I start my review, I should mention that I normally get an irate person send me an inflamitory comment as they don't like what I write. This is an honest review of how I feel about this album, if it offends you its ok as its your choice as is mine to write how I feel. That's out of the way, now lets get to the meaty bit......

I had no expectations for this groups material, I heard "loving the sound" on the radio and loved the sound enough to buy the album, so for that part of it I was not disappointed. However, I have to agree with some of the negative comments made by other reviewers. The choice of songs on the album is good including the covers, I am a fan of covers so it is nice to hear another groups versions of some of the classics. But the whole album did feel a bit amateur at times. That said I didn't hate the album as I didn't know what i was going to get anyway but I wasn't blown away and certainly would have trouble listening to the whole CD. Sad really as I like surprises when I buy music and unfortunately there weren't any this time. I do believe that these guys would probably be great at a live gig and lets hope they have a long career as they have talent and its a shame that this album dosen't shine for them.
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The Best Of 20 Years
The Best Of 20 Years
Price: 6.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dream come true.....possibly, 7 Sep 2012
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This review is from: The Best Of 20 Years (Audio CD)
Was always a fan of the heavies, but only knew their commercial stuff. This CD covers the best of the commercial and non-commercial tracks. It is great to have all their good stff on one compilation but I think that there is perhaps too much on this CD. Sounds weird to be complaining about too much but if you consider being spoilt for choice, there is a danger that you may find yourself skipping tracks halfway through listening to them and ultimately missing a hidden gem that you have never heard before. This is not a critisium of the band as their talent is evident and this is a great listen, my critisium is of the record company trying to cram too much music onto an album. Less is more and spliting these tracks over two compilations in my opinion would have been a better bet, yes I know this option is cheaper for the consumer but less tracks would be a more refined listen.

I still recommend this album for the fans & the curious but I do advise really listening to it and perhaps not all at once. Apologies to the Heavies for the 4 stars, but I think your record company have put just a bit too much filling in an otherwise tasty sandwich.

Hip Hop Dont Stop Vol.2
Hip Hop Dont Stop Vol.2
Offered by extracheapdeals
Price: 12.99

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Hip hop .......just stop, for a minute, 7 Sep 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Hip Hop Dont Stop Vol.2 (Audio CD)
So I bought this CD as recommended by another music enthusiast and was a little disappointed, not for the track listing or the quality of the product. I was disappointed as I was expecting a mixed CD which this is not.

Even though this is not what I was expecting this is still a really good compilation, it is also on two CD's which was also a surprise. The other reviewers have pretty much said it all, this is good and it has real scope right across the Hip hop genre and there are some rare gems as well.

In case you are wondering why I gave it a 4 star rating, its because its not mixed, maybe I am just is 5 star listening though, enjoy.

Night Dubbing: Special Remixed Versions Of Previously Released Tracks
Night Dubbing: Special Remixed Versions Of Previously Released Tracks

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspired, 16 Aug 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
After reading all the reviews listed for this album I decided to add my opinion on what I like to call the only "progressive dub disco" album that I have ever heard. I bought this album originally on cassette as I was into the Electro funk scene at the time and this fitted perfectly with my genre of choice. I will agree that this is not a commercial album, as it is mainly instrumental and tracks with no vocals generally don't do so well. What is clever about this album is that it harks back to the days of experimental disco, if parliment or funkadelic had released this it would probably be a classic by now. If you liked Imagination for their falseto vocals then this is probably not for you, as the majority of the vocals are just sampled stabs engineered to destruction. But, like all good "prog" albums this one seems to have a story running through it, almost as if it is trying to take you somewhere deep in the tracks that you don't get from the original mixes.

Dare I say it but there are elements of house music in here which is not surprising when you consider that the majority of early house was experimentation with available technology and although "Nightdubbing" can feel like a bit of a free for all at times, I am sure that the producers had a ball making it. All in it is a good album but I would recommend you listen to it in a darkened room as there is a chillout feel to some of the tracks, much like the dub reggae vibe.


The Best Of Breakdance And Electric Boogie
The Best Of Breakdance And Electric Boogie

4.0 out of 5 stars Show no shame, breakdance, electric boogie, 16 Aug 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Firstly, I agree with "Wigster70's" review of this product.

I was & still am a real fan of the 80's breakdance movement, Electro and early hip hop still remain my favorite choice of music. I stumbled over this compilation and once I found a track listing I felt I had to buy it. Primarily, as there was a couple of Midnight Star tracks and an Imagination track that I hadn't heard before, plus the full version of "don't stop the rock" which I had never heard in full, so not a bad start. Once listened to I realised that there is still a place for this genre and all told this is a great compilation. There are a couple of obvious tracks, "Breakdancin' Electric Boogie" & "White Lines (Don't Do It)" but the bulk of the CD is lesser known tracks outside of the real fans & it is refreshing to see that these tracks have finally got some recognition "Dog-talk" & "Ray-gun omics" are two that come to mind. Although a good track I am confused as to why "You can't touch this" has been included, as I feel that it is more swing-beat than electric boogie.......Finally, One critisism, 2 live cru were never a favorite of mine as I am not keen on explicit lyrics and feel that this one track puts a dent in an otherwise flawless tracklisting, hence the 4 stars.

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