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Skins: Complete First Series [DVD] [2007]
Skins: Complete First Series [DVD] [2007]
Dvd ~ Kaya Scodelario
Offered by Sent2u
Price: 2.40

4.0 out of 5 stars Good TV series, but DVD issues, 19 May 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The DVD wont play two episodes on disc one, which is a disappointment. It just freezes. But it is a nonetheless good TV series, worth buying.
It represents the life of some teens well, and many can in fact relate to that, although it is dramatized slightly for effect, because it would be boring otherwise.

Empire: Total War (PC DVD)
Empire: Total War (PC DVD)
Price: 7.67

4.0 out of 5 stars Naval Battles are the highlight! A good game!, 10 May 2013
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This is a genuinely good game. But it has several problems that make it fall short of its true potential:

- Historical scenario that involves the rise of the United States.
- Excellent and tactical naval battles, you time your broadsides, and you must make sure your sides face the enemies by turning accordingly and more!
- Good Graphics
- Good Campaign interface
- Different play styles for every time you play. If you play as a Great Britain, you could focus your armies in Europe or the Americas. Its different for every empiric faction.
- Tactical Land Battles, firing lines and arcs, unit formations are handy to combat different threats, using a square formation against cavalry, and line formation for infantry.
- More to do in the campaign. Focus on smaller towns across regions!

- Strange issue of lag in the campaign map despite your system.
- Quite thirsty for system specs. (at the time, not so much now)
- You need the internet to play it. at all (although people who bought this online and can't use it because of internet somewhat puzzle me)
- Difficult for inexperienced players. For newbies I suggest playing as the smaller factions such as the Prussian Empire (Avoid Spain, France, England and Russia)

People who moan about it requiring internet make no sense. How did you buy the game on the site, its not like you don't have internet. And steam servers are good, just the download speeds are bad.
F.Y.I people, check the system specs for the game. If you don't and your computer is not good enough, your the only person to blame, not the game.

This is a good game, well worth the money. 5 for what? easily more than 200 hours of gameplay at a minimum, without playing all the factions.
Ive logged 100 hours and only finished the game as one faction.

Logitech B110 Optical USB Mouse
Logitech B110 Optical USB Mouse
Offered by PreisCompany
Price: 7.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Last time I go to Argos. Amazon is top!, 3 May 2013
I had this mouse for 2ish years. It still has not broke completely, but it clicks more than twice per press.
I foolishly went to Argos. Bought a 10 mouse, meant for people with baby hands. (Microsoft Compact Optical 500 Mouse - DO NOT BUY IT!) That has a wire about 10 cm long, and the mouse is about as big as an Ipod Shuffle.

I bought this again!
The king of all wired non-gaming mouses!

Shogun 2: Total War (PC DVD)
Shogun 2: Total War (PC DVD)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: 9.97

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good game! My son loves it!, 4 April 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
So, you may have to download the game from steam, but that adds security. Yeah sure, steam requires you to download it, but then you don't have to use the disc again to start it, it runs from your hard drive many people think its futuristic, you don't have to worry about disc damage, which I find beneficial.

The game play is excellent, so what if it's the same as all the other ones? Call of duty is always the same, Halo is always the same, Gears of War is always, the same.

Its the "GENRE" so it's bound to be similar, it's how they make the game, all game designers leave similarities between their games, it's like a trademark.

The only thing I am disappointed with in this game, is that unlike previous games, every faction has the same units (besides their single unique unit) but different abilities for those units. But this is not only historical (which the game is) but also on a smaller scale, Empire: Total War was worldwide, so there were many countries with unique units, this is one country, one nation, so you cant expect huge variety. This also balances the online features, on previous games, one faction would have a much more dominant role in terms of units. But because you play as a one faction, with similar units, it balances nicely.

The online is excellent in versus mode with a big learning curve, so is the co-op and co-op versus. Worth a buy!!

Dynasty Warriors 2
Dynasty Warriors 2
Price: 9.86

4.0 out of 5 stars Best in the series., 15 Nov 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dynasty Warriors 2 (Video Game)
Albeit, it lacks voice actors in some places, and the NPC's are just copied and pasted generals. BUT!
This is the best in the series. Don't get rid of your PS2! What the hell are you doing! Keep it just for this! It's simple but so much fun.
With this one, you're not the only powerful person in an army, there are no objectives to do because you're the only person who has to save every frigging general who gets themselves in a sticky situation miles behind enemy lines like the newer ones do, there are no bases, you simply play, how you WANT to play. The generals on your team can handle themselves on lower difficulties, and you actually have a large amount of soldiers on your side, unlike on the recent ones where there's like 25 of you against and army of 10,000. Its more 5000 of you against 5100 of the enemy. However don't think you will just walk all over the enemy, the computer takes forever to get through the enemy, but when all the generals meet up together to beat the enemy commander, all doing what you had to, in your own way, there's that feeling of success that makes you feel happy about your progress. Also on this "DW" (Dynasty Warriors) YOU can be the general of quite a few battles once you have unlocked the leaders by completing the story of all Musou mode characters for that faction. You can just wait around for your army to die and fight the enemy by yourself. True enough there are no new weapons like the old ones, No new move sets, but that simplicity makes it better, you have less to worry about and even so, on higher difficulties you don't feel overpowered, you feel vulnerable. True enough you can defeat the object of the game, charge through enemy lines and kill their general and end it in 2 minutes in some cases, but that's just not how it goes. Considering how cheap it is, I would rather buy this than the new assassins creed for example.
There is Co-Op too, me and my son used to play this when he was 8 or 9 years old for ages, and it did get a little boring I admit, but it was still a great game!

Dynasty Warriors 7 (Xbox 360)
Dynasty Warriors 7 (Xbox 360)
Offered by zoverstocks
Price: 11.12

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good, could have been better but worth the money., 15 Nov 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There are soo many characters to choose from, its the same as the others: A hack and slash against hordes of enemies.
However ive invested well over 30 hours into the game and havent completed all of it yet. Theres much more to it than meets the eye.
However this game is nothing compared to the second, and i reccomend buying a playstation 2 just for the purpose of getting the second one.

Dishonored (Xbox 360)
Dishonored (Xbox 360)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: 15.10

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5.0 out of 5 stars Viscous but a good buy., 15 Nov 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Dishonored (Xbox 360) (Video Game)
A good, long game that will make you want to replay it on higher difficulties.
The game adapts to how you play, if you kill more people, you will have a darker ending, whereas if you don't it will be a much more benevolent ending. This makes you want to replay it in different ways to change the ending and the outcome. The way you buy spells makes you want to use combinations of different ones in different ways.
It's a fantastic game, 'nuff said.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Nuketown 2025 Edition (Xbox 360)
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Nuketown 2025 Edition (Xbox 360)
Offered by SelectGames
Price: 19.62

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4.0 out of 5 stars The successor to a once great series, 15 Nov 2012
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
I've been the biggest Call of Duty fan going, I've bought every single mainline console call of duty to date, and even played the versions on PsP and more, and yet this one just doesn't quite cut it. Of course, this is all my opinion I don't really expect to be criticized for an opinion but hey, what you think is up to you.
On to my point. New to the Call of Duty series? I would recommended renting this first and then buying it, but if you are a fan with time to kill, and all you want is the same pointless action that the last 5 Call of Duties give you in near enough, the exact same way. Don't get me wrong the game is ok, but to me it just feels like this game has been made to keep the money coming in, and please fans in the simplest way possible. More guns, More kill streaks. To me the amount of Kill steaks, perks, unbalanced guns, that have been added to the game is just done for that little bit of extra stuff to keep the buyer thinking "Wow this games nothing like the old ones! It's set in the futurrre! It has X-ray scopes and Invisibility cloaks!" Yes that's right, the makers of Call of Duty has done the same thing so much they are running out of steam, so they do the logical thing and delve into the realm of Sci-Fi and with it, nonsense. Call of duty has always strived to make its games relatively realistic, based off previous wars, current ideas, terrorists and well... Things that are not farfetched. They are changing the game because they have added so many things, they don't know what to add next, so they add things we would struggle to comprehend. And when is it set? The year 2100? Noo of course not, its set 13 years from now! They have added so much to a franchise that they keep building on, it's just getting a little silly now, even though there would have been complaints, I couldn't have complained if they kept remaking Call of Duty 4 and WaW with better graphics and new maps at a maximum of the changes done.

On to the single player; High octane action that makes "you" feel like the bada** soldier. That's what Call of duty is, and its excellently done once again with its cut scenes and borderline action film stunts and explosions. The story however, I thought was lacking. The Real Time Strategy elements are terrible! A bore! A drag! A waste of time. That's not your territory. Its an FPS not a RTS guys. If we wanted that we would get a good PC and play them there.

Zombies! Fantastic, excellent, the new adventure mode and 4v4 time survival is a great addition, scrap the rest, make a zombie game!

Multiplayer, the same as the other, however no recoil, too many overpowered attachments and perks (A 3 weapon attachment perk? Sorry I wanted a silenced gun with a grenade launcher and an ACOG scope for any situation) Having things like that make one class, an every class. Keep it simple, no seeing through walls, No Invisibility. It makes it ridiculous. But the "pick 10" new create a class system besides what I said, is great!

Bottom line, if anyone were to say this Call of Duty is a realistic shooter, your barking up the wrong tree, this isn't realistic, realistic implies possible, X-ray vision on a holographic sight, and invisibility are impossible and will be, for no doubt many years.
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Halo 4 Limited Collector's Edition (Xbox 360)
Halo 4 Limited Collector's Edition (Xbox 360)
Offered by Warby 4 Games & Gifts
Price: 57.32

5.0 out of 5 stars WOW, 6 Nov 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've played every Halo there is, I even bought Halo 1 and 2 on PC even though i had them on xbox. But in all fairness the new developers (343i) didn't let me down in the slightest.

Graphics - Incredible, out of this world, on the second level when you walk out into the open, will give you Goosebumps!
Game play - Fantastic, I don't like the controls as much personally, but you can change them easily. You feel like you're shooting enemies and annihilating anything and everything, and when you do the special assassinations you can hear their bones break and the knife make that gruesome noise.
Multiplayer - Great, hard at some points, everyone has their bad games. But its great fun.
Story - An excellent addition to the Universe its set in, the cut scenes make the story and the relationship between the two main characters; The Chief and his AI Cortana is very deep and interesting.
Extras - Forge, make your own maps! And theatre, watch your previous games and see the action like a film instead of being so busy you cant concentrate on the carnage behind you! Take pictures to remember and record clips of immense skill and winning against the odds for example: The other day I jumped a quad bike off a cliff, ran over a guy, got out, shot two other guys, leapt up and got a headshot with a sniper rifle when I wasn't aiming after I stole it from a guy I shot. And even save videos as a whole, Terminals! Collectibles that show a video, delving deeper into the history of the game!, Customise your character for multiplayer with thousands of armour combinations to keep you looking fresh! And custom games! Make a game type with your friends to play on for fun!
Replay ability - Excellent, the difficulties on single player keep it challenging, there is Co-Op so you can enjoy the single player with up for 3 other friends over Xbox Live.

My opinion? An epic Sci-Fi, although it doesn't try to be realistic, it doesn't need to be, you're a super soldier set in a time 540 years from now! The main character isn't even the Master Chief, its you. You feel like the main character. A perfect Xmas present? Pffft! why wait that long to play a game of this calibre? Buy it frigging now! It's a game series that still holds and maintains the title of the foundation of Xbox and Xbox live, no other game has that honour.

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