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Price: 13.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars It's not's, er....fine? fine....hmm....(sigh), 13 Sep 2010
This review is from: Barking (Audio CD)
Overall score is 6.5/10. This would score 5.5/10 if it weren't for the uplifting 'Scribble' which actually sees Underworld trying something slightly different.

This is an ok album, don't get me wrong, but that's the problem with pretty much all the music being made at the moment. No-one is really taking a chance. New 'artists' are making lazy music on computers, and just covering the same well-trodden ground, while existing artists, like Underworld, don't want to risk alienating their fan base, which they'll need when they tour, because touring is the main income, now that recorded music has been devalued by filesharing music 'consumers' - if you're one of them then stop it, you're killing music, despite well constructed arguements to the contrary (if you don't think the music you're hearing is worth paying for then listen to the radio or use youtube, or better still, find something you do like and buy it). Anyway, i digress.

So, Underworld have served up a lot of the same stuff that we've heard before. Most off the collaborations have made no positive difference when compared to most of their previous albums, with lazy, flat sounding generic beats - the only thing that sets underworld apart from everyone else making electronic music are the vocals. Is that enough? For people who are supposed to be creative musicians? Well, for me, it's not. Why not try, as well as some drum & bass (again, the beats themselves are nothing new sounding), some tracks that take in other influences or that show some experimentation or craft with the beats? - throw in some real drums, a steel band, anything! please! 'Always Loved A Film' and 'Between Stars' have late 90s generic cheese written all over them, but worse still is Diamond Jigsaw which sounds absurdly a bit, how shall i put it?, middle age pop - coming off like a studio session involving U2 and Robbie Williams!? Yuk.

I'd like to be excited about this album, but as an album, i just can't be. I'd recommend owning other Underworld albums instead. 'Dubnobasswithmyheadman' for it's odd mood & groundbreaking content, 'second toughest in the infants' for it's mental long tracks that meander like you wouldn't believe, or 'beaucoup fish' for it's varied styles and sounds, or 'a hundred days off' for it's stomping aplomb and atmosphere.

Download Scribble (legally) and enjoy it like you enjoyed Born Slippy, but you don't NEED this album, unless you prefer the more commercial sounding dance music that has been banded about for a number of years without so much as an eyebrow being raised.

Price: 5.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars How the mighty have fallen, 7 Sep 2010
This review is from: Further (MP3 Download)
This is the first Chems album that i really can't be doing with. This music is damn awful. Where are the hooks, melodies, variations?
Horse Power? What on earth were they thinking? Flogging a dead horse, perhaps? The Chemical Brothers never used to be something to laugh at, but they're seriously not cool after this, not cool. That was what was so amazing about 'exit planet dust', it wasn't cheesy - it made people take notice of what electronic music had to offer, or could be, if done right.

This, as someone else said, sounds like a bunch of B-Sides and cast-offs from previous albums. If this is the best they have to offer then they should hang up the headphones, or stick to doing live gigs with older material. It's all so, so, polished and sterile and, dare i say it, corporate. Where's the wall shaking dubby bass sound gone? What we're left with is aimless nonsense that no-one with an ear for music will listen to. Computer generated bass? check. Stupid spiralling noises that grate? check. Shallow sound with no mid-range, or very low-frequency elements? check. No new ideas? check. Not to be taken seriously? check. End of the chemical brothers in my eyes? check.

Rating 3/10

If you'd like a decent Chemical Brothers album why not try;
Exit Planet Dust
We Are The Night
Come With Us
Push The Button
Dig Your Own Hole

Plastic Beach
Plastic Beach
Price: 5.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Honestly, when are people going to take a stand against this type of 'music'?, 25 Aug 2010
This review is from: Plastic Beach (MP3 Download)
I'm not going to critique every track here, and i've never been a fan of Gorillaz - this album perfectly illustrates why.
This is a half-baked mish-mash-wish-wash of sterile studio nonsense laced with formulaic hip-hop-flop-pop. Even Albarn sounds so non-plussed with his own vocals - goddamn it! we need bands, with proper instruments, real opinions, why not some passion? It's so devoid of emotion it should be given to insomniacs the world over. Whereas 90s music had the attitude to shout 'lager, lager, lager', this just whispers 'coma, coma, coma'. Everyone on this album needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror, and decide if they want to make music or muse-tat. This is undoubtedly the latter. Enough of this ploddy, flatlining pap, please. Even the people in Gorillaz don't want to show their real faces - says it all.

If you want authentic electronic music (british) then check out 'Audio Bullys - Higher Than The Eiffel'.
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Price: 24.80

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2.0 out of 5 stars If the name is anything to go by...., 5 Aug 2010
This review is from: Rayvon (Audio CD)
2 stars, that's for the name, because i can't imagine the music is any good with a name like that - Rayvon? Rayvon? That's hilarious! He clearly hasn't watched Peter Kay's Pheonix nights! Bless.

Exit Planet Dust
Exit Planet Dust
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 3.47

5.0 out of 5 stars Their Finest Hour, 14 Jun 2010
This review is from: Exit Planet Dust (Audio CD)
I did write a whole review on this before my pc crashed at the vital moment. I just thought i'd give it the 5 stars it deserves.
Check out their stuff from 94 & 95 when they were known as the Dust Brothers - equally awesome.

This Is Happening [Digipak]
This Is Happening [Digipak]
Offered by westworld-
Price: 10.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Creative cul-de-sac. Last album? without doubt, 10 Jun 2010
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
3 tracks are bearable (as background music) - dance yrself clean, drunk girls, i can change, but the rest? jeeez, terrible. Overly long, turgid, and dull. The first 'album' (2 CDs too!!) was full of ideas and directions, the second album was ok, and had it's moments but overall lacked the spark that Tim Goldsworthy provided via his production wizardry, and now this, which sounds like B-sides from 'Sound Of Silver'.

The creative well has most certainly run dry, and coincides with the decline of the hip dance disco from the other side of the atlantic. Dance Yrself Clean ambles along pleasantly enough but is a bit of a copy of The Pool's 'Jamaica Running', following on from the lack of originality in the 2nd Juan Maclean (i forgave LCD for the similarity of Telex Moscow Discow carl craig remix to 'Get Innocuous' on the last album, btw). There are references to plenty of 80s stuff, and some uninspired Bowie-esque bits n bobs, but it's served up in a lifeless, sterile way that to listen to the whole album is a slog with many annoyances along the way, leaving you wanting to shout 'pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow' as you punch the CD into next week. My main gripe with many of the tracks here is the length of them. You can't justify making tracks, that aren't really for dancing, that carry on for 7+ minutes if they plod along so aimlessly - at least if they're 3 or 4 minutes you only have to hear the same idea with no progression (other than the occassional tacked on 'building wall' noise) for a few repetitions, but over 9 minutes it gets seriously trying, leaving you thinking 'skip button' or 'only half way through this one, really???'

I'll be listening to great lcd soundsystem tracks like 'give it up','losing my edge','north american scum', 'tribulations', 'disco infiltrator' and a few others from time to time for years to come, but this won't get another listen. LCD Soundsystem...your time is up.
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Odd Blood
Odd Blood
Price: 10.30

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4.0 out of 5 stars Yep. Better, but far from perfect, 14 May 2010
This review is from: Odd Blood (Audio CD)
I won't write long paragraphs about this album but i will say what, IMO, is good and bad about it.

The first track 'the children' i like, as it's an uncoventional and interesting way to open an album. Ambling Alp is the centrepiece of the album and should really have come later in the album. An excellent song though.

Going off on a tangent slightly, but what is it with albums, including this one, having damn awful running orders? The albums don't flow or follow any kind of listenable order. But anyway....

Madder Red is a decent album track but perhaps lacks something to comeback to. The album loses focus with 'I Remember' which shouldn't even be on the album. It's wishy-washy-hippy-meets-limp-rock-stadium-seller-nonsense. The next two tracks (The One & Love Me Girl) are a return to form, but both suffer from being overblown by one minute each, at over 5 minutes a track.

The final 4 tracks on the album don't work in the order they are on the album. Rome & Mondegreen are too similar to be so close together, but both are very good, with an upbeat feel to them. The other two (Strange Reunions & Grizelda) are slow tracks, with the former catching the ear with some unusal sounds, and is an unlikely success and good album track. 'Grizelda', like 'I Remember' may as well not be on the album. So, 2 naff tracks to cut, 3 more interesting songs to add and a change of running order away from being a really good album.

Overall - 7/10.

Oh, and for the record, i prefer this to 'All Hour Cymbols', which, while containing some good songs, fell away badly with way too many 'faaaar out maaaaan' style efforts.

Two Dancers
Two Dancers
Price: 7.86

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2.0 out of 5 stars Eh?, 8 Dec 2009
This review is from: Two Dancers (Audio CD)
I've really tried to like this album. I've given it repeat listens, trying to unearth it's 'amazingness', but i've decided, for me, there is none here.

While musically it's very good, and singing wise it's ok, the major gripe i have, particularly with the more upbeat numbers in the first half of the album, is the lyrics - WHAT IS HE SINGING ABOUT? i was asking myself repeatedly. Individual lines sometimes make sense, and, on occasion, made me chuckle as they were so absurd, but as a continuous piece it makes no sense, and after a while becomes annoying and tiresome.
It's not a story, it's not social commentary or even statements, and because it's in a conventional singer/songwriter structure it's not spaced out crazy mutterings like Underworld, so what is it? The verbal diarrhea of a looney or a non-stop stream of jibberish, that's what.
Worth a download: Songs 6&7 - 'Two Dancers'(i & ii)
Rating 4.5/10
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Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)
Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)
Price: 4.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Lazy music. Lazily made that is!, 5 Dec 2009
While Vertigo was cohesive, varied yet focused, well rounded, and flowed as a listening experience, this does nothing. OK, so you've got Superstylin', which is excellent, and My Friend, which is a very good song, but the rest? well.....

Little by little is a Zero 7 - Simple Things attempt gone wrong, Suntoucher & Raisin the Stakes both amble and is just UK trip hop by numbers. Many of the other tracks go nowhere and are the same poor hooks and loops, which becomes tiresome, even though some are more uptempo and bassy while others are attempts at chillout that are devoid of any ideas. Edge Hill had potential, as did Lazy Moon (their attempt at Air), but suffer from too much repetition, no point and therefore being far too long.

Aside from 2 songs, VERY forgetable.

If you want chill-out try Quiet Village, Zero 7-simple things, Blue States-Nothing changes, Bent-programmed to love, some Air, ulrich schnauss, Lemon Jelly-ky, the bees-sunshine hit me, or stick to Vertigo - all of these are far, far better than this.

Undisclosed Desires
Undisclosed Desires
Price: 0.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Hello, what's this? Muse sounding like The Backstreet Boys...?, 17 Nov 2009
This review is from: Undisclosed Desires (MP3 Download)
This came on one of the numerous rubbish music tv channels that my housemate puts on. Then another friends walks in halfway through and puts his finger on what i had failed to - "it sounds like Backstreet Boys, this", and you know what? he's right. No guitars, no edge to the music, instead some drippy, turn of the century boyband style lyrics and singing. The little kids who are starting to get pockt money will love this.

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