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Out Of The Cradle
Out Of The Cradle

15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Entertaining music fans ...everywhere!, 15 April 2003
This review is from: Out Of The Cradle (Audio CD)
Lynsey Buckingham is in top form and enjoying himself !!(I presume). This album feels like a Fleetwood Mac album all over yet it doesn't cover old ground. On first listenings I identified 3 very good numbers but on repeated exposure the genius shines through making it easily his best offering. Strangely, not one of the songs were released (?) or maybe they did and bombed. Its a great pity because, for many, Lynsey Buckingham is the greatest part of FM. Just think of it, the following 5 songs could (in a fairer world) be number 1's - "Soul Drifter" "All my Sorrows", "Don't look down", "You do or you don't" or "Surrender the Rain". I suppose Lynsey has the money made and just wants to play to the real music!
2 interesting comments (1) Some songs have little intros (nice inventive touch) and (2) there are a whooping 16 songs to listen to (very rare).
I may seem a little unfair not giving the 5 stars but don't let that put you off....this is really a tremendous piece of work.
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Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)
Il Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)
Price: £14.70

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Possibly the most familiar film track of them all.., 10 Mar. 2003
Apart from "Jaws" this must be the most famous film sound EVER?. The film should be viewed first to get an idea of context but it stands up on its own after a few listens. The underlying theme in the majority of the 21 tracks is the distinct whistling sound and strangely it never becomes annoying. There is one other track that merits special mention . "La Storia di un Soldata" sang in the film by defeated, dejected, demoralised Confederate soldiers in a prision camp. Their heart-breaking rendition of this tune will melt the hardest of strong statures. It becomes a metaphor for the madness of war (a la Barber Adagio for Strings in "Platoon".).
Overall for fans of the film who just need that extra musical output as films tend to over-edit.


7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Duck you Sucker and take in these beautiful compostions., 7 Mar. 2003
Ennio Morriconne is the Mozart of the twentieth century and this soundtrack will go some way to showing his genius. The best way to enjoy the music is to first see the film (commonly called "A Fistful of Dynamite") and hear the music in its truest context. Its is extremely affecting seeing the Rogue bandit (Rod Steiger in surely an Oscar-captivating role (?)) cross swords with ex-IRA rebel (James Coburn). Their initial love-hate relationship develops into a common ideal as they finally realise that they are made of the same fabric. Expect a mixture of uplifting lilts (flashbacks of Coburn back in Ireland and in love), humorous situations (the initial and controversial meeting of the 2 protagonists) and, eventually, extreme sadness (The massacre scene). Just as in "The Mission" the music takes an equal status with the film and, believe me, both are incredible. This soundtrack is surely a masterpiece.
Sure, "The Good the Bad the Ugly" (soundtrack also by Morriconne) is probably the most remembered western film but this stands up to be in the same great league.
Time to checkout the Remaining collection by this great composer!

Into The Bear Pit: The Hard-Hitting Inside Story of the Brookline Ryder Cup
Into The Bear Pit: The Hard-Hitting Inside Story of the Brookline Ryder Cup
by Mark James
Edition: Paperback

3.0 out of 5 stars Glad he got it out of his system!, 21 Nov. 2002
The 1999 Ryder Cup was a "sporting everything" and the controversial final day ensured that it wouldn't be forgotten easily by the Europeans. I am glad Mark James got this out of his system. Its an accurate summary of his golfing life and especially the months and weeks building up to the event itself. He comes across as "his own man" and certainly a character, well-deserving his chance to lead the Europeans. The book builds up the tension very nicely but (obviously) only from the European side. The Europeans had a super team spirit but they were playing a great American team on their own turf. I think that the only problem is that it is a little too anti-American with only Payne Stewert (no surprises there) coming out with any credit. I can understand the bad feeling after the heckling, bad behaviour of fans and players but I can also understand the hurt pride that the Americans felt and hence their tremendous comeback. On the last day the tension was unreal, it was bound to explode!
Overall, a good book but I would now like to read an unbiased version of what actually happened.

Captured Live At Carnegie Hall
Captured Live At Carnegie Hall
Price: £13.33

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Good entertainment as a life album, 23 April 2002
Peter Allen sings his most remembered song before a partisan audience in one of America's premier locations...sounds the perfect combination but it falls slightly shy of the mark. The audience give great support but overall the album lacks that spark to bring it to the higher "live" level. This may be attributed to the over-usage of ballets?
The one song that could have raised the tempo is passed off in less than 3 minutes (I go to Rio). Also, is the "Irving Berlin medley" neccessary?
Still, one must not knock the man's genius too much...shear talent (which he had in abundance) always shines through...
A nice, mellow, smooth "live" album

Lovers Live
Lovers Live
Price: £7.79

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Lively...!, 6 April 2002
This review is from: Lovers Live (Audio CD)
13 songs taken from the "Lovers Rock" tour represent the changing face of Sade over her 19 years or so as an artist. The songs are tremendously produced with ample noise support from an enthuasiastic audience. Particularly good are "Cherish the day" (The haunting guitar sound and deliberately-hesitant drum-beat are electric when heard "live") and "Smooth Operator" (one can never forget that familiar bass and sax). "Jezebel" and "Is it a crime" are suprisingly good "live" for such moody numbers. "Paradise" "The Sweetest Taboo" and "kiss of Life" hold their own against their most brilliant album versions.
Overall a good buy...Sade fans will particularly identify with it.

Spirit of a Nation
Spirit of a Nation
Offered by pkentertainment
Price: £14.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Traditional music masterpiece, 4 April 2002
This review is from: Spirit of a Nation (Audio CD)
The Wolfe Tones are famous as a fiery rebel Irish foursome who mix together great traditional and anti-colonial music. Although Ireland is well past its days of dominance by the British Empire they continue to sing loud fast protest songs. This album is special for many reasons. Firstly, the talented foursome are photographed in front of Ireland's premier treasure "Bru na Boinne" or "Newgrange", a burial tomb that pre-dates the pyramids by 1,000 years. Secondly, the music is sweet, tuneful, touching, reaching-out, traditional, inventive, melancholy, enchanting and so on. Along with the pro-Irish songs (Bold Fenian men, No Irish need apply) there are some gems that would stand up well to critical scrutiny. "Butterfly" could make it big in any TV advertisment (in the same way that Moby has found success). With "Carolans Concerto" you wish it would never end. "Paddle your own canoe" should be saved for a late night pub session and "Streets of New York" should be remembered for the wonderful tale that it is. Maybe its the Celt in me but I think this album is a must for any collection..

Letter from Home
Letter from Home
Price: £19.08

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars In a word..."Uplifting", 27 Mar. 2002
This review is from: Letter from Home (Audio CD)
Pat Metheny has made a very accessible yet musically-rich album that should appeal to the majority. Many of the numbers move so quickly that you sometimes feel that you can't keep pace with the rhythm hence resulting in a really "feel good" factor. The mood is Latin-American throughout with strong bass, drums, guitar, piano and harmonies. Its hard to pick a favourite..they are all excellent. "Beat 70" is particularly stimulating while the mood and beat is slowed down for the most fabulous love song "Dream of the Return".
To be played regularly in any interesting cafe...

Into the Heart: The Stories Behind Every U2 Song (The Stories Behind Every Song Series)
Into the Heart: The Stories Behind Every U2 Song (The Stories Behind Every Song Series)
by Niall Stokes
Edition: Paperback

23 of 25 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Definately gets to the heart of the lyrics, 27 Mar. 2002
For some people (like me) music is so addictive that "just hearing the songs" is not enough. This book explores the genesis and meaning(s) behind U2's songs, warts and all. The author knows this band very well and is able to add his own slant on the music from the early demos to the latest grammy-winning CD. Interestingly, the explanations are not a "spoon-feeding" approach but rather semi-ambiguous explanations that allows room for your own input and interpretation. Indeed, this approach works well for a band like U2 where deeper meanings are imbedded into the music. In many cases the meanings behind their music are very spiritual. Songs like "Drowning man" and "40" are classic examples.
Also, the photographs and pictures chosen are not the typical types for rock books. They too add to the sense of mystery surrounding the songs.
If you had only one book about U2 (i.e. this book) you would be 80% there.
A good buy!

Remix Deluxe
Remix Deluxe
Price: £29.68

22 of 22 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Good..but for the fans only., 14 Mar. 2002
This review is from: Remix Deluxe (Audio CD)
If you are a Sade fan you will want to have everything she creates. Hence I had to have this offering despite the elevated price, the reduced number of songs (just 5) and the fact that 60% of the material is not new, its just re-mixed.
I was disappointed that "Feel no Pain" was on the album. Its a moody number from "Love Delux" which I didn't want to hear again in a different mix. "Love is stronger than Pride" is a good remix...a more uplifting "reggae" version of the song. (having said that, the original is still perfect.)
"Make some room" is an interesting instrumental number that should be played with the lights down low...and then you can almost hear your thoughts out loud!
"Paradise", that very clever bassy track from "Love is Stronger..", is given a loud bombastic uplift (the bass is still king on this remix).
Finally theres "Super Bien total" - this is also instrumental but could have done with some lyrics to help it along.
Overall not bad BUT for that price why can't they have added 5 more tracks (your love is king, Sweet as Cherry pie, Bullet proof soul etc.). I feel this is one where there was a lost opportunity!

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