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WD TV Live Media Player
WD TV Live Media Player
Offered by Digital Components Ltd (dclstore)
Price: £69.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Wester Digital rubbish, Pity I had to give it one star, doesn't deserve it, 10 Jan 2014
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Well, bought one, small problems that have grown and grown. Sometimes it won't play sound, plug it out and in again, on standby if I leave it for more than a half hour, nothing comes up on either of my TV's, Plug it out and in again. Now it won't play sounds on DVD rips, unless I go into the VIDEO file, which is a pain.

Rubbish, should have bought another AC Ryan (which I have years and am overjoyed with).

Don't Buy This.

Price: £11.63

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2.0 out of 5 stars manafon.....why?, 12 May 2010
This review is from: Manafon (Audio CD)
Manfon is a strange creation. I wonder how and why it came about, as I must admit, although some will love this album, the vast majority of Sylvian fans, including myself, will be left out in the cold. I personally find Blemish a difficult listen, and countless sitting at my hi-fi system (and it is a very good system) has not reduced this almost uncomfortable listen.

Don't get me wrong, I have every Sylvian cd, and until Blemish, loved them all. Manafon is a further step backwards in my opinion. Experimental, diverse, groundbreaking, still dosn't mean it's good.

What if a group of musician's from different types of music are asked to play an ambient piece, as they see fit, well that didn't happen as from the cd it is obvious all artists are within a very narrow corridor of music, anorexic to be exact. So basically allot of like-minded musican's got together, to make a form of jazz album, that technically can't be reproduced as it's nature would forbid such exact restrictions.

OK, just because it was made, and in such a manner, how the hell would you know, as an artist, that it would fulfil your artistic desire, someone might have had an off five minutes, the collaboration might be sour, as it's nature is spontenaiety, some might turn out well, and others....well rubbish.

Can we, as the public, be expected to purchase every flight of fancy that has been ill conceived and thrown together,!

Yes, the majority will miss David Sylvian, as this is a clamouring together of noises with no rhyme or reason barring, I am me. Commercial, yes I do own a copy and won't part with it. I will place it properly and push play on my expensive hi-fi system on a regular basis, daring it to sink it's claws and drag me in, and still, I'll feel uncomfortable, hard to listen, boring and unpleasant at the same time, and last only three songs at best before reaching for Wonderful World, Tooth Mother, Buried things, Blue Bell Knoll, Aten, Vrioon, Plight and Premonition, Tutu, Candylion, The Fires of Ork, etc.

I'm sorry, and really I am, no matter how hard I try to like this cd, I remember why I don't. I really want to, but no.

Stranger Inside
Stranger Inside
Price: £9.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars Richard Barbieri, 9 Feb 2010
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This review is from: Stranger Inside (Audio CD)
Stranger inside, it's just an amazing album, from the first track Cave, that draws the listener in to an almost dance like world, to the last Track Stranger Inside, meloncoly and introverted, the artist never let's go as the songs morph through the CD.

It's hard to pin a Genre onto this type of composition, as it doesn't fit perfectly into any hole, which is a very good thing. Richard, and indeed other artists seem to defy the main stream for something a bit more, artistic, well defined, personal music which can live within our lives forever, rather than the flash and catchy pop tune that's forgotten in a handful of years.

I think, miss this CD at your peril.

More people should listen to new and wonderful things, instead of following the herd, try this, broaden your horizons.

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