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Paleo Jerky 150g. Premium Angus organic Beef Jerky. Natural source of protein and Paleo Snack, 100% grass fed
Paleo Jerky 150g. Premium Angus organic Beef Jerky. Natural source of protein and Paleo Snack, 100% grass fed
Offered by Paleo Jerky
Price: £13.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tear jerky-ingly good, 3 Feb. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm unfortunately used to cheap beef jerky which is picked from the end of an isle on a peckish whim, in my supermarket of choice.
I suppose i'd never really considered that all the additives and flavours weren't particularly good for me at all, and the fact that these same flavours were drowning out the meatiness of the beef.

The very first thing i noticed when eating this was that the taste is purely of good quality beef. Sure some of the flavours enhance it such as salt, pepper, coriander and Worcester sauce, but the beefiness is very very apparent. I like this. I can count the flavours on one hand, again I like this. The less the flavours, the more the quality of the beef can come through. The pieces of beef are more like shredded strips, and although they are fairly dry I've had drier beef jerky - not that this is a bad thing! They have a good chew to them once your mouth gets to work. I'm munching on some now actually.

The packaging is nice, good quality with a resealable top. For those who can't tell the language or haven't checked its German (which is strange since the beef is sourced in Scotland, is this an import?). This means us English folk can't decipher the quality promise or nutritional information without a translator *laughter* however I managed to translate the ingredients easily enough.

Sell by date is end of June 2015, I purchased this late Jan 2015. More than enough time to consume and since the sell by date isn't 2030 for example I can only assume that this product is freshly made, with natural curing rather than additives. I will re-instate, this product is high quality and tastes delicious. Its how beef jerky should truly taste.
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American Sniper [DVD] [2014]
American Sniper [DVD] [2014]
Dvd ~ Bradley Cooper
Price: £10.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Important omissions and strange additions, 20 Jan. 2015
This review is from: American Sniper [DVD] [2014] (DVD)
UPDATE: The very fact that American sniper is currently #1 in Amazon 'Documentaries' is a head in hands moment. The only thing this film 'documents' correctly is that Chris Kyle had two arms and two legs and walked around, that's about where the similarities end with the real Chris Kyle and the perceived character on film. Don't be expecting a documentary of any worth here folks, if its a true collection of events that you're after look elsewhere, this film is absolutely riddled with disinformation.


I thought the trailer for this film was excellent. Obviously with Clint Eastwood directing good things are expected, but more importantly we finally get to see some more heart wrenching moments of war not just point, shoot, kill. The idea of killing a kid in war and the personal implications it could have has never really been explored in film (that i'm aware of). This idea was expanded from the trailer in the film and we saw the emotional and mental trauma war can bring onto a person and their family, it did however plant me with a seed of skepticism as to its credence...

I'll start with what I liked - I remember my Grandad being jumpy about specific noises after his time in the war, this is brushed on when Chris Kyle returns home from war. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen but I thought it was clever how they displayed this in American Sniper. This concentration on post-traumatic stress was really hit on quite well, with Bradley Cooper coming through in his role excellently. I also liked when a Marine questioned whether what they were doing in war was important. This scene lasted maybe 20 seconds, but was enough to brush on the morality of war.

I usually find American propaganda films can only be so engaging because of their nature. They are created with an agenda of promoting patriotism, and usually have crucial omissions as to skew public opinion favourably. As i looked into Chris Kyle after this film these omissions became glaringly apparent:

1) During the film I felt constantly torn between feeling euphoric for our soldiers and their duties, or disgusted about a war that shouldn't be happening. The opposition sniper scenes disconnected me from the realness of the film, especially when scenes were shown which Chris Kyle would obviously not have experienced; simply added to attempt to create a false veneer of depth and meaning to the film which is supposed to be based on true events. In Chris Kyle's book, the opposition sniper called Mustafa (who is so prevalent in the film) is only mentioned fleetingly in one paragraph. This whole section of the film is therefore simply manufactured, and added to beef out the film and add tensions which simply didn't exist. The 'shot' Chris Kyle makes in the movie was for the film only. He states 'I never saw him, but other snipers later killed an Iraqi sniper we think was him'. Furthermore the entire 'Butcher' character was fictional.

2) Emotional scenes which serve to connect us to Chris Kyle's trauma are fabricated and false. Court records show Chris and his partner were divorcing, he never phoned his wife crying (although he did drop his phone during combat and she endured a call of surrounding gunfire) and he had no emotion or regret towards his 160+ kills. Remove these aspects from the film and suddenly this character we can empathize with emotionally is torn away. Again, we are seeing propaganda serving its purpose in film.

3) I was turned off immediately by the unnecessary 'Allah Akbar' chants at the beginning, inciting hatred for Muslims is not alright. Chris Kyle himself had once told a military investigator ' I don't shoot people with Korans. I'd like to, but I don't'- this institutionalized islamophobia is serving only to fuel the hatred of the people who are fighting; it is important to remember that this film is skewed in America's political favour to aid the war effort and our perceptions of war. Interestingly this hatred for Muslims has already exploded on social media and the backing for the Iraq War will only be increasing.

4) The Kyle family claim the proceeds of Chris's book was sent to a veteran's charity. In fact, only 2% was sent there and Chris Kyle pocketed a cool $3 million.

There is much more data to be gathered about our hero Chris Kyle - Outside of the film, claims that Chris Kyle engaged in a bar fight with former Minnesota governor and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura, sniped 30+ looters in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and killed two carjackers all remain unsubstantiated. Chris Kyle was in fact successfully sued by Jesse Ventura for over $1.8m. Kyle claimed he punched Ventura in the face for making disparaging remarks about the military, which in turn was revealed to be a story that Kyle had created for financial leverage and sales.

Please take your time to consider Chris Kyle before touting this man as America's finest. In my personal opinion this man makes my hairs stand on end. He showed no remorse for his killings describing his tours as 'fun' and the emotional complications played out in the film are (once again surprise surprise) complete fabrication. He is simply a man who has successfully killed others in the line of war; his persona has been determined malleable and adapted by the people who want him to be the face of a hero with hero attributes. This film is based on true events in the very loosest sense of the phrase, and if the true events had played out as they occurred the social result of the film would be very different. To do this properly with social and political rectitude a film would not have been the platform chosen, this would have been shown over a documentary. That would of course restricted the patriotism though, how stupid of me.

I hear a lot of people also saying how he is the best sniper in history. Simo Häyhä was a Finnish Sniper who protected his own country's frontline from a Soviet and German invasion in 1939. He killed an estimated 720 troops, with 505 confirmed. He said 'I did what i was told to do as well as I could'. If there is ever a genuine reason to go to war it's when its barking at the door. Yet there was no boasting about his kills, and no propaganda film was made about him by the Finns to promote wars of greed and inhumanity.
Similarly, the world's deadliest sniper is actually currently one of our own, who has 173 confirmed kills. Whilst he is unidentified, a source states 'He always saw the men between the cross hairs as humans not as targets. He is not interested in scores or kill counts. He took no satisfaction in the job he had to do.' - That is the portrayal of a true hero in my eyes. This man has done his job (despite the awful semantics of war), and does not see war as a game to boast about.

In terms of a patriotic film this is up there with the most influential propaganda. For people with a wider understanding than GOD BLESS AMERICA you might find this a fairly good watch until you consider the implications of false narrative. Personally, i concluded this was emotionally questionable and quite dry, saved (in a lesser sense of the word) only by its acting and big budget. If however you can differentiate yourself from being a target of the propaganda, the film can be somewhat enjoyable in parts once political agenda and reality are pushed aside.

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Odaban Antipersiprant Spray 30ml
Odaban Antipersiprant Spray 30ml
Offered by Activecare Online
Price: £10.49

4.0 out of 5 stars Drier than Ghandi's flip flop, 9 Jan. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This works well. One spray usually lasts me 3-4 days without sweating at all. I do have sensitive skin however and I often get a burning sensation similar to that of a sore rash which causes discomfort for a few hours at the expense of not perspiring. I don't mind sacrificing my precious skin for undeniable social comfort in the coming days, but if Odaban did a sensitive skin version (even if it didn't last as long) that would tick the box nicely.

Do yourself a favour and DO NOT look at your armpit as you apply the spray. I though it would be a good idea to check I was applying it directly and within the angular bounds which I would find acceptable; I then had the heart stopping wave of pure dread when I did so and received a backlash of spray to my eye. Immediate horror stories sprung to mind of blindness and I thought the last thing I would see in this life would be my own armpit. Look away and apply. I didn't lose my eyesight for any of you who care, it was mildly unpleasant though.

As I said one spray is enough for me however I am 20 years old and I'm not sure how hormones come into play, perhaps try one or two bursts for yourself but I would not exceed that amount. I imagine more than 2 would render your armpit a chafing piece of sandpaper, albeit dry, but that's perhaps not a good thing.

Lord of the Flies
Lord of the Flies
Price: £5.69

5.0 out of 5 stars Ignore the low ratings, 18 Dec. 2014
This review is from: Lord of the Flies (Kindle Edition)
Firstly understand that this is now a major book in GCSE English in UK schooling. Most 1 star reviews are 'boring book' because it is taught across a spectrum of students, and without sounding condescending, with various reading abilities and appreciations of situations which are perhaps not conventional - hence 'boring'.

This is a complex book (to a degree) which requires the reader to consider the complexity of the rare situation which these young boys are presented with and how it effects their psychological decisions. It is without doubt questionable, but it is Golding's visualization that draws the reader in.

I would advise if you are young like myself but are considering this for a read nevertheless, then approach with an open mind. Rationality doesn't apply in the traditional sense and trying to normalize the situation will leave you disillusioned from what Golding wanted.

I read this a few years ago in English, and it's one of the best books I've ever read.

Under Pressure
Under Pressure
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: £12.27

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5.0 out of 5 stars Solid, 22 Oct. 2014
This review is from: Under Pressure (Audio CD)
I only very recently heard of Logic, I happened to hear his 5 fingers of death freestyle on Sway in the Morning. Interestingly enough, that same freestyle contains verses of "Soul Food", Logic's second song on this album.

There are many reasons why i would describe this as 'solid':

1. His lyricism is unbelievably good, and coupled with his diction it is easy to understand and appreciate every single word that comes out this guy's mouth.
2. The samples and rhythm's used are very good and original. No two songs sound the same in their rhythm and each fits the style of the song perfectly.
3. It draws allusions to Good Kid Maad City by Kendrick Lamar which is universally seen as a solid debut. Whilst i wouldn't say this is as good (personal preference), many would, and it will be seen as a solid production. As a side note I noticed that he actually sampled some beats from GKMC including 'Sing About Me I'm Dying of Thirst' in 'Metropolis'.
4. His flow is solid, smooth and silky. There is no stuttering and each line flows nicely into the next with a smooth transfer. For me Logic has one of the best flows i've ever heard, i'm struggling to draw comparisons to other rappers.
5. This tells a story (similar to GKMC) and that adds further depth and meaning to Logic and his life, and for me puts the cherry on the cake. I love storytelling rap.

Overall this should be seen as a recent masterpiece. In my eyes the best album to drop since GKMC. Good work Logic; If I could give this a 4 1/2 stars then I would, but its certainly closer to perfect than near perfect.


I Forget Where We Were
I Forget Where We Were
Price: £5.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Dark, 21 Oct. 2014
This review is from: I Forget Where We Were (Audio CD)
Most of us know of Ben after his amazing debut of 'Every Kingdom' which seems to be universally loved, and rightly so. The upbeat acoustics and dreamy vocals were enough to make me smile the wettest English day plodding along wherever i was going, and grin with understanding on the hotter days. We then of course got a taste of something darker to come with 'The Burgh Island EP', where a new sound was born with an electric guitar taking the lead and a darker tonality to the music.

'I Forget Where We Were' embodies this same darker tone. Whilst I already get the sense that i couldn't sit through the whole album time and time again like i could with 'Every Kingdom' there is a definite depth to his music that still draws me in. It is dark as it is haunting, but it's still got that beauty that his first album did. Whilst perhaps 'Every Kingdom' was an amalgamation of Ben's good times, I sense that the feelings of sadness and pain have been the grounding point for 'I Forget Where We Were'. The lyrics are way above the standard monogamy of 'pop' music and the general feeling of the album is one of this being a strong and well thought out production.

But it isn't as "listenable" as his earlier work. Is this a bad thing? For many people maybe, but i quite like it. It's perhaps not a car anthem which can be played to everyone's ears but i get the sense that when i'm in the mood for something a bit darker this will fit the bill nicely (quite similar to that of Bon Iver's music). Probably going to be a winter go-to album.

It's still a work of art but I assume many will see it as underwhelming and struggle to interpret the lyrics correctly, skipping ahead to find the comparison to 'only love' which simply isn't there. If you can invest your time to play this over a few times and delve into the meanings of the songs that's when you're really going to find the heart of this album. It's one that will steadily flow into my well known albums, but perhaps not as fast as 'Every Kingdom' finding its feet.

The Equalizer [Blu-ray] [2014]
The Equalizer [Blu-ray] [2014]
Dvd ~ Denzel Washington
Price: £8.00

9 of 14 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars The Cliché-lizer, 1 Oct. 2014
When a calculated ex-special forces agent decides to step into the fray and save a young prostitute from the Russian mob he puts his own life in danger. Albeit stupidly.

Whilst Denzel Washington is enough to draw massive attention to the movie his acting feels forced in this. His signature 'I will not show any emotion' face eventually left me feeling disjointed from the film and mirroring his front of apathy. Acting from the lead villain Marton Csokas played perfectly into an extended cliché of everything we ever see from villains in films. Fairly good acting but nothing to write home about. Dan Bilzerian (some idiot with lots of money from poker and no acting prowess) even featured in this which almost epitomized how daft this film got by the end.

Sometimes a film ridden with clichés is okay, and sometimes it is not. This falls into the latter. The fight scenes were enjoyable but fairly laughable in their believability. Constant spews of philosophical phrases were spouted, with a supposed deeper understanding to be discovered. The final scenes dragged out like an extended cut of Home Alone with makeshift weaponry, with fully trained soldiers failing to hit their targets whilst bullets fly everywhere. It might have cut it for an excited 12 year old boy but it doesn't fly for a 18 rated movie.

I had high hopes to start with, as should be expected with a decent cast and a budget of $55 million. The main redeeming factors therefore were the cast and cinematography. Despite the progressively boring face Denzel likes to subject everyone to, his performance overall was okay. In fact the whole movie was 'okay'. If you want to watch a good Denzel movie put on Training Day, this feels wasted on mass appeal.

Astell&Kern Portable High Fidelity Sound System - AK100 MKII in Brushed Aluminium Black
Astell&Kern Portable High Fidelity Sound System - AK100 MKII in Brushed Aluminium Black
Price: £697.56

9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars The precision monster, 30 July 2014

Had this DAC for about 3 hours. To describe it metaphorically it's that school teacher nobody particularly liked but you knew they were exceptionally good at their job. To give you a slight grasp of why my opinion might count to you, I'm not an 'audiophile', I'm 19 and probably going through a stage of loving my gadgets and as fate would have it, good sound. However, I have had the Fiio X3, FiiO X3 Portable MP3 Player,which uses the same sound chip; I also have an ipod Nano 5th gen which I've had now for 5 years. Also love music, listen to mainly rap, RnB, folk and some alternative rock and a bit of classic - feel free to furrow your brows at my strange taste. I currently have some Fidelio's,Philips Fidelio L1/00 High Fidelity Headband Headphones, to use with this which are great for my more 'musical' music.


Sound: Because thats what we're here for... if you've not experienced the Wolfson WM8740 chip in a DAC such as the Fiio X3 or IBasso DX50 then you'll be very pleasantly surprised. In comparison to an iPod the clarity is simply exceptional. Separation of instruments is clear, and soundstage opens up nicely. You'll find yourself smiling at your old albums again. I wish I had more headphones, also better headphones to trial this with. With the Fidelio L1's the sound produced through the AK100 is clinical and clean, doesn't have the warmth of the Fiio X3 in comparison. You could say it's more audiophile geared, the sound is I suppose 'how it should be' - which left me smiling a little less than the X3 but also impressed because I've heard a few more clashes of cymbals for example in the background. For music like Bon Iver and classical like Tchaikovsky this unit is preferable for me, you feel every single piece of the performance.
Would completely disagree with other reviewers online that mention this sounding 'warm'... no, don't listen to these people... You could adapt the EQ (if you can work it out that is) to make this more forward sounding and warm but the natural production sound is pretty neutral. If you're after a warm sound go for the X3. I find it hard to describe sound so take the following with a pinch of salt, sound is something you really need to test for yourself i personally believe. I've provided a taste of some songs however. Notably live music sounds fantastic, should the quality of your track allow so anyway.

Ben Howard - Move like you want to (live). Bass guitar, drums, crowd noise all come through on their own separate layers. As soon as Ben starts singing the vocals are forward and sound amazing, I was sat in bed grinning ear to ear which was a magical moment. Could not get bored of this if i tried. Can hear lots of little details like single people in the crowd shouting out in the background which all add to the 'live' performance. I think you'd struggle to feel more there unless you actually were.

Bon Iver - Michicant. If you've heard Bon Iver you'll know that Justin Vernon likes an odd sound. This translates very well on the AK100 and you pick up the layers easily with detectable bell rings and synthetic sounds behind the usual instruments which form the base layer. Voice comes through crisp but I felt bass impact could be better at times, possibly my headphones fault though.

Cypress Hill - Insane in the Membrane. Sounds flat and probably better on my ipod. bass hits are flat and should not sound as flat as they do. Takes a lot of depth away from the song as the backing beat is recognizable as being fantastic. Vocals are good but don't sound very forward on this track.

The Cinematic Orchestra - Familiar Ground. Guitar, Drums, trumpet, piano and backing vocals all merge nicely. Feels quite 'busy' though, like there isn't quite enough separation in the layers at times. Still very nice sounding and the way the balance of the track shifts at times between the right and left ear is very pleasurable and translates well through the AK100.

Kendrick Lamar - M.a.a.D City. Good vocal projection, great depth in the bass which unfortunately my headphones aren't quite geared towards enough, but I can sense its there and would sound good with some V-Moda's for example. Piano is good, separation is good and song is fast moving as it should be, no murkiness.

Design: Nice weight, clean lines. Feels sturdy and high quality, actually quite like the boxy feel. When shaken you can hear the volume rocker rattle very slightly, which is a bit annoying, everything else however makes no noise, no internal rattle etc. Get the feeling the volume rocker may catch things in my pocket and as this has been previously used I can see some scuff marks on here because the thing protrudes from the side. That being said I like the tactile rocker, allows incremental sound change and gives a satisfying click with each notch. Much smaller than originally expected - good news. Side buttons are therefore smaller than expected though in ratio and when changing songs I've realized that I have to look at where i'm pressing because my index finger almost covers all three buttons. Not massively annoying but would have been nice if they were spaced out more.

Software: the UI is actually pleasant for me on first impressions. Compared to the X3 this thing is heaven. Touchscreen is a nice addition and allows you to aptly maneuver through the menu's. Clean and clinical like the sound, everything is simple, possibly overly so. Menu consists of "songs/albums/artists/genres/MQS(mastering quality sound)/Folders". Each takes you into the relevant sub-menu, nothing more to explain there, its then a case of scrolling on-screen to find what you want.
For MQS I believe this is solely for lossless formatting of songs and shows all songs you have on there which consist of such. MP3's (heaven forbid you have any) wont be on there.
For Folders this shows you the names of folders which you've dragged onto the player from your computer. I.E. "FLAC songs" or "AIFF songs" etc.
General speed seems to be good, quite responsive in general.
Only a few niggles at this stage: The on screen volume adjuster would, in theory, be faster at shifting the sound up and down than using the incremental volume rocker on the side. The on screen adjuster however isn't responsive enough and you have to drag your finger across quite slowly for it to register it - annoying.
The back key is in the top left corner and is fairly small, admittedly the screen has limited space but, i have to use a small corner of my thumb to press it successfully. Again annoying but only a small niggle, I can live with this.

Value for money: Hmm, tricky. Considering that the X3 uses the same Wolfson audio chip (which apparently only costs a tenner?!?!) this thing is over double, possibly triple the price, depending on how well you shop around. Can this be quantified by the neutral 'audiophile' sound it produces? I don't think so, the sound is, surprisingly enough, very similar to the X3 which has the same chip.
However with the addition of a nicely finished design, great portability, decent UI compared to the X3 and touchscreen, it might top it IF you have the money and fashion oriented mind to buy this at full price.

Overall: If you are going to buy this full price consider the MKII which has improved impedance levels for most headphones, not too sure what this translates to in non-audiophile language but I assume it basically sounds better. I got this one however for an astoundingly cheap price, about £100 more than the X3, and don't regret it. At this stage, not sure I'd be saying the same if i bought it for list price.

Additional points to note:

1. If you're considering buying the - wait for it- £60 official A&K leather case *wipes sweat from forehead* then I can tell you it does look beautiful and fits snug. Has nice decorative stitching and the embossed A&K on the inside and back. Is it worth £60 - absolutely not. If you have the cash to splash for this player though then maybe money isn't too much of a concern, from an aesthetic point of view, its on the mark.

2. Try and trial this out somewhere, this is a lot of money to spend blindly. Thankfully there is this brilliant company called Amazon that allows a 28 day return policy, use a company with a policy like this and you won't get beat down if you try and return it and its not 'broken'. We've all heard the horror stories.

3. You'd better be using lossless sound with this otherwise you can't even begin to consider buying it, stick with your ipod. I'm not one for endorsing illicit downloads and there aren't many outlets that supply real HD tracks, so make sure you look into what music is available for your taste in a lossless format before buying one of these. You don't want a glorified iPod for half a grand or more. The foolish person I got this off had only MP3's installed when I bought it, I could have cried. No wonder she sold it, she probably thought it was a shambles. Quids in for me.

4. If, like me, you have already owned a similar DAC then I wouldn't say the upgrade is worth it. For me it was perfect because I got rid of my X3 and this player popped up at a bargain price.

[UPDATE 10/08/2014]

Its been about 10 days since I got this. Found a few more points to critique and help you lovely people out with:

Sound - still very enjoyable. Definitely not warm, but clean. This will be brushed upon later. When and if i switch up my headphones i'll update this further. I can't go into too much generalized detail about the player because i haven't used enough headphones with it to draw definitive conclusions.

1. If you buy second hand, make sure you install 'IRiver Plus4' which you'll find in the root folder of the AK100 when you plug it into your computer. This will save you 30 minutes of the almighty struggle of what i had to endure which will be mentioned soon.

2. Album Art is something I happen to really like on my portable players, and with me being a perfectionist I could not stand the fact that this machine is seemingly incapable of providing consist album art. I found when transferring my albums only about 40% had album art which I could see on the player, despite them all being JPEG and all the album art being on each album. It took me half an hour of spilling over forums to try and find out WHY, but nobody else could understand either. I finally found that the only way to do it was to infuriatingly re-encode the FLAC and other lossless format music to include the album art in it. This can be done using Iriver Plus 4 but takes an equally as infuriating amount of time to do. After a good 2 hours of trial and error, scrambling for answers and using Iriver Plus 4 i've only just managed to get about another 30% of my album art on. This is such a non-issue that is really irksome and could probably be easily rectified by Iriver, but apparently version 2.4 Firmware which i have installed is the last update. Not great Iriver. The programme is also incredibly 'buggy' and stopped working numerous times when adding album art adding fuel to this angry man's fire.

3. Besides the Album Art scandal I've come to the conclusion that the software is generally under developed and could be smoother. There are no pre-set EQ setting and unless you can draw out some funky pattern that happens to translate to some brilliant sound I cant really decipher how it could work well. I just want an option to increase the bass for my rap tracks and an option to revert this back to a flat EQ when i'm listening to my delicate songs.

4. Widely speaking the AK100 lacks fluidity in its software and sometimes doesn't register your finger when you touch the screen. Little things like this slowly become more apparent and noticeable.

5. I'm not sure yet how well the pairing of my AK100 and Fidelio headphones are. My only comparison marker was my X3 which i used the same headphones for. Perhaps with different headphones the pairing will be amazing, and I'll have to re-draft the part of this review. When and if I get the Sennheiser HD650's (please santa please) I'll provide another update as to the differences in sound. The Fidelio's are not incredibly hard to drive so I need something with more umph to really push this little machine and get the revs going. This should be interesting.

6. I've subconsciously voided the use of the tactile side buttons, they're too close together and I still have to check what I'm pressing. Also, perhaps this is me being an idiot but i'd be happy to hear any comments, it seems that Iriver have got the keys in a bit of a pickle. For example, if i was to change a song on any other device i would click >> which would take me to the next song, and << for the previous. The AK100 has an 'up arrow' and a 'down arrow', above and below the pause/play button. This is annoying because usually >> are above and << are below. When playing a song, if you click the 'up arrow' you automatically assume this will take you to the next song, but it doesn't, it takes you to the previous. THIS IS ANNOYING. Same for the down arrow, if I click this i expect to re-start the song or go back, but it takes me to the next track! They should have stuck to the universally known >> and << not some quirky up down buttons. It's just vexing to know this could have been avoided.

Ten days in i'm still enjoying the sound and really wanting to love this thing. But at the end of the day, I think i prefer the sound of the X3! Maybe i have this romanticized idea of how it sounded in my head, but i remember enjoying the warmth much more and it adding more character to my songs. The AK100 is still this precision beast, fantastic with classical, jazz and acoustic but its not as 'listenable' so to speak and not as universal for all genres as the X3 was. Despite the clean audio it sounds flat at times and can become tiresome much faster than the X3 did. I don't miss the god awful aesthetics of the X3 and even worse software (although at least it got album art right!) but at the end of the day I'm here for sound, and everything else is almost dismissable. That being said I've brought the review down to 4/5 because the price you pay for this is in anticipation of something better than the X3 and DX50, in theory you're paying 3x more for something which should be 3x as good! They all use the same sound chip, and differences in quality and software and tech support and sound signature all come together to differentiate a product from its competitors. If its not 3x as good for the combination of these factors it's not worth it for me, and I don't think the asking price fits the bill. I can't kick my feet for the price I paid, but I'd be looking at my bank balance with a big reversed grin if I'd have paid full whack after getting rid of my X3.
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Dallas Buyers Club [DVD]
Dallas Buyers Club [DVD]
Dvd ~ Matthew McConaughey
Price: £5.00

5.0 out of 5 stars Not a feel good movie, but a necessary one, 12 July 2014
This review is from: Dallas Buyers Club [DVD] (DVD)
I'm not even too sure where to start with this one. The first thing I have taken from this movie is a wider understanding of the issue that was AIDS medication in the 1980s, and the sheer debacle of the FDA and supporting bodies during the period in which human rights were exploited for the profit of the industry - something which still occurs today but I wont go into that...
This film really tears that open and delves into the ethics that prevented the prolonging of life, and the struggle to overcome these forces ultimately for survival. An emphasising theme that we can surely all understand to a certain degree.

Aside from that, this is a film orients around the help and support people give which can derive from places none of us would expect, and where we can be turned on by those we least expect. More so, where a mutual struggle can provide a bonding despite the circumstances. I felt this was a significant underlying theme, and one which really allows the viewer to relate to, whilst allowing us to sympathise when we could only begin to fathom the struggle of the characters.

Overall this film was very powerful for me. It illustrates so well the struggles of those suffering the illness during the time, and is necessary to educate the audience of the numerous issues of the period through exceptional lead acting and an interesting and engaging script and screenplay. Fantastic.

Orabrush Tongue Cleaner Fresh Breath Brush With Scraper (Colours May Vary)
Orabrush Tongue Cleaner Fresh Breath Brush With Scraper (Colours May Vary)
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5.0 out of 5 stars It works, 12 July 2014
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If there is one thing I'm usually paranoid about its my breath, which is hopefully irrational paranoia... that being said this thing is fantastic. After brushing my teeth I use this thing to get rid of the 'gunk' which accrues on the tongue. When you see what comes off you'll understand this product being good. After brushing, scraping and mouthwashing I feel like my mouth couldn't be cleaner unless i swilled bleach around it (thats a joke dont do it).

Overall, strongly recommend this for an addition to the morning and evening routine of mundane oral hygiene. If i'm going to spend 3-4 minutes cleaning my mouth I feel as if i might as well do it as well as I can - after all theres nothing worse than a facefull of bad breath right? Cant really go wrong with this. Sort of feels like the necessary sidekick to my routine now. Like the Robin assisting the Batman toothbrush.

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