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Thimble Kisses
Thimble Kisses
by Crystal Clifton
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.88

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5.0 out of 5 stars Touching Memory!, 8 Oct 2013
This review is from: Thimble Kisses (Paperback)
This book is just adorable. I wasn't quiet sure I'd want to read it now, it seems more Holiday themed. However, I must say-its mommy themed. Its all about the love one boy has and shared with his mom, and his family. It showcases the family values you can truly instill in your children, the love you can share forever on, and that sometimes the simplest of gifts are the best. Way to go Andy! And good job mommy passing them off as each child left (tears-I never want that day to come!).

The illustrations are hand-drawn, which adds an element to the book that newer styles don't have, and it certainly increases the value of the story. I also love the way the words were chosen, the format, and the details (especially at the store). 5 star quality all around.

This really is an adorable book, all families and children will love it! Can't wait for my boys to review. <3

Can't wait to read more from Crystal Clifton.

The Million Year Journey (The Legend of the Locust Book 2)
The Million Year Journey (The Legend of the Locust Book 2)
Price: 1.80

5.0 out of 5 stars Another amazing read, 26 Aug 2013
My review for Book two of The Legend of The Locust trilogy named The Million Year Journey. Reviewed by JAMES

Well if you've read the first book then you will what to read more and if you haven't read it then go read it. Well Nizhoni is dead as is Simon and Red Two and I bet you all that have read the first book hate the Hunters. Now on to the second book. Zack is now the leader of Red Squadron and Fintan is really sad that Nizhoni is dead and her last words were" They Cannot hurt one that has dreamed a dream like me.". DANG YOU HUNTERS!!!!!! Now that Zack is the leader Red squadron is so much different than it was. Red squadron got new members and one of them was named Rachel. I think Fintan has a crush on Rachel after a little bit. When Red squadron won the Starball match they got a trip to Saturn. On Saturn they got to watch and help gather metallic hydrogen from Saturn. On the way back to the moon base when they opened the worm hole something went wrong and the ship called the Destiny crashed on a thought to be a different planet but went forward in time to Earth. It was void of all live except for some animals. Future Ayako left a message for Fintan saying that the Hunters attacked the Earth and destroyed all life on Earth. To learn more of what happened read the book to find out. If you liked the book and the review let us know.


The Fourth World: Book One in 'The Legend of the Locust': 1
The Fourth World: Book One in 'The Legend of the Locust': 1
by Laurence Moroney
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Phenominal, 26 Aug 2013
My review for the book The Fourth World Book one in The
Legend of the Locust trilogy

Reviewed by James Simpson

The book is really great and has some action and is super funny. Once I started reading it I was hooked wanted to read more and more. There was not one part that I did not like. The main characters are a young boy named Fintan Ayako Zack and Nizhoni. There are two more characters also later in the book red squadron Captain Simon and Red Two. Fintan Zach Ayako and Nizhoni become friends quickly once they meet. There is only two sad parts in the book but I will let you find out what they are when you read them. Once Nizhoni came into the book it got really funny. There are also more characters in the book who are named Bob also know as Standing Bear and Nizhoni's father and her mother and her sister. The kids go to a school in Area 51. The sport that they play in Area 51 is called Starball. There are four Starball teams called Yellow Red Green and Blue Squadrons. I think Zack has some funny jokes. The part that got me hooked was probably chapter two or three. Well if you liked the book and the review please let us know.


Mister Spunky And His Friends
Mister Spunky And His Friends
Price: 0.77

5.0 out of 5 stars fabulously fun read, 17 Aug 2013
Mister Spunky and His Friends *Kelly Preston*
The boys won a giveaway for Mister Spunky and His Friends via Author Kelly Preston.

Brenton gives it 20 stars on a five star scale.
He greatly enjoyed relating it to his own pups.

My favorite part was Mister Spunky's cool car.
My favorite dog was Mister Spunky because of his surf board.
The pictures were very colorful in the book.
I really like the coloring pictures.
Mom says we're going to make copies of them to color.
I like how Mister Spunky helped the dogs.
I think its good they made friends.
Really liked this book.

Mommy Review:

We sat down to read Mister Spunky not knowing background on the book.
For once I didn't know the preset for this book.
I was amazed when I learned that it was about friendship and bullying and acceptance.
What an incredible way to reach out to kids.
Mister Spunky is the cool kid!
Along his way to the very cool beach he runs into new friends.
First we meet the very scared Buffy who was bullied.
Mister Spunky befriends Buffy and they head to the beach!
And then on the way they meet...Carla, the angry dog.
Carla was very angry and growling lots.
But Buffy and Mister Spunky still befriended her...and they headed to the beach!
And then they run into Miss Sunshine, the little blind pup.
Miss Sunshine is afraid to move because she is blind.
Carla, Buffy, and Mister Spunky agree to help and befriend Miss Sunshine.
The four new friends travel to the beach.
They help one another, have a great time, and enjoy new friendships.
Mister Spunky never gave up and had lots of fun learning about his new friends.

The book ends with some beautiful coloring pages that can equate to hours
of good family fun time and more conversations.

The story is based roughly on the real life pups that Kelly Preston has.
We learn a great lesson about slowing down in life,
and remembering to find the good in anyone.
And we also learn how valuable being a good friend is.

What an amazing book for children!

You can find Mister Spunky on Amazon:

Paperback- $8.99:
Mister Spunky And His Friends

Kindle- $4.99:
Mister Spunky His Friends ebook

Kelly Preston's Author Page:

And find Mister Spunky and Friends on Facebook at:

Toby the Flying Cat
Toby the Flying Cat
Price: 0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Keagan 5 stars, 6 Aug 2013
Keagan gives Toby the Flying Cat 5 stars.
He enjoyed the journey that Maryrose took to get Toby.
He liked seeing all the cats in the shelter.
There were cats of all colors doing lots of things.
It was also fun to see Toby get a name.
But he especially enjoyed learning about...
Lady Margaret's cat-Queen of Sheba!

Keagan enjoyed the colorful images,
he giggled at the way Toby the cat flew,
and he loved when Toby became a hero.

The lesson in the end was clear to Keagan,
anyone can be special!

Cheers to a 5 star fabulous kids book!

First Night of Summer
First Night of Summer
by Landon Parham
Edition: Paperback
Price: 9.73

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tantilizingly realistic read-captivating!, 21 July 2013
This review is from: First Night of Summer (Paperback)
A dark, sad truth in writing adventure into a world unknown. It has been quiet some time since I have read such a thriller that just captivated me, caught me off guard, gave me chills, kept me awake at night, and at the same time, made me rethink life itself! Landon writes with a sincerely dark passion to express and explore a world that needs to be examined and have a little light shed on it. One of the most captivating moments for me was reading more into Ricky's mindset. As a Criminal Justice student this book spoke to me on multiple levels, as a parent, Landon's writing woke me up! From the minute those little legs fell from the sky to the last bite of a slice of pizza, I was absorbed, shocked, and sometimes disturbed. Although the content can be a difficult subject to broach, this is an adult read I would highly recommend to everyone! I don't want to give away to much, but parents-have tissues ready...and prep for not wanting to put the book down. Landon is sure to hit Best Seller status, can't wait to see what he creates next. 5 stars really isn't enough for all this book offers the readers!

Chasing Invisible
Chasing Invisible
Price: 0.77

5.0 out of 5 stars Journey into life unknown-a beautiful story of discovery!, 27 Jun 2013
This review is from: Chasing Invisible (Kindle Edition)
My Review is simple today: Karen takes you on a journey of a life we all think we want to life, we all think we desire. However, you get to explore the other side, understand relationships struggle, find out what family can do, and really fall in love with the character you think is just the spoiled brat. But what becomes is a story of discovery and growing up. I greatly enjoyed the story, and I even enjoyed the dialog, which is difficult for an author to write, and Karen tackled it beautifully! There are moments you will certainly be happy, sad, and...yes even tears will flow-and that is when you know-the book is incredible! 5 stars, and more!

Today Only
Today Only
Price: 1.84

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5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful, Incredible, Must Read, 10 Jun 2013
This review is from: Today Only (Kindle Edition)
First let me address ...tears were instant for me.
I am an emotional reader, emotional person, and huge sap.
So yes, this review is sure to be emotion filled!
I hope that doesn't keep you from discovering an amazing book!

I knew in only reading the dedication this would be a book I enjoyed!
And then I read the poem, and I cried.
As we begin the book we learn about the secret Rye has,
and we learn about her precious daughter,
and then...the mysterious fella from the past.

Rye is dealing with a life-altering circumstance that changes everything.
Her family, friends, people around her, they all have to learn.
Somehow there needs to be support, love, courage, guidance, and
at the same time, memory-making, family time, and lots of love.
You follow a story wrapped in truth of love, laughter, friendship,
but wrought with heartache, unfair life events,
and ...the inevitable sadness.

But what you don't expect to gain from this book...
the simple love for your family again.
The pieces of life we often overlook,
the moments we neglect,
the family we forget,
the love we hide.
You remember the reasons for life itself.

I was so incredibly touched.
I lost my mother-too young,
and to me, the book spoke of times I want to cherish,
things that I wish I would have been given,
and it reminded me most of all,
I need to cherish every minute of every day!
You never know when your time here is done.

But lets be honest,
there are moments you will laugh,
moments you will cry,
moments you will want to throw the book,
and moments you will weep.

D. Love has captured a moment in life like no other I've ever read.
This is certainly a book I will forever treasure, love, and remember!

*Thank you for the incredible honor to read and share this book!*

I don't think it deserves stars, as what does a star do to a book??
I think it should be a Best Selling Politzer Novel.
Something everyone should desire to read.

Inheritance (The World of the Guardians Book 1)
Inheritance (The World of the Guardians Book 1)
Price: 0.77

5.0 out of 5 stars Incredibly wicked!, 4 Jun 2013
Some bad ass going on here! And I don't normally say things like that in reviews! However, speaks to the truth of the book! Sekhmet is an incredible character, stuck on a path-almost battling her own freedom and sense of exploration. I won't go to deep, but simply lets say--- how far would you go if you had to fight to keep heaven and hell separate, and what would you do to keep hell away? There are some historical adventures I would normally be incredibly turned off by, however S.K. Whiteside did a wonderful job making the journey's adventurous and fitting to the terms of the book! This is a very deep adventure through a few perspectives of incredible writing and you will be on the edge of your seat reading what happens! Journey into the World of the Guardians....check it out yourself!
Highly recommend!!!!

Sea of Secrets
Sea of Secrets
Price: 2.36

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, 3 Jun 2013
This review is from: Sea of Secrets (Kindle Edition)
Amanda DeWess has done it AGAIN. Captured me into yet another book-a different book, but yet--amazing! I love a good adventure to what feels like another world, and this certainly is that. I felt like I could relate to some of what Oriel was feeling (ps-LOVE that name! If I were to have future children-I could see that being in the running) and how she was left, and especially the father! How ironic that the family is going through things and she has to find a way to cope through it, but in turning to...him. I didn't know quiet how I felt about him. When the father has a happening I thought for certain there were some secrets about to be divulged. This book does not let you down, probably one of the easiest reads, and gives you that escape you look for in a book. Looking forward to reading more from Amanda DeWess, incredible author! I also highly recommend this book to all my friends and any potential readers, it will not disappoint.

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