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First Rider's Call
First Rider's Call
by Kristen Britain
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice Ride, 13 Jun 2011
This review is from: First Rider's Call (Paperback)
I enjoyed reading this book. It's a nice ride - lovely pace that keeps you hooked, amiable characters, etc. But it's just that: a nice ride. Don't expect highly individual concepts, or deeply developed characters, or edgy writing. If you're looking for something new in fantasy, this isn't it. But then I'm still giving it 4 stars for being a good, fast-paced and light read, and I will also buy the sequel.

One thing, however, really bugs me. For my taste, it borrows too directly from Tolkien, particularly where the Eletians and bad guys are concerned. A remote, legendary, graceful immortal people with a gift for magic, who possess a "mirror" (water in a vessel) which under moonlight unpredictably shows the past, present or potential future to whoever looks in it? A faceless evil that was destroyed in body but not in spirit, and which in life twisted humans with magic to create a monstrous fighting race? Dark servants in the shape of wraiths? Uuuuuhhhm, thanks, but we've already been there. I love Tolkien, and even though most modern fantasy draws upon his work for inspiration, this goes a bit too far. I would have preferred some originality. Not necessarily a killer issue, but it annoys me nevertheless.

Lowepro Fastpack 350 Quick Access Backpack for SLR Kit, 17" Notebook and General Gear - Red (discontinued by manufacturer)
Lowepro Fastpack 350 Quick Access Backpack for SLR Kit, 17" Notebook and General Gear - Red (discontinued by manufacturer)

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5.0 out of 5 stars so worth it, 1 July 2010
First things first, I'm not a professional photographer, so I can only speak for the enthusiastic amateurs out there, who do not have a crazy amount of kit and HUGE lenses.

This is probably my favourite bit of camera accessories I have ever owned! Yes, it's quite bulky, but it's also super practical!

About the camera compartment:
This is really spacious, my little D60 feels positively naked in there! The possibilities to structure the compartment to your own needs are limited, but satisfactory in my opinion. The quick access flap is really useful, although it takes some practise to build up the confidence to take out your camera with only one hand while the rucksack is still on your back. It works though, and you get used to it quickly. There are also neat little pockets for memory cards, batteries, filters, etc., but not excessive.

About the additional storage facilities:
The top half of the rucksack is for misc. use. This compartment is not very big, but it serves. You'll be able to fit your phone, wallet and sandwiches nicely, so unless you go hiking and need a huge amount of provisions, it will do just fine. A number of little inside pockets make it quite well organised, but you will not be able to store anything bulky in here (even a thick jumper can be stretching the limit). However, there's a net pocket on the side of the rucksack which holds drink bottles very nicely (up to 0.75l, I'd say, I wouldn't trust it with anything much bigger than that). The front flap can be used to strap a jacket to the bag.

The laptop compartment is exactly that: a well-padded space where you can store your laptop. I also find it useful for books, maps, travel documents, and all sorts of other large-but-flat items.

The main reason I love this bag to bits though is that it is SUPER COMFORTABLE! I've never been able to carry heavy rucksacks for long, my shoulders started to hurt after an hour or so, and I ended up reducing and reducing the kit I carried around, which isn't really the point if you already own it. This has been a revolution for my photographic experience! Now I can easily fit my camera, three lenses, a drinks bottle and some food in this bag and still comfortably carry it around for a full day, with only minor complaints from my shoulders! It is absolutely amazing - if you are thinking about buying a bag, the extra few quid for the waist and chest straps are SO WORTH IT! I now carry my camera everywhere with me, and loving every second of it.


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