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TP-LINK TL-MR3020 Portable 3G/4G Wireless N Router (2.4 GHz, 150 Mbps, USB 2.0, Travel Router (AP))
TP-LINK TL-MR3020 Portable 3G/4G Wireless N Router (2.4 GHz, 150 Mbps, USB 2.0, Travel Router (AP))
Price: £23.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Limited compatability with some 3G/4G Dongles but theres hope..., 28 Jun. 2014
I bought this to use with an Alcatel L800 4G dongle and unfortunately it wasn't compatible with the out the box firmware or latest offerings by TP-Link.

TP LInk's customer service is good and was very quick to respond but were unable to help with regards to this matter, other then advising me to get a refund. meh.

That said a little trawling through the web unearthed that this router can be flashed with an open source Linux based firmware!
If you google 'Huntsman RED firmware' and consequently flash it with that ,you end up with a fully featured linux based firewall router; which is in turn compatible with a wider range of 3G/4G dongles including the L800 :-)

I also managed to get 30mbps down and 20mps up using this router / 4G, which is pretty decent throughput (I thought).

Despite having flashed this device (which carries it's on risks, so be careful), I'm still happy as I was able to get it to work and at £20 it's brilliant value! Given how powerful this device has become running the aforementioned 'Huntsman Red' firmware!

Hopefully my discovery will help someone out there struggling to get it to work with a 3G dongle!

Arctic Cooling MX-4 4g Thermal Compound
Arctic Cooling MX-4 4g Thermal Compound
Price: £4.68

5.0 out of 5 stars More benefits than Arctic Silver 5, 23 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
It was either this paste or Artic Silver and I believe performance wise this has been a good choice, especially considering it's a non metal based compound.

I previously had used MX-2 and made the move to arctic silver and never looked back until this.
MX-4 - Performance is very similar to arctic silver 5 but thermal transfer efficiency are instant, unlike arctic silver which takes about 50 hours of curing time before the temp's come down a few degrees to match.

Pros :

not metal based, so less chance of blowing your board up during install and removal / clean!
no curing time, so rock bottom temps immediately
cheaper than arctic silver

cons :

none really, other than if you want an extra degree cooler then arctic silver can offer this but only after it's very long curing period.

Nite Rider Cherry Bomb Rear Light - Black, 1 W
Nite Rider Cherry Bomb Rear Light - Black, 1 W
Price: £22.49

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3.0 out of 5 stars Double the brightness of a 1/2 watt? Nope., 6 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Since I started commuting by bicycle I've noticed the obvious need for lights and the subsequent importance in relation to driver attitude. So I like to have lights which both make me visible but at the same time are not too dazzling for other road users.

In the last few years I've been through quite a few light sets and so far found the best rear light to be the Exposure Flare. Extremely bright without burning a hole in people's retinas! That said I bought a 1/2 watt Smart light for my commute bag to give me a fail safe through the darker months which I've found to be very bright!

After noticing that Niterider had released the Cherry Bomb 1watt at half the price of the flare, I was interested.
The idea would be to replace my Smart light and have a very bright bag light / backup. Flare is mounted on the saddle. At first glance the Cherry Bomb looks great, the clear lens is quite refreshing and aids in making the unit feel quite simple. It also has an in-built reflector for increased visibility but unfortunately that's where my praise stops.

Conducting a side by side comparison with my old 1/2 watt Smart Super Flash, the 1watt Cherry Bomb seems to only offer an ever so slightly brighter & wider beam pattern (but I must stress it's a tiny difference!). When compared next to my 1 watt Exposure flare the difference is very disappointing. The Cherry Bomb doesn't come any where near the flares flood like beam pattern, which illuminates a massive area around the bike whilst maintaining a sensible visible distance, say the length of Waterloo bridge for example! (my observation of other flare users). I guess I was rather hoping for the Cherry Bomb to be identical, but I was pretty wrong!

Build quality - A quick note; the build quality in my opinion isn't very refined, though the yellow seal looks pretty heavy duty and will hopefully keep the insides well protected from the elements. My unit arrived with slight scratches and a scrape where the opening slot is located, almost like someone had already stuck a coin in it and made a mess (but I'm positive it's more of a manufacturing flaw). More importantly the lens itself was clear of any scratches, some of the scratches could be attributed to the way it's packaged (loosely fixed to an open cardboard box, no blister packing).

This isn't really a negative review, but more a state of fact. If you are after a budget 1watt rear light, that offers ever so slight brightness over a 1/2 watt then you will not be disappointed. If on the other hand you think the extra 1/2 watt equals twice the brightness prepare to be bitterly disappointed, especially when you are paying double the price!

If you can afford to 'push the boat out', I'd highly recommend the Exposure Flare, otherwise the Smart is just as good and is less than half the price if you look around.

I won't be sending mine back as with all said it actually looks quite nice on my white bag, but other than that it is a pretty average rear light, given whats out there.
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WD Red 3TB for NAS 3.5-inch Desktop Hard Drive - OEM
WD Red 3TB for NAS 3.5-inch Desktop Hard Drive - OEM
Price: £92.98

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great drive but buy with CAUTION!, 27 Dec. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've been running a NAS server with 6 x 1tb green drives and I've been quite pleased with both performance and energy efficiency of these drives.

I'm now in the process of building a second array of drives for backup purposes, but wanted extra assurance over the reliability and these seemed to tick the boxes, well mine, being:

PERFORMANCE : Slight performance increase over green drive (very slight)
EFFICIENCY : Similar energy efficiency as the green drives
WARRANTY : three year warranty (most important factor; the extra year over the green)

Western Digital, are absolutely brilliant with their warranty service and replace failed drives within a couple of weeks with new drives labelled as re-certified. I've done this for both my business and personal drives and can say the customer service alone is brilliant!

I've had dealings with the Samsung warranty service and was so appalled I vowed never to own another Samsung again! On multiple occasions they sent me a second hand drives back with uncorrectable sectors to replace failed drives! So failed for failing!


I haven't got much else to add to what hasn't been mentioned already, other than to make sure you pick your seller carefully if it isn't Amazon. Fulfilled by Amazon isn't enough.

My drives arrived in separate deliveries and each time they were all inadequately packaged. I don't believe that simply placing the drive in a thin coating of bubble wrap is enough (single layer). The other drives came in their own boxes but again a thin coating of bubble wrap and absolutely no air between the outer box and drive (other than what was in the bubbles!).

I've always received drives in the proper hard drive cardboard boxes with plastic inserts.


Amazon were great regarding my complaint over the inadequate packaging but as a precautionary check, in-case I had to warranty any of them, I discovered the drives aren't even registered as European; therefore potentially not warranted!

This has happened to me before and it takes a couple of weeks to fix; exchanging receipts with Western Digital, it's just rare and extremely annoying and shouldn't happen with UK drives.

You can check the warranty status at any point in time by simply entering in your drives serial number.


South Park - Season 14 [DVD]
South Park - Season 14 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Trey Parker

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not as described and certainly not complete!, 6 July 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: South Park - Season 14 [DVD] (DVD)
I share the exact same sentiment as the rest of the disappointed south park fans with regards to the censorship and incompleteness of this box set. For that reason I've decided to purchase season 14 in Region 1 from Amazon market place (took 3 weeks to arrive). Unfortunately my collection up to this point had all been in region 2 so a slight compromise there!

So solely for the missing two episodes and for the dishonest/misleading marketing ("The Complete International Broadcast version"), I'm awarding the region 2 DVD one star.

Inkrite Laser Toner Cartridge compatible with Samsung ML1510/1710 SCX4016/4216 Black
Inkrite Laser Toner Cartridge compatible with Samsung ML1510/1710 SCX4016/4216 Black
Offered by Refresh Cartridges
Price: £18.38

5.0 out of 5 stars 3,500+ pages - works great with an ML-1750, 20 Jun. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Very good value for money and quality product!

This is my third purchase and I feel it warrants another five star review.
Professionally re-manufactured cartridge with a very high quality toner, and a higher than standard page yield (approx 3,500 for me).

I use this catridge on a 2003 ML-1750 and it works perfectly!

Max Value 80m VGA Extender
Max Value 80m VGA Extender

5.0 out of 5 stars Great value and works perfectly at 30m @ 1440 x 900, 15 Jun. 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
We purchased these units mainly for the claimed maximum resolution and distance and can report that we are very happy with it.

The units arrived packaged in Amazon's no frills/no fuss brown card board box (within the usual Amazon packaging ); to which the contents are : 1 x Remote unit, 1 x Local Unit, 12v power supply (600ma non-switching), vga lead and instruction manual.

Everything is quite straight forward to work out... Local unit goes with the machine to extend (12v adapter must be plugged in at this end).

Remote unit goes at the display end (no power adapter required, despite having a socket).

There is no pairing, the units should start working straight away. One note; you will almost certainly have to adjust the 'gain' at the remote end, as the default setting is off (very dim picture). My understanding with the 'EQ' setting is that it compensates for the aliasing / ghosting effect and works very well at fixing this. We're using this to go from a machine room with about a 30m run of Cat5 between the screen and machine to run a screen resolution of 1440x900.

Overall 5 stars as they easily out perform the old Belkin extenders that they replacing, and are a lot more affordable at a fraction of the price!

Sony KDL40CX523BU 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet Ready TV with Freeview HD
Sony KDL40CX523BU 40-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Internet Ready TV with Freeview HD

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4.0 out of 5 stars Feature Rich + Amazing value for money, 28 Oct. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I've had my TV for a few days now, and don't think it's too early to write a review.
Out of all of the TV's out there at the moment, this one comes up trumps; Okay so it's not a flash LED model but the picture quality isn't too bad at all, but more interestingly; is the low power consumption. Sony state max 180watts. My power reader says it's 55watts! - Less then my old 32" Panasonic.
First thing to point out; that although Amazon state it has "Wireless LAN" and "Built in WiFi" it in-fact doesn't! - I found out the hard way. You will be required to purchased a wireless dongle (Sony = £50) or cheaper still a bridge (£34).
After reading many reviews for the Sony Bravia dongle, it may be worth going down the bridge route. See link below to a netgear option.
I'll be buying the bridge soon.
Netgear Universal Wifi Internet Adapter

My other option was the Samsung LE40D580 for it's DLNA support and HD freeview, both of these features the Sony offers with the addition of Skype, twitter, facebook apps and a host of internet tv options including iplayer! - and the most interesting feature of all, is the ability to plug in a usb drive and have an instant PVR (a feature not available with the LED 40EX523!).

A lot of people seem to be picking at the build quality of the TV, I personally couldn't fault it. The only main difference is that it's not that typical gloss black but more of a 'brushed steel' effect but obviously still plastic.
-One thing worth noting is that the components are still up to the usual Sony standard, with Rubycon capacitors fitted on the psu board. Hopefully an indication that it is built to last.

Informative technical review below :


Overall for me it's a feature rich display with low power consumption and a good looking display.

Summary of benefits :


LAN port - No WiFi built-in as description states (Wi-fi Ready) -be warned!
DLNA support
Upgradeable firmware
iPhone & smart phone support (free)
Internet tv streaming from major sources
Hard drive recording (requires external usb drive)
Great TV guide
Built in manual
PS3 style menu
web browser
PIP abilities
Face book & twitter (plus many more apps) integration whilst watching TV (if you are into that)
3.5mm Audio Jack input + headphone output (great for watching from a pc)
Wealth of ports except DVI

Negatives :
Remote control feels a bit cheap but comfortable all the same!
Blacks aren't as good as some of the new LED / plasmas I've seen
Viewing angle not very wide, white hazing visible if looking at it from an angle. I tend to watch TV straight on, so not really a problem just an observation.

Great next-day service from Amazon!
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Garmin Edge 500 Bike GPS with Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence Sensor
Garmin Edge 500 Bike GPS with Heart Rate Monitor and Cadence Sensor
Price: £173.79

41 of 47 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 705 v 500 Dilema Resolved!, 3 Mar. 2011
I ordered the Edge 500 on the strength of it's positive reviews and slimline profile - comparable to that of a 'normal' cycle computer.
I'm not a fitness guru, but more an enthusiastic cummuter / recreational cyclist. For me this device does everything I would ever need from a cycle computer + some great fitness monitoring.

Once you start the timer all data is recorded in the way of a .FIT file stored in the units 50mb memory.
It would seem that the .FIT is something quite exclusive to the Edge 500 and does cause some compatibility with certain websites that only read more traditional GPX, TCX files.

That said upon registering the Edge on Garmin's website you can get full access to every shred of info the .FIT file has to offer and is represented very nicely through charts and raw data. Very pretty to look at unlike some sites and above all free as a Garmin customer.

Also from the Garmin site you can export the data back to the unit for use as a course / route.

As I was thinking about buying the 705 rather than this it's worth mentioning that although you can't use the 500 for sat nav; You can plan a route on and then export it as a TCX, which you can then load into the Edge 500 and use it as a reference (As not to deviate off course). Turn by Turn instructions can also be implemented in the way of course points but this is quite a lengthy process.

Although the 705 would have fulfilled the sat nav requirement I had; I know it's size would have been a major drawback, Besides I never actually get 'lost' on my bike therefore using the routes with occasional course points works fine for me!

Overall I've only had it for a couple of days and I love it already!
No idea how the battery life compares to the claimed 18hours but time will tell.

Hama "aha" Netbook "memory Foam" Cover,8.9-10.2 Inch,black
Hama "aha" Netbook "memory Foam" Cover,8.9-10.2 Inch,black
Price: £9.71

5.0 out of 5 stars Best memory foam case out there for NC10, 22 Jan. 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm writing this as I happened to be going through my product purchases for 2009 and saw this.

Well its served me well for a start and has been constantly used since the 2009.

I bought it especially for my Samsung NC10; which fits very snug inside. Over the years I've dropped my laptop countless amounts of times (in the case), and upon later using the laptop have never found a blemish, or has it failed to boot. Job done.

Another attribute that I like is the cases slimness very much in keeping with my netbook.
It doesn't add to the bulk and doesn't discourage me using it or leaving the netbook behind.

Overall very well made and serves it's purpose extremely well with out any horrible branding or gimmickey pockets etc...

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