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X-Men Fashion Leather Motorbike Motorcycle Jacket All sizes
X-Men Fashion Leather Motorbike Motorcycle Jacket All sizes
Offered by Gearx Shop
Price: £67.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Great jacket for the price. Nice look. Nice Fit, 4 Jun. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Overall Impression.

Fantastic. it looks great and feels great and isn't too heavy and will keep one warm in winter. In fact I was shocked at how great the garment looked given its price.


The seller advises that you buy one size down if you fall in between sizes e.g. If you measure 41" then buy the 40" size rather than the 42".

This advice works VERY well, although I think I may have preferred the next size up simply because I usually wear my jackets with a slightly looser fit but I can't be bothered with the rigmarole of exchanging it ( especially given that the fit is quite good; just not my usual fit that's all ).

The makers of this jacket clearly took into account the protective inserts when sizing ( rather than what some companies do which is to size the jacket correctly first, then add inserts in afterwards thus making all sizes come up tighter than they should ). I also suspect, though I haven't checked, that the cut of the leather sections/panels has been shaped to take into account the fact that there will be protective inserts placed inside the jacket.

I say all this because the fit is remarkably nice, so nice in fact that when I first put the jacket on I looked in the packaging for the protective inserts and was pleasantly surprised to find that the inserts were already in place.

Protective Inserts

The arm inserts feel good, although on my jacket the right one seems to have slipped low and therefore leaves my elbow exposed to being bashed; I will have a look at that later to see if I can rectify that.

I am not entirely convinced of the protective properties of the protective back insert, it just seems rather thin and bendable to me; clearly the thickness of the leather plus the additional thickness of this protector is offering some protection to your spine but I doubt very much it's doing as good a job as say the inserts on jackets costing three or four times as much. Put it this way, if all you do is ride a scooter or you ride a motorbike on mainly B-Roads on the commute to work then I think the back protection on this jacket is fine; however, if you are riding mainly on A-Roads and motorways then I would say do not rely on this jacket for back protection.

Construction and features

The lining of the inside pocket seems fine. The two low outer pockets look nice but are as good as useless because they are just too shallow on the inside so anything you put in them is likely to fall out; I intend to have them tailored so that they are much deeper.

The jacket also has an upper zipped pocket and zippered cuffs plus adjustable waist. You will also find a zip fastening on the inside lower rear which I take is there for fastening to leather bike trousers.


Outer pockets far too shallow


It would be great if the jacket had a protective insert band to cover the "floating ribs", the very lower ribs that arent connected to the sternum and just "float" thus making them easy to brake and possibly puncture your lung in a heavy bash to the body.


Other than the shallow pockets which are gonna cost time and money to modify, this is a great jacket for the money.

Please note that this review is based on an assessment based on just one hour's worth of ownership ( the item arrived this morning )

Mens Black Dupont Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans With CE Armour W34 L32
Mens Black Dupont Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans With CE Armour W34 L32
Offered by Bike-Wear-Direct
Price: £59.99

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Nice Looking Jeans. Good fit., 3 Jun. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The jeans only arrived today, so my review really is only valuable as a first impression.


Pretty standard but there are no instructions.


The fabric seems ok but I haven't done a really thorough check of things like the stitching.
The jeans look nice and feel nice, the fabric feels lightweight ( I.e. not heavyweight quality ). I haven't yet come up with, or know of, a way to test to ensure that the product contains genuine Kevlar.

There are no washing instructions and going to the supplier's website provides nothing either.


I have an odd waist size (32.5 ins) so I bought a 34" size to make allowance for space needed for the inserts.
Without the inserts the sizing was ok, a kinda loose but not baggy fit. Placing the inserts inside the jeans made for a slightly more snug fit but not body hugging. I think I could have got away with the smaller 32" size which would have been slightly more snug but I like the fit of the current size as it gives a bit more freedom of movement and I have purchased these jeans for use on a pedal cycle not a motorbike.

Protective Inserts

The inserts seem fine; they do not restrict my movement.
I banged my knee against a door frame just to see how much protection these pads offered and I found the protection to be good, but obviously, whether or not the protective insert pads can protect a rider in a collision at speeds of 30 mph or more I can't say ( and I don't want to have to find out and am not likely to be going at such high speeds on my cycle anyway, so I guess for my purposes it will offer good protection ).

I find the orientation of the knee inserts a bit weird. Instead of being inserted from the top downwards into the hidden pockets inside the jeans, the are instead inserted from the bottom up and are prevented from falling out by a Velcro fastening on the insert pocket. That seems daft to me.

The hip inserts are inserted as one would expect, from the top downwards into the insert pockets.


As I haven't gone for a very tight fit, when the protective inserts are used they don't stand out. So the jeans just look normal and quite nice.


I haven't had the jeans long enough to make a comment on quality. I will have to wear them numerous times and through the winter, give them a few washes ( hoping that I get that right given the lack of fabric care instructions ), and then check to see how they cope before I can pass comment.


I have given just 3 Star Rating due to the lack of fabric care instructions and general general user instructions

Viking Cargo 24 Inch 6 SPD Trike - Black, 14 Inch
Viking Cargo 24 Inch 6 SPD Trike - Black, 14 Inch
Offered by discountcycleshop
Price: £459.99

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I had an accident on Wednesday which resulted in hospitalisation, fractured elbow and stitches in my forehead in addition to extensive damage to the trike.

Trike needs new handlebar, two new rear wheels, and two new rear mudguards.

Viking have been appallingly obstructive and have given some stupid BS EXCUSE as to why they can't provide the parts I need; instead they initially offered to supply just the handlebar and ONE wheel, an offer they appear today to have now withdrawn and appear to be now offering me a returned trike for £300.

That's dumb, especially when you hear the BS reason for not being able to supply the parts.
So in this age of concern for the environment, they think, for the sake of just five parts, a structurally sound trike should be thrown on the scrap heap!!!!!!

Viking is not a brand I would now recommend to anyone. They are a waste of space. If something goes wrong with your trike then it will be the end of it coz Viking won't help. You are better off buying the more expensive Pashley trike.

I will add more info to this review at a later date.

No Title Available

3.0 out of 5 stars Great for warning pedestrians on roads with average to low ambient noise., 9 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Great for warning pedestrians on roads with average to low ambient noise.

But of no use at all when on the road and trying to warn or get the attention of drivers ( unless they have their window wound down, the road is fairly quiet and you are close to them ).

Build quality seems fine and fitting is easy.

TIMETOP 6 Sounds Black Bicycle Electronic Bell Alarm Siren Horn Loud Speaker
TIMETOP 6 Sounds Black Bicycle Electronic Bell Alarm Siren Horn Loud Speaker
Offered by accmart
Price: £2.66

1.0 out of 5 stars Rubbish, 9 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Utter rubbish. The sounds are chosen at random on your behalf and they sound childish and are low in volume
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Zonman® High Quality Rain Proof Bike Bicycle 4mode Wireless Induction Brake Stop Sensor Tail Rear LED Light Lamp
Zonman® High Quality Rain Proof Bike Bicycle 4mode Wireless Induction Brake Stop Sensor Tail Rear LED Light Lamp
Offered by Yasuhara
Price: £39.00

3.0 out of 5 stars Great Laser Feature, 9 Mar. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought this sometime ago and can't recall this thing having a break light function.

I bought it to put on a trike. I loved the laser light function but it didn't work that well on a trike due to the rear basket and wheels breaking the laser beam. So I have packed it away to give away to anyone who needs a cycle light.

If I remember, I will investigate the break light feature and update this review with my findings.

Battery for Canon EOS-1D
Battery for Canon EOS-1D

1.0 out of 5 stars Useless pile of junk., 4 Nov. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Battery for Canon EOS-1D (Camera)
As the great hip-hop group Public Enemy once sang "don't believe the hype!"

I doubt that this thing is really a 2200mAh capacity battery, certainly not from my testing it ain't.

And secondly this cheap pile of junk is so bad that the sockets designed for the purpose of receiving the charging plug are so badly mis-aligned that the battery simply can't be charged.

I got a refund, after they sent a replacement which was also a pile of junk, and have dumped the battery at my local recycling plant.

Delkin Digital Duster Cleaning Kit (DDSS-DUSTER3)
Delkin Digital Duster Cleaning Kit (DDSS-DUSTER3)

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Crap kit, excellent swabs, 4 Nov. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I bought it for no other reason than the swabs, which I think are excellent; the double headed swabs save money and make for swifter wet cleaning. It's just a little annoying that they don't provide a few more of the large (35mm sensor) swabs in the kit. Buying the swabs on their own works out ridiculously expensive.

The rest of the kit is a complete joke; that vacuum is as much use as scrambled eggs with no eggs!!!

Other than the swabs, the only part of the kit that is of any use is the instruction manual and maybe the case in which the kit comes if you have some use for that case.

No Title Available

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5.0 out of 5 stars Custom Brackets Foot Shield (Protects Manfrotto Tripod and Monopod Round Rubber Feet), 17 Feb. 2013
This thing is absolutely brilliant.

As soon as you fit it you wonder why on earth Manfrotto hadn't thought of this first, and given that they haven't thought of it first why on earth don't they simply commission Custom Brackets to make thousands of these so that Manfrotto can supply this device as standard with all their tripods and monopods that have the type of rubber feet that this Custom Brackets device is designed to protect.

Without this Custom Brackets Foot Shield the rubber feet of the tripod/monopod is susceptible to coming of if for example it gets trodden on or pulled out from amongst other stuff and gets caught. This Foot Shield prevents that and makes the foot more sturdy and hard wearing. There is definitely a feeling of quality to the tripod/monopod foot when this Custom Brackets Foot Shield is fitted (the foot shield is made of good quality aluminium). And I would hazard a guess that this Foot Shield compatible with a few tripods other than Manfrotto's.

Here's a review showing how this product solves a major irritation for many photographers:[...]

The only thing I can't fathom is why this product, when purchased on Amazon, costs twice as much as it can be purchased for at other retailers.

Induro AT213 8m Alloy Tripod
Induro AT213 8m Alloy Tripod

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Induro AT213 8m Alloy Tripod (Good but coud be better), 12 Feb. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)

~ This is not a "traveller/hiker" tripod as it is boderline too heavy at 2Kg without tripod head.To get this lighter you will either have to buy a smaller version, which would then mean it won't extend as high as this tripod, or buy the carbon fibre version (the CT213) which saves you half a kilo (which may not sound a lot but could be the difference between being allowed to carry it on a plane or being forced to check it in,or it could save your back if you already have back problems or it could make your life much easier if you are on a hike).The carbon fibre model costs two-and-a-half times as much as this one (and gives you 500g less weight and 2kg more load capacity). So I guess, like most things in photography, it's a matter of compromise (if you get one desirable feature you often lose another).

And of course, a smaller version of this tripod will not have the same load capacity

~ Twist locks. I find them irritating. This is the first tripod I have owned that has twist locks, and in future I will not be buying tripod legs with twist locks unless the tripod has some compelling feature.

The problem with them is that there is no clear indication as to which direction you must turn to lock and unlock. So inevitably I find myself turning it the correct way sometimes and then at other random times I am doing it the wrong way. Then of course there is the left hand right hand issue; when you are holding the tripod you will inevitably open and close the legs to the right with your right hand and the leg to your left with your left hand, the problem is that if you rotate your right hand/wrist inwards to lock a leg you're inclined to instinctively do likewise with your left hand which would mean you are turning the lock in the wrong direction with your left hand. It's a bit irritating I find.

With lever locks it's just an obvious press with either hand and you can swiftly release or lock all sections of a leg simultaneously. I have seen some tripods with twist locks that have an arrow imprinted on the lock or the leg as a reminder of the direction in which you should be turning the locks; I think this tripod should have the same feature to make life easier (I am going to modify the legs by adding my own directional arrows).

I have now added my own directional arrows (which you can see in an accompanying photo I provided for this product's description) and it makes the world of difference. I now find that I much prefer these twist locks to the lever locks I had become accustomed too. For a start, twist locks don't give you jagged edges along the tripod legs and you won't ever pinch your fingers leaving a nasty gash; also, it's a little more reassuring with the twist locks that you can always exert enough force on the lock to ensure a good lock (lever locks often loose their effectiveness after heavy use and either have to be returned to the manufacturer for servicing or your yourself have to make adjustments the lever locks, assuming you have the tools so to do).

~ Having to buy an additional short column for low level work I find a very annoying. Firstly, they should have supplied it in the kit or better still, like many other tripods, they should have designed the centre column so that it can be unscrewed into two pieces thus providing you with an instant short column. If rigidity or accidental separation whilst a camera is mounted was a concern, they could easily have designed the centre column with a locking mechanism to prevent the pieces coming apart accidentally.

Of course, having a separate short column is yet another item for you to carry (or FORGET to carry).

The other problem with having a separate column is that you have to go through the time consuming chore of removing the platform from the existing centre column to place it on the short column (unless, at greater expense you also buy an additional platform to be permanently fixed to the short column); you also have to remove the tripod head from the existing centre column and place that too on the short column. So all in all not really ergonomic.

~ No horizontal positioning of centre column. This would be a very useful feature for example if setting your tripod up next to a table, you could set the centre column up so that it sits horizontally and hangs over the table, allowing you to position your camera above the table to take a shot (e.g. coins, food,macro etc).

To rectify the issue, the solution I think, would be for Induro to make an accessory adaptor whereby the bottom half of the adaptor is a tube that sits in the middle of the tripod in place of the centre column and the top half is a horizontal hollow hinged tube through which the centre column would be fitted and clamped thus enabling horizontal positioning (the hinge would enable the column to be angled up or down; and if Induro where really on the ball, they would make it so that the adaptor could swivel and do all that without making the adaptor excessively bulky).

~ Shoulder strap pad. I am not too convinced by the material they have chosen for the underside of the shoulder pad for the strap. It's some kind of rubbery plasticky faux leather thing. Only time will tell if this material is durable.

~ No instructions re carry strap fitment. There is a carry strap supplied that has dual function; it can either be attached to the carry case by way of spring loaded clips at each end so as to enable you to carry the case over your shoulder (the case also has a handle for carrying by hand) or you can attach the strap directly to the tripod to carry without a case (spring loaded clip attached to tripod head and buckle and strap tied around legs at other end). The problem is, there are no instructions as to the best method of attaching the strap to the legs.

I had one or two attempts at attaching the strap directly to the legs but I wasn't too convinced by how secure it was and there seems to be a danger that the spring clip (designed for attaching to the carry case) would over time simply scratch the legs to bits.

So I will always carry the tripod in the supplied bag.

~ Carry strap fastening to legs. I think it would have been better and more secure if a velcro fastening was employed for attaching the strap to the tripod legs rather than the current buckle system used.

~ Cold legs.

Horrendously cold aluminium legs.But to be fair this is a problem with all tripod legs made of aluminium hence the need for the leg warmers at the top of the legs (really they should be called "hand warmers" because it's your hands that need the warmth). So avoid touching the legs in winter.

Carbon fibre tripod users don't have this cold issue to the same extent but then the carbon fibre version of this tripod costs two-and-a-half times more. :o(


~ Supplied carry case.

This case has one of my favourite colour combinations: black with red piping. So aesthetically I am a happy chappy! :o)

The material seems to a very hard wearing nylon fabric (the kind of material one might find on the better quality rucksacks)

The carry case has a carry handle which is well placed in the middle so that when you are carrying your tripod by hand it will hang from your hand horizontally (unlike my two other tripod cases that don't have a carry handle, so you have to carry them by the shoulder strap which means they hang too low and drag along the ground). There is also the option of a detachable shoulder strap which is supplied.

The carry case is nicely padded and has two internal storage compartments.

Also supplied (in that lovely black with red piping colour scheme) is a tool case in which you will find two Allen keys, one dual headed spanner and three spiked feet. The spiked feet and the case are not supplied with entry level 0 Series and 1 Series models.

~ Removable shoulder strap option.

~ Warranty.

Comes with a 5 year warranty as standard with the free option, if you register online, to increase this to 10 years. However, I think this 10 years warranty option applies to U.S. citizens only (I have registered, so I will eventually find out for sure quite soon).

~ Moisture and dust resistance (claimed)

They claim moisture and dust resistance, and I have noted the word "resistance" rather than "proof". So as yet I haven't tested this claim and nor do I intend to, certainly not intentionally.

~ Tripod head locking mechanism

A simple but effective mechanism is employed to prevent a tripod head twisting off of the tripod. There is a little bolt that runs from the underside of the tripod platform through to the top; when you have placed your tripod head on the tripod you simply screw this bolt up so that it comes into contact with the tripod head and that prevents the head from twisting off (so in other words you have two apposing forces holding the tripod head in place, a downward force from you screwing the tripod head down on to the tripod platform, and an upward force from the this locking bolt)

~ Centre Column locking mechanism

Unlike other tripods, that employ a small knob on the side of the tripod platform that you turn to lock the centre column, the Induro tripod uses a large winged collar (think of it as a wing nut on steroids). This large locking collar offers great leverage and takes less effort to tighten and is therefore a joy to use.

~ Centre Column length and diamater

You will often be told my experienced photographers (on blogs, in shops, everywhere really) that you shouldn't extend the centre column of a tripod as it makes the setup less stable. Well, as usual in photography, a lot of folks keep on repeating old news as if it's the gospel; things move on and they don't keep up with developments.

My own research has shown that raising a centre column is NOT an issue ...............provided the centre column is of a certain diamater and length.

Diamater first. My research has shown that having a diamater of at least 20mm is desirable and 25, 30 or more would be best. It so happens, that when I measured the diamater of the centre column it was just over 25mm. So "tick" on the checklist. Good so far. :o)

Next, length. My research pointed to a length of no more than 20cm for the centre column as being optimum. The centre column on this tripod is 22cm, if my memory serves me correctly, so pretty close to the optimum that my research indicated; and I wouldn't raise the centre column all the way up any way (but it's good to know that if I did, I wouldn't really be jeopardizing stability by any significant amount.

~ Spring hook

The tripod has a spring hook at the base of the centre column for attaching a weight or your camera bag for added stability

~ Accessory port.

There is a threaded accessory port in the side of the platform. You can use this threaded hole to attach things like a light meter, flags, light weight macro lights etc. It would have been nicer though if there was more than just one of these ports.

~ Colour

Matt black. Even though I own a silver coloured tripod, I am not really a fan of shiny silver tripods and much prefer this matt black colour. However, for street shooting at night or perhaps for wedding photographers, I can see the advantage of a shiny silver tripod for safety issues.

~ Build quality

Well, as soon as you pick this tripod up it oozes quality; it's feels as though it was built to withstand a rocket attack.

~ Height

I like both the height to which the legs can be extended, and the additional elevation afforded by the centre column.

~ Leg angle mechanism

Whilst nowhere near as user friendly as the angle mechanism employed on my Sony VCT-1500L lightweight tripod, the mechanism on this tripod is far more robust. The VCT-1500L employs a nice clever spring loaded mechanism, whilst this Induro tripod relies on a manual mechanism. Looking at the, what appears to be flimsy, springs of the Sony tripod I worry that the mechanism won't last repeated use for more than a year or so (if those springs lasted for two or three years of daily use I would be surpised). This Induro tripod's mechanism on the other hand instills one with confidence as to it's durability; if the mechanism failed prior to the end of the warranty period, quite frankly I would be amazed as it looks as though it can last a lifetime.

~ Load capacity

I doubt I will ever mount anything on it that it's 10kg load capacity can't handle. And I noted that when I was looking around for alternatives, similar sized tripods from the leading brands offered a lower load capacity (in the region of 5 to 8 kg).

Why I bought it

I bought this tripod because I stumbled across it when I was looking at their PHQ3 tripod head on this site. The PHQ3 is ridiculously brilliant and I have wanted one for years after seeing it up close and personal in a demo and is in my humble opinion the best tripod head available, see the head here: h t t p : / / w w w . i n d u r o g e a r . c o m / p r o d u c t s _ d e t a i l s _ P H Q 3 . h t m l # 2

My previous main tripod, a Sony VCT-D680RM tripod, recently broke at the centre column tensioning knob and was thus rendered useless. So I had to buy another tripod and I wanted a balance between weight, cost and features.

Even if my Sony tripod hadn't let me down (the TENTH let down I have suffered across five supposedly premium Sony products!) I was never going to buy any other tripod head than the Induro PHQ3 head for my next tripod upgrade. So given that I was now forced to buy a new tripod sooner than I wanted to, it was a no brainer for me to buy the PHQ3 head.

Having decided to buy the PHQ3 head it was just a matter of deciding which legs I should marry the head up to.

I am VERY VERY angry about having to buy a new set of legs because my next set of legs were going to be a very advanced set, costing a lot of money (the Novoflex Quadropod: h t t p : / / w w w . n o v o f l e x . c o m / e n / p r o d u c t s / c a m e r a - s u p p o r t - s y s t e m s / q u a d r o p o d / ), which I can't afford to buy yet (the idea was that I would keep the Sony tripod for everyday use, and the new legs I had in mind, coupled with the PHQ3, would be my go to tripod for more demanding applications). So given that I don't yet have the money for my dream legs, I had to keep costs down whilst obtaining something that I could rely on not to break down (like the Sony tripod did) after VERY VERY little and only light use.

Whilst I am not pleased with the fact that this Induro tripod doesn't have a built-in short column option and I am not impressed by the lack of a horizontal option, this tripod seemed to me, short of wasting my life researching every tripod on the market, to offer the best balance between price (for the reasons outlined above, I want to keep costs to a minimum), height, load capacity and build quality and it's also cool that it happens to be the same brand as my dream tripod head thus giving me a matching set.

Also of note, is that here in the U.K., Profoto (regarded by many as the Rolls Royce of lighting equipment and who have an extremely high worldwide reputation for build quality) are the official distributors for the Induro brand (check out the Profoto UK website); I doubt that Profoto would attach themselves to a mediocre product.


~ Warranty.

I have just (12th Feb 2013 @ 19:40) seen an email from Induro that indicates my U.K. purchased tripod has now had it's warranty period extended to 10 years as a result of me registering my details with Induro. That's great, and I have every confidence that it will outlive my remaining Sony tripod.
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