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Final Fantasy X-X2 HD Remaster Official Strategy Guide (Offical Strategy Guide)
Final Fantasy X-X2 HD Remaster Official Strategy Guide (Offical Strategy Guide)
by Joe Epstein
Edition: Paperback
Price: 14.99

1.0 out of 5 stars Don't do it, 1 April 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Looks like a comic book. And it's worrying that this guide, supposedly for two games, isn't even as thick as my original piggyback guide for the PS2 version. To be honest I'm wondering why I bought this. I'm sticking with my old Piggyback. You should too.

1Q84: Books 1 and 2
1Q84: Books 1 and 2
by Haruki Murakami
Edition: Hardcover
Price: 8.00

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1.0 out of 5 stars So bad it makes me angry, 10 Jan 2012
This review is from: 1Q84: Books 1 and 2 (Hardcover)
The unrelenting awfulness of this turgid, verbose tome has compelled me to cast off my Amazon-review laziness and warn other readers.
I am a prolific, (if quite conservative in my choices) reader, but I had never read anything by this author before. So I bought into the hype a bit and, in search of something new, I decided to take a risk with this latest work by the master of "modern literary fiction."
I cannot even begin to describe adequately how bad it is. Seriously, I was going to try, but I can't. Just read the other reviews. Long, slow, needlessly wordy, half-baked, RIDICULOUSLY shallow and irritating characters, whole chapters of repeating himself and characters explaining what's going on to each other (or talking to themselves!) with every word he could find in the thesaurus. I've seen a lot of reviews criticise the translation; I don't know how one would discern the quality of the translation without having read the original..... but we'll put that question to one side and say that even if this book were translated by a troupe of deranged monkeys maniacally banging the typewriter while wearing gloves it could not be responsible for the stylistic disaster that results.
A bit of a strange reference, but everytime I read it I think of that AWFUL dialogue in the second and third "Matrix" films; you know that wooden, nasty, repetative dross full of meaningless waffle and half finished sentences that was supposed to pass for profound? Yeah.
The book is rendered all the more frustrating because occasionally, for one or two pages every hundred, it looks like he might just have realised how bad it was and made it good. I can distinctly remember four pages that weren't so offensively awful as to make me feel cheated at the 35euros I'd spent for the three books, but then I turn the page and..... it's back to being [WORD CENSORED]. I was reading it on the bus this morning and I was so angry that I wanted to throw the book out the window.
Anyway, the reason why I am so conservative about the books I choose to read is because I hate to start a book and not finish it. It rails against my conscience. But I think that after 300 pages this one is the one that will make me do it. I'm so angry that I can't even bear the thought of the thing on my being on my bookshelf, but I can't give it away, I don't want to lose a friend, and I couldn't subject any other creature to this mind-tearing torture......
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Price: 9.82

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4.0 out of 5 stars Better than "Sunday at Devil Dirt", 5 Aug 2010
This review is from: Hawk (Audio CD)
Just wanted to offer another opinion in contrast to other reviews I've read. I am primarily a Lanegan fan, and would almost certainly never have bought anything by Campbell if he hadn't been involved. The fact that he features more heavily in this album (as the other reviewer notes) is a good thing for me. I liked "Ballad of The Broken Seas," but I felt that "Sunday at Devil Dirt" was a poor effort. It brought no new ideas, just tried to squeeze as much out of the same ideas as the first album, and consequntly seemed like a substandard disc of songs rejected from the first one.
This outing on the other hand, is different. It does feature Lanegan much more, and subtly changes the direction of their collaboration. Some of the songs are more modern and guitar driven, while still keeping a lot of that folky vibe. There's a few swinging blues-type numbers too. I get a slight Nashville feeling listening to some of it. I agree with the other reviewer that perhaps the Campbell songs are a bit jarring, though perhaps for different reasons; they are much weaker than Lanegan's numbers, and don't suit the vibe of the first few songs on the album, but I expected that.... ;-) Standout tracks include "You Won't Let Me Down Again" & "Snake Song."
You'll see I still gave it 4 stars, because the strength of the good songs more than makes up for any weaknesses (unlike "Sunday at Devil Dirt....")I'll sum it up like this: If you are a Lanegan fan and you were disappointed with the last album, you will like this.


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3.0 out of 5 stars Neccessary..., 21 Jan 2006
I'll start this review with a some specs for my PC, which may explain why I bought a PCI card in this fine year 2006AD, and help those in a similar situation. I have a Celeron 2.6Ghz, 1Gb RAM. My PC has no AGP slot and an integrated Intel graphics controller, useless for any but the most ancient games. When it came to installing the item, had a total failure the first time. The Driver for my integrated graphics card proved very difficult to de-activate and the installation instructions in the manual that came with this card were not totally accurate in my case. The old controller kept overriding any instructions to use the new card. Eventually got it sorted and a few issues cropped up:
When installing the drivers I got a pop-up saying "The Device is not recognised as an XFX device. Log on to for the latest drivers...etc.", but yet once I had the drivers and software suite installed it worked fine. Went onto the site and there were no updates available. The manufacturer claims a maximun resolution of more than 2000 by more than 1000 (can't remember exactly) @ 85Hz, but max that's available to me in the options is 1280x960. I'm not sure if this is to do with my monitor, but I don't think so, it's pretty good, a hand-me-down from a graphic designer friend. Although my current setting of 1152x864 is enough really. The system requirements on the box state that the card requires a power supply of at least 300W, but mine is only 250W, and it seems to work fine (fingers crossed).
These niggling concerns aside, the improvements with this card over my old controller are immense. It plays Vampire: The Masquerade with only the slightest stutter when the CPU is under high load, but this is probably more to do with the CPU than the card. Very impressive for an old-ish card considering Vampire is only a few months old. Overall, if like me you are stuck with a dodgy PC with no AGP slot and an integrated controller, this card is the only way to go.

Split E.P.
Split E.P.
Offered by shakedownrecords
Price: 19.63

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5.0 out of 5 stars A little known gem, 24 Nov 2005
This review is from: Split E.P. (Audio CD)
The QOTSA stuff on this CD is alright, typical early stuff. It's quite listenable, and 'The Bronze' has been reissued on the 'Stone Age Complications' EP. If you're a completist, like me, you'll want to have it. The real revelation of this record however were the two Beaver songs. They are absolutely outstanding. I'm a big fan of the desert rock scene, and have nearly everything by Kyuss, QOTSA, Unida, Brant Bjork etc., but at times it could be said that a lot of it, particularly some newer QOTSA stuff, lacks a certain musical maturity. Not these Beaver songs. They are charged with an underlying melancholy, the singers voice has a plaintive ring to it that just draws you into the songs. They're heavy, and atmospheric, but not so heavy as to alienate people who don't like heavy music. They just have that something more...
Maybe i've been living under a rock, but i'd never heard of Beaver before I got this EP, and I can only see one other, old album by them for sale on Amazon (which i'm going to get). On the strength of these two songs, i don't know how these guys aren't HUGE. Sadly, the Mans Ruin label has folded, so this is very hard to find, but if you look around, you'll get it, I did.
This album is great. The QOTSA songs are good, and a must for completists, but the Beaver stuff makes it an essential purchase for any fan of good rock music. Do whatever you can to get it...

Price: 12.49

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1.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely DIRE!!!!!, 28 Sep 2005
This review is from: Witchcraft (Audio CD)
This gets 1 star only 'coz I can't rate it in minus figures. Never have I Heard such awful nonsense in my whole life. Amazon recommended it to me after I told it I liked Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard etc., and I was looking forward to more heavy, pshycedelic doom. That's not what I got. It's like a sh*t Sabbath cover band crossed with an even sh*tter Doors cover band, with swedish accents. And it's not even that heavy. I understand that lyrics in this genre are never going to be to the same standard as Dylan or Mitchell, but this is particulary bad, and the weedy swedish dude howling through his nose makes it even worse (it seemed impossible, but it happened!). The whole thing is just meaningless drivel put to awful music that reinforces every bad stereotype (and makes up a few new ones) about trippy rock music. Don't buy it, it might destroy you ears with its sh*tness!!!
P.S. The cover is pretty cool though...
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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - The Official Guide
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - The Official Guide
by Klaus-Dieter Hartwig
Edition: Paperback

7 of 10 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars A steady companion, 14 Mar 2005
Having a few guides for various games, as a rule I find piggyback better than bradygames.There's not much to say about this guide, it's very good, well laid out, looks great etc.
It can be a bit frustrating when it says "go left quickly, you'll see a guard, turn right..." and so on because the maps are so open and the guards so hard to see you want a bit more detail than that to get you through. Having said that its not much of a problem on the lower difficulty levels. The guide is a double edged sword though, the most useful aspect of it is that it tells you all the secrets, where to find all items and camouflage and what each one does, but I found that getting all the bonuses first time round kind of killed the replayability of the game for me. What did I expect?
The guide is good though, it tells you the most effective ways to kill the bosses, it has a "Sightseeing" section, that shows you little side events, there are secrets like the "Kerotans" and that flat japanese snake (not even going to bother trying to spell it) it tells you the effects of every bit of food, the best camo to wear in each area. One of the nicest touches is a synopsis and chronology of all the Playstation MG titles so far, as well as a (somewhat pretentious) analysis of the themes behind the series. The design and layout is very good, a bit annoying when you have to flick to the back to get the secrets for a certain area, but no big deal, and it really is beautifully illustrated, a collectors item.
Basically this guide is totally comprehensive, TOTALLY. Be aware of that if you intend to get it and use it first time round.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [8CD Set]
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [8CD Set]

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3.0 out of 5 stars Patchy and expensive, 14 Feb 2005
It's good, not great. The only one's i ever listen to are K-DST and Radio X. It's patchy, all that soul nonsense, Boyz to Men, i'd sooner tear my ears off than listen to it, but then I knew that when I bought it. I do feel a bit short changed though, as there's lots of tracks that are in the game but missing from this set. The two Rap stations are combined onto 1 cd, while all the other stations have their own cd. The snoop & Dre songs from the game are missing, as is the Ozzy Osbourne song on Radio X, and the House Music station, SF-UR, is nowhere to be found. Although personally I wouldn't listen to any of these, it's a bit crap to spend €65 (in ireland) and get half a soundtrack. I don't know whether these songs absence is a royalties thing or just laziness. The inclusion of the Advertisments from the game is a nice touch, some of them are hilarious, but there's no DJs, which I miss, coz some of the stuff they said was so funny, especially Sage from radio X and the woman from K-Rose.Also the packaging was cheap.Although the artwork was good, the CD cases had 'DVD' embossed on them.Someone found a cheap deal,eh? Overall, I'd say get it if you have the money and want a good souveneir, but be aware it's not complete.

Guns 'n' Roses: Use Your Illusion I - World Tour [DVD] [2004]
Guns 'n' Roses: Use Your Illusion I - World Tour [DVD] [2004]
Dvd ~ Guns N' Roses
Offered by Fulfillment Express
Price: 9.90

3 of 14 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars A shocking Disappointment, 10 Feb 2005
Being a serious G n'R fan, I picked these (1 & 2) up in my local music shop looking forward to a live experience similar to the recent Zeppelin dvd. It wasn't.
As I see another reviewer has noted, this is a straight rip from VHS, no digital remastering, and whatever about the awful picture quality, the music sounds like it's being played from an old audio tape that someone left out in the rain. I was hoping to copy this music onto mp3, but it sounds so bad on my stereo, it would be unlistenable on headphones. There is no clarity, the mid and top ranges are drowned out by the bass, you know, when duff hits the strings while slash is playing a solo and the guitar just disappears for a few seconds. I honestly have better quality bootlegs, taken from the soundboard. My advice is to save your money, these dvds just cheapen the whole Gn'R brand by being terrible.
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