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Maurice [DVD]
Maurice [DVD]
Dvd ~ James Wilby
Price: £3.70

5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best..., 29 Jan. 2012
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This review is from: Maurice [DVD] (DVD)
I think everyones reviews sum up very nicely how good this film is. I can only agree but wanted to add my review as this is one of my favourite films. I saw it first on Film4 on channel four when they used to show brilliant films such as this as a regular occurance. Takes me back to my mid teens when I'd watch everyone of them. Maurice particularly grabbed me and yes I did and still have a thing for Rupert Graves who plays Alec Scudder, but the whole way the film approaches the subject of homosexuality in Edwardian times, is done exceptionally well and with a thorough understanding of how on the edge it must have been then to be gay. I love the way we get to see Maurice getting to understand how he feels and in the end accepting he loves Scudder and able to tell Clive this with no shame or fear, which shows how far he comes in understanding how he feels and who he is. I love the ending to this, you would imagine considering how awful anyone who was gay was treated then, they'd have a doom and gloom ending, but nope, we get the perfect ending. The actors all play their parts brilliantly and although maybe a tad long, I watched this film so many times, I still love it to this day! This is one of the best and I say this as a straight female! A truly exceptional film.

Urbania [2000] [DVD]
Urbania [2000] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Dan Futterman
Price: £4.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent stuff!, 25 April 2009
This review is from: Urbania [2000] [DVD] (DVD)
I got confused a little at first then it all clicked into place very quickly. A dark compelling film with a sad but clever twist at the end. I love the heart in this film. The love story between Charlie and Chris is so sweet and all that stems from that and then the urban legends that go along with it, both told and seen, makes this a multi layered and intriguing film. I cried when I first watched it then cried when I watched it again... so if you cry at films, get the tissues at the ready!!!

Charlie as the lead character is a complex but interesting character. Dan Futterman plays him brilliantly as a bloke pushed to the edge, but still with a heart. The supporting cast are excellent, especially Dean who I just wanted to slap and Alan Cummings is a real treat.

At the end I was all nooooo (and crying!) but this is such a good film I had to watch again and still I was all nooo and crying... but then that's just me! I love the sweetness of Charlie's and Chris's relationship which makes the ending ten times sadder. I like to think though that the very last scene was Charlie finding some peace.

A brilliant dark film, which for the first ten minutes seemed a little slow but then you kind of get pulled in. It's one of those films that through it you think, Is he doing this for that reason? or for this reason? Which keeps you intrigued. As you most probably can tell, loved this film and it's well worth watching. Then watching again to see how it all fits really well together.

***Don't read next bit if don't want spoilers.***

I just wanted to add that this is a really good insight into the mind of someone suffering grief and lose. An overall 'good guy' who is so traumatised, revenge eats away at him, but in the end, his 'good guy' nature wins through. This was good to see as it makes it more human, more real. You see how messed up he is from what happened, but in the end he can't do what he really wanted to do as it's just not in his nature. As I said above Dan Futterman plays this brilliantly, one minute seeming quite scarey and the next so sweet. I felt I needed to add this even though a bit of a spoiler as it was done so well.
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Queer As Folk: Series 1 [DVD]
Queer As Folk: Series 1 [DVD]
Dvd ~ Aidan Gillen
Price: £6.10

4.0 out of 5 stars Well I liked it!!!, 19 April 2009
I remember watching this waaay back when it was first shown and really enjoyed it. I watched it again all these years later and still enjoyed it!

I think Vince and Stuart are played really well. Stuart with his cocky arrogance but also the hearts still there when he wants it to be! His sulking, everyone blames me made me chuckle. Vince, funny and his lack of confidence, but ultimatley more sweeter character.

I think the character of Nathan is played well too. I think his youth is shown really well with the non stop talking, the coming out with a bang and the over dramatics. There are times when you think 'ok just stop now' but he is a teen and this I think shows it really well!

It does have it's flaws, but it is what it is and doesn't make any apologise for it. It's well worth the effort of watching.

Breaking the Cycle [DVD] [2002] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Breaking the Cycle [DVD] [2002] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: £103.36

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2.0 out of 5 stars Something quite not right..., 19 April 2009
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Trying to think how to review this. Not sure what it is about this film that didn't click for me. I think it might purely be the script. Or maybe it's the acting, or both. I was going to give it a 3, just because it had the happy ending, but something made me go for the 2!! Most probably more a 2 and a half!

I mean, it had what I love, a happy ending. The story in itself was ok, all about looking for love. But something wasn't right. I've seen a lot worse films, but I didn't feel that much for the characters. It wasn't as though they were 'bad' people or anything, think they were both quite likeable, but the words they said didn't really sound sincere. As I said, not sure if script or actors. It sort of reminded me of a sexed up dodgy 70's American show, with good looking actors but no heart in it. It felt like this false sense of upness and every actor talked like they were charged and not natural. It's hard to explain, it just didn't feel right!

All in all it was ok to watch, maybe if you're bored and want a film where you don't have to think too much and need a nice happy ending and you don't mind not being fully engaged, watch this, but there are much better films out there.

The Trip [2002] [DVD]
The Trip [2002] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Larry Sullivan
Price: £4.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly really enjoyed this!, 19 April 2009
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This review is from: The Trip [2002] [DVD] (DVD)
Maybe it's just me and my weird thoughts but when I saw the cover of this I expected an ok film with no depth (well it's the hat!) but anyway, I was happily proven wrong.

The two main characters really pull you into this. They are both really likable and even when all goes wrong for Alan, you can't but feel for him as well as Tommy. I had to say I was at this point working out all ways they could sort out the problem - which to me is a good film if you're trying to work out how you can stop them from splitting and believe me in my sad little world, I was really trying to make it better for them!!

The news reel of the time was a very good way to show the passing of time and events of the time. It was a good way to set the background of what Tommy was fighting for and then in the 80's what Alan got involved in. It meant the issues were there but the love story could carry on, with this information in your mind.

The film has great subtle humour. Larry Sullivan (Alan) I thought was excellent (so ok may have a little crush going on here!) actually, taking away the crush, both actors were excellent. The supporting characters, especially Selina and Alan's mum were really well played. The script moves along nicely without the OTT, just sweet and subtle, funny and very sad. I did cry - but then that's me! So for those of you like me, have tissues at the ready.

This film really really surprised me. It had the depth and it had the really sweet love that I love! I like the fact we saw Alan progress from his awkward self to the sort of bloke who stands up for what he thinks. The airport scene I thought portrayed this really well. The attack on the eye shadow was the best!

This was one of these films that as I said earlier, I thought about a lot. My normal irk with love stories that wasted years when people should be together. I think Alan really rubbed this in for me with his 'never had a chance to tell you how much i love you'. I would've loved a happy ending but me being very soppy, did love the love that was portrayed, without it feeling false or stuffed down your throat. The final scene was a good way I think to end the film after the very sad bit. I get a bit fed up with gay films that end with doom and gloom and death, like that's all you can expect if gay and although this does follow this line, I didn't feel the annoyance I do from some of those films. I think this film has real heart.

See this film if you can. It's well worth your pennies.

Rock Haven [2007] [DVD]
Rock Haven [2007] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sean Hoagland
Price: £4.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Ermmm...., 14 April 2009
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This review is from: Rock Haven [2007] [DVD] (DVD)
Ermm...what to say about this film. Wasn't sure whether to give it a two or a three but for the ending alone, 2 it was!

The film was slow in parts, there's only so much sea gazing and walking up rocks and through grass I can watch without starting to find it a little tedious, but the two main characters played their parts well and it wasn't so tedious you'd give up on it.

But the ending, well the ending was a real "what?" moment. Ok maybe we're left to make of it what we will, but I think where you're having a film about religion and it's effect on being gay, you need to have a more concrete ending. Was it saying he gave up the person he loved even his sexuality for God? Or was it saying he had come to accept he was gay but God was still there. I took it from the chat with his mum, he had accepted his sexuality then the last lines of the film kind of threw me. Maybe not being religious, I can't understand how you could let someone you love go by simply saying, 'well yeah there's pain but boy do I love God!'

The other part of the film that really bugged me was Cliffords reaction in the church when Brady said (well my interpretation!) 'we can't be together but here, have my cross, promise me you're wear it.' Now, again, to me a natural reaction, even if you really 'got' where Brady was coming from would be "you're having a laugh right? You want me to wear the one thing that represents what's keeping us apart?" Maybe it was meant to be a cute, sweet moment, showing that Brady had departed from his beloved cross,because he loved Clifford, but to me Clifford's reaction of no anger for someone who he's finally found love with was unrealistic. The fact he didn't say anything about choosing the church over him, about how annoying it was, except for a small parting shot, was really annoying!!!!

So yeah, not religious and maybe if I was I'd get this more. But I think the film needed to bite the bullet and show a proper conclusion. Either we see that God is more important than love and that however much it peeves me off, is Brady's choice, or we see Brady saying 'yeah love God, but am gay, right let's get Clifford." Because afer all, this is about a boy finding himself, sorting out priorities in his life, falling in love, we therefore needed a much clearer ending. It kind of feels that maybe we were meant to be joining Brady in his confusion and when it all became clear in the end to Brady, they dropped us!!! Maybe I want it all spelled out to me, but I think for this type of film it needs to be. Ambiguity is not the way!

In the end i thought it was a cruel film to Clifford. We get to see he's fallen in love, it's a big deal to him, someone's nice to him, make you feel for him then have him pooped upon from the highest cliff in Rock Haven with a rubbish ending!!!

I'm sure if the ending hadn't been cowardly,or arty or whatever reason they have for this ending, this review would be a lot better as the film, as I said although slow in parts, did cover some good ground and Clifords humour amusing. But still, it had the ending it had and that was it's big and to me fatal flaw.

Hard to say whether you should watch this or not. Maybe if you're not religious or you think love should conqueur all, give it a wide berth!!! Latter days and Priest, cover this area a lot better.

Beautiful Thing [DVD]
Beautiful Thing [DVD]
Dvd ~ Scott Neal
Offered by Leisurezone
Price: £3.79

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great British film, 14 April 2009
This review is from: Beautiful Thing [DVD] (DVD)
Well what can you say about this but 'ahhh' and bless!!! It's great that the back drop is a council estate in London where two boys simply fall in love. No stereotyping here for the boys which is good to see. The two main parts are played really well. I love the way their youth and characters are portrayed, it's so honest. The film pulls you in as they are both likeable lads and the supporting characters, Sandra, the girl next door, the hippy boyfriend also make the film watchable. I love the interaction between Jamie and Sandra, I think they really got the balance right on how Sandras character would react and that Jamie although upset, knew he was gay and that was that.

I noticed in one review someone mentioned the accents and have to agree, this is how people talk in that neck of the wood. Coming from around this area, they didn't sound forced or acted, they just sounded natural.

I love the little touches like the foot cream and the discussion about frottage, little bits of humour that really make the film warm. The whole British feel of the film, the in a sense simpleness, but getting across so much, makes this film a joy to watch. There was no pretensions, no deep hidden meanings, it's a touching, warm love story that doesn't fall in to cliche, just shows it as it is. Top marks for that.

At the end I wanted more. I was left worrying about Ste's dad, how things would get on, but I decided to just enjoy this happy ending as it was. It was refreshing and good to see. I think this is a great example of a British film doing what they can do so well and even excel more than other countries at, making a every day life film, keeping it real and making it entertaining.

Well worth watching again and again!

the raspberry reich
the raspberry reich
Offered by Discountdiscs-UK : Dispatched daily from the UK.
Price: £18.99

8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars The torture...., 14 April 2009
This review is from: the raspberry reich (DVD)
This film had me clutching my DVD's of Latter days, Beautiful thing, Beautiful laundrette, Liles and quite a few others in glee that some people know how to make good gay genre films!!!

It's rubbish! The acting was dire, the constant yelling of the main female made you want to press mute all the time. The well overlong and tedious sex scene at the beginning where she bonked everywhere, yelling and screaming,made me so many times want to press stop. Just stop the endless dirge. But I thought, maybe it gets better... maybe all will be alright....but nope. Maybe it was funny and sending over some ironic message, I don't really know as my attention wandered to other exciting things like counting the hairs on my arms and wondering if it was going to rain. It was a mixture of noise, annoying words floating across the screen that she had just said so really didn't need to be there and bits of long boring rhetoric and bare flesh. Guess if you just wanted to see some male bodies and a bit of sex, turning the sound off and pressing forward will give you some of that, but all in all I can't really see why anyone would wanna watch this again. If you like torturing yourself, by all means watch this, if you don't, there are most probably about a million much better things you could be spending your pounds, dollars, euros, yens, whatever on! Avoid big time!

Latter Days
Latter Days
Dvd ~ Lázaro Ramos
Offered by Gayfilmlover
Price: £5.09

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Watch this, it's worth it!, 14 April 2009
This review is from: Latter Days (DVD)
I think the writer/directors idea of taking who he was and who he is and sticking them in a film together is a really interesting one. I love the subtle humour in this. The two leads play the parts really well and have chemistry on screen and of course, they are very appealing to the eye!!! The supporting characters just add to the film. I knew the ending before I saw this, but still find Christian taking the watch back to Aarons mum quite moving. I like the whole it's fated parts of this film, it didn't feel like forced fate. A,'oh that's very convenient' type of fate. All in all I love this film. It gives me the happy ending I wanted, plus the fact I think religion should never win over love, especially when so bigoted. I like the fact that characters redeem themselves or try to in a sense too. ie Ryder, Aarons mum. Good way of showing people aren't just one thing. Even with my no time for religion, I found it good to see that the Mormon characters were shown as young blokes, farting, messing around, moaning etc ie still being young blokes who just happened to be religious. Loved also we see Aaron who's quite deep, but showing he has a sense of humour and Christian who comes across as a 'marshmallow peep' isn't all he seems.
The bleakness of Aarons being 'de-gay'd' contrast well against the rest of the film and left me thinking how sad it was people think these places need to exist and that people feel they need to go to them. All in all this is a great film. It takes the light and makes it amusing, while building a convincing love story and takes the dark and makes it bleak and then of course, my happy ending I eagerly awaited!!!! Buy this, rent this, whatever you do, just see it. It's well worth it.

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