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Angel Of Retribution
Angel Of Retribution
Price: £6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars This would have got a 5 star review but was let down by one track., 19 July 2014
This review is from: Angel Of Retribution (Audio CD)
I've just listened to Priest's new album 'Redeemer of Souls' and it made me want to listen to their past offerings again.

Angel of Retribution features the return of Rob Halford back into the Priesthood. After the poorly received Jugulator and Demolition featuring Tim Owens (a great vocalist who had to sing some below-par songs), it was vital that the band got this album right.

Listening to this album, its clear that it has been written to win back the fans - and I think they succeeded. A number of tracks have a big nod to their most successful albums such as British Steel and Screaming for Vengence.

Notable tracks include 'Deal With The Devil', a strong driving song with autobiographical lyrics, 'Demonizer' - a slightly more modern sounding song with great chugging riffs and some excellent screams from Halford. 'Angel' is one of the best ballads that Priest has written in a very long time. 'Wheels of Fire' has a very strong British Steel sound to it, plus the curious 'Eulogy' a song lasting only about 2 minutes with a very slow and haunting melody. Its very different to anything that the band has done before - but it works really well.

So now we are now on the home straight with only one track to go and a 5 star review on the horizon... And its at this point where it goes horribly wrong. The final song is 'Loch Ness', a song about a mythical creature with flippers - as a Classic Rock journo once referred to it. It drones on for nearly 15 minutes and is utter nonsense. Why on earth they decided to include this song is beyond me. They could have finished off with 2 absolute killer songs to make your speakers melt, rather than this awful durge.

With the exception of 'Loch Ness' (and possibly 'Revolution'), this is a good solid Priest offering.

Fujifilm X-E2 Camera - Black (16.MP, CMOS II Sensor, 18-55mm Lens Kit)
Fujifilm X-E2 Camera - Black (16.MP, CMOS II Sensor, 18-55mm Lens Kit)
Price: £919.00

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars I prefer the X-E2 to the X-Pro1, 16 July 2014
I seem to get through Fuji X cameras rather a lot. So far, I've had an X20 (found it a bit too small, pic quality OK...ish), got rid of that and bought an X-M1 (fantastic pic quality, but missed not having a viewfinder), then I got the X-E2 and whilst having a very large G&T I also bought a S/H X-Pro1 off Ebay (Ebay and drink... not a good combo!). The X-Pro 1 is a great camera, but the focussing on low contrast subjects and VF is not as good as the X-E2 - especially if you wear glasses.

So now I've gone back to using the X-E2, and I love it (I always loved it). The EVF is miles better than the X-Pro1 and the focussing locks on targets much easier - although its still not as good as the focussing on my Canon 5D MK3. The Wifi image transfer is great and once you have that facility, you get used to it very quickly. You miss that when you use the X Pro1.

The X-E2 is small and really light - great if you want to take it out on a walk with you and get great quality images.

As for the image quality - its superb... professional quality. Indeed, I know a number of professional wedding photographers who have now dumped their heavy Nikon gear in favour of using the X-E2 and the X-T1. Normally in my work I shoot RAW, but on the X-E2 the quality of the JPEG's are so good, I don't bother with RAW. Noise is very well controlled at high ISO's. Indeed, the noise has a filmic look and is not unpleasant, even at 6400iso.

This is a really great camera - buy one!

Redeemer of Souls
Redeemer of Souls
Offered by Crawley Music
Price: £10.31

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3.0 out of 5 stars Its OK... but it does sound like metal by numbers., 15 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Redeemer of Souls (Audio CD)
This is the first offering since Nostradamus - a 'Concept' album, apparently. Its fair to say that 'Nozza' (as Halford once referred to it) divided the Priesthood. I thought it was a brave attempt, but in my view, it was too long. If it had been cut down, I think it would have improved it no end.

So now the guys have delivered the long-awaited 'Redeemer of Souls'. When the teaser videos appeared on Youtube, I, along with a lot of other people got seriously worried. The production sounded awful. It sounded like a demo tape. But yesterday, I received my CD (nice job on the artwork etc, by the way), I placed it on my death deck and crossed my fingers hoping that the production would sound better. Thankfully it does. However, it still lacks the power, finesse and dynamics that past Priest producers Tom Allom & Chris Tsangarides brought to the table. Their production was BIG and explosive - just what a larger-than-life band like Judas Priest needs.

So what about the songs? I'm not going to give a blow by blow account of every track, but they are OK. It does seem a little metal by numbers and they sound a bit like they are just going through the motions. They don't seem to be performed with the drive and conviction that we've all come to love with Priest songs. But I may change my mind when I've played it a few times.

Is it a classic Priest album? No it isn't. Out of their more recent offerings I think Angel of Retribution is better (except for that awful Loch Ness track). Don't get me wrong, its OK, but that's all it is.
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Denon RCD-M39DAB Micro Component CD Receiver System - Silver
Denon RCD-M39DAB Micro Component CD Receiver System - Silver
Price: £175.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Really Good!, 17 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A really impressive little system. The sound quality is surprisingly good and loud. Being a bit of a metalhead, Rammstein and Black Sabbath sound clear, punchy & rockin'!

My only comment is that I am having some difficulty in programming the radio stations into the presets. Perhaps I should read the instructions more...

Logitech 2.4 inch Harmony Touch Universal Remote Control for Home Entertainment System
Logitech 2.4 inch Harmony Touch Universal Remote Control for Home Entertainment System
Price: £96.64

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good universal remote, 17 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was getting totally fed up with having a load of remotes to control my TV, HiFi, DVD and YouView box, so I decided to buy the Logitech Harmony.

The amount of equipment this remote can control is vast - it was even able to control my Denon amp which must be nearly 13 years old. Setup was fairly simple, you connect it to your PC and download the device profiles you want the remote to control. It did however take an hour or two to find yourself around the menus to fine-tune how you want the remote to behave, but all in all it was pretty simple.

Two things I would point out though. When I connected it to the Logitech site, it automatically did a software/firmware update, which was fine, but I was a little surprised that the software didn't recognise the BBC have added some new HD channels - despite these channels being on air for a few months now. This wasn't too much of an issue as I was able to programme the new HD channels into the remote. The other observation I have is that I think it would be better if all the control buttons were all grouped together, rather than having the touch panel in the middle with the buttons above and below. I think it would make sense if the touch panel was at the top and all the buttons located at the middle/bottom of the remote.

But all in all, the Harmony does the business and is recommended.

Canon PIXMA iP7250 Colour Inkjet Printer
Canon PIXMA iP7250 Colour Inkjet Printer
Price: £59.67

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3.0 out of 5 stars A good quality printer, but with flaws., 12 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Generally the print quality is extremely good - and that's why you buy a printer for, but this particular model has a couple of issues. The first being that it has two paper trays. One for standard paper for the day to day printing of documents and the other you put photo quality paper in. What's wrong with that you might think? It sounds like a good thing to do. The problem is the photo paper tray will only accept paper up to 7x5 size. Surely it would have been better if this tray could accept photo paper up to A4 size too...? It seems ludicrous that it can't.

The second issue that I have with this printer is the spooling time after you have switched the printer on. It can often take a minute or three whirring and clicking away before it actually gets around to printing anything out. Not exactly great if you need to print something out in a hurry.

Furthermore, it does seem quite big for an A4 printer. Its wider and deeper than my previous Canon iP4850 printer.
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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete First Season [DVD] [2008]
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete First Season [DVD] [2008]
Dvd ~ Lena Headey
Offered by filmrollen
Price: £3.50

5.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly good, 25 Jan 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This was selling for only £3.50 on Amazon, so buying it was a bit of a no-brainer.

I have to say this series is surprisingly good. Granted it doesn't have the same budget that T2 had, but the storyline is excellent and the connections they have made to the original movies makes it even more enjoyable.

Its a real pity the networks pulled the plug on SCC after season 2.

Highly recommended.

Fujifilm X-M1 Camera - Silver (16.3MP, 16-50mm Lens Kit) 3 inch LCD
Fujifilm X-M1 Camera - Silver (16.3MP, 16-50mm Lens Kit) 3 inch LCD
Offered by Fuzion
Price: £407.96

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4.0 out of 5 stars A really great camera - but with the odd flaw., 16 Oct 2013
I'm a professional photographer and was looking for a good quality compact to take on walks/holidays etc. After doing a bit of research, I first bought the Fujifilm X-20. It was good, but being so used to the quality my Canon 5DMKIII gives, the image quality wasn't quite good enough for me. I traded it in and bought an X-M1 instead.

I've got to say, for the size the XM1 is, the image quality is absolutely superb - even in low light levels. Just recently I attended an event in my local hall and just for fun, I set the ISO to 6400 to see what would happen. Although the images did show a fair amount of noise, it had a film like quality and the shots were very usable. This morning I took it out on an early morning walk and captured some fantastic shots of the sunrise. The images are beautifully clear and sharp.

In terms of image quality, this camera is absolutely fantastic. However, if I was to comment about one thing, it would be the focussing. When I had the X20, it had difficulty locking on to low contrast/flat subjects and unfortunately, the XM1 is only marginally better. I like taking shots of cloudscapes and often the camera had difficulty focussing on the clouds (my 5D MKIII has no problems with this), which is mildly irritating. Perhaps they may release a firmware update that might improve matters. Also being used to using a viewfinder on my 5DMKIII, I think the XM1 would benefit from having one - especially on bright days when you cant see what's on the rear screen.

The focussing issue is a niggle, but I would still highly recommend this camera.
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Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB Wireless SDHC Memory Card
Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB Wireless SDHC Memory Card

4.0 out of 5 stars (Fairly) Impressed, 27 Jun 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Just bought one of these to use with My Fuji X20 camera. I may possibly use it with my 5DMKII and iPad too.

Unlike a lot of people, I had no problems setting it all up. On my first attempt it transferred everything to my PC very quickly.

However... My only observation is that it appears to have limited range and often loses connection. I've found that just switching the camera off and on again re-establishes the connection.

Considering the size of the card, this is an amazing piece of technology.

Samsung I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 Sim Free Mobile Phone
Samsung I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 Sim Free Mobile Phone
Offered by Connected247
Price: £99.97

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3.0 out of 5 stars OK Phone, but camera is a big let down., 25 Mar 2013
This is my first Android phone. Beforehand I had a Blackberry Curve.

As phones go its OK. It makes phone calls and sends text fine. Setting up email addresses isn't as easy as the Blackberry was. This one you have to enter more information. All you had to do with the BB was enter your email address and password - and that was it. The settings menu is reasonably straight forward. I'm still getting used to it, but all seems well.

One of the reasons I changed to the Samsung was down to the camera. The camera on the Curve is absolute rubbish. I assumed the Ace II camera would be better, but it has 2 huge let-downs. The first is that it has no zoom control, which I find astonishing. I always thought the ability to zoom in on a subject was standard on camera phones. Clearly I'm wrong! The second issue is the dreadful shutter lag (the length of time from the moment you press the shutter release button to when the camera actually takes the photo). It must be at least 1-2 seconds. Furthermore, the positioning of the ringer volume control is badly positioned which results in you often pressing the volume control when you are using the camera.

Apart from that its OK.

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