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Game of Thrones (PC DVD)
Game of Thrones (PC DVD)
Price: 14.99

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1.0 out of 5 stars Waste of a great IP, 11 Jun 2012
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
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This review is from: Game of Thrones (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
Dear oh dear... what a waste. Admittedly, I'd not checked out a broad number of reviews before I bought the game though.

Horrible graphics when compared to other "current" games. Poor detail, lighting effects poor, shading poor,

Awful movement and controls, especially in combat, which in itself is poorly implemented, boring and frustrating. Click icons while your character thrashes about stupidly.

Poor quality animation and interaction with other characters, especially when talking.

Overall, seemed like a studio rushing to poop out a game, looking to cash in on the popularity of the books and the HBO TV series. Wish the IP would have been awarded to a more prominent developer, with more time and manpower to produce something, which might have come somewhere near to meeting expectations.

Some reviews I've read since, suggest that the storyline is generally good. Sadly the game was so poorly executed, I couldn't bear to play it further than the first couple of chapters. Simply not engaging enough to play and all the negatives obscured any desire to continue such a shoddily made game.

My best recommendation? If you absolutely must buy this game, wait until it's available for a couple of quid and order it with other stuff, so you save on postage. There's far superior games available for a lot less money. Otherwise, forget it completely and wait/hope that a decent studio get their hands on the Game of Thrones IP.

Alternatively... there's mods for games like Skyrim, which will at least give you a little Westeros flavour. Trust me, you'll enjoy those more than this terrible game.
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Alan Wake - Collector's Edition (PC DVD)
Alan Wake - Collector's Edition (PC DVD)
Offered by filmrollen
Price: 19.43

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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb and mysterious horror story., 26 May 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
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I shall not delve into and reveal elements of the plot and story, which is marvellous. What I will do though, if you're a fan of mystery, horror, suspense... is recommend you buy this game.

A richly detailed environment, in lightness and darkness, bring this game very much to life. Atmospheric surroundings and sound effects, embellished by excellent cut-scenes that help the narrative as the story unfolds.

This is story driven gaming as it should be.

I'd not heard of the game until I spotted it on Amazon. Having enjoyed the Max Payne games from the same studio, I decided to take a chance and buy the collectors edition. Very pleased I did, especially at the price it's available for here.

Whilst the game may feel rather linear for some tastes, as someone who has a preference for open, sandbox type games, I really enjoyed the game as it was presented. There is a story to be told, so of course, you're going to follow a certain path. Within the framework of the game though, you can explore your surroundings sufficiently in each area, plus in some, you can use vehicles.

Overall and quite rare for me, I gave Alan Wake top marks. In recent times when there's plenty of mediocrity in gaming, with only a few shining lights to be found, this developer is well worth supporting for their efforts.

Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition (PC DVD)
Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition (PC DVD)
Offered by SurGames
Price: 7.42

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Replay Value, 8 April 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There are many detailed reviews, so I shall try to keep it brief.

For me, what makes the Bethesda games great, is the "sandbox" or open world element to the games. The freedom to travel pretty much where you want to, undertake and fulfil quests in whatever order you wish.

Whilst railroading in story driven RPG games can be a useful tool for a story, the thing I enjoy about a sandbox environment is the huge amount of player choices available, plus the feeling that your character is always central to the story. Whilst there are many stories in Fallout: New Vegas and the included DLC packages, the vast array of choices as to how and when you complete them, makes each play through of the game feel different.

Customisation is also a key element to games like these. Use any individual weapons and armour you find, or any combination. Shape your character attributes in any number of ways, which will also lead to countless different ways you can interact with the game world, plus how it and the characters within, react to your character.

Fallout: New Vegas is a true modern gaming classic, in every sense of the word.

The Witcher 2 - Premium Edition (PC DVD)
The Witcher 2 - Premium Edition (PC DVD)
Offered by Game Trade Online
Price: 11.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars First game in ages I've wanted to play again afte completing, 30 May 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
First of all, as anyone who's been keeping an eye on the official website of the game will no doubt confirm, the initial release of the game hasn't gone without a few teething problems. But hey, is there such a thing as a game that's completely issue free upon release? I think not. However within a week, developers CD Projekt have released their first patch, resolving many issues, plus with that patch, they've actually REMOVED the initial release DRM, which they only apparently used at the behest of the various publishers and distributors, to help pre-release exploitation. If you're planning on buying this game now, you can install the game, install the patch and you have absolutely no DRM software from this game. Judging by how vehemently opposed to DRM software many people appear to be, this sort of shared opinion from the game developers should make them very happy indeed.

I personally had no issues installing, registering or running the game "out of the box" with my PC (ACER Aspire M3610, 3GB Ram, 512MB Nvidia GeForce 9800GT, Windows 7 64 bit), but upon installing the first patch, there were indeed noticeable improvements in game performance. I actually tried to push my system beyond the recommended settings and the game only stuttered in a few areas. Most noticeably when there were a lot of particle effects, such as when it began to rain or in areas of the gem where there was very intense activity and effects happening all at once. Quite simply to solve these issues, I just reloaded the game using the recommended settings in the initial game launcher menu.

This "Premium Edition" package of the game, takes me back to some of the older days of gaming. The presentation of what came with the game itself was impressive value for money. Reminded me of when developers used to package a proper manual, guide book (if you want to use it), along with lots of other goodies. For me, it's this level of attention to detail, offering an attractively packaged bundle of stuff with the game, for a great price, as well obviously as a good game... that will encourage people to buy games, support the developers, rather than not bother and look to the torrent sites.

So, that lot out of the way, when it comes to the game itself and having now completed my first full play-through, I'm absolutely delighted. I've read a lot about people being frustrated with different individual aspects of the game, but in fact, there's a great many things the user can do to set the game up how they want to play it. There's a broad selection of difficulty options, you can play with or without the QTE (Quick Time Events) that have received a mixed reception, though I found some of them quite fun and challenging at the same time. There can be a fine line between fun and frustration for different people, depending on their own tastes and preferences, but know that you can change game settings to suit your preferences.

The dialogue, story and character interaction was engaging and told the story well. As an old hand with RPG games, I enjoyed talking with the many characters, listening to random NPC's having conversations in different locations, even simply watching time go by and the characters doing even mundane and routine things, as you would expect them to in a populated and bustling community. This sort of detail I find adds to the immersion. Many of these elements that gained the first game so much praise, for simple things like folk running for shelter when it's raining, are all there again in The Witcher 2, but even more so. You can actually follow a random NPC around a village, as they walk up to a market stall, look at the good, talk to the stall holder, then wander off to do something else. They're ALL doing something and you can, albeit in a sometimes small way, interact with anyone and everyone you see.

Again, there's books, items and ways to interact with other characters, that help explain the lore, history and nature of things within the game world. It's worth exploring and interacting with environments, characters and items, in order to learn more about people, places and events past, present and that are unfolding in front of you. Sometimes, there's even puzzles that lie before you, that with a little attention to detail, you can find the answers to within the environment, items and books you'll discover along the way.

One thing I've seen mentioned in various reviews, is the game being "short". True in one sense, but there's much more to that than meets the eye, or is initially obvious. In this game, choices have genuine consequences. Your actions in different parts of the game will lead you down different paths as you progress. Make certain decisions in one area, and you'll visit one area of the game rather than another. That's right... there's areas of the game you WON'T SEE, depending on the choices you make. Why is this good? Simple... "replayability". You'll finish playing the game and wonder what might have happened if you done certain things differently, what characters you might have met and where you might have gone instead. Apparently there's at least 16 different possible endings. That's probably the most varied number of endings I've seen in a game like this. One aspect I liked in particular was certain times during the game where my choice options were on a timer. Basically, you have a limited amount of time to may your choice...

"Do I kill him?"
"Do I let him live?"
"Do I leave him to the villagers?"

...and all the while time's ticking away to make my choice. What this adds, is that in certain points in the game, you might be pushed towards making a quick, snap decision. Again, adds to the immersion, because you might be glad of the decision you made, or you may regret it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this game, I think that's plain enough from what I've said so far. It's as challenging and difficult as YOU want it to be. The world you'll explore is vibrant and rich in detail, whilst also large and open enough that you'll have plenty to see and explore. Combat on the whole, is relatively straightforward and again, can be as easy or hard as YOU want it to be. The combat is actually pretty standard fare for games like this. Nothing particularly revolutionary, but sufficient enough to be enjoyable considering the character you're controlling.

Overall, for the price and what you get for the money, the game itself and the replay value, that's why I rate the game so highly. I've played some other notable releases recently and been decidedly disappointed. I'm not going to get into a "this game is better than that game" debate, but to put it simply, this game both met and exceeded my expectations.
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Dark Earth
Dark Earth

5.0 out of 5 stars Great game in its time... wonder how it stands up today..., 10 April 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dark Earth (Video Game)
Fond memories of this game, and as the other reviewer mentioned, I'm considering buying this again, just to see if it'll run on Windows 7, some way or another.

Although it must be over ten years since I owned and played this last, I recall it being a superb adventure/RPG game, with stunning and atmospheric graphics for the time and a great post-apocalyptic storyline.

The character models will likely look quite dated compared to similar games today, but I'm quite sure that the world graphics and atmospheric effects would hold up quite well.

Ultima Online: Renaissance
Ultima Online: Renaissance

5.0 out of 5 stars If Only..., 9 April 2011
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
...Ultima Online was still like this.

This was when Ultima Online was amidst its most fun to play period, prior to the Age of Shadows expansion, which irreparably changed the future of the game and its gameplay thereafter. Renaissance was a period in the game, where character skills, player ability and teamwork amongst players, was the essence of the gameplay. After Age of Shadows, gameplay became very item-centric. Although subscriptions peaked for a little while after Age of Shadows (who's lead designer left just before its final release to head up World of Warcraft), it's often argued that even in the face of more competition in the MMO market from WoW or Everquest at the time, the Age of Shadows expansion is often referred to as a major turning point. Since a short period after, the game has declined and never really recovered.

Many times over the years, hardy groups of players have pushed and probed whichever development team held the reins at the time, for them to offer an official "classic" server, allowing players the option to play this enthralling online game, as it was around the time of the Renaissance expansion.

Sadly, even quite convincing campaigns by both former and current Ultima Online players, has yet to convince EA Games controlled developers to provide a "classic" option. Current developers Mythic, who recently were merged with Bioware (though more realistically swallowed by Bioware at EA's behest), offered a glimmer of hope when their studio head suggested that a "classic" option was being given serious consideration. Having dangled the carrot for over a year, it was finally admitted that a "classic" option was "unlikely".

Certainly a shame, but in all fairness, whilst the game has passed through a variety of development teams within the EA Games stable, somewhat like a hot coal, it was never likely to happen unless EA sold the Ultima Online IP completely onto someone else.

As it is though, you can still buy this expansion pack and use it with "unofficial" fan-made run servers out there, which run to the Renaissance rule set, or slight variations of its base. There are hundreds of such servers, ranging from several players, to several thousand... some actually have more regular players than the "official" Ultima Online shards.

So, for the price this is on sale for, it's worth buying simply for nostalgic reasons, if not to save a sizeable download if you want to try some of the fan-maintained "classic" shards, that still run this expansion.

Dragon Age 2 (PC DVD)
Dragon Age 2 (PC DVD)
Offered by Gameseek
Price: 9.68

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2.0 out of 5 stars The Poor Relation, 20 Mar 2011
= Fun:2.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dragon Age 2 (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
Wish I hadn't pre-ordered this.

As a bargain bin purchase of the "Ultimate Edition" (with all the DLC content), once it's out in about a year, I might have been happier. As it is, the game itself is poor compared to any previous BioWare release, for all the reasons mentioned, which I see little point repeating for effect. "Origins" and "Awakenings" were far superior and anyone who loved those games will be sorely disappointed with Dragon Age 2.

Suffice it to say, I have the sneaking suspicion that the pressures of the upcoming MMO - Star Wars: The Old Republic - with all the problems that seems to be having, has detracted greatly from this game, which should be a key release for BioWare. I really, really can't see where the media reviews got their ratings from. I seriously don't believe they must have played the original games, to give the scores they have.

Little else to add, other than that if I had any doubts before, I shall never again pre-order anything that falls under the EA Games banner. BioWare seemed to be the strongest in their development stable, but with this underwhelming release, that is under some considerable doubt. If anything, this release gives me cause to doubt anything I read before Mass Effect 3 is released towards the end of the year. I certainly won't be pre-ordering it. Likewise, this game will gather dust on a shelf somewhere in my house, as I certainly won't be dusting it off to try any of the usual DLC content.

Here's to The Witcher 2 and a distinct lack of any EA Games (mis)management taint upon it. Polish developers... we salute you!

Mass Effect (PC DVD)
Mass Effect (PC DVD)
Offered by Gameseek
Price: 11.63

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Fun, 2 July 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Mass Effect (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
First of all, I'm perhaps fortunate in that I've yet to have any problems with the DRM software with this, or in fact any game I've purchased, so can't add anything negative in relation to the issues raised in some of the other reviews.

To the game itself though, which was one of the most enjoyable I've played in a long time.

If you're a sci-fi fan, then this is a must to add to your collection. Far from being just a singular game, this is a 3rd person shooter, adventure, RPG, cinematic experience, all rolled into one, with a great plot.

To directly compare individual aspects of this game to others would be unfair, but as a whole package, it's superb. I'm really looking to Mass Effect 2 now, to see how the story continues.

For the price you can buy it for now, it's an absolute bargain.

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