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New Trent IMP39B Embassy Keyboard Case (Black) for iPad 2, Bluetooth keyboard /w leather finish back cover for Apple iPad 2 3G Tablet, WIFI Model, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, with three different adjustable angles
New Trent IMP39B Embassy Keyboard Case (Black) for iPad 2, Bluetooth keyboard /w leather finish back cover for Apple iPad 2 3G Tablet, WIFI Model, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, with three different adjustable angles

4.0 out of 5 stars Confessions of an iAccessory Addict, 15 Jan. 2012
I was very excited to receive the IMP39B a few weeks back as I love to buy and use keyboards for the iPad. I am hopeful that someday I'll find that perfect one that I'll not be able to live without. The IMP39B is a very solid choice, but not quite perfect for just a few reasons.

First impressions: The box that the IMP39B arrived in looked and felt like an iPad box - very sturdy, white - this gave me a positive first impression, even though I haven't looked at the box since. I can see why Steve Jobs obsessed over so many little details like this as it did make me think good things when quality is the first thing that I see/touch. I pulled out the keyboard/case and began examining it - there are 3 parts: the keyboard case, the back cover, and the charger cable. The keyboard case is black with a leather-type surface on the bottom, which provides a very nice feel and also provides a non-slip surface. At the back, there is a slider for choosing the viewing angle of the iPad which is something that I hadn't seen before. I also noted (from the words printed on the case) that the keyboard could be separated from the case -- normally its held with magnets, but can be easily removed by lifting up. The back cover snaps on to the back of the iPad, providing additional security and another leather-type surface, which I found quite enjoyable when holding on to the iPad when not docked. Alas, my initial thought that I might be able to dig out my Apple Smart Cover and utilize it with the back cover proved to be unfounded, but looks to me like it could easily be done to provide compatibility (which would be an excellent addition in my mind for those times when I don't want to carry the keyboard but still want front coverage).

Use: After snapping the iPad into the back cover, I read the user manual, which was fairly amusing with the grammatical issues and all, but didn't leave me with a professional impression. You built a good product and packaged it well, but then didn't take much time to check the contents of the user manual with a native speaker. But then again, I'd rather have the attention on the product design than the user manual, so I shouldn't complain. I charged the keyboard using the provided cable -- the initial recommendation was for 6 hours, but after 30 minutes the light showed it was charged. I gave it a couple of extra hours and then proceeded with testing. Pairing the keyboard to the iPad was as simple as it gets and very quick. After loading up a note app, I began typing away -- the keyboard felt OK, not great as I'm used to an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, but it isn't bad by any means. Overall the keyboard seemed fine except for one detail, which became a bigger issue for me later on: the right side Shift key is too far to the right and I kept hitting the Up arrow key rather than Shift and would constantly have to be fixing what I just typed. Very frustrating. I prefer the feel and design of the ZaggFolio keyboard overall.

Storing: Once done with the initial typing test, I snapped the case together. The IMP39B has a neat system for clipping the two pieces together to hold the iPad securely. My other comparable keyboard design is the Zagg Logitech, which used a rubber strip around the top edge of the keyboard case to secure the iPad, which didn't seem secure at all and started to come up after about a weeks worth of heavy use. So I was pleasantly surprised to see how New Trent had improved the concept with the clip design. The clips are easy to use and are a lot safer to me than trying to pry my iPad out of the Logitech keyboard while holding it up on an edge -- score one for the IMP39B as it is a much easier and safer design. The case feels sturdy and I think it would protect my iPad from a small drop -- I'm not willing to test this, but it felt at least as good as the other keyboard cases that I own. Again I noted the leather-type feel of the outside covering and how easy it was to hold this and to feel like it wouldn't slide around on me.

Travel: I end up traveling a lot, which is one of the reasons for my iAccessory addiction -- I don't like to carry a lot of luggage and I want to use tools that fit my needs precisely. I decided that on this latest trip to take the IMP39B along. On the airplane, I was watching a movie and certainly enjoying the variety of angles provided by the very innovative design of the keyboard case that lets you choose 45, 60, or 75 degree viewing angles. This was perfect for eliminating glare and getting the most enjoyment out of the movie. I ordered a Sprite Zero and gave the attendant time to move past my seat with the trolley before taking a drink -- just as the attendant moved backwards and right into my arm. I felt like I was in a slow-motion movie as the Sprite went up into the air and then separated like a mushroom cloud before coming down to land all over the iPad and the IMP39B. The attendant felt horrible and started throwing napkins at me as fast as she could pull them out. Needless to say, my first concern was the iPad as it was the only work tool that I was bringing for a week's worth of work at my company's main offices. The back cover prevented most of the soda from getting on the iPad and the invisibleSHIELD protected the front. Then I proceeded to start cleaning the keyboard and case -- this was actually much easier than I expected as the keyboard comes completely out of the case and could be shaken -- the Sprite just ran right off of it and down into the bottom of the case (which is flat) and I mopped it up. Overall the cleanup of the iPad and case only took about 5 minutes, then I proceeded to clean myself and the seat. After 10 minutes, it was as good as could be expected -- so what was the damage? Nothing that I could tell -- the keyboard powered on as did the iPad and I tested out all of the keys with no issues. Everything worked exactly as expected and continued to do so over the course of the travel week. I chuckle about the story now, but was quite concerned that I might have spent a very long week operating with either no iPad or an iPad with no external keyboard. One thing that I noticed after the cleanup was that the napkins used to mop up the soda had left some scratch marks on the acrylic surface of the keyboard -- not a big issue, but was a reminder of my close brush with disaster, and something that could be a suggestion for improvement for a later version. I even began to get used to the Shift key issue after about 3.5 days and started feeling more comfortable with the unit itself. I think as the trip went along, my impression of the IMP39B got more favorable. I only charged the keyboard once after the 3rd day, about 30 hours of use, so I'm not sure how long it could have actually lasted, but I didn't want to take a chance of running out of juice in the middle of a meeting.

- Very lightweight and portable case
- Keyboard can be removed from the case
- Case has a back cover for the iPad that provides additional protection
- Innovative multi-angle viewing control which can do 45, 60 or 75 degrees
- On the top and bottom of the case, there is a leather feel that provides additional grip and security
- iPad can quickly and easily be removed from both sections of the case
- Resistant to spills!
- iPad clips into the keyboard case, providing security and ease of access
- Holds a good charge in the keyboard
- Keyboard automatically sleeps when not in use
- Easy to pair with an iPad
- Access to all switches and openings when in the case
- Can charge the keyboard while the keyboard is in the case
- Can charge the keyboard with the provided cable connected to an Apple iPad wall charger
- iPad can be used in portrait or landscape mode with the case

- Keyboard layout is very strange - the right shift key is too far to the right which makes typing very frustrating - also noting the Enter and / keys are laid out differently than most keyboards, but didn't cause me any issues while using the keyboard
- Acrylic surface scratches easily, as seen when wiping off a spill with a napkin, it left scratch marks
- Acrylic surface also shows fingerprints and smudges easily - but I generally just clean it when I'm cleaning my iPad as well, so not a major issue
- iPad holder left indentations on my invisibleSHIELD cover that are noticeable (but isn't that why I have a cover to protect the screen?)
- Back cover can't be used with an Apple Smart Cover
- When the iPad is in use, nothing holds it securely into the keyboard case (turbulence on the airplane caused it some movement)
- The instruction manual was full of grammatical issues and clearly not written by a native English speaker -- it got the job done, but I shook my head on more than one occasion

Suggestions for Improvement:
- Redesign the keyboard layout to avoid the issue with the right shift key being too far to the right
- Use a different material besides the acrylic covering - gets scratched very easily and also shows fingerprints and smudges
- Rework the holder for the iPad to have a full-length rubberized coating for the front of the iPad to avoid the indentation issue on iPads with screen covers (not sure what would happen if I didn't have one -- would it scratch?)
- Engineer the back cover to accommodate compatibility with an Apple Smart Cover - would make it more versatile and allow me to protect the front when not using the keyboard case - looks like this could be done fairly easily with the current design
- Would be interesting to have a way for the iPad to be "clipped" into the keyboard case while in use (similar to the way it clips into the keyboard case when not in use)
- Re-write the instruction manual

Overall: The keyboard and case performed well, other than the Shift key issues mentioned. There are some improvements that could be made, but the longer I used this keyboard/case, the more I felt it justified the cost. It is squarely in the conversation for my favorite keyboard/case combination.

Targus Versavu 360° Rotating Stand & Case For Ipad 2 - Case For Web Tablet
Targus Versavu 360° Rotating Stand & Case For Ipad 2 - Case For Web Tablet

4.0 out of 5 stars Confessions of an iAccessory Addict, 7 Jan. 2012
This case is one of my favorite cases without a keyboard built in. However, I think that there are a few things that could be improved on the overall product, but in general, I would recommend this to someone looking for a "feels good" case that doesn't require a keyboard.

- leather-bound folio - this case feels very nice, like a leather-bound book - very classy!
- has a good weight to it - it does add a bit of poundage to your iPad, but I think of it as "heft" than "weight", which I like
- the rotation that allows you to position the iPad in portrait or landscape mode is a very nice feature
- the inside has a velvety feel, though I don't care for the baby blue color much - I saw one once with a light grey and commented that it would be the better color for my tastes
- easy to snap into the case and take out
- two positions available as a stand
- provides full access to all openings and buttons on your iPad 2
- protection? Not sure here, it *seems* like it would be protected, but with the snap-in design, I wonder if the case would survive whereas the iPad might come out

- the two positions are nice, but one of them I have never used as it seems pointless to put your iPad at that angle (the lowest one) - why not give more options on angles as the highest one still provides a lot of glare from overhead lighting - I don't like this stand for the viewing angles as they are not good - buy an Arkon Portable stand if this is critical to you though
- stitching is coming apart at the back part of the case after only two months - makes me question the workmanship a bit, but we'll see how it goes
- cost - I paid around $60USD for this and debated it for nearly two hours before the purchase - I love the leather feel and the options, but $60USD is a lot for a case with no keyboard and questionable workmanship - I'm still a bit on the fence - drop the price to $40USD and I'd be recommending this to everyone that I know

- add more viewing angles - needs a steeper one to avoid glare when sat on a desk approximately a foot below eye level and about 2 feet away
- make sure the stitching and workmanship is quality
- drop the price

Overall, its a good case and the one that I'm currently using for my iPad 2 around the house, mainly to read books and such. I wouldn't take this traveling with me as it doesn't have the features I generally require (keyboard, protection), but for around home it meets the needs.

ZAGGfolio for Apple iPad 2 (Carbon with Silver Keyboard, QWERTY, EU)
ZAGGfolio for Apple iPad 2 (Carbon with Silver Keyboard, QWERTY, EU)

4.0 out of 5 stars Confessions of an iAccessory Addict, 7 Jan. 2012
To date, this is the best iPad 2 keyboard/case that I own or have tried. I am very happy so far with this product, but there are still a few shortcomings that need to be addressed before I give it the highest rating.

- best feel of a tablet-specific keyboard I've ever tried - feels almost identical to my Apple bluetooth keyboard
- keyboard separates from the case so that you can position it however you'd like
- allows for landscape and portrait orientation of the iPad 2 when the iPad is separated from the case
- keyboard has a groove that holds the iPad - feels fairly secure as well
- charge lasts a very long time - used this for a week solid for a minimum of 10 hours a day and did not have to charge it
- easy to pair - took a few seconds
- provides accessibility to all slots/buttons/etc on the iPad when the case is open - otherwise, the left-hand side of the iPad is inaccessible when the case is closed
- iPad can slide in and out of the keyboard easily
- well-designed overall
- very attractive (I have the carbon case with silver keyboard) and feels decent
- lightweight

- case is plastic and I wonder about the durability - however it did very well with a week of intense usage and showed no signs of wear (yet)
- can't charge the keyboard in the case, but with the way the keyboard holds a charge and slides easily out of the case, this isn't much of a concern
- the lower corner holders for the iPad (nearest the keyboard) feel cheap and like they will eventually crack - this is due to the design of the iPad holder that requires flexibility for the case to fold over, but then rigidity to hold the iPad in place - where these join is a design flaw that I have concerns about
- the case isn't carbon fiber, it feels like its a sticker over plastic -- I thought I was getting better protection based on the description
- protection - is plastic the best for this? I don't know ...
- case snap is not well-designed as it requires the top and bottom halves to line up perfectly, which isn't difficult, but the top can slide too far forward and actually unlatch it -- but at least the snap isn't really a safety feature and I can live with this minor annoyance

- replace plastic with something more durable - I'd pay more for some other material as I feel that protection and durability are the key drawbacks to this otherwise very good case
- come up with a way to charge the keyboard in the case, if nothing else so that all of us reviewers don't have to repeatedly mention it :)
- redesign the bottom corner holders for the iPad side - maybe a more durable material will fix this, but once one of those gets caught on something or cracks, I won't be traveling with this anymore (but at least the keyboard separates and would still work fine and they sell the cases separately -- that's a nice touch!)

Overall, this is my favorite keyboard/case out of the three that I currently own, though also the one that I feel least confident in if I dropped it. However, not enough can be said about the keyboard - it is fantastic! I think it is the same keyboard as the ZaggSolo, so that might be worth a look as well. As my main need during my travels is for a keyboard for use at the office and in keeping in touch while away, this gets the highest marks so far. The design overall is good and I think that Zagg could potentially come up with a few tweaks to make this the standard by which all others are measured. Highly recommended for anyone that needs to do a lot of typing on an iPad while traveling.

ZAGGmate w/keyboard for Original iPad 1
ZAGGmate w/keyboard for Original iPad 1

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Confessions of an iAccessory Addict, 7 Jan. 2012
I pre-ordered this Zagg Logitech keyboard as my very first purchase for my iPad 2 back in April. A friend of mine that introduced me to the iPad in the beginning also showed me this nifty little keyboard/case online. I was so excited based on the description and features that I ordered it the same day and eagerly awaited its release and arrival.

For the most part, I am happy with the keyboard, especially given the newness of the whole genre of keyboard cases available for tablets at the time I received it, but there are a few things that looking back I wish I would have considered before making this purchase.

- was one of the first keyboard/cases available for the iPad 2
- very handy to have a keyboard that travels so well
- very lightweight
- extremely attractive - the brushed steel aluminum look is unbeatable and matches well to an iPad 2
- sturdy (especially considering the weight)
- easy to pair - literally took seconds
- holds a charge for months (literally)
- works as intended
- overall, a very interesting design that is very appealing
- keyboard has a good feel to it - you can tell when you press the keys
- can hold the iPad 2 in either portrait or landscape
- feels like it protects the front of the iPad 2 very well -- but not the back, as it is still exposed and not protected

- the keyboard takes a bit of time to get used to, as it is the same width as the iPad 2 - I have this same issue with every travel keyboard/case that I've used though - if you regularly type on the iPad 2, you may want something bigger or you'll get used to it
- the rubber strip around the top of the case where the iPad 2 fits with the case is not well designed -- after one week of heavy use during international travel, I noticed the strip is coming up around several of the edges and looks like its just glued on - not sure how long this is going to last, but once that strip goes, it won't be used for travel anymore
- the fold-out stand feels cheaply made (and is plastic) with my first thought being "how long is this expected to last?" - it has lasted fine so far (almost 7 months later), but didn't impress me much to begin with - looks like in newer models they've gone with just a groove design and eliminated the fold-out stand, which is an improvement in my opinion
- getting the iPad 2 out of the case with the rubber strip is an exercise in caution - you stand it up on the edge and have to pry the case and the iPad 2 apart - my blood pressure always spikes during this as I'm afraid of doing it to forcefully and slamming the iPad down on the table or whatever you have it on - don't try this without the case being on something sturdy
- can't use a cover/case to protect the back as it won't fit in this case with anything over the edges of the iPad -- the back of the iPad 2 will be exposed even when in this case

- get rid of the fold-out stand - looks like this is already being done
- replace the glue holding the rubber strip around the top edge of the case with some other fastener as this is going to be the first fail point for most every one of these cases, and will render them unusable as a case (though the keyboard will still be fine)
- would be nice to have some way to "quick-release" the iPad from the case instead of prying it apart
- find a way to also protect the back of the iPad 2 - hint, hint: give away a full-body Zagg invisibleSHIELD with each purchase might be one solution

Overall, I'm still happy to have gotten this case as it performed admirably during a heavy week of use during international travel and was light-weight enough that I rarely noticed that I had it, except for the extra protection afforded. Thanks to this product, I didn't have to lug my heavy Dell laptop on 3 different flights and all around between the office and hotels. In some ways, I look at the money I spent as a vote to Zagg to continue building keyboard/cases in the future and to come up with better designs, which they have done. Now that this keyboard/case is selling cheaper, I would recommend this to others, just not at the original price knowing what I know now.

On a side note, I get a lot of questions from people about my cases as I own a lot of them - they always want to know which one is the "right" one, and I can't honestly answer that. The reason for this is that I have not found one case that does everything that I want it to, and I don't know that I ever will. When traveling, I need a keyboard; but when at home with my kids, I need protection. Other times when I'm mainly using my iPad to read books, I want something like a leather folio for the looks and feel. As such, I am constantly buying and trying various combinations and noting which work best for what scenarios -- I hope this helps you in your own quest for a great case.

OtterBox Defender Case for iPad 2 - Black/Clear
OtterBox Defender Case for iPad 2 - Black/Clear

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4.0 out of 5 stars Confessions of an iAccessory Addict, 7 Jan. 2012
This was my second case purchase after ordering my iPad 2, based on the experience I had had with my Defender for my iPhone 4.

- your iPad 2 will be well guarded against drops and other mishaps with this case on - this is my #1 priority in a case like this and the main driver for my 4 star review
- rubberized outer shell makes the iPad easier to hold and prevents slips
- well designed product, the flaps and other covers fit nicely
- sturdy, the design of the Defenders in general is very good in my opinion
- attractive - well, I guess as attractive as a black case gets - people certainly notice and comment on it, which is a great lead-in for me to start talking techie (which my wife swears I look for any excuse to do)
- the current price on Amazon is well under what I paid originally for this case and actually makes it a darn good value in my opinion
- the provided stand also doubles as a protective device that can either be snapped on the front or back of the iPad

- lacks a screen protector - I ended up getting the anti-smudge invisibleSHIELD installed, but wished that this case would have had one built in like the iPhone 4 model
- bulky and heavy - you will notice when you have this case on, not only from the additional weight but from the added girth - security and peace of mind come with a price and its not for everyone
- can't use a lot of speaker systems with this case on unless it has a raised 32-pin connector, like several Philips Fidelio models do
- the stand is terrible - only two positions, both in landscape and is plastic with little rubber feet - I bought an Arkon Portable stand and basically leave the provided stand on a shelf
- is not the right case for all activities - specifically when I travel on business, I need a keyboard, so I will take it out of this case and slip it into a keyboard/case - I'm starting to have concerns about how many times I can do this before something breaks as I don't get the feeling this was designed for the case to be pulled apart on a regular basis - however, that said, I've done it over 10 times now and it still is OK
- won't protect against a drop where the large screen opening strikes an object - but then again, no other case would either
- I have an invisibleSHIELD from Zagg installed on my iPad 2 and it marked up the shield a fair amount from where the case puts pressure on the iPad - that's why I have the screenshield in the first place though, and would recommend others to have one too with this product

- build in a screen protector
- redesign the stand or just get rid of it - better yet, send everyone an Arkon Portable with it and make them happy
- potentially look to re-engineer the case to make it easier to get on/off as this case is not right for all activities - people need flexibility with their cases to change them as situations change - help enable them to do that by designing it into the product

Overall, I am happy with this case as it does what I want it to do very well -- protect my iPad. This is the only case I've had for the iPad where I felt comfortable giving it to my young children and not having to worry if I was going to get it back in one piece. If you have young kids, I highly recommend this -- or if you haul your iPad around a lot and don't need a keyboard, consider this before buying another case.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Confessions of an iAccessory Addict, 7 Jan. 2012
Bought a couple of these pens on sale to carry with me when I'm out and about as I travel a lot and never seem to have a stylus or pen handy on me.

- built-in Parker pen - writes very smoothly!
- longer body than normal stylus and even the Rocketfish comparable stylus/pen combo - makes it easier for us with bigger hands to use
- good weight - most styluses are too light in my opinion, this one feels like a very good pen
- grip is comfortable
- works well as a stylus, not great, but good
- price was very good
- attractive - the styling (other than the clip) is very visually appealing

- the body is slimmer than other comparable models - I prefer a thicker pen to a thinner one
- the clip on the cap ends in a ball, which I have never liked - probably because I tend to play with it when holding it and then the clip gets worn out or pushed to the side too much
- the clip is very thin and not as sturdy as the Rocketfish model

- replace the clip with something more sturdy and without the ball
- consider making the pen a bit thicker for an easier hold, though this is a very nit-picky suggestion

Overall, I like these styluses/pens and am happy I bought them at a good deal. I also own several of the Rocketfish ones and think that the two are comparable - with the Rocketfish having a bit extra girth for a better hold, while the Kensington has a better grip - its a toss-up to me and I'm happy to have both and would probably buy whichever one is cheaper at the time.

Belkin N+ Wireless Usb Adapter
Belkin N+ Wireless Usb Adapter

3.0 out of 5 stars Does what it was bought for, 5 Jan. 2012
Bought this wireless adapter when we moved into a house where the desktop computer I had wouldn't be in the same room as the router I normally plugged it into. Not wanting to run wires or drill holes, I picked up this adapter on Amazon. For the price paid, it was a decent value.

- cheap
- easy to install
- works OK
- flexible as it can be moved easily from desktop to laptop and so on

- Slow compared to the speed I am used to with wireless cards and such - noticeably so
- stand is very lightweight and moves all over
- feels a bit on the cheap side, makes me wonder about longevity, but its worked OK for 7 months so far with minimal use

- make the stand a bit heavier and with a non-slip or rubberized coating on the bottom to prevent constant movement

Overall, this product does exactly what I needed it to, albeit a bit slower than I hoped for. But for the price I paid, it was a good value. I would not buy it for anything over what I paid though as then you get into much better (and faster) solutions.

No Title Available

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good USB Drive - Recommended!, 5 Jan. 2012
Bought this USB flash drive just to provide another layer of protection on our family photos beyond the Time Capsule and other backup methods. So far, it hasn't disappointed.

- cost - seems like a decent deal for what you get
- capacity, 32GB is a great size, though I'm starting to want something bigger

- not fast, but not too slow either - if I was to write/read from this constantly, I would probably be more concerned about the speed, but I don't - I backup to it monthly and just let it run
- silicone protector rather than a cap - I'm not a fan of the silicone sleeve protector thing, not sure really why, but it just doesn't seem to add any value to me (then again, maybe it is the lack of a "cool" factor) - would like to have a cap that adds protection during storage

- replace the silicone sleeve with a cap
- make these in a bigger size (64GB) for hopefully less than twice the cost

Overall, its a good flash drive and meets my rather modest expectations. I can't complain about the performance or the cost, so it was a good value to me, but you might want to keep an eye out for a sale or potentially other products that will become cheaper or have more storage capacity.

Arkon Folding Tablet Stand for iPad Air iPad mini iPad and Android Tablet PC
Arkon Folding Tablet Stand for iPad Air iPad mini iPad and Android Tablet PC
Offered by Navitech Official UK Store Ltd
Price: £10.49

63 of 63 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Confessions of an iAccessory Addict, 5 Jan. 2012
I love this stand! I have an Defender case on my iPad and basically tossed aside the provided stand in favor of the Arkon Portable.

- slim design that fits easily in bags and pockets when folded up
- seemingly unlimited viewing angles - this was the real reason I wanted it as most stands have 2 or maybe 3 viewing angles, most of which left a glare on the iPad screen in my office - not the Arkon!
- holds the iPad or other tablets in portrait or landscape
- well built - the rubberized coatings on the bottom, the back, and the notches ensures that your prized possession won't fall out or move around
- joints feel well constructed, though I haven't put them through heavy use so far from repeated fold up/down
- lightweight - I still amaze at the sturdiness given the weight of this thing - how'd they do that?
- attractive design - even without the iPad on it, it has that "techie" feel and has driven several people to comment on/ask about it when they spy it on my desk

- none so far

- make one for the iPhone please!
- would be great to have a place to attach a stylus

This is a great product and I would highly recommend this to anyone with a tablet.
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OtterBox Defender Case for iTouch 4G - Black
OtterBox Defender Case for iTouch 4G - Black

4.0 out of 5 stars Confessions of an iAccessory Addict, 5 Jan. 2012
This is the 6th Otterbox Defender product that I have owned -- naturally I am pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone that values safety of your device.

- feels secure, if you were to drop the iPod Touch from less than 6 feet, I would bet that it would survive with no issues - however, I'm not about to try it, but good to know that if I did the protection is there
- rubberized outside provides a nice grip - personally the iPod without a case looks very nice but doesn't feel right in my hands as I'm afraid of having it slip out
- weight and bulk - this could be a drawback for some, but I like that the Defender adds some heft to this - not only does it feel secure, but it molds to my hand and feels "right"
- built in screen protector - worth it for almost this alone - I hate using Apple products without a screen protector, so having this built-in is very nice
- is easy to clean the screen protector
- looks very stylish
- easy access to the 32-pin connector
- easy access to the headphones jack

- the rubberized outside at the top tends to "ride up" over the forward camera and the light sensor holes - makes me wonder if over time the rubberized outside will start to pull apart from the plastic frame and catch on things - could be a problem - the iPhone 4 case doesn't have this issue as plastic covers those areas - why couldn't it be designed like that?
- the rubber cover for the headphone jack is horrible to try to keep plugged in - again, the iPhone 4 case handles this well, whereas the iPod Touch case is clunky
- price - for the same amount, I got the iPhone 4 Defender with a belt clip, but the iPod Touch had no such clip - plus I don't think this is as well designed - that disappointed me a bit, but didn't stop me from buying 3 of them in total

- take some design clues from the iPhone 4 Defender and cover more of the front face with plastic, especially around the camera and light sensor
- do the same type of redesign down by the headphone jack - maybe a plastic frame mount between the 32-pin connecter flat and the headphone flap to help stabilize - my kids can never get it shut and it will likely get ripped off at some point

Overall though, I recommend this product. Would feel a bit better recommending it for 20-25% cheaper than what is currently sells for.

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