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Spook Squad (PsyCop Book 7)
Spook Squad (PsyCop Book 7)
Price: 4.18

3.0 out of 5 stars Disappointing, 30 Sep 2013
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I am a huge fan of Jordan Castillo Price, and I have 'grown' with the Psycop series just like any other fan. The technical aspect such as the writing is flawless. The story moved seamlessly from GhostTV and the setting and world-building was rich, diverse and exactly what I expect of this talented author.

The characters disappointed me and the main characters weren't even at their own show. This story was about Lisa and Con - and I felt cheated by that. The whole series introduces us to all these wonderful characters, and I may not like them all but I think the author managed to balance it very well in the past. This time around Vic became a different person who seemed to regress into his earlier days with his drug habit. Jacob may as well not have been in this book - as much of a show he made in this book.

The story was poor at heart and the tension of how GhostTV ended just seemed to evaporate in Spook Squad. In essence the book was pointless in my eyes. It was readable but it was the writer's technical skills as opposed to me enjoying the book. I know this isn't a romance only and that is fine, but after seven books I just don't see any justice being done to Jacob and Jacob and Vic. I read Vic in this book and he seemed to have more passion for Lisa than Jacob. Vic and his relationship with Lisa was unhealthy and weird, no matter what she went through in GhosTV.

Yes, the author threw in a little heart-warming scene at the end for Jacob and Vic, but it's been done before and I want to know more about Jacob's 'power' and the connection he shares with Vic in the psychic realm too.

I was left frustrated with this book and I sense only a handful of us feel this way.

Eating Out 3[DVD] [2009]
Eating Out 3[DVD] [2009]
Dvd ~ Rebekah Kochan
Offered by Gayfilmlover
Price: 7.79

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1.0 out of 5 stars Oh no., 27 Feb 2010
This review is from: Eating Out 3[DVD] [2009] (DVD)
The day gay cinema takes itself a tad more serious, that's the day we'll be done with stereotypes and get some good quality films. Now, now don't call me bitter and having no sense of fun. You can make a good comedy without being idiotic about it at the same time. I personally despise sexual humour ala "American Pie" ~'s not funny. Sorry kids it's not. If you still laugh at hearing the words "penis" and "boobs" you must be ten.

Eating Out #1 should have never been made in the first place, but we can forgive that - but two movies after that disaster is laughable. The plot for this movie is as follows: Casey is the new boy in town, and he ends up lusting after Zack the SUPER-DUPER HOT man. Tiffani whose the usual "fag-hag" and repulsive female character who does nothing but have sex, helps the "nerdy" Casey out by making a fake profile online with her ex-boyfriends picture. Zack is immediately smitten with the "supposed" Casey and of course drama ensues. So basically we learn that the gay boys all need a fag-hag, the straight characters are all sex fiends, and all gay men prowl online for hook-ups and act like preening freaks. Oh wow, and here I thought gays were trying to be taken serious. The only good thing this movie offers is nice kissing scenes, between men who actually like men. Very hot, and very natural. But save yourself the pounds and go by "Shelter" and hopefully these silly movies will cease to exist.

Caught Running
Caught Running
by Madeleine Urban
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Too sloppy..., 6 Feb 2008
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Caught Running (Paperback)
This is the usual "jock" falls for the "nerd" story. I'm very fond of those, maybe it's something to do with She's All That but I find the theme both charming and alluring (if done right). Now I'm a sports nut, meaning I like my football, hockey, basketball etc. Hell I can even stomach American football. But baseball is the one sport that makes me roll my eyes (Jesus it's rounders). So the fact this book was heavily surrounded by the theme of baseball, literally bored me to tears.

So the story is about two teachers, both teaching at the high school they attended as students. Jake was the "jock" and Brandon was the so-called "nerd". One good things the authors did do, was they didn't make Brandon out to be the skinny geek. Throughout the story, the authors made sure they mentioned that Brandon was just as manly as Jake (in regards to physical shape). So they got a point there.

However, the story started off very slowly and it didn't help when the story was filled with typos either. Concentration is not spelled with an "s" and for is not spelled "fir". The publisher is small, but as a business you cannot get away with obvious mistakes. As a paying customer, I do not want to see your editors sloppy mistakes. If these editors are working for free, you need to buckle up and pay someone whose job is along those lines. Run a business, like a business.

The story in itself wasn't so bad, once the characters starting merging together. Brandon and Jake together were cute, but the writing was very fan-fiction like. Both men didn't really have any arguments or anything angst worthy, but I can forgive because their relationship was something like 7 weeks (so really how much can you argue?). In the end was book was alright, the typos annoyed me, and the story was decent enough. But if I were given the chance, I'd return the book. It was still very under-par in both writing and characterisation.

However the characters of Troy (Jake's best friend) and Jonathan (assistant coach) were both very adorable. If the authors ever want to write a story about these two, I'd be more than happy to read it. As long as they structure their story more, polish up their plot and stop being cheesy. Though the authors claim that these two guys are "straight" - I don't know, but these two scream queer to me.

Since amazon has listed the publisher "unknown" the publisher is Dreamspinner Press.

Heaven Sent: Heaven and Purgatory
Heaven Sent: Heaven and Purgatory
by Jet Mykles
Edition: Paperback
Price: 8.48

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fun and Enjoyable!, 5 Jan 2008
Heaven - Book One

Desperate to save his family's hotel, Tyler sinks his hopes and what's left of his money into a new venture: a nightclub at the hotel. Everything rides on The White Room's success, without it the hotel will go under. Tyler's nervous, but Lady Luck smiles on him, in the form of mega-popular rock band Heaven Sent signing on to play at the club.

Tyler's a huge fan of the group, but even so, he's not prepared at all to come face-to-face with the painfully gorgeous lead singer, Johnnie Heaven. But, the bomb that goes off in his brain can't be lust. Sure, Johnnie's probably the most beautiful person he's ever seen, but Tyler is straight. It has to be a misguided form of hero worship that he's feeling, has to.

When Johnnie leans that Tyler shares his obsession with video games, he invites Tyler to his room to play. Of course, Tyler jumps at the chance. Who wouldn't snap up the opportunity to spend time with his idol? He and Johnnie have a great time together, but Tyler soon discovers that Johnnie aims to introduce Tyler to a whole new level of game play.

Purgatory - Book Two

Tall and sleek with gorgeous red hair and deep, dark eyes to drown in, it's no wonder that famous bass player, Lucas Sloane, stars in so many dewy-eyed teenager's dreams.

Reese used to be one of those teens - back when Heaven Sent was the house band for the local club, Purgatory. Back then, it was easy to get to know Luc, even become friends with him. But he took it too far, worked up the courage to confess his love to Luc...only to be soundly rejected.

Now, six years later, Luc's back in town for a visit and more gorgeous than ever. Much to Reese's surprise, Luc not only apologizes for the way he treated Reese, he also comes onto him! Seems Luc's discovered the pleasures of being with a man and wants to know what it'd be like between the two of them.

But Reese can't. He just can't. He lives the straight and narrow. He teaches high school math. He's got a girlfriend. A normal life. He can't be gay. Of course, it's really very hard to deny the man who defines beautiful to Reese's artistic mind.

The paperback includes two stories from the five-piece series. The Heaven Sent series, is the first series I read by the author, and I can truly say she has created some wonderful story lines and amazing characters. The writing is nothing amazing, it's simple and not poetic or all that creative. Yet the author shows us some great characters, who leap of the pages. Naturally a fan of band stories, this was a great read for me. I bought all the books as e-book and I have also bought this book in paperback format. That is enough to show, how much I adore this series.

Just a lot of fun and pure enjoyable.

Boy Culture [2006] [DVD]
Boy Culture [2006] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Derek Magyar
Offered by Gayfilmlover
Price: 4.79

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3.0 out of 5 stars Interesting and Watchable., 4 Sep 2007
This review is from: Boy Culture [2006] [DVD] (DVD)
Boy Culture is actually smart and somewhat entertaining movie. It's a low budget movie; I personally think with the right funds and some more script tweaking it could have been better, but I don't think we ask that from gay-themed movies. Not if 'Another Gay Movie' is anything to go by.

The movie is centered around X who documenting his life. It's really an interesting concept, and for once a movie from TLA actually uses some originality. He's a highly paid male escort, who only caters to the need of a certain list of clients. Funny thing is X didn't mean to go and fall for his roommate.

It's all very non interesting when written down, but the acting wasn't horrendous and have to admit Derek Magyar did a good job. His acting with the some okay writing might have saved this film, for being another 'do not watch' gay-themed movie.

The movie is based on the book written by Matthew Rettenmund.

Looking for It
Looking for It
by Michael Thomas Ford
Edition: Hardcover

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Another gripping and honest story from Ford, 4 Sep 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Looking for It (Hardcover)
Looking For It; is a complex and stunningly penned novel by Michael Ford. After reading `Last Summer' I jumped at the chance to buy and read his other novels.

The story is centred around some prime characters: A barman who listens to everyone's problems - but no one listens to his. A priest who finally realises that God may not be enough. A homophobic young man who can't admit he's gay. The golden couple, whose lives are far from perfect. An old queen whose trying to grasp life without his dead husband. A fun loving man who really just wants someone to love him. An accountant whose afraid that being gay will disappoint his family.

All these characters are rich with personality and emotion. They all have a reason to be in the story. Ford has a way with creating fantastic characters and even better stories.

There are certain scenes that I found disturbing; but these scenes I found both upsetting and amazing. It shows you the writer has done his job in getting a response out of me. His scenes were so vivid and real. I felt the emotions of all the characters and for that I was immensely thankful for.

The downsides of the book? I felt some chapters (near the beginning) were long winded at times. I also felt that some characters didn't get enough "limelight." But other than those two points, I found this book interesting and thrilling, both rich in story telling and writing.

The Walk
The Walk
Offered by EliteDigital UK
Price: 12.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars All Grown Up!, 21 April 2007
This review is from: The Walk (Audio CD)
These men are talented.

Seeing them live and listening to this album has just made me realise what a great bunch of musicians they really are. "The Walk" does not disappoint, the songs are closer to the genre of 'indie' than 'rock-pop' in *my* opinion. All the songs are well written and the music ranges from fast to slow. This album is a mixture of the talents of all three brothers, and in the end they have produced a great album that deserves all its rewards.

Hanson fan? Buy. Not? You'll still enjoy and appreciate this album.

by Tory Temple
Edition: Paperback
Price: 9.21

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5.0 out of 5 stars A great read!, 2 April 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Fireline (Paperback)
from The sparks fly when Chance and Tucker meet in Heat, but flames catch in Flashover. These two guys are too hot to handle. Chance thinks he's got a pretty good life. He loves his job as a fireman, he's got an ocean view, and he has a great bunch of friends. He figures there's not much reason to change until he meets Tucker, a paramedic who works his shift. Tucker might even be worth breaking the don't ask, don't tell policy at work, might just be worth coming out for. Trouble threatens to tear the two apart, though, when Chance is injured, which takes a toll on all of his relationships, most importantly the one he had developed with Tucker. In fact, it shatters everything they've worked so hard for. Can Chance and Tucker rebuild their lives, coming back together to be better than ever? Then, in Flashover, the boys from Heat are back! When a family tragedy forces Tucker to return to Kentucky to wait out the probate on the old homestead, he and Chance are separated for a while. Chance has been promoted to Captain, and can't leave his job for long, putting strain on his relationship. Even when they can find time to be together they have to face adversity from the locals, problems in their own personal lives, and even the weather as they try to get the farm settled enough to leave it behind. Can Chance and Tucker keep it together even when the fire burns high enough to flash over their heads?


My review : Loved, loved this bumper edition. I've always had an interest in gay firemen. Well who wouldn't? This book was written wonderfully, the author really puts together a simple idea and makes it complex and heart-pounding. The characters are great, the emotions they deal with and how they come together is just great. I'm pleased that the author is planning to continue this series - and so she should, she has truly written a wonderful piece.

by Chris Owen
Edition: Paperback
Price: 11.99

13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I couldn't love this story more even if I tried!, 30 Jan 2007
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Bareback (Paperback)
I've been on a hunt for great gay themed books. We can all admit that those are hard to find just like gay movies (don't ask me why). Now the title of this book for me is laughable. Its not something one would pick and up and say this looks great. But don't be fooled. Chris Owens is a fantastic writer and has written a beautiful book. I read the whole 300+ page book in 24 hours.

The characters are modern day cowboys (if that makes sense). So you don't need to be "saddled" down with redneck American English. The characters Jake and Tornado are beautiful, heartbreaking and real. Unlike some authors they tend to steer away from writing gay sex - but not Chris Owens. The writing is beautiful and so very hot.

Its a beautiful story and I can't reccommend this enough. Its a heart gripping story and the best news of 2007 is that Mr.Owens has released the sequel after 4 years after publishing "Bareback" called "Natural Disaster", the book is only available at [...] at the moment.

Buy this book if you're looking for great writing and story telling, with beautiful characters.

[Jake Taggart's life was almost perfect--he'd worked hard to overcome his past, and he loved his job as foreman on a ranch in Arkansas. The only thorn in his side was a dark eyed cowboy named Tornado whose stubborn attitude brought frustration and confusion to Jake's mostly happy existence.

A late spring rainstorm brings out hidden passions and unleashes a chain of events neither of them expected--and eventually brings about events that threaten to destroy them and what they worked to create. Strong wills and forceful personalities make for intense encounters....but is it enough to keep love alive? ]

The Magic in Your Touch
The Magic in Your Touch
by Sara Bell
Edition: Paperback
Price: 10.40

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Read Better - But still readable, 14 May 2006
It may be just me, but this story was just a tad too romantic and mushy for me. The investigation part of 'who is the murderer' was done well, but who it actually was just made me roll my eyes. However the two main leads were very lovely, and the family was great in their wacky ways.

I still can't get passed why a 28 year old male would called his dad, "daddy" - that just irked me beyond belief. There are some things a person - a MAN would just not say, and it was really distressing to read at times.

It's good for one time read. Other than that. No.

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