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Design Your Garden
Design Your Garden
by Diarmuid Gavin
Edition: Hardcover

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4.0 out of 5 stars A great way to see possibility and potential, 20 April 2014
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This review is from: Design Your Garden (Hardcover)
Excellent at guiding the uninitiated through the design process, this book walks you through a lavish and inspiring pictorial journey from your aspirations to the possible. I like the way it avoids the dry, academic approach of some books on the subject but instead takes a broad-brush-stroke approach to using dramatic shape and form to transform the dullest plot into something of beauty and abundance. The pictures are far more appealing than almost anything I've seen on any professional garden designers' websites!

Its main shortcoming is a complete side-stepping of how one might actually accomplish the designs in practice - surprisingly there's hardly even a mention of plant selection - with the danger of making things look a lot more doable and affordable than they almost certainly are.

While I love the designs in this book, for my money Mr Titchmarsh's books strike a better balance between the dream and the practicality.

Book2 English - Slovak For Beginners: A Book In 2 Languages
Book2 English - Slovak For Beginners: A Book In 2 Languages
by Johannes Schumann
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.99

2.0 out of 5 stars Be aware of what you're getting - this book is just one half of a basic phrasebook, NOT a course, 20 April 2014
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If you're considering buying this book you should be warned that it's not a language course. There are no lessons or exercises. No sample conversations or texts. You'll probably glean some basic vocabulary, but there are no vocab lists. There is no explanation of grammar, no declension of verbs, nothing about cases. Nothing to teach you how to construct your own sentences, nothing to build a picture of how this language hangs together, what makes it tick.

What you are getting is one hundred sparsely-printed pages translating simple English phrases into Slovak. That's it. That's the lot. . Nothing the other way round (Slovak->Englsh) either. It's like having a rather rudimentary phrase book - or rather, one half of one - and as such it is seriously not cheap. Incredibly, the author hasn't even gone to the trouble of telling you how to pronounce anything.

The only thing in its defence is that the phrases chosen are clear and progressive, so they do present a non-scary entry point into a language that can seem daunting to western Europeans. But really, that's where it stops. If you're looking for something to get you conversant with the language, to help you truly read, write and understand it, this isn't it.

OK, the book doesn't claim to be a language course. If it did, it would be misrepresenting itself. If you were expecting that it might be a course anyway - it isn't. Be aware of what you are actually getting.

T-Mobile Mobile Broadband USB Dongle + Sim Card
T-Mobile Mobile Broadband USB Dongle + Sim Card

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1.0 out of 5 stars Do not let this software anywhere near your computer, 8 April 2010
It's almost impossible to get a signal on this thing on any train journey - not sure whethr that's the device or the T-Mobile network - but anyhow by contrast my O2 mobile works 80-90% of the time.
But the real disaster is the software. After about 2 days it started disappearing a couple of seconds after starting it so I couldn't use the dongle. Unfortunately the Uninstall option doesn't work which means it refuses to reinstall and the Repair option doesn't seem to do anything. The whole thing now just complains that files are missing, while leaving lots of crap lying around. No number of reboots makes any difference.

I have checked the ZTE website (the equally unpromising site you get diverted to) and as far as I can see I have the latest version. I'm on the latest updates to Windows too.

I now have a load of crap on my laptop and in my registry which doesn't work and which I'm going to have to try to get rid of manually (getting rid of it from Control Panel doesn't work either, presumably hooks into the same utilities. I haven't seen software this bad for some years now. It shouldn't be let anywhere near a computer.

I simply don't have any more time on to waste on this at the moment and am going to have to throw the whole lot in the bin.
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