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Kevin 'bloody' Wilson: Live [DVD]
Kevin 'bloody' Wilson: Live [DVD]
Dvd ~ Kevin Bloody Wilson
Price: £7.00

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2.0 out of 5 stars Kevin Wasted., 30 Mar. 2005
I'm not a big fan of Kevin, but I've heard a lot of his more obscene songs, and consider them classics. At least some of them were performed on this DVD, but not enough, and he frequently interrupted or stopped the songs, which was annoying.
Frankly, he isn't much of a stand-up, and only shines when he's singing. But even this isn't fantastic: his songs all sound roughly the same, and save for side-splitters like "Manuel the Bandito" and "Hey Santa Claus," he's rarely singing about anything remotely amusing. Two songs are devoted to a particularly rude word, and the stunningly dull "Dilligaf" revolves around how much he doesn't care about anything. All very funny when you're drunk, but how old are we?
He babbles on about "leaving political correctness at the door," which would be fine if he had some sort of point to bring across. But he tends to be a stereotypically rude little folk singer, adding nothing to what are already crude and basic songs. Worse, a lot of what I presume is "new" material is even weaker than the old, cramming in longer verses and more curses. It's all very rude, but it's not very funny. You also get the real impression that, if the audience wasn't drunk, they wouldn't be cheering.
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Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Two Disc Ultimate Edition) [DVD] [1991]
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Two Disc Ultimate Edition) [DVD] [1991]
Dvd ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Offered by HalfpriceDVDS_FBA
Price: £8.28

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4.0 out of 5 stars Cameron's finest, 25 Feb. 2005
Where The Terminator offered a dark, paranoid techno-fantasy, Terminator 2 is an all-out action movie. But that doesn't mean it's ever outright stupid or embarrassing to watch. Cameron directs with finesse, employing slow motion perfectly in my favourite scene (the two Terminators face off in a corridor).
One big quibble I have, though, is the lack of the theatrical cut. Okay, so Aliens worked with a special edition (which I also did not prefer to the original), but Terminator 2 has a pacing problem with all the extra material. The sequence in Mexico is interminably long, as the T1000 presumably twiddles his thumbs in the city. Also, there are too many "human" touches to Arnold's character - although funny and endearing, it certainly ruins the high drama of it all. Although he's still a lovable character, and can get away with saying "I need a vacation" if he likes.
Robert Patrick is terrifying as the T1000, Linda Hamilton (contrary to criticism, I think) embodies complete psychopathy and paranoia, and Edward Furlong isn't all that annoying. He is just a kid, remember.
A classic, but I found the endless video clips a pain to navigate (why not have the option to watch them all at once?) and this single, overlong version of the film is hardly "Ultimate" at all.

The Godfather: The Lost Years
The Godfather: The Lost Years
by Mark Winegardner
Edition: Hardcover

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2.0 out of 5 stars Tedious., 18 Jan. 2005
I never thought I'd look at 1/2 star reviews, and feel comforted that I wasn't the only one. The Lost Years answers one or two trivial questions (how did Clemenza die? How was Fredo tempted to treachory? What happened to Tessio?) left by the original novel and film. And it does so in the same style as Puzo, with narration that dips into the characters' thoughts quickly, cleverly.
But quite simply, there's barely anything going on throughout. We have to endure Fredo's disgusting love life, some tedious errands for Tom Hagen, and - who cares? - the marital difficulties of Francesca Corleone, daughter of Sonny. The blurb promises a "cold war" between Michael and Nick Geraci. I do not exagerrate when I say, 19 chapters of this book elapse before Geraci even recognises Michael as an enemy. His "war," his "plan," consists of one "move," that cheatingly affects something we've already seen in The Godfather part II. Only three words spring to mind: "Was that it?"
The characters act normally, but have nothing to do. And like Puzo, Mark Winegardner focuses on too many characters that matter too little. There are no scenes of iconic violence, all too much detailed sex (do we really need to know where large-nosed Louie "The Face" Russo got his name?), and far too little of anything that made The Godfather work.
Throughout reading, I was worried this would boil down to the excited-but-pointless realm of fan-fiction. It is even less.

Alien Vs Predator (2 Disc Extreme Edition) [2004] [DVD]
Alien Vs Predator (2 Disc Extreme Edition) [2004] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sanaa Lathan
Price: £2.75

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1.0 out of 5 stars Stop letting Paul Anderson direct., 1 Jan. 2005
Spoilers ahead, but you can guess most of them.
Were we watching the same movie? Alien Vs. Predator (AVP) is the kind of fan-born idea that really, you can't do wrong. Surely it involves having Aliens fight Predators, and shoot the result. Surely, it's as simple as that.
Director Paul W. S. Anderson still messes it up, shooting the fights blurrily in close-up, so it's hard to tell (or care) what's actually going on. The human characters are, of course, dispensible Alien-fodder, but they could have tried a little harder. Within two minutes, you know who will survive until the end, and who will get killed (the moment they talk of the families they miss, they're doomed). This is a script by and for idiots, filled with cardboard characters. Okay, we're only here for the fights, but it would be nice to be scared. And how can we be, if we don't care about the people dying?
The effects are alright, but the Predators are too short (Kevin Peter Hall, the original, was 8 feet tall in costume) and frequently look fat. The Aliens look okay, but it's easy to pick out what's CGI and what's not.
And what more is there? Obvious hints towards a presumably even dumber sequel abound, and Anderson is so incompetent, even the tagline gets it wrong. Of course, the Aliens are the baddies - the Predators are just very violent heroes. Oh, obviously. Tell that to Arnold Schwarzenneger. Anderson also puts in film-references so obvious, fans will be insulted. "Look! It's like the tunnel scene from Alien! See! It's lit the same! LOOK!" Paul Anderson has the enthusiasm of an 8 year old, and the same filmmaking ability.
A dumb film with one idea, that handles that idea badly. If you enjoyed Alien: Resurrection, and haven't yet received therapy, then you'll love this.

Meeting People Is Easy [DVD] [1998]
Meeting People Is Easy [DVD] [1998]
Dvd ~ Thom Yorke
Price: £11.84

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4.0 out of 5 stars What would people know?, 12 July 2004
As you may recall, OK Computer was quite popular. And quite a few people thought, really, it was rather good.
Obviously this is an understatement, and it's one of the finest albums ever. But Radiohead "didn't think anybody would like it," and certainly weren't prepared for the media onslaught that would follow it. This DVD charts their tour, and explains precisely why Thom Yorke seems so very upset most of the time. Suddenly the band are hounded by inane questions and ceaseless interviews, as if nobody actually wants just to listen to the music any more.
There are other reactions, which drive Yorke equally potty. One live clip shows the disgusted singer looking on, as the crowd sings Creep louder than him. Will people ever get over the band's achievements of old and let them progress?
Then there's the big one - "Radiohead are depressing." We see the infamous reporter watching the No Surprises video, and labelling it "music to cut your wrists to." Utterly failing to understand the kind of pressure Radiohead are under, and how that comes across in their lyrics, it's just a staple example of the people who will simply never get this amazing band.
The rest of the band take most of this in their stride, grinning all the while about how silly it all is. So by the end of the DVD, Yorke's ceaseless unhappiness becomes a little hard to bear (come on, nobody made you do this). But it is easy to empathise with how lost he feels, and the abstract weirdness of Kid A will, soon enough, make perfect sense.
But as a DVD, rather than a long explanation of Radiohead, this is lacking. Only 2 chapters, and only scattered snippets of live songs. Some are tantalising and new - Life In A Glasshouse, I Will - but the only songs we get entirely are Exit Music and Pearly. Still, being stubborn and off-the-wall is what Radiohead do, so this isn't much of a surprise.
It's an oddly sombre film, and Fitter Happier will probably make more sense having seen it. But their fans will still be left wanting for what they refuse to release - a proper Live DVD. We can but wait.
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Thing From Another World [DVD] [1951] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Thing From Another World [DVD] [1951] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
Dvd ~ Kenneth Tobey
Offered by supermart_usa
Price: £5.68

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1.0 out of 5 stars Attack of the lumbering vegetable., 6 July 2004
It's just not fair to look at an old B-Movie and say it's rubbish due to special effects, or music, or anything where the bar has simply raised over the years. But looking at The Thing even as a campy horror, it's just an absolute failure. Oh, where to begin.
The creature itself is a tall chap with a slightly large head and claws. That's it. He drains blood, which he needs to survive, being the descendant of evil alien vegetables. No, really. And if our heroes aren't careful, he'll slowly lumber towards them, and probably be some kind of threat. The fact that he's a completely unconvincing "alien" is only worsened by the sheer absence of threat in the direction - even with the monster trapped in a room, or roaming outside, waiting to kill them, our characters laugh and chat as normal. They get along perfectly normally, even with two of their number dead. These are very normal all-American stereotypes, constantly talking over eachother in a hurried, tedious manner. And it is impossible to care about, or remember the name of, any one of them.
Yes, this is only a B-Movie, and yes, it's now 53 years old. But that doesn't stop the fact that near enough nothing actually happens, and the creature (which is about as scary as the carrots it's frequently compared to) is defeated pretty much in one fell swoop. Utterly cheap, ridiculous and, barring obvious unintentional comedy value, boring as hell.
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Join Me: The True Story of a Man Who Started a Cult by Accident
Join Me: The True Story of a Man Who Started a Cult by Accident
by Danny Wallace
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.74

30 of 31 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Murder: Let's nip it in the bud!, 2 July 2004
It appears I have actually been living in a cave, because the oddly successful Join Me campaign passed me by entirely in 2002 (and onwards). And also, I did read Are You Dave Gorman before this. That book was pointless, yet life-affirming - and it had something important to say about friendship, and being nice to people. Nothing you could quite pin down, though.
Danny Wallace's first solo book, detailing his quest to get 1000 people to "Join him", is hilarious. Like Are You Dave Gorman, it's occasionally a little convenient and hard-to-believe at best. But life imitates art, and strange things really do happen.
Also, unlike said novel, Join Me has a definite message, and Danny's collective isn't a "bored man's experiment" at all. It merely started as one. It's basically a religion, minus all the trappings of sermons and scripture, with just a single aim: make people happy by being nice to them. It's starkly simple stuff, and the sense throughout the novel that Danny truly doesn't see the scale of what he's done is rather humbling. Hundreds join him out of sheer curiosity and trust. Hundreds do good deeds, finally feeling they have the excuse and right to. After reading this, you'll be truly hard-pressed not to sign up.
If anything, the book makes the human race seem a warmer, more lovable breed than before. An absolutely touching, sweet (and more importantly), funny story.

The Elephant Man [DVD]
The Elephant Man [DVD]
Dvd ~ Anthony Hopkins
Offered by Moviemaniauk
Price: £7.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars Lynch's best film, 11 Jun. 2004
This review is from: The Elephant Man [DVD] (DVD)
You'd think David Lynch, a director known for visual metaphors and truly offbeat films (Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks) would be a bad choice for this, a film with a subject matter every bit as importantly horrific as Schindler's List. But he handles the film superbly, which is shot, lit and edited very much like the black and white classics that came before it. At its best, The Elephant Man is truly difficult to watch, and there are moments of such inhuman cruelty (all exhibited by those around the title character, of course, and never by him) that your stomach might turn. Tears will well up on occasion, largely due to John Hurt's beautifully gentle John Merrick. It's the performance of his life, despite great mounds of makeup. His grotesque appearance is handled with just as much humanity as macabre, and the fact that Merrick is a more remarkable human being than any who surround him is probably one of Lynch's beloved metaphors. Anthony Hopkins supports with sheer dignity, and his dumbstruck, tearful reaction to Merrick's deformity is powerful. A good man among wicked and evil characters (Merrick's "owner" is such a detestably vile creature, he will earn hisses and boos from viewers), Hopkins' turn here is also one of his finest.
The production is very subtle, and as I said, looks very much like it was made in the 1940s. That's not to say it's ever drab or boring - more realistic, and the moments of beauty or horror are greatly enhanced by the music. The use at the end of Adagio for Strings is surely enough to move anyone to tears.
And, this being a David Lynch film, there are some interjections of visual invention. Largely dream-sequences (and the very bizarre opening), these are arguably intrusive - Lynch getting up to his old tricks just to indulge himself. This is, after all, a film based in fact, and you'd think that with a freak-show theme and one of the most remarkable men who ever lived, this would be "exotic" enough. Still, it could be read as building Merrick's other-wordliness. Personally though, I think it gets in the way a little.
The overall effect of the film is utterly unique, whatever you think of Lynch's direction. Utterly compelling, yet almost unbearable to behold, this is a film impossible to lump into categories. A tear-jerker, a horror of human cruelty, a tale of understanding... whatever you label it, it remains a truly astonishing film, Lynch's finest, and one of the most underrated pieces of cinema ever produced.

Room On Fire
Room On Fire
Offered by Direct Entertainment UK
Price: £4.54

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3.0 out of 5 stars "I wanna be forgotten." Hope not., 22 April 2004
This review is from: Room On Fire (Audio CD)
Is This It caused quite a stir. Quite a huge critic-collecting stiractually, and The Strokes were hailed as the saviors of rock and roll. Bysome, anyway. I liked the album - who wouldn't, with bouncy music likethat - but didn't think it was particularly monumental. And Room On Fireis really not a giant leap in any directions either. It is, however, verygood indeed.
The obligatory heroic guitar songs - Reptilia, You Talk Way Too Much - areawesome, and the breezy lead single (12:51) with its slightly fuzzy vocalsand muted keyboard, is absolutely wonderful, almost capturing theclaustrophobic wonder of Is This It's title-track. And there are moments,here and there, of absolute musical beauty. Check out the lovelymid-guitar of The End Has No End.
Trouble is, while most of these songs sound the same, a lot of them aredead ringers for what was on their debut. The drumming is still impeccablytight and pop-timed, the guitars still jangle with that mental image ofsummer in the air, and the singing is still drawly, laid-back and cool.Rather worryingly, it doesn't seem like the band have anything else uptheir sleeve. Rumours of producer Nigel Godrich pitching in were sadlydispelled, which is a pity, as a hint of Radiohead's wit might haveelevated The Strokes' second effort to note-worthy status. As it is, amildly tinkered repeat of album #1, it's a stopgap. Worth it for fans andpeople who don't quibble over "musical influences" and "originality," thatis, so a very good stopgap.

So Much For The City
So Much For The City
Offered by Direct-Offers-UK-FBA
Price: £1.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars Of all the band-names..., 22 April 2004
This review is from: So Much For The City (Audio CD)
Santa Cruz. One of the loveliest summer songs I've ever heard, it gentlybreezes into a lightly energetic chorus, and then back to woozy, sweetpop. It was great, but unfortunately The Thrills' debut album is basicallymore of the same.
Now and again, the whole breezy, banjo-aided pop thing works. Big Sur, SayIt Ain't So and Don't Steal Our Sun are adorable single-stuff taken ontheir own. But mushed together, with occasional slow-tempo guff likeHollywood Kids, the whole thing sounds incredibly monotonous and dull.Conor Deasy's sleepy vocals even start to grate, as you just will the guyto put some energy into what he's doing.
And then we have the whole "musical influences" issue, which I'd overlookif the music sounded any more interesting. The Thrills are deeply obsessedwith America, with its bright beaches and glitzy thrills. Trouble is, odesto the country here and there and a general attempt at sounding likeAmericana in every song, they sound utterly phony, without an idea or noteof their own. They're Irish, by the way, not that you'd ever notice. Maybeit's okay to have an Irish band going doolally over the US for an album,but if we had a pack of Americans singing about their love for the EmeraldIsles, people would get suspicious, wouldn't they?
It doesn't amount to much, and gets pretty dull and samey whilst you're onyour first listen. Get one or two of the singles, but avoid this moreexpensive alternative - it really doesn't get any better than what you'vealready heard.

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