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Windows 8.1 Pro (PC Download licence key)
Windows 8.1 Pro (PC Download licence key)

5.0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT, but updates due..., 16 Dec. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Review may be updated

the email with the licence key and download link arrived within 2 hours which is a great start, given that it states up to 24 hours

The product key worked first time with no problems.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PC)
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PC)
Offered by BellaLuna
Price: £30.95

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2.0 out of 5 stars At least It's Not As Bad as Dark Souls, Worst Shooter I Have Ever Played, 26 Nov. 2014
THIS! This is what people buy every year? I don't jump on bandwagons, if you don't like it, don't buy it, but now i can completely see why this God-Awful franchise gets so much hate! It's awful!
All i'm going to say about the single player is that if you know what a Call of Duty campaign is then it is that with a double jump...sometimes...

Multiplayer is a chaotic mindless mess with no strategy or tactics, that was how i started when i played but i soon found that the best way to play this game was to switch off your brain and just run around sprinting as much as possible and hope that you see the enemy before they see you otherwise you may as well not bother and just wait to respawn and do this over and over again.
that's all multiplayer is and that's all there is too it.
The time to kill is ridiculously low and it sucks any thought out of the game, it's the worst shooter i have ever played and this is compounded by the lack of dedicated servers which have led to me killing and being killed by players in completely unfair ways.
Don't bother with this braindead crap, it is a cancer in this industry and i hope this franchise dies and it's fanbase with it, the only good thing i can say is that it is, apart from the lack of dedicated servers, a solid PC port that looks and performs well and i recommend TotalBiscuits WTF video on this game if you want more information on the specifics.
As least it's not as bad as Dark Souls...
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Far Cry 4  [Download]
Far Cry 4 [Download]
Price: £39.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars An Excellent game, but a lacking PC port and technical issues hold it back a lot., 18 Nov. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Downloaded and installed in approximately 2 hours.

My Rig:
Windows 8.1
GTX 780 Gigabyte Windforce OC
16 GB RAM@1600mhz

As A PC Port:
Graphically it's great just as good as it's predecessor which was a great benchmark for a gaming PC, but sadly it clearly has not been properly optimised and keeping it at 60 FPS and 1080p requires playing it on low settings and even then it flickers below now and then, especially when driving or sprinting. As you can see my PC beats the recommended requirements so it is clearly the game. It's certainly playable and acceptable but it's like Watch_Dogs, a good game but the technical aspects piss me off a lot, especially when FarCry 3 ran and looked so good and Ubisoft has failed to replicate that with two AAA's now. I would warn against playing this game on a weaker rig on mine and i would strongly recommend that you watch the PC performance report on tech of tommorrows YT channel so that you can see for yourself as well as TotalBiscuits WTF video, he wasn't best pleased either.

The Gameplay:
I love it! It's an excellent game it takes everything that i loved about FarCry 3 and adds in all the stuff you're probably already know about. Yes it is FarCry 3.5 but i am very happy with that because everything they added is great and this will definitely go down as one of my all time favourites. If you've played FarCry 3 and liked it then you will definitely love this too.

Controller Support:
It has built in PS4 and Xbox 360 controller support.

Some Complaints i have:
*Only one save file! No idea why WTF!
*Aim assist switches itself back on every time i start the game, which is minor, but still annoying as i hate auto aim.
*FOV is acceptable, but it certainly doesn't go up to 110 like FC3 did more like 90 but it isn't numbered!!! So i don't know!
*lack of audio options: Master slider and music on or off, that's it.
*Pop-in when you have a long view from a helicopter somewhat spoils the view that would otherwise be beautiful if all the details and objects were always onscreen and didn't just pop in as you fly around.

I want to give this game a higher rating, but due to the technical issues and lack of performance optimisation i won't.

Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Steelbook ( Exclusive) (PC DVD)
Alien: Isolation - Nostromo Steelbook ( Exclusive) (PC DVD)

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1.0 out of 5 stars FIRST IMPRESSION REVIEW Nothing but hassle, but a lot of potential., 24 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My Rig:
Windows 8.1 64 bit
16GB@1600mhz RAM
GTX 780 Gigabyte Windforce OC
Installed on a HDD

The Bug Report:

First of all the controls, i play with a controller, are slightly sticky and irresponsive, only slightly, but enough to seriously annoy me given that responsive, precise and fully adjustable are a basic standard and really aren't much to ask for.

Secondly, the game has very long load times upwards of 25 seconds where it clearly stalls and isn't loading but is suffering some sort of technical issue and i have no idea why! Also the mouse cursor, as in the style of cursor you'd expect on a desktop, keeps popping into the game! Whenever it damn well pleases! WTF? This happened a lot in my first hour or so but has recently stopped, for now...

Thirdly i've also been suffering the occasional visual glitch where every time a NPC has a revolver and gets killed the gun stays floating in the air.

Fourthly i somehow got stuck between a desk and chair and could not get out! Then the Alien walked in and even he briefly got stuck trying to kill me!

The annoyances and distractions have more of a place in my first impression than anything else i have experienced so far and took away from the memorable moment that should have been my first encounter with the alien, FFS!

I will update and edit this review as appropriate...
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The Evil Within (PC DVD)
The Evil Within (PC DVD)
Price: £9.85

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars AA Survival Horror, not Triple, 14 Oct. 2014
This review is from: The Evil Within (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)
I actually purchased the limited edition version of this game from...GAME.

My Rig:
* Windows 8.1 64 bit
* i7-4770@3.9ghz
* 16GB RAM@1600mhz
* GTX 780 Gigabyte Windforce OC
* Installed on a HDD

Took approximately an hour and a half to download and install, with no problems encountered at all.

This review is based upon one complete play through which took just over 20 hours (and 75 deaths) on the Survival difficulty mode which is the hardest one available at first and 10 hours into the next hardest mode: 'Nightmare', which it is!
There is also a game+ mode where you can now use a machine gun and rocket launcher, awesome! However if you want to play on the harder modes you have to start from scratch.

Bugs and Other Technical issues:

* The letterbox view is either an extremely stupid idea or it is there to reduce the amount going on on screen because the developers are grossly incompetent, either way it's bad. Fortunately due to the beauty of PC gaming there is a fix for this incompetent developer problem and no it is not the incompetent publisher's pathetic and dysfunctional excuse for a solution. Download Flawless widescreen from its website, this completely fixes the problem and allows you to increase your FOV, credit due to its creator and the Amazoner 'Fbs' for telling me about it, thank you very much. It is now strictly a console peasant problem.
* I tried using matches to burn a zombie that was hanging from the ceiling which i had done successfully a few times before but this time it didn't work and i ended up wasting precious matches on a body that wouldn't burn for no reason at all. Much later in the game this also happened once again with a body on the floor.
* Three times now I have died and respawned at a save point and the audio stopped coming through my headphones and came from my display instead and i had to quit the game and restart it to get it to come back through the headphones again!
* I got briefly stuck in a wall when being chased by Laura! The big multiple limbed, black haired monster you may have seen in some of the trailers. Although i did survive, it was extremely annoying and frustrating to have my first encounter, where you have to run, spoiled by this.
* I got stuck in a corner behind a piece of furniture for over a minute until i somehow worked myself out of it.
* In my current second play through In Chapter 5 i entered a room and the entire screen went blurry for no reason and i know that this is a bug because it did not happen during my previous play through, leaving the room slowly fixed it but it comes straight back every time I enter the room, fortunately it is only a brief period of the game but it is still annoying though.

The Game Play:
The game play is of a similar style to The Last of Us and if you liked that you will most likely enjoy this as well, the gameplay you may have watched that was available prior to release is a very accurate representation of the final product. If you've watched as much of it as you can find then i can honestly say that it is a reliable source for making a purchase decision.

It is a genuine survival horror game, your resources are limited and precious, stealth is important and health and stamina can quickly run out, the slightly annoying and inprecise movement, not aiming, controls and jerky camera were a problem but with the sensitivity adjustments and a lot of trial and error I have significantly reduced the problem. Whilst i am enjoying the game and have consistently played it through on both survival and nightmare mode without wanting to go and play something else it isn't great, just good. Something that has disappointed me is that it is not as open as the original RE games and is far more linear, which i don't like mainly because although resources are scarce and the game goes for the 'don't get scratched and make every shot a headshot' style when the game is very linear you know that you can find what you need somewhere in the area unlike the more open RE games where you had to do a lot more exploration or maybe go to another area that you can handle. It's a good game so far, but after my first play through and now into my second i doubt that this will be truly amazing or memorable like the RE Remake or RE4 sadly.
Despite being linear it is varied and interesting and never repetitive or grinding, there are some excellent sequences, such as the slaughterhouse or the mansion in chapter 9 which you may have seen in the game play footage released prior to the actual game. It is a game which rewards stealth, planning and precision and you will die very quickly if you try to run and gun which I am very happy to see! It does have some full on action sequences but these are few and far between and still require precise and conservative use of ammunition and strategic use of AOE weapons will serve you best.
Based on my progress so far i would say that The Evil Within is a good, genuine survival horror game, but it isn't revolutionary or ground breaking, just good. Yes it does have flaws that should be fixed, but sadly those will not make it the great game it could have been.

The Story Line, Voice Acting and it's Presentation:
The story and voice acting are pretty lame and uninteresting. Were you just to hear the dialogue you would have no idea that the main characters are in a supernatural hellhole filled with monsters, traps and changing, warped environments, it just doesn't fit into the context and i take detective Sebastian Castellanos about as seriously as i take Scooby Doo. It just hasn't gripped me like RE: Code Veronica did and i don't feel any motivation from the storyline to progress, it's up to the gameplay to keep me interested which it has done. It is predictable at the end and has every horror cliché going including the typical annoying cliff hanger ending that pisses me off.

Sound Effects:
These are very good, every sound effect in the game is well done and realistic, from the variety of freaky sounds the zombies and monsters make, to chainsaws, traps, environments and gun sounds, they are all excellent and i cannot think of anything that was off or out of place.

Graphics and Performance:
It is a minimal effort PC port, with few graphics options, i gave up on trying to get 60 FPS as it was too unstable and have gone back to being capped at 30, the supported default, which has actually been okay.
The graphics are very good and consistent with both good looking environments and character models, i have absolutely no idea what some of the complaints are about, it does suffer from some pop-in both in game and cut scenes, not excessively, but it can be annoying and distracting which is my one and only complaint about the graphics.
The load times are very quick, never taking more than 5 seconds.

Controller Support:
It has fully implemented Xbox 360 controller support. It has a choice of layouts, which i am happy with, but no fully customisable controls, it does have a full range of sensitivity adjustments and toggle/hold options.

Difficulty Modes:
* Casual: I haven't played it in this mode, but if you're new to this kind of game, it might be the best option for you.
* Survival: Challenging, recommended for gamers who know what to expect, this is the only mode I have a complete play through on.
* Nightmare: Noticeably tougher than Survival mode, which you have to complete before you can unlock it. I am currently playing through on this mode and sometimes it does feel a bit cheap, especially the full on action sections, but so far it is mostly tough but fair.
* Akumu: Some jap word, no idea what it means, one hit you die! Haven't tried this mode yet.

If you have any questions, comment and i will try to get back to you. I will most likely build on this review once I have completed my second play through on the Nightmare difficulty.
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Tomb Raider (PC DVD)
Tomb Raider (PC DVD)
Offered by Musicland Ltd
Price: £10.35

4.0 out of 5 stars My first Tomb Raider game and it's now a franchise i'll be following! Well not quite..., 9 Oct. 2014
This review is from: Tomb Raider (PC DVD) (DVD-ROM)

Tomb Raider for PC: The REAL definitive edition!

My Rig:
Windows 8.1-64bit, i7-4770@3.9ghz, 16GB@1600mhz RAM, Gigabyte OC GTX780, Z87 Motherboard

Tomb Raider was one of the best games i played in 2013 and one of the few games that i had to play all the way through to the end and when i did complete it i started straight over again. It's a third person action adventure set on an island that is fun to explore and one of it's most unique and excellently done features is it's auto-cover system which was a brave move, but pulled of with great effect.
The Gameplay:
Very well paced and a lot of fun the game is a pleasure to play, the shooting, moving, exploration and cover-based shooting has been make brilliantly well with very a precise and realistic feeling that i haven't experienced in any other game before or since.

The Graphics/Performance:
It looks and plays really well.
It's an excellent port, it has a great selection of graphics options and is very well optimised and stands as a good example of how a game can be multi-platform and be great on PC, just like it should be, fortunately this game has not been too held back by the console peasants.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC DVD)
Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC DVD)
Offered by The Outlet Shop
Price: £17.99

2 of 7 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars 4 Horrid ingredients=Dark Souls., 10 July 2014
NUMBER ONE: The second worst game i have ever played, the first was Dark Souls 2
NUMBER TWO: The worst PC port of all time.
NUMBER THREE: The worst developers in the industry
NUMBER FOUR: The worst fanbase in history, who have the lowest standards.

Absolutely horrid, the Xbox 360's gamebreaking framerate has been carried over. There is no escaping From Softwares disgusting incompetence, absolutely foul!

Multiple Dark Souls fanboys will find this review unhelpful (Even though they already own the F@#$£&g game!)

Multiple Dark Souls fanboys will find any of my further comments do not add to the discussion, even though they'll be straight to the point, honest and in the case of objective facts: provably true.

Multiple Dark Souls fanboys will cry and scream about Durante's mod, a mod that makes the game FUNCTIONAL! This does not count unless from software proves that they have given him a share of the sales as he is solely responsible for making this port sellable. It should also be made as an automatic upgrade for the game.

Judging by the console versions success FS knew they could get away with the bare minimum of effort because their pathetic fanboy-base would buy it anyway. How sad...

Official Xbox One Wireless Controller
Official Xbox One Wireless Controller
Price: £39.85

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3.0 out of 5 stars Good as a standalone controller, but i prefer both the 360 and Dualshock 4., 17 Jun. 2014
This review will focus on it as a comparison to its predecessor and in what ways i think it has improved and declined in comparison.

As its own controller it's just fine, it has some things i consider an improvement over the 360 controller, unfortunately it's not all good news. I was really looking forward to trying this out after first seeing it on display and to be honest i am not too impressed:

The D-pad: Well that was easy, the 360 D-pad is bad, well known as one of the worst D-pads out there and this is definately improved. It is responsive and easy to navigate and i have never pressed a direction i did not intend to, a definite improvement over the 360.

Contoured/grip analogue sticks: I really like the grip feel you get when moving your thumbs around it, it helps to keep it where you want and the idea mostly works. However they are too small, they are definately smaller and i don't like it, i always feel like i have to use more focus to be precise with them whilst i can achieve the same effect with less effort on a 360 controller. I prefer the 360 controller, but i would like to see the 360 analogue sticks with the One's contoured grip, that would be a great improvement.

The Triggers and bumpers: I prefer the ones triggers, they have a finger slide running around the outside which i like and it feels more comfortable and has less of a ridge like the 360 which gets slightly uncomfortable after a long time. An improvement.
However the bumpers really suck, it is never comfortable to reach for them, i either have to push the back of the controllers handles up slightly with the lower back inside of my hands so that i can reach them without BRINGING MY MIDDLE FINGERS UP ONTO THE TRIGGERS! WTF? This is a major step back. The 360 bumpers weren't perfect, but they were a lot better than this! This is the worst thing about this controller, wether i am comparing it to the 360 or not.

Integrated battery pack/ flat back: Now that the battery pack is built right into the controller you can use it either wired or wirelessly with a lot more comfort than a wireless 360 controller. This is an improvement for anyone as the only way to have a flat back 360 controller was a wired one. This model lets you have it both ways.

The Buttons: The Ones are too close togethor and i have no idea why. If you're playing a shooter from any perspective it is going to have little to no benefit as you will only be pressing one button at a time and you are rarely going to be pressing multiple different buttons one after the other. For games where you will be pressing them a lot i think that they are too close togethor to be effective, instead of decreasing the amount of time between different button presses i can see myself pressing the wrong buttons by accident when they slip or slightly overlap onto a neighbouring button. They need to be slightly farther apart to reduce time between button presses without the risk of constantly pressing the wrong buttons and having to use too much focus to get it right.

Overall it is fine as a standalone controller, but it is not a complete improvement over the 360, that lies somewhere between the two. This feels like an intermediary step and not the full step forward it could have been. It's not a complete deal breaker, but i prefer the 360 and the Dualshock 4 (And i hate the DS3 with a passion so that's saying something about how to improve.)

Recently Microsoft stated that this controller has official drivers for PC games, however i have not tested this as i am not interested. You will have to look elsewhere for more information.

If you find this review unhelpful please explain why and i will try to help you.

Far Cry 3 [Download]
Far Cry 3 [Download]
Price: £14.99

4.0 out of 5 stars One Badass Game! An All-time Favourite!, 1 Jun. 2014
Something that has always frustrated me about open world games is that they are either allow you to do lots of things, but none of them are particuarly well done, like Skyrim. Or they are like every Rockstar game ever and have tedious and awkward on-foot controls. In FarCry 3 everything is well done or really well done and it all fits togethor extremely well. FarCry 3 is not just another generic FPS at all and it is well worth checking out. All mechanical aspects of this game have great attention to detail, the story doesn't, but i couldn't care less. I play games for the GAMEplay!
THE GAMEPLAY: FarCry 3 is an exceptionally well polished first person shooter, the controls are excellent and there is a lot of attention to detail, from sliding across the floor into cover, peeping in and out of it effectively when aiming out of it and the incredibly satisfying stealth kills with your machete where your character lurched forwards and sends his weapon straight your his opponents heart. It's actually a motivation to do this because it's so satisfying and rewarding to do so. The gunplay is really well done and has the precise controls of CoD combined with challenging A.I. encounters that will force you to be stealthy to survive on harder difficulty modes. This is meant to be a stealth game and it works very well as one and by far my favourite way to play this game is on the hardest mode with the spotted alert and hit detector guide off, so that you have to completely rely on your own point of view and wits to avoid detection and to figure out where you are being shot from if you are. This is the true experience and is definetly the best way to play it. If however you find this too hard or offputting there are plenty of difficulty modes and options to tailor it. The island the game is based on allows for effective and tactical use in order to survive and hunt and clever use of it is effective when taking enemy strongholds and doing missions. Getting around this island can be done on foot, various vehicles on both land and water and by hang glider! Hang gliders are short lived but great fun! All of them are. They are all fun to use, have high production values and attention to detail. The game effectively implements RPG elements in the form of a skill tree and crafting mechanics. They give you the motivation to build yourself up and add so much more to this game, really seperating it from other first person shooters. Acquiring the ability to drop kill an enemy with a knife from a height or reload your sniper rifle whilst still using the scope mean each advancement makes you feel more and more like Rambo! There are two drawbacks to this though, one is that some skills are useless, but the majority are not and it can be hard to pick which ones you'll buy and which ones you'll earn later. The other is that is suffers from the same crap every RPG suffers from to give it some fake depth: you start off completely incompetent and have to grind so that you can carry more than one gun and a handful of ammo. This isn't too bad though, you'll soon get going with stealth and smart use of what you do have. This game has REAL depth and complexity, this is not Dark Souls. The island is yours to fight for control of, to explore and just plain have fun with. The wild animals will stalk and attack you, plenty of times i have had a nasty shock sneeking up on an enemy base only to be attacked by a Tiger, Komodo Dragon and even bears. This is an aspect of the game that is really well developed, the animal inhabitants of the island act just like real animals and make the island more believable and fun.
THE GRAPHICS/PERFORMANCE:The game looks and performs really well on my GTX 780, the lighting, land,water and just the entire game in general are really good looking and help to draw you right into it.
XBOX 360 CONTROLLER SUPPORT: FarCry 3 has fully developed and integrated controller support and you can seamlessly switch between it and a M&KB if you want to.
SOUND EFFECTS: These deserve a specific mention as they are really goid and are key to this games immersion, every sound from different guns, to the different vehicles, the different animals and machete attacks is well done and effective. They all really add up to make this a great game.

Watch Dogs Digital Deluxe Edition  [Download]
Watch Dogs Digital Deluxe Edition [Download]
Price: £44.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars FIRST IMPRESSIONS REVIEW, 29 May 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My Rig: Matches or beats all of the recommended specifications.
Windows 8.1-64bit, i7-4770@3.9ghz, 16GB@1600mhz RAM, Gigabyte OC GTX780, Z87 Motherboard

It took 4 hours to download and install! TitanFall, a 50GB game, took less than one hour to do!
I didn't have any problems with Uplay though, probably because everyone else had given up.

Let's get something very clear: When Ubisoft originally delayed this game in November 2013, claiming that it needed more work before launch, i did not believe a damn word of it. Here's why:
*Grand Theft Auto 5--------released 17th September 2013
*BattleField 4-------------released 1st November 2013
*CoD: Ghosts---------------released 5th November 2013
*Assassins Creed 4---------released October 2013
*KillZone (4) Shadowfall---released November 2013
Amongst other launch titles as well, ALL of these are well known established franchises that were bound to sell well and i can guarantee that they did not want their new, unestablished franchise to have to compete with them, especially their own game: AC4. They didn't want to compete with all that, would you?
This games new release date meant it had no competition on that scale.


To be honest it's a bit disappointing...

THE GRAPHICS/PERFORMANCE: First off the graphics are not very good, this is not the most important thing in a game, but they hit me straight away, this game is being played on a GTX780 and i know it can handle much more than this. THE LAST OF US ON PLAYSTATION 3 LOOKS BETTER THAN THIS! GTA 5 on my Xbox 360 isn't far off either. Yes it's an open world game, but FarCry 3 and Assassins Creed 4 both look better in my opinion. For one released in 2014 and being run on a PC that hits or beats ALL of the recommended specifications, it should be a lot better. If it looked like The Last Of Us, but in a 1080p resolution and a ton of Anti-Aliasing i would have been very happy, but it's not the case. It really doesn't strike me as being very well optimised and it needs a lot more work, it's as if a whole layer of extra detail and effort has been removed and we're left with the bulk of it. I have only had slight performance issues, but i cannot keep a steady 60FPS on maxed out settings and given how it looks it shouldn't be too much to ask. The game is definitely playable and acceptable, but it doesn't stand out at all, especially when i can draw fair comparisons to 7th GENERATION CONSOLES! WTF? I've also had at least two incidents where the game has paused itself and will not give me control for at least 30 seconds! It has continued to run fine otherwise afterwards and they are the only technical issues i have come across. Also POP-IN!!! Future Chicago is pop-up city, like a kids playbook.

THE GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is OK so far, the basic controls and animations are fine, fortunately it doesn't have the s****y on-foot controls of every Rock Star game and doesn't have the tendency of AC games to launch you off a 50 metre drop because you pressed the analogue stick one degree the wrong way, it generally controls well. The cover system is functional for the most part, it works well, but you can't blind fire and i am still waiting for other games to have the excellent auto-cover system from Tomb Raider 2013! There was one incident where i couldn't take cover behind some waist high concrete blocks! Why? You can climb around well enough, like Assassins creed you can get around on foot very well. Stealing money is easy and non-consequential, get out your phone, find a blue highlighted civilian, hold a button, then go to a ATM and take the money...THAT'S IT! There aren't any consequences that i have found to this at all!
The driving isn't very good, it controls ok but it feels more like an arcade game with no attention to detail. Your car has to take a lot of damage before it will even show and a hell of a lot before it becomes unusable, you can barge through traffic very easily and you can slam head on into concrete pillars and walls and take very little damage, it's silly. There is also a lack of consistent and logical destructible terrain. I was driving a huge semi-truck and i could not drive through a waist high concrete railing on a bridge to get onto the road below even at full speed! You can change your point of view in a vehicle all the way through to first person with a view of the inside of the car and it is very basic, the steering wheel is not clean circle and it is very obvious. Also when you switch to a rear view you don't get a realistic rear view through the back window like you did in FarCry 3, but a plain full screen rear view, which is very lazy. A fun and effective thing to do is to hack the traffic lights, causing all the lights to go green and cause a pile up, very entertaining and useful to stop vehicles that you are chasing or to stop those that are chasing you. However this is let down by how fake it is. All the cars slam their pedals down, even if it makes no sense for them to do it and deliberately veer towards each other in a very unnatural way. Sometimes it looks realistic, but i think this is just chance, most of the time it is very unconvincing.

A.I: For the most part this is good, they have decent path finding and if you hack a bridge and bring it up to stop them they will quickly find a way around. Excessive hacking in a restricted are will lead to them realising what is going on and actively hunting you out. However they don't really work that well as a team, but as reasonably clever individuals. When they know you're position they are very slow to separate and flank you and it is all too easy to take advantage of this and break the numerical advantage they had.

SOUND EFFECTS: These need to be better, they are passable but not realistic, the guns do not sound like the very well made gun sounds of FarCry 3, which is a shame, how hard is it for these to be shared within the company? There are also no noticeable echo effects within closed areas. The vehicles sound okay, but there's nothing special here.

Xbox 360 CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Spot on. This is integrated properly, meaning you can use the controller from the moment the game starts up (and before in Uplay) and seamlessly switch between it and a M&KB with all of the prompts changing appropriately.

So far it seems more like an interesting idea than a finished game.
Don't get me wrong i am having fun with it, there's some good stuff here and i still have a lot to experience in the online features of the game, but it could be a lot better.

If you have any questions leave a comment, i know that there is a lot more to add to this...edits and updates due.

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