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Remixes '81 - '04: 3CD Edition
Remixes '81 - '04: 3CD Edition

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5.0 out of 5 stars Limited Edition Boxset W/ Bonus Disc of Rare Goodies!, 24 Aug 2004
(For Info on the first two discs in this collection, please see my other review for the two disc only set)

For a very limited time, Mute Records is including a bonus disc to go with The Remixes 81>04 2CD collection, and what a nice little bonus disc it is indeed. Lots of rare and obscure tracks are included, including: A Question Of Lust - Flood Mix (which has previously only been available on compact disc in France and is now out of print), World In My Eyes - Daniel Miller Mix (an extremely rare mix of this classic song that was only ever available on a promo cassette...until now), I Feel Loved - Danny Tenaglia Labour Of Love Dub (the full version of this fabulous mix, dubbed, which means it doesn't include any vocals from Dave or Martin), & It's No Good - Club 69 Mix (a fan favorite only previously available on vinyl and promo cd). Plus if that wasn't enough, remixes made in 2004 of Enjoy The Silence, Clean, Halo, Nothing, Little 15, & Photographic are also included. If you want this disc, you had better buy this set immediately, as it will only be available for a very limited time!
Stay Devoted!
Bonus Disc

A Question of Lust
Flood Mix (1986)

Walking In My Shoes
("Random Carpet Mix" Full Length) William Orbit (1993)

Are People People?
Adrian Sherwood (1984)

World In My Eyes
("Daniel Miller Mix") Daniel Miller (1990)

I Feel Loved
("Danny Tenaglia Labour Of Love Dub") Danny Tenaglia (2001)

It's No Good
("Club 69") Club 69 (1997)

("Rex The Dog Dubb Mix") Rex the Dog (2004)

Little 15
("Ulrich Schnauss Remix") Ulrich Schnauss (2004)

("Headcleanr Rock Mix) Headcleanr (2004)

("Colder Version") Colder (2004)

("Goldfrapp Remix") Goldfrapp (2004)

Enjoy The Silence
("Reinterpreted") Mike Shinoda (2004)

Remixes '81 - '04: 2CD Edition
Remixes '81 - '04: 2CD Edition
Offered by johnny8640
Price: 5.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice, But An Even Bigger Remix Collection Is In Order!, 24 Aug 2004
Depeche Mode are finally releasing a remixes album: The Remixes 81>04, spanning nearly two and a half decades. From early tracks like "Shout (Rio Mix)" to a 2004 version of Enjoy The Silence by Timo Maas, there's a lot to get excited about. Each track was handpicked by dm and placed sporadically throughout the album (like the original UK release of The Singles 81>85) instead of the more traditional "in order of release date" (like the Singles 86>98). The two disc set contains a total of 23 tracks, including fan favorites like Personal Jesus (Pump Mix), Never Let Me Down Again (Split Mix), & Just Can't Get Enough (Schizo Mix).

While many should find it enjoyable, others may find themselves questioning some of the remix choices for this album. We all have our own personal favorites, but even so, you still have to wonder why certain mixes were picked instead of others. The Dave Clarke Acoustic Version of Dream On (which is instrumental) was chosen over the Bushwaka Tough Guy Mix (or better still, what about the promo Morals: "Pink Noise"; "Pain Is Waiting" & The BRAT mixes??). Home (Air "Around The Golf" Remix) was chosen over the much darker and sensually appealing Grantby Mix, while the Beatmasters Remix of Route 66 was chosen over the less choppy and faster paced Nile Rogers Remix, which was never officially released on a DM single or album and only available on the now out of print Earth Girls Are Easy Soundtrack (if you've heard this version, you'd wonder why too). The great Stripped (Highland Mix) was passed over in favor of the less memorable but interesting remix: Breathing In Fumes, while I Feel Loved (Chambers Mix) gets included instead of the flashier and zippier Danny Tenaglia Labour Of Love Mix/Edit. The Afghan Surgery Mix of I Feel You instead of the Babylon Mix? Or the Krueder and Dorfmeister Mix of Useless over the CJ Bolland Ultrasonar Extended Mix? The DJ Muggs Mix of Freelove is good, but the Deep Dish Freedom mix would probably have been more preferable. Also of note is the fact that since Enjoy The Silence has received a 2004 remix by Timo Maas, the fabulous Hands And Feet Mix is not included. Again, many of these mixes will obviously come down to personal tastes. It's hard to please everybody, though depeche mode does try.

All in all this collection is very nice, but an even bigger remix collection is still in order. There are tons of great Depeche Mode remixes that were not used for this album: Black Celebration - Black Tulip Mix, A Question Of Lust - Minimal Mix, A Question Of Time - Extended Mix, to name but a few. In fact between 1981 and 1985, only 4 mixes from that era are included. It is nice to see the Master & Servant (ON-Usound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic) mix get included, especially since it has never been available officially on compact disc until now. But why stop there? What about the ON-Usound Mix of People Are People? Or how about It's Called A Heart (Emotion Mix)? None of these have ever seen the light of day in digital form and rightfully deserve to. It would just be nice to see a big 4-8 disc boxset come along (in the same tradition as the now out of print Depeche Mode Japanese X Boxset series) that included a larger catalog of DM remixes all in one collection.
Again, for what it offers, this Remix album is well worth the price tag. Lots of enjoyable mixes, fueled to feed the masses. Depeche Mode continue to leave us wanting more, but I don't think fans would really have it any other way.
Stay Devoted!
Disc 1

Never Let Me Down Again
("Split Mix") Depeche Mode & Dave Bascombe (1987)

Policy of Truth
("Capitol Mix") Francois Kevorkian (1990)

("Rio Mix") Depeche Mode & Daniel Miller (1981)

(Air "Around the Golf" Remix) Air (1997)

("Blind Mix") Daniel Miller & Rico Conning (1987)

("Spiritual Guidance Mix") Jack Dangers (1993)

I Feel You
("Renegade Soundwave") Afghan Surgery Mix Renegade Soundwave (1993)

Barrel of A Gun
("Underworld") Hard Mix Underworld (1997)

Route 66
("The Beatmasters Remix") The Beatmasters (1987)

("DJ Muggs Mix") DJ Muggs (2001)

I Feel Loved
("Chamber Mix") Chamber (2001)

Just Can't Get Enough
("Schizo Mix") Depeche Mode & Daniel Miller (1981)

Disc 2

Personal Jesus
("Pump Mix") Francois Kevorkian (1989)

World In My Eyes
("Mode to Joy") Jon Marsh (1990)

Get The Balance Right
("Combination Mix") Depeche Mode (1983)

Breathing In Fumes
Depeche Mode & Daniel Miller (1986)

("Kill The Pain Mix") D.J. Shadow (1998)

("The Kruder and Dorfmeister Mix") Kruder & Dorfmeister (1997)

In Your Room
("The Jeep Rock Mix") Jonny Dollar & Portishead (1994)

Dream On
("Dave Clarke Acoustic") Dave Clarke (2001)

It's No Good
("Speedy J Mix") Speedy J (1997)

Master And Servant
("An ON-Usound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic") Adrian Sherwood (1984)

Enjoy the Silence
("Timo Maas Mix") Timo Maas (2004)

Black Celebration
Black Celebration

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5.0 out of 5 stars Get The US CD Instead, 31 July 2004
This review is from: Black Celebration (Audio CD)
Black Celebration is one of the finest Depeche Mode albums ever to have been released (Second only to Violator in my opinion). But one of the biggest debates is which version is better? The original UK LP ends with "New Dress", a very dark and bleak song that takes stabs at societies vanities as well as the many sick and twisted shortcomings we evoke amongst ourselves (i.e. murder, famine, ect.).
After listening to the entire album and having it end with this song, you can't help but fall into a state of melancholy (or "depressed mode" as it were), which is fine if that's where you want to go. But the US version of Black Celebration offers a different solution. Unlike the UK version, the US release ends with "But Not Tonight", a song about hope and redemption. Purists will of course scoff that it was never intended to become the final track on the album, and was only recorded as the b-side to Stripped. Many also view it as too "positive" a song, that doesn't fit with the rest of the album ideology (kind of like the theatrical cut of Blade Runner with the tacked on happy ending).
While we're all entitled to our own opinions, I gotta say that there is merit in having this track included at the end. It really comes down to how you want to feel after you've listened to the whole album. For me, "But Not Tonight" is like a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. While life may seem hopeless and out of control at times, there is still some good in this world to look forward to. When you listen to that song after experiencing all of the darkness and pain that comes before it, you can't help but feel a sense of calming relief. A sense of hope for the future. Pessimists will dismiss all of this to be sure, but it still won't change the fact that this is a very strong and powerful song that many still admire to this day.
Now the UK CD of Black Celebration does include some bonus tracks, including the Extended Remix of "But Not Tonight". This version doesn't quite have the same impact the version on the US CD has, which is along the lines of the original 7" single mix, but with a cleaner, thinner sound & less reverb. Those simple changes make all the difference in the world and are worth having, plus, aside from Canada, Mexico, Brazil & South Africa, the US is the only place you can find it recorded this way officially (If you really want a version that has no bonus tracks and ends with "New Dress", seek out the CD from Italy CDOR 9212). Other subtle differences include the loud "click" at the beginning of "Stripped", which is not heard on the US version, & the opening riff from "A Question Of Time" is played twice instead of just once like on the UK edition.
Again, it all comes down to your own personal tastes. Black Celebration is still a tremendous and powerful experience nonetheless. It's just up to you to decide whether the journey ends on a positive note...or a dark one.
Black Celebration - A Masterpiece.
"A Brief...Period...Of Rejoicing" - Daniel Miller

Single Boxset 5 [CD 5]
Single Boxset 5 [CD 5]

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Mid-Violator & SOFAD Years!, 10 Feb 2004
This review is from: Single Boxset 5 [CD 5] (Audio CD)
Full Tracklisting CDS 1 :
01.Policy Of Truth ( 7" Version )
02.Kaleid ( 7" Version )
03.Policy Of Truth ( Beat Box )
04.Policy Of Truth ( Capitol Mix )
05.Kaleid ( When Worlds Mix )
06.Policy Of Truth ( Trancentral Mix )
07.Kaleid ( Remix )
08.Policy Of Truth ( Pavlov's Dub )
Full Tracklisting CDS 2 :
01.World In My Eyes ( 7" Version )
02.Happiest Girl ( Jack Mix )
03.Sea Of Sin ( Tonal Mix )
04.World In My Eyes ( Oil Tank Mix )
05.Happiest Girl ( Kiss-A-Mix )
06.Sea Of Sin ( Sensoria )
07.World In My Eyes ( Dub In My Eyes )
08.World In My Eyes ( Mode To Joy )
09.Happiest Girl ( The Pulsating Orbital Mix )
10.World In My Eyes ( Mayhem Mode )
11.Happiest Girl ( The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix )
Full Tracklisting CDS 3 :
01.I Feel You ( Seven Inch Mix )
02.One Caress
03.I Feel You ( Throb Mix )
04.I Feel You ( Babylon Mix )
05.I Feel You ( Life's Too Short Mix )
06.I Feel You ( Swamp Mix )
07.I Feel You ( Renegade Soundwave Afghan Surgery Mix )
08.I Feel You ( Helmet At The Helm Mix )
Full Tracklisting CDS 4 :
01.Walking In My Shoes ( Seven Inch Mix )
02.My Joy ( Seven Inch Mix )
03.Walking In My Shoes ( Grungy Gonads Mix )
04.My Joy ( Slow Slide Mix )
05.Walking In My Shoes ( Extended Twelve Inch Mix )
06.Walking In My Shoes ( Random Carpet Mix )
07.Walking In My Shoes ( Anandamidic Mix )
08.Walking In My Shoes ( Ambient Whale Mix )
Full Tracklisting CDS 5 :
01.Condemnation ( Paris Mix )
02.Death’s Door ( Jazz Mix )
03.Rush ( Spiritual Guidance Mix )
04.Rush ( Amylnitrate Mix - Instrumental )
05.Rush ( Wild Planet Mix - Vocal )
06.Condemnation ( Live )
07.Personal Jesus ( Live )
08.Enjoy The Silence ( Live )
09.Halo ( Live )
Full Tracklisting CDS 6 :
01.In Your Room ( Zephyr Mix )
02.Higher Love ( Adrenaline Mix - Edit )
03.In Your Room ( Apex Mix )
04.In Your Room ( The Jeep Rock Mix )
05.Higher Love ( Adrenaline Mix )
06.In Your Room ( Extended Zephyr Mix )
07.In Your Room ( Live )
08.Policy Of Truth ( Live )
09.World In My Eyes ( Live )
10.Fly On The Windscreen ( Live )
11.Never Let Me Down Again ( Live )
12.Death's Door ( Live )
Boxset #5 finishes off the last two singles from Violator - (Policy of Truth & World In My Eyes) as well as all four singles from Songs Of Faith And Devotion. Other than the Rush - "Wild Planet Vocal Mix", the tracklisting is the same as it was when these cd singles were originally released. Except now (and this is the really good part), unlike the original cd singles which were split into two parts (cd1 & cd2) all tracks for each single are finally put together on one disc. That alone makes this a great addition to any Depeche Mode Fan's collection. The only main gripe is wishing that more previously available & unavailable tracks were included such as the 3" versions of World In My Eyes, Happiest Girl, & Sea Of Sin, as well as the radio edits to Policy of Truth, I Feel You, Walking In My Shoes, ect. Still, this boxset is most impressive and worth having.
Enjoy The Silence.

Depeche Mode Box Set #4 [CD 4]
Depeche Mode Box Set #4 [CD 4]

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Depeche Mode Singles Boxset Collection Continues!, 10 Feb 2004
Full Tracklisting CDS 1 :
03.Strangelove - Maxi Mix
04.Strangelove - Midi Mix
06.Strangelove - Blind Mix
07.Strangelove - Pain Mix
08.Agent Orange
Full Tracklisting CDS 2 :
01.Never Let Me Down Again
02.Pleasure, Little Treasure
03.Never Let Me Down Again ( Split Mix )
04.Pleasure, Little Treasure ( Glitter Mix )
05.Never Let Me Down Again ( Aggro Mix )
06.Never Let Me Down Again ( Tsangarides Mix )
07.Pleasure, Little Treasure ( Join Mix )
08.To Have And To Hold ( Spanish Taster )
Full Tracklisting CDS 3 :
01.Behind The Wheel ( Remix )
02.Route 66
03.Behind The Wheel ( Shep Pettibone Remix )
04.Route 66 ( Beatmasters Mix )
05.Behind The Wheel ( Beatmasters Mix )
06.Route 66 ( Casualty Mix )
07.Behind The Wheel ( LP Mix )
Full Tracklisting CDS 4 :
01.Everything Counts ( Live )
02.Nothing ( Live )
03.Sacred ( Live )
04.A Question Of Lust ( Live )
05.Everything Counts ( Tim Simenon / Mark Saunders Remix )
06.Nothing ( Justin Strauss Mix )
07.Strangelove ( Tim Simenon / Mark Saunders Remix )
08.Everything Counts ( Absolut Mix )
09.Everything Counts ( Original 1983 Mix )
10.Nothing ( US 7" Mix )
11.Everything Counts ( Reprise )
Full Tracklisting CDS 5 :
01.Personal Jesus
03.Personal Jesus ( Acoustic )
04.Dangerous ( Hazchemix Edit )
05.Personal Jesus ( Holier Than Thou Approach )
06.Dangerous ( Sensual Mix )
07.Personal Jesus ( Pump Mix )
08.Personal Jesus ( Telephone Stomp Mix )
09.Dangerous ( Hazchemix )
Full Tracklisting CDS 6 :
01.Enjoy The Silence ( 7" Version )
03.Enjoy The Silence ( Hands And Feet Mix )
04.Enjoy The Silence ( Ecstatic Dub )
06.Enjoy The Silence ( Bass Line )
07.Enjoy The Silence ( Harmonium )
08.Enjoy The Silence ( Ricki Tik Tik Mix )
09.Enjoy The Silence ( The Quad: Final Mix )
Finally! After over a decade of waiting, Depeche Mode's Singles Boxset Collection continues! Box #4 finishes up the rest of the singles from Music For The Masses - (Strangelove, Never Let Me Down Again, Behind The Wheel) as well as Everything Counts (Live) from 101, and the first two singles from Violator - (Personal Jesus & Enjoy The Silence). The singles from Music For The Masses contain the exact same material as the current CD singles that are available. The two singles from Violator contain one additional track each that are not currently available on CD: Dangerous (Hazchemix Edit) & Enjoy The Silence (The Quad: The Final Mix). (But what about the Kazan Cathedral mix of Personal Jesus? or the Video Mix of Enjoy The Silence?) The best disc is Everything Counts (Live) from the 101 album. It contains four additional tracks not currently available on the CD single: Nothing (Justin Strauss Mix), Nothing (US 7" Mix), Everything Counts (Original 1983 Mix), & Everything Counts (Reprise). While the extra tracks are a wonderful addition to the singles themselves, I couldn't help but wish that more mixes were included, like for instance the unavailable tracks from the US Promo CD Singles. All an all it's still a great set and still worth adding to your collection.
Keep Moding!

Loverman Ep [DVD + Bonus CD]
Loverman Ep [DVD + Bonus CD]

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3.0 out of 5 stars Why Give Meager Helpings Instead of Just the Full Platter?, 12 Dec 2003
After a long absence, Martin Gore releases his 2nd single off of his Counterfeit 2 CD : Loverman. You get both a CD and DVD Single all in one normal jewel case. On the CD: The Loverman radio edit shortens the song from 7:02 to 4:13 and is pretty nice. Some cuts here and there followed by a fade out. The Bola Remix has its moments. A bit choppy at times, especially the percussion, which some may find a little strange or off, but still a fun little mix. The B-side is the German track from Counterfeit 2 : Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mädchen. The Turner Remix is lighter and more laid back than the album version. What's nice about it is that you can really hear Martin's voice much clearer as he sings. Quite a nice piece. The Lawrence Remix on the other hand sounds like it's just like the Turner Remix, only longer with some more sounds and beats added. Nice, but not quite danceable enough for a track trying to be a house mix.
The bonus DVD is a discussion all its own. You get five live tracks from Martin's Counterfeit 2 concert in Milan, Italy. The picture and sound quality are just great, plus you also get an interview with Martin, who talks about headlining a tour all by himself without Depeche Mode among other things. The problem I have with this release is that it's not enough. I want more and I'm sure a lot of other fans do too. Why give us a few token live tracks when Mute could just release the entire concert on DVD and/or CD?? You get five live tracks but Martin performed eighteen songs for this concert originally, including Walking In My Shoes which you get to hear performed briefly during the Interview segment. Being that Martin only had a total of eight concerts for this tour, most fans did not get to see him. This being the case, you would think that Mute Records would make it up to those fans by giving us one of Martin's complete concerts on DVD/CD, but so far, it looks like this is all that we get. If you're a fan who feels the same way, voice your opinion here or write to Mute Records and share your thoughts on this subject. We deserve more.

Dream on
Dream on

5.0 out of 5 stars Dream On is acoustic Personal Jesus with a Twist, 25 April 2001
This review is from: Dream on (Audio CD)
It was so wonderful to finally hear this song. The acoustic guitar is so unlike DM, other than the acoustic version that was made on the Personal Jesus single, they haven't traveled this avenue much before. I've always admired Martin for his songwriting skills and it's nice to see he's never afraid to try new things. I wonder how other DM fans will take this song, which is one of their least electronic pieces? It does have some, but it's not dominate. Dream On is more an acoustic blues piece than anything else and Dave sounds so great ripping through such lyrics as, "There's no time for hesitating. Pain is ready, pain is waiting. Primed to do it's educating" with hauntiful vigor that makes you, the listener, completely captivated. I can sure feel a little love. And those wishing that the song was more electronic laden should check out the Bushwacka Tough Guy Vocal & Blunt Mixes which should make you feel more at home. Easy Tiger is the B-side (and will also be on the album). This version (the Bertrand Burgalat & A.S. Dragon Version) really sounds like its influence was largely drawn from 60s-70s rock bands like Cream for instance. It's a new millennium. Make way for a new Mode. Bring on Exciter!

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