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LegMaster Leg Exerciser Home Gym Fitness Equipment Weight Loss Aid - Slimming and Exercising Legs, Thighs & Bums
LegMaster Leg Exerciser Home Gym Fitness Equipment Weight Loss Aid - Slimming and Exercising Legs, Thighs & Bums
Offered by LegMaster - Back Rola - Kick Dummy
Price: £59.95

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Deceivingly Good, 11 Jun. 2016
Honestly, I will hands-up admit I am a lazy, health enthusiast. I badly hate exercise. Especially if it's hard. I typically feel pain for days after exercising heavily and if I can avoid it I will at all costs. I purchased this recently because I've noticed my saddlebag area growing quite large (thank you thyroid) over the last year and I'm now at an age where I can't leave it. I figured I'd have to tackle it with a machine that I'd find somewhat easy to navigate, small enough to store away and exciting enough that I'd want to bring it back out of storage and use it a lot. The Leg Master seemed to be the ideal piece of equipment especially because I could easily fit this into my lifestyle. Leg exercises while helping the kids with homework - count me in!

The Machine
✓There is a handlebar that helps you to balance and support yourself while using this machine. The handlebar is adjustable so you can alter this to really suit you personally. I'm 5ft 1 and can adjust this to my height, similarly my husband is 5ft 8 and he can also adjust this to suit.
✓There are two-foot plates which sit on a horizontal gliding system.
✓Basically, the machine is akin to an upside down ''T'' shape. The glide system has a slight curve to it.
✓The glide system sits on top of black sturdy feet so your floor or carpet won't get marked and it won't slide.

✓The machine glide system resembles an upside down T. The handle bar doesn't fold. The 2 leg plates that make up the glide system do fold upwards into the machine so the machine goes from being a 'T' to an 'I' shape. This means that you can pop it in a cupboard or a corner of the room. Just remember it's not for hanging clothes on so take it out of the corner once in a while.
✓It's not heavy so can easily be lifted by an adult. Believe me, I am not the strongest, I can manage this without pulling a weird struggling face.

* Experience *
The first time I got on this I was slightly worried as the glide system is quite wide (and I have 28'' legs). I need not have worried as it moved smoothly on the rails and I felt safe once both feet were safe on the machine. The picture falsely makes this look easy, she's smiling but don't be fooled by her smile guys because this is hard! like so hard but suck it up because clearly we're out of shape and need this. So you WILL struggle to do five repetitions, you'll want to come off the machine, you'll try to think of excuses so you don't look like a wimp in front of your family - you will. Accept it.

However.... Once you've done five repetitions, you'll want to do another five, and then another five and before long you'll be seeing results and your arms, core and legs will be toned because you'll have been using them to pull your legs back into the first position because that glide system is curved and believe me pulling your legs back up hill into first is tough!

✓You can pull this out in any room and use it really easily.
✓No tricky setup.
✓It definitely works.
✓There's a variety of positions you can do on this to target other areas - if you're brave.
✓Low cost - you'll get your money's worth for sure.

✓It's hard *sobs* but then nothing ever came easy and I feel the need to keep at it so it's definitely not so hard I'll never use it.
✓Not the prettiest piece of equipment but hells, it's exercise. It's not supposed to be pretty.

Overall I would recommend it to someone who doesn't want to exercise but is being forced to exercise.

Glass Roller Bottles for Oils Aromatherapy XPASSION 10ml (1/3 Oz) Aromatherapy Roll on Bottles with Perfect Stainless Steel Roller Ball Set of 6 [Guaranteed Satisfaction]]
Glass Roller Bottles for Oils Aromatherapy XPASSION 10ml (1/3 Oz) Aromatherapy Roll on Bottles with Perfect Stainless Steel Roller Ball Set of 6 [Guaranteed Satisfaction]]
Offered by XPASSION UK
Price: £19.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Multi-Functional Roller Bottles, 7 May 2016
I make a lot of health and wellbeing products at home. Aromatherapy and Essential oil blends have become a permament fixture in our household for all sorts of ailments both physical and mental. In the past I have purchased these bottles because they ensure the blends stay on date, fresh and mature perfectly. I have used other brands in the past but the plastic lower prices bottles on most occasions left the oils rancid or smelling weird due to them turning or getting air to them.
*** Positives ***
-The glass bottles stop air getting inside and ruining your oils.
-The blue colour stops the sunlight from hitting the oils directly and turning or cooking them.
-Oils always mature better in darker packaging.
-The rollerball makes it easier to quickly apply your product.
-The caps apply easily and screw on tightly again ensuring no air gets inside when not in use.
-They don't leak so are perfect for travelling or popping in your bag.
-From a visual point of view, these bottles look chic rather than tacky.

*** Uses ***
- Use with aromatherapy blends. I make blends for colds, flu, migraines, fatigue and feminine troubles.
- Make your own lip balm & glosses.
- Perfumes hold perfectly in these bottles.
- Moisturisers & lotions.
- Suncream. Excellent for getting to the smaller areas and for reapplication when out and about.

* I was offered the chance to purchase these at a discounted price. I wasn't asked to give a review but it was made clear that if I did so, it would be open, honest and unbiased. This is a product I had purchased prior to being offered a discount hence the reason why I jumped at the chance to re-purchase and why I have taken the time to review this product *

Soledi Blue Dream Catcher Circular With feather Wall Hanging Decoration Ornament Shell
Soledi Blue Dream Catcher Circular With feather Wall Hanging Decoration Ornament Shell
Offered by YOKEYS
Price: £4.99

5.0 out of 5 stars No Nightmares With This Purchase, 7 May 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My sons have always had dream catchers in their room. When we moved home late last year they suddenly found themselves short of 1 dream catcher due to us adding an extra bedroom. We searched for a great affordable catcher because let's face it, some of them are so crazily priced and we searched for one that wasn't overly fancy or overly feminine.

We finally settled on this one however, we didn't hold out much hope that it would look like it did in the picture - when it arrived [very quickly] it was so much better than the one pictured. The feathers weren't crunched and shoddy, the catchers were a decent size and popping this up in the corner of his room it just looked fab.

We are actually planning on purchasing another two of these, one each for our other two sons. What I love is that these look fab, are affordable and finally my sons are getting a good sleep as their anxiety and bad dreams are reduced (all in the mind, yes I know but who really cares when it works).

So 5 out of 5 stars from this dream catcher loving family.

Goosebumps [DVD] [2016]
Goosebumps [DVD] [2016]
Dvd ~ Jack Black
Price: £10.00

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars One Hundred Times Better Than Expected, 25 Feb. 2016
This review is from: Goosebumps [DVD] [2016] (DVD)
We're introduced to Zach who's the main character as he moves to Madison, Delaware with his mum Gale. Zach's dad moved one year ago and this move is supposed to be a fresh start for Zach and his mum. Inside of their new house we meet aunt Lorraine who's this zany lady who loves to bedazzle everything with rhinestones and is very upfront with her thoughts and feelings.

As Zach decides to unpack he goes out to the car and drops a box, he's surprised by a young girl who says her name's Hannah . She lives next door. After chatting Zach's surprised by Mr Shivers, Hannah's dad who menacingly tells Zach to stay away from him, his house and his daughter. Heading to school the next day Mrs Cooper as the new vice-principal and Zach as a new student, Zach meets Champ (short for Champion) who becomes his new friend. After school Zach sees Hannah and wonders why she wasn't at school - she tells him she was home schooled before leading Zach into the woods to show him the broken down funfair.

That night there's a lot of arguing, crashing and then screaming coming from next door. Hearing this Zach runs across to be told by Mr Shivers that there's nothing wrong. He calls the police frantically to report the domestic violence worrying that some thing's happening to Hannah. Mr Shivers tells the police that Hannah left for London the day before and wasn't home. Zach of course knows that he's lying, however, the police believe Mr Shivers and give Zach a warning.

Mrs Cooper's mad at Zach, thinking he's acting out so she calls aunt Lorraine to come babysit him as she has to chaperone the school dance. Aunt Lorraine has a night of bedazzling planned for the two of them but Zach tells her he has to study and to not come into his room. Of course, he sneaks out to meet his new pal Champ, roping him into being the watchman as Zach breaks into the next door neighbours basement. They sneak in, they find a basement full of bear traps and a rumbling coming from a room upstairs filled with locked books. They both start to wonder why there are all locked. Finally finding a key they unlock one as they're startled by Hannah. She tells them they need to go just as the book opens. Uh oh the words from the book start to come alive, with a big flash, it starts to come alive.

The abominable snowman is the first to climb out and he manages to take out half the house as he makes a dash for it and runs down the street. The screen flicks over to the now collapsed bookshelf caused by the abominable snowman's escape - the other books are now unlocking. The trouble's about to begin. When Slappy the puppet arrives he gets so mad that Mr Shivers tries to put him back in the book so he burns it. He also steals the other books and starts to release them one by one, burning the books once they're opened so the monsters can't be put back in. Slappy's on a revenge warpath and the fun's about to start.

△ What monsters you'll meet △

You'll meet the abdominal snowman, Slappy the scary puppet, invisible boy, garden gnomes that come alive, giant Venus fly traps, aliens with freeze guns, cute poodles that actually aren't so cute, a mahoosive praying mantis, werewolves, zombies, robots, clowns and the blob.

△ Overall △

It was so much better than I expected and while the monsters were varied they were humanised with some comedic action. This isn't going to scare a lot of kids but it's enough to make them feel grown up having watched a 'scary movie'.

Jelly Belly Kids Mix - 99 grams Bag
Jelly Belly Kids Mix - 99 grams Bag
Offered by americangoodies
Price: £3.69

4.0 out of 5 stars Great For Treats & To Taste Test The Range, 12 Feb. 2016
I ordered these originally because my sons are very fussy and wanted to try Jelly Beans (after seeing Youtubers eating them). I figured that the Kids Mix was a good place to start because hopefully they'll find a few flavours that they like rather than dismissing the whole bag.

Each bag is only 99g, it's really small but as a treat it's enough. There are 20 flavours in each bag and include:

△Berry Blue △ Blueberry△Bubblegum△Buttered Popcorn△Chocolate Pudding△Cotton Candy△Green Apple△Lemon Lime△Orange Sherbet△Peach△Raspberry△Red Apple△Sour Apple△Sour Cherry△Strawberry Jam△Sunkist Lemon△Toasted Marshamllow△Tutti-Frutti△Very Cherry△Watermelon.

These are great as rewards, adding into gifts, lunchboxes and just as a way to taste test the most popular flavours from this brand. Yes they're expensive however once you or your kids get a feel for the flavours you can move up to a more cost efficient sized purchase of Jelly Beans.

The Descendants [DVD] [2015]
The Descendants [DVD] [2015]
Dvd ~ Dove Cameron
Price: £4.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Its a Winner For All Ages, 23 Jan. 2016
This review is from: The Descendants [DVD] [2015] (DVD)
The Descendants is a new take on the classic Disney stories of Snow White, Cruella de Vil, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty etc. Basically, this movie tells the tale of the Disney baddies who were all exiled to an island in the middle of nowhere called the Isle of the Lost (like Alcatraz) by the good fairy. The Evil Witch, Cruella de Vil, Jafar and Maleficent all now have children who stay on this island in the middle of nowhere and like their parents they're rebellious, they're naughty and they just don't care. All they want to do is cause havoc and make their parents proud of their naughtyness.

Long story short they children of the baddies are given the chance to come and live in Auradon (where the good guys stay) because the new prince (who's parents are the beast and belle) believes that the children of the baddies should be given the chance to live a good life, especially because it's their parents who are bad and not them. Initially, they don't want to leave the island to go to Auradon but Mal (daughter of Maleficent) is told to go and to steal the good fairies wand.

Once they arrive they're surrounded by goodness, normal living, and adults who show them love and respect. It makes the children second guess themselves. Are they really born bad or are they born to be whoever they want to be? I'll not add any spoilers but this movie's filled with great little Disney actors, my sons all recognised the stars from their favourite TV shows. It's also filled with crazy fashions, strong personalities, and plenty of catchy tunes.

All-in-all it's a winner. All three of my sons sat quietly throughout and couldn't stop talking about it afterward​.

Play Sand Set for Kids - Build White Coloured Kinetic Magic Sandbox Kit with Moulds & Tray - 1lb Super Box Playset
Play Sand Set for Kids - Build White Coloured Kinetic Magic Sandbox Kit with Moulds & Tray - 1lb Super Box Playset
Offered by Canenco
Price: £10.95

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Hours of Fun, 17 Jan. 2016
We purchased one of these sets in blue for our sons Christmas and then later we were asked if we wanted to test out this white variation for free. Having the two similar sets allowed me to really see if the standards were the same for each set as I can't stand buying a gift for my sons and finding it doesn't work, or it works for a little while or it breaks. There's nothing worse as a parent than feeling like you've wasted your money is there. In the past, we have purchased the 'competitors' version of planet-sand (not really its name but you can probably guess who it was). My sons loved that but without a secure container, it was easily spilled and wasted. I had high hopes for this variation, here's what we found:


✓ This set comes with a lidded container so you don't have to worry about it getting spilled or messed up.
✓ All three of my sons were excited about using this. That in itself is rare so tells you about the appeal of the product.
✓ It gets your children thinking and being creative.
✓ My sons decided to create buildings with their sets and then used other small toy cars and figures to play with it.
✓ The kit comes with 3 well-made moulds that can be used easily.
✓The sand holds really well which is what I was worried about, one of my sons has a tendency to get easily frustrated if it had fallen apart easily he would have had a tantrum.
✓ Value for money. They spent well over an hour each time playing with their sets.


✓ You will need to use a tub or box to play in. We used an old tray so that clean up was easy.
✓ The box doesn't look very exciting.
✓ I wish there were, even more, colours.

*** I originally purchased the blue version myself but received this white version for free in return for an honest and unbiased review. All words are my own and if anything changes I will be sure to update this review to show it. ***

Damero Women's Soft Leather Tote Bag / Purse with Shoulder Strap, Black
Damero Women's Soft Leather Tote Bag / Purse with Shoulder Strap, Black
Offered by Denso
Price: £39.99

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Luxury Product at a Bargain Price, 17 Jan. 2016
I've been looking for a bag that's transferable between both work and play. My current handbags are black leather or faux leather but always have some small pattern details and you know, I was growing bored of having nothing that went with my current wardrobe. I have looked at plenty of bags in Next, River Island and Topshop but found that they were either hugely expensive or, weren't plain enough, were too shiny, too fake looking or simply not roomy enough.

I've had the black and the dark brown options of this bag on my wishlist since Christmas, I didn't purchase because I'm someone who likes to read reviews before purchasing but by the looks of the bag it looked to be exactly what I was needing. I was kindly contacted a week ago to see if I'd like to receive this for free, there was no need to leave a review of course unless I decided I wanted and I was in no way pressurised to leave a favourable one unless of course, I wanted to.

* Positives *

'* Although it says there may be colour variations, the black bag is actually very true to what you'd expect and how it's pictured.
'* The bag is fully lined with a sturdy but luxurious burgundy fabric.
'* There's a zipped pocket and a separate open pocket inside of the bags lining.
'* The bag comes with a separate clip one shoulder strap which is very sturdy and well made.
'* The leather has a small grain to it like a good leather couch has, what I love about this is that the older and more used it gets the better this bags going to use.
'* It doesn't smell cheap. It smells like real leather (I have a thing for smells).
'* I tend to carry quite a lot of books and files which have in the past snapped other bags handles and closures, so far so good with this bag.
'* The base is flat so you can carry your lunchbox or your books flat without worrying about damage or spillage. It currently fits a standard paperback in the base flat, hopefully, this gives you an idea of the size.
* 'This is suitable for work and, it's also suitable for the weekend. The leather teams with all clothing styles making it multi-functional.
'* Sizes are approximately 10.7'' (height), 17.9'' (length) and 6'' (depth).

* Negatives *

'* It's a little bit more expensive than your standard bargain shop purchase (Primark, Dorothy Perkins etc) but, for a very good cause. This is a luxury product, it's made to last and will look better with age.
'* I can't really find anything else negative. If I come across anything I'll be sure to update this review.

*** This was provided to me free of charge. I wasn't asked to leave a positive review and all words are my own based on my own experiences ***

Ambi Pur 3Volution Refill (Bali Sunset)
Ambi Pur 3Volution Refill (Bali Sunset)
Offered by UK Business Supplies

5.0 out of 5 stars Such a Unique and Warming Scent, 16 Jan. 2016
I've always been into home scented products and having tried many brands over the years I suppose I have become a bit of a home scent snob. We moved home back in November 2015 and for us going into the property, my husband purchased a hand full of Fresh Clean Linen scented plugins from another big plugin brand. The only thing is, I had to give them away. Straight away I was struck with continuous migraines from the overly strong chemical scent that kept hitting me. The plugins also didn't travel far so I was always having to move them about and at times, they leaked. No amount of hand washing was getting rid of the smell.

That brings me to the Ambi Pur 3Volution. I was sent one from Savvy Circle to try out, it was the Vanilla Latte scent which was at the time quite new. I instinctively presumed that this was going to smell like sweetened coffee and, I kind of worried about it because my husband and sons dislike coffee scents. I couldn't have been so wrong, though. The Vanilla Latte really doesn't smell like Vanilla or Latte's to me. One of the three scents smells like warm amber, the other baby powder and the third smells like a hint of sweetened milk but with a warm undertone. I absolutely adore it, especially the warm amber and the baby powder scents.

✓Set up is easy, Just take the trio scent cartridge and plug it into the housing cartridge. Plugin and away you go.
✓The design is, sturdy though which meant there have been no spills or leaks.
✓You can vary the strength of scent that's released. I prefer strong scent in my hallway and minimal scent in my bedroom for example.
✓You can always smell the plugin because the scent changes every 45 minutes. As soon as you'd normally get used to one scent, it changes. This means that you're using less scent because the scent travels throughout your home continuously.
✓It doesn't give any of my family a migraine. My husband and I are quite sensitive to scents causing migraines.
✓It doesn't smell overly chemical laden like other brands do.
✓It's easy to pick up other refills.

✓Slightly more expensive than competitors but you'll see from the above exactly why.

Fountain 09 - The Glow Molecule 240ml
Fountain 09 - The Glow Molecule 240ml
Offered by Best Buys Store
Price: £33.80

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Yummy & Quick Acting, 31 Dec. 2015
At present there are ten Molecules by the Fountain brand which cover beauty, the mind, the hair, moods and overall health. All ten of the Molecules are formulated so they are suitable for vegans. The hyaluronic acid ingredient can be found in each of the formula's and helps to hydrate the skin and slows down ageing.

The Glow molecule contains hyaluronic acid, so what is hyaluronic acid?

Behind it's super scary sounding name hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide which plumps up the space between the cells in the body acting as a cushioned protective bumper. As we age we lose some of this carbohydrate which leaves us looking, well, a little bit older. We no longer hold that fresh-faced plumped-up skin that most relate to being young and beautiful but, this molecule enables us to get that back. In time of course. While it improves our ability to protect it also increases the hydration in the skin which of course helps to plump up the look of our skin.

When most people in their thirties, forties and above start to notice the decline in their skin they would typically reach for the creams, potions and erm, injections. While this affects the outside of our skin the actual works needs to be done from the inside out. HA Creams and gels may help but they will only temporarily help our appearance and will leave a pretty major dent in your purse especially with HA being a trend ingredient (and for good reason). Seems like a better idea to take that HA and put it on the inside to work it's magic, no?

Did you also know that supplements need to be bioavailable to our bodies otherwise you'd be as good as throwing away your well earned money? Most people have taken supplements believing it's going to improve their health but unfortunately, unless they are coupled with something else that enables the body to absorb them they will just pass through our digestive system without being absorbed. Absorption is key to health and Fountain have created these molecules to do just that. For example most vegetables are fat-soluble. A lot of people eat veggies and green smoothies veering away from nasty fats which isn't enabling their bodies to utilise the minerals and vitamins in the veggies because they need a fat source with them during digestion to become soluble and to enter our system correctly. The same applies to supplements.

Are there any other ingredients?

The glow molecule also contains phytoestrogens which help your body to naturally produce hyaluronic acid, no need to worry about buying more supplements to go along with your molecule or having to change your diet because two teaspoons a day is all that's needed.The main ingredient in this molecule is R-Glutathione, this ingredient helps to detox your body and that prevents damage, decreases free radicals and reduces oxidative stress which lead to the signs of ageing.

** So How Did It Taste? **
Initially I was worried that I would hate the taste because I rarely enjoy the taste or smell of any medications or supplements. The bottle read that it was supposed to taste like 'acai' which really meant nothing to me because acai doesn't tend to taste like much at all. On day one I tentatively took out my teaspoon and poured some of the clear, syrup like liquid onto the spoon and braced for a backlash of chemical tasting yuck.

It never happened.

It tasted unusually good and delicately berry like. Taking the second spoon was a doddle and it's been the same every day since. I found there was no horrible after taste, no weird symptoms but I did find a couple of positives pop up within a fortnight. The first being a change to my hair - and - the second being a change to my skin. I've had quite a lot of hair loss lately and nothing's reducing the amount of daily shed. As some of you may know also I ended up being diagnosed with cystic acne about two years back which has been a nightmare, again things have helped ever so slightly but not enough. The Glow Molecule has absolutely reduced my hair shed to that of a normal healthy scalped woman and, my cysts have reduced. This is currently my PMS period in the month and normally my face would be breaking out left, right and centre. I currently have a cyst (small) on my forehead, but my skin has definitely improved. It's not perfect and still needs work but I feel positive about this helping even more in the long run.

I'm not grumbling though because it's only been a few weeks, I was expecting to see nothing until around three months or so which is typical for most good supplements, so two weeks is pretty damn amazing. Maybe down the line I'll get brave enough to post a no makeup before and after. Until then I'll continue taking my two teaspoons a day.

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