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The Immaculate Collection
The Immaculate Collection
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Immaculate and best Madonna collection ever!!!, 22 Jun. 2002
There could be no other way of making a compilation of Madonna's early work than this, and she knows it too!This is still the original,definitive and unabridged version of the Queen of Pop's early greatest hits, 12 years after it's initial release!A compilation such as this should exist in everyone's music collection and should be kept in an immaculate condition!!
The album presents Madonna's greatest triumphs with classic and catchy 80's synth-pop tunes such as "Holiday," "Lucky Star," "Borderline," "Like A Virgin," "Material Girl" and "Into the groove." In addition to this, possibly her greatest ballad "Crazy For You" and the deep and dark "Live to Tell," which has also been included on the original "True Blue" album and her collection of ballads "Something to remember." Her other successes such as "Papa Don't Preach" and "Open Your Heart" are also included and are provided with the contrasting and controversial "Like A Prayer." The album seems to have been arranged in a chronolgical way, not only of initial release, but also of maturity. Madonna's style seems to be constantly developing into more mature and personal work but every song she has made is a true gem!Just like this album!
The 90's smash hit "Vogue" is also included and can be listened to time and time again.This contrasts with "Cherish" which is pure, sing-along pop and still a timeless classic!The controversial "Justify My Love" is definately worth a listen and one can learn to appreciate the song-writing genius of this song after listening to it a few times!
Don't just stand there, let's get to it, strike a pose, there's nothing to it and BUY THIS CD NOW!

Price: £5.99

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This review is from: Dangerous (Audio CD)
This album was somewhat under-rated by certain music critics who must have hung their heads in shame when, on the first week of it's initial release in 1991, it sold over 10 million copies worldwide and spawned some of MJ's greatest chart successes of all time!
I had my first stereo equipped with a cd player in 1991 and the first five CDs I got were:"Thriller," "Off The Wall," "Bad," Madonnas "Immaculate Collection" and "Dangerous." I had already both seen and heard "Black Or White" prior to that and I literally couldn't get enough of this album then, and I still can't now! When I heard about the MJ re-issues last Christmas, they were at the immediate top of my list!The thrill of listening to them all again, digitally remastered brung back so many happy memories! However, listening to "Dangerous" again brought back even more nostalgia!
I saw MJ on his Dangerous tour the following year and he opened the concert with "Jam," the first track on the new album. This track has always been a personal favourite with it's hard-pumping beat and Heavy D rap.Such a cool tune!
WHY YOU WANNA TRIP ON ME has certainly got a catchy chorus and the guitar solo at the beginning is simply astonishing.
BLACK OR WHITE is obviously one of the best tracks on the album and had not only a superb video, but an excellent guitar solo by SLASH!
REMEMBER THE TIME-coool video,impressive R 'n' B style vocals and beats!Timeless classic!
DANGEROUS-like all title tracks, this is one of the fortes of the album!That's all that needs to be said!
GIVE IN TO ME-touching and moving song.Excellent!Pure, emotional vocals helped the atmosphere of this tune!
WILL YOU BE THERE & HEAL THE WORLD-these two songs are among the best anthems ever written!Both of them start off in a very low-key sort of way and then build up to a crescendo of pure MJ style!
These are just some of the 'cream'.Find out more by buying this album.The excellence of this album is just mind-blowing and if you've got one album, why not get them all? This is a timeless classic and you literally just can't get enough of it!A real gem in MJ's crown!

Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars ONE OF THE BEST 80'S ALBUMS...EVER!!, 22 Jun. 2002
This review is from: Bad (Audio CD)
"Bad" has got to be one of the greatest albums of all time... it's certainly in the top 3 MJ albums of all time!!Right from the title track thru' to the extra features, this album provides well over an hour's worth of listening.All of the songs are catchy in their respective ways, and if you only know a few the album anyway and educate yourself!
"Bad" with its catchy bass-line and tune mixes well into the semi-soulful "The way you make me feel" which is equally as cool as the title track!"Speed Demon" provides the album track that should have been released and the soulful "Liberian Girl" is the best thing to listen to on a summer's evening."Just good friends"... well what can one say...Stevie Wonder! "Another part of me" which isn't released on HIStory, along with the anthemic "Dirty Diana," "Leave me alone" and still, the best version of "Smooth Criminal" are worth the money for this album...along with the other tracks! The anthemic "Man in the mirror" and the contrasting love song "I Just can't stop lovin' you" are just two of the high-lights of this album which provide the sing-along in the car regime!
What else can be said....if you already own his greatest hits collection, then you already own 4 of these great tracks, however, THERE IS MORE CREAM LEFT ON THIS ALBUM TO ADD TO YOUR COLLECTION SO GO OUT, FORK THE MONEY AND START TO BUILD YOUR MJ COLLECTION NOW!!
MJ is still DA MAN!!The extra features are superb aswell-especially the song "Streetwalker" which has never before been released. BUY THE ALBUM NOW!

Price: £3.99

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This review is from: Bad (Audio CD)
Well, what can one say? This has certainly got to be in the top 3 MJ albums of all time! This is, in my opinion the best album Michael made,after Thriller, of course! From the classic title track "Bad" right to the end, this album can be listened to again and again. The fact that MJ himself released 9 out of the original 11 tracks as singles certainly speaks up to how much the artist himself must love this album!Another fact for you, this album broke the record in the U.S. as the first 5 singles released from this album all reached No.1!
1)BAD-this has got to have one of the most catchy bass-lines and chorus in a record..ever!An excellent pop and dance tune that doesn't sound cheesy and was definately unique in its sound.Good
video too!
2)THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL-an excellent follow-up to "Bad", a superb radio record,again with a catchy chorus and a unique beat.
3)SPEED DEMON-cool tune!From the movie "Moonwalker."Excellent video,extremely catchy,2nd best bassline on the album after "Bad."
4)LIBERIAN GIRL-more of a slower tune than the previous 3.Also more of an R 'N' B slanted song.Dedicated to Liz Taylor-extremely catchy in every respect-superb for the radio.Nice summer sounding tune with another cool video to match with it.
5)JUST GOOD FRIENDS-Stevie Wonder.What else needs to be said?Apart from that it's got to be one of the best album tracks of all time as it is so catchy!
6)ANOTHER PART OF ME-very catchy 80's style bass-line!Good pop and 80's soul tune!
7)MAN IN THE MIRROR-words cannot describe!The best anthem that MJ has recorded!Cool colaboration with a gospel choir!Very R 'N' B.Excellent pop record!A timeless classic!MJ shows off his vocal skills on this one!
8)I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVIN' YOU-I can't stop singing this one!Excellent duet with Siedah Garret.Semi-love song-not OTT.First single to be released from the album.Got to no. 1 in the UK and US.
9)DIRTY DIANA-Another rock anthem!Superb guitar solos and a very catchy tune!A true classic.Should appeal to the rock fans.
10)SMOOTH CRIMINAL-still the best version of this tune.Sounds so different to AAF.Joint 2nd bassline on the album!Quite rocky in respects,again,very catchy in every way!
11)LEAVE ME ALONE-SUPERB WAY TO END AN ALBUM.Very good radio song,not as poppy as the rest of them!Still a good dance tune!Sign of the time.
The extra features rock too!All that needs to be said is to buy this album immediately!Get the others aswell.Still a classic album which hasn't really been tarnished by time.BUY IT NOW!

Price: £4.52

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This review is from: Thriller (Audio CD)
I cannot comprehend that anybody can say that Michael Jackson's musical ability is out of this world! This album shows MJ's talent at its prime and should have won more than 8 grammies!
I couldn't believe that Michael could do a better album than "Off the wall" and he did!! "Thriller" has got to be one of my all-time favourite albums! Words cannot describe the sensation of listening to all of these tracks again without stopping for a cup of tea, now that they have been digitally remastered. "Thriller" was the first album I ever owned.It was a christmas present in 1991 and I loved it then as much as I do now! I couldn't even begin to tell you my favourite tracks from this album because they're all equally fantastic!
Whether you like soul, pop, disco or rock, there's something here for everyone! The classics "Billie Jean," "Thriller" and "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" provide the 80's disco-pop anthems for this CD and even now, 20 years later are still sounding almost brand-new and are constantly being played on the airwaves and in clubs etc. "Beat it" with Eddie Van Halen's electric, fast-pace guitar solo provides the rock-anthem and the soulful "Human Nature" sampled by SWV for "Right here" provides the classic soul, album-track anthem. Interestingly,on "PYT" Janet and LaToya Jackson provide their vocals and help to add to the soulful 80's sound!
Paul McCartney's duet with "The Girl is mine" has got to be one of the best records ever and it is so catchy! This album shows that Michael doesn't write throw-away pop as all of these tracks are still being heard today and are as popular as they were in 1982! Time certainly hasn't tarnished this album.

Off the Wall: Special Edition
Off the Wall: Special Edition
Price: £5.99

58 of 61 people found the following review helpful
This has definately got to be placed in the greatest albums of all time. This was Michael's first, true solo album and is just one of his greatest pieces of work. However, the reason that this album is special is quite simply...because it's just darn good!!
The album opens with the classic disco anthem "Don't stop til you get enough" and runs smoothly into "Rock with you" and the funky "Working Day and night." These three tunes combine with the title track "Off the wall" and "Get on the floor" to provide 5 simultaneous disco, foot-tapping classics.
The mood changes as the album goes on to the classic soul-smoothie song "She's out of my life," which has undoubtedly got to be the best slushy tune he's ever made, as it's not OTT. Not that any of MJ'S love songs are OTT!! But "She's out of my life" is his best slow tune to date!
Check out the album track "It's the falling in love" with it's catchy chorus and classic MJ harmonies.
Let's face it, both Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones, who produced this album, are both musical geniuses! The combination of talent from Michael, Quincy and Rod Temperton helped to produce one of the best soul albums of all time!
Start your MJ collection by buying this album and listening to the remastered classic tracks and the extra-features! You can listen to this over and over again without ever getting bored. GO AND BUY IT!
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