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dodocool Solar Charger with 10000 mAh Dual USB Port Power Bank Battery Built with SunPower Solar Panels
dodocool Solar Charger with 10000 mAh Dual USB Port Power Bank Battery Built with SunPower Solar Panels
Offered by Hifone
Price: £55.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fixes all the problems of portable solar panels, 21 July 2016
Length:: 1:06 Mins

This item was sent as a sample for review with no pressure to give a good review. All product measurements were made by me during typical use and are not just a regurgitation of the manufacturer specification. I have tested the device constantly for a week before writing this review, and I used this solar panel exclusively to charge my phone during this time (a OnePlus, which has a large current-gen screen and a 3000mAH battery).

There are three issues with portable solar panels;

Firstly, they don’t provide a constant current. As the light changes, the current changes. This stresses the battery under charge and may shorten its life.

Secondly, solar panels need to be larger than you think before they can provide a continuous current without constantly switching off every time a cloud passes. Again, this constant switching on and off can cause issues to the battery under charge especially if it is a Li-on battery (li-on batteries have memory, and stop-start charging can cause them to forget what ‘fully charged’ is).

Thirdly, solar cells have to have a relatively large surface area before they start to become useful in all conditions to the point where you can rely on them. If you are going off-grid and need to charge your phone every day, you need a large solar cell to get by on the cloudy days

Finally, solar cells have to be left outside to collect a large amount of power, which means anything you are charging also has to be left outside with them. Fine, except when it rains and your phone gets a soaking!

This solar cell fixes these problems in a very simple way; it has its own battery and a water resistant pouch into which your phone goes…

The solar cell comes with its own 10,000mAH internal battery. The solar cell charges the internal battery and the internal battery charges your phone. The charge your phone gets is no longer dependant on what the sun is doing; your phone now gets a constant and continuous current irrespective of lighting conditions… and you can even charge your phone at night!

Additionally, because this solar cell stores its energy in an internal battery, the actual solar cell can be significantly smaller. Rather than relying on a large solar cell surface area for cloudy days, you use the stored energy from the sunny days.

The solar cell has a waterproof cloth covering that also comes with a pouch for storing your phone whilst it is charging. So if you want to charge your phone at the same time as having the solar cell collecting charge, you put the phone in the pouch, protecting it from water and heat damage.

But won’t the internal battery bulk up the solar cell, and won’t it suffer from the same issues your phone battery would anyway? No, because the solar cell has a LiPo battery and not a Li-on. A LiPo battery is thinner and lighter than a Li-on. You can’t even see where it is in the dodocool; no battery bump or moulding to be seen (LiPo batteries are what make Apple computers thin, and what makes drones able to fly without having to lift heavy batteries)! A LiPo doesn’t have a memory either, so you can leave it trickle charging via the solar cell without worrying.

You can see the physical attributes of the dodocool via the video. The weight is a little more than a 9.7 inch tablet, so it will add little weight to a travel bag. It has hidden magnetic latches to close it, and you can either place it flat on the ground, pointing at the sun via the built-in stand, or fix it to your bag/car/window/whatever via the 4 large eyelets

So that’s the theory. How does it work in practice?

The maximum charge rate of the solar cell to the internal battery (in bright sun) seems to be about 700mAH per hour, which means it will fully charge its own battery if you leave it outside in good light for a day.

The maximum charge rate of your phone will be pretty much as fast as the phone can take current; it will fast charge from the solar cell’s battery rather than from the sun, so light is not an issue. What if the internal battery is empty? The solar cell on its own will provide a maximum of 5V at 0.7A (in bright sun, measured during the recent heatwave, 19/07/2016!), which is still enough to charge your phone as fast as it can take current. The maximum current the internal battery can provide is 2.1A from my tests, which is enough to fast charge a large tablet.

You know when the internal battery is charging because the LED capacity indicators start to Flash, and the solar cell is providing a good charge when the red light


If the solar cell’s internal battery becomes empty, you inherit all the problems of a standard solar cell, but because the dodocool is only a two panel solar cell, the problem becomes more pronounced. I’d recommend charging the internal battery to at least 25% before attaching a device to it for charging; this circumvents the issue.

The internal battery has no means to charge from USB. If you have a few days of poor light, you have no way to charge the internal battery.

10,000mAH is a good amount for a single phone, but perhaps borderline for two phones and certainly borderline for a large tablet. To be fair, the dodocool is clearly designed with one phone in mind, so not really an issue (and you would be having a pretty rubbish holiday if you were fully discharging a typical 8000mAH 9.7 inch tablet battery every day; power would not be your biggest problem!).

Who would buy this?

Anyone who will be going off-grid and needs phone access.

Anyone who wants a semi-permanent small power supply, for example in a garage or allotment shed. Leaving this solar cell on the inside of a sun-facing window will be enough to keep the internal battery charged, which is enough for a radio or 5V LED lighting.

I haven’t tried to permanently power a small 5V device with the solar cell yet, but will be trying soon with a small USB camera. This might be a good application for security, but as I say, I have not tested this (plus I doubt it would work continuously in winter, and the most stealable item might actually be the solar cell!).


If you are travelling off-grid and need to keep one phone powered, the dodocool is a good choice. It avoids the issue of being constantly dependant on the sun because it literally saves something for a rainy day. The internal battery also sits between your device and the solar cell, giving you a more even and constant current, which protects your device from surges and allows larger devices to draw more current than the solar cell itself can provide instantaneously.


Portable Laptop Tray Coavas Notebook Bed Stand Folding Computer Laptop Table Desk (black)
Portable Laptop Tray Coavas Notebook Bed Stand Folding Computer Laptop Table Desk (black)
Offered by CORNER LOVE
Price: £23.99

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Sturdy and very practical, 20 July 2016
Length:: 0:31 Mins

This item was sent as a sample for review with no pressure to give a good review. I am, however a web application developer who is about to leave a day job to freelance from home, and will be spending a lot of time sat on my new desk – the sofa – writing code… so I was keen to give this stand a go as I was about to buy something similar in any case!

I used two laptops in my testing;

An Alienware R17 gaming laptop. This is one of the largest production laptop available (if not THE biggest), and is also one of the heaviest (just under 4Kg!), so is an extreme test. Not only that, but I also tested playing Crysis 3, which involves lots of mouse movement so will test the stand’s sturdiness.

A Macbook Pro, used by my partner for more general work (web browsing and media).

The unit comes well packed and comes fully assembled. The top is made from vinyl covered wood (and the covering is on both top and bottom, so no cutting corners!), and the legs are metal. The whole thing is very sturdy, even with the Alienware weighing it down.

We had no issues with either computer rolling off.

Although the stand is rock solid, it is less so when resting on a sofa but that’s pretty much a given… let’s just say you lose nothing in terms of stability vs just resting a laptop on your lap, but gain quite a lot (somewhere to put your mouse, and a much more comfortable environment).

We both used the stand for at least an hour each and had no real problems, so it’s a hit from both of us!


Lefthanders cannot use the tilt facility; part of the mechanism is welded and cannot be switched over.

I noticed that the top was not ideal for some optical mice as the pattern is not strong enough for the laser to detect movement. You might need a mouse mat.

The tilting part is not locked down when the whole thing is carried in a closed position and can swing open.

The stand is not as stable as a desk when resting on a sofa. This should surprise absolutely nobody!

Who would buy this?

Me! I used to write books once upon a time so spent years working on a laptop at home, stuck to a desk (search on ‘Sham Bhangal’ on Amazon to see what I worked on). Although I will be doing much the same this time around (writing code for clients rather than books though – the web has put paid to writing technical books for a living!), its good to be able to move around the house for a change of sitting position, and this stand will allow me to do this.

It would particularly suit anyone who brings occasional work home from the office, but wants to keep home looking like home (i.e. no ugly work desk or dinner table that becomes a work cubicle!).

Anyone who likes to work on the laptop in the garden (as you can see from the video, my partner is all for this one!).

Anyone who would like a small writing desk, or anyone who likes their colouring books.


The most productive place to use a laptop is still a desk, but my previous experience shows this is not the full story. Working from home effectively means moving around for a change of scenery and posture, and this is where a decent laptop stand becomes useful.

This stand is sturdy, portable and easily storable. I’ll be using it much more in the future so will report back if anything untoward occurs.

Russell Hobbs 21840 Purify Multi-Health Fryer, 3 L - White
Russell Hobbs 21840 Purify Multi-Health Fryer, 3 L - White
Offered by TOTAL AV
Price: £99.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Great for some people (but not for the people it is marketed towards!), 17 July 2016
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Length:: 1:17 Mins

Let me address the elephant in the room first. The Russel Hobbs 21840 is a small convection cooker and not an air fryer. You are supposed to coat your food with oil before you but it into the oven; there is no special circulation technology at work here.

The first thing you need to look at before buying this is the dimensions; it is not only quite big, but also a strange shape; egg shaped! The actual food compartment is about 23cm wide by 12cm long by 22cm deep, which is a log less than the overall size (about 42cmx35cmx24cm). In its defence though, the unit is well insulated, and you can carry it straight after turning it off, so it is easy to stow away in a cupboard after use.

The small oven size has a few advantages;

It is quick to heat up. I set it to 220 degC, and it got there in a minute, so there’s little need to preheat.

It seems to cook much faster than an oven. On my first attempt, I put in some frozen chicken that is supposed to take 15 to 20 minutes to cook. It took 12 minutes in the Russell Hobbs!

As it cooks quickly, there is far less time for cooking odours to get out. I tested this out by cooking Kievs which tend to stink the house out with garlic. Not so with the Russell Hobbs.

It is probably more economical than heating a standard oven if all you want to do is heat up some frozen food for two. It has less air to heat and there is very little preheat necessary.


Its been mislabelled as an air fryer. It’s actually a small convection oven.

As it is a small convection oven, it can leave your food a little dryer than a larger oven because there is more airflow. There is no control to change the airflow either, so you are stuck with the default.

It is too small for a family main meal. More for the occasional food for one or two, or to cook one specific part of a main meal.

If you over fill the compartment and kill the airflow, your food is only cooked at the top. The Russell Hobbs suffers from this effect more than a larger oven because the airflow in the former comes only from the top, and there is less space at the sides for airflow to get to the sides and underneath.

The cooking compartment is a very specific size, so you are probably out of luck if you want to use your own containers and trays. One good use case would have been to warm an individual plate of food, but it can’t do that unless the plate happens to be a saucer rather than a dinner plate!

Who would use this?

A small household, perhaps a couple, single person flat or student. As more households are couples and single people these days, that’s quite a large market

An office kitchen. Great for warming up food quickly, and doesn’t cause as much of a smell as a full oven (and of course, doesn’t destroy your food like a microwave would!).

Something to teach kids how to cook; it cooks quickly (always a useful attribute for entertaining the impatient!), can be used to cook small amounts, and is not as dangerous as a full oven.


I believe myself and my partner are a prime target audience for this device; we cook meals for two, often pre-prepared (for example, I make my own Thai and Indian curry sauces, which I use to quickly whip something up with a bit of meat or vegetables… so it is not all Birds Eye!). Ive been using it for a few weeks now, and it is absolutely great for cooking up something quickly for two.

The Russell Hobbs is not targeted at myself and my partner though; its sold as a family air fryer, and I don’t think this is the best use case. So even though we love it (and use it often) it has to have a few stars off, unfortunately.

Five stars if you cook small meals for one or two, 4 stars if you cook for more people, and three stars if you were actually looking for an air fryer.

I’ll go for the middle one; 4 stars, but pick the score that suits you the most!

ONCHOICE USB 3.0 7 Port Hub with On/Off Switch included UK AC Power Adapter with Cable For Desktop/Laptop/Notebook / PC / Computer / and More
ONCHOICE USB 3.0 7 Port Hub with On/Off Switch included UK AC Power Adapter with Cable For Desktop/Laptop/Notebook / PC / Computer / and More
Offered by Ziolsam
Price: £12.21

5.0 out of 5 stars More USB ports than you will ever need, 17 July 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Length:: 0:21 Mins

The ONCHOICE extender gives you 7 USB 3 ports, which is probably more than most people will need, but if like me you own a desktop or monitor with all the USB ports at the back, it is often useful to be able to bring them out to the front.

Each port comes with its own on/off switch, which may well be overkill for many users, but if (like me) you own an external hard drive that has no on/off switch but powers itself on/off based on whether it detects an active USB connections (such as the excellent Toshiba Canvio 5TB, B00J3OP7FW), the switches can become useful.

The unit comes with its own power supply, so you are not limited by the power coming from your PC.

The data throughput speeds are good and I had no problems using USB3 capable devices and high speed video camera cards.


The power supply comes with a cable that is about 60cm, and the power supply itself is only 1A, which is a lot for 1 USB port, but not for 7.

Each USB port seems to be limited to 300mAH with the power supply attached. Fine for powering USB devices and charging phones, but limited for charging a larger devices such as a 10 inch tablet. For what its worth, I think this is the reason some users may have seen only 3 ports working; they are drawing 300mA from each of three USBs, meaning there is no current for the others!

When I attach this to a device capable of providing the full 900mA as per USB3 spec (which admittedly, not many computers provide), the 300mA limit goes away, and I can draw the full 900mA from a single port. If you have a computer capable of providing the full USB3 power spec, you probably don’t need the power supply.

Who would buy this?

Anyone who has a computer with one powered USB (also called ‘hub USB’ by Windows). Most computers come with many data or ‘non powered’ USB ports (which typically only supply 100mA so are less useful for charging phones and driving power hungry peripherals), but many computers only have one or two powered USB ports (which typically provide more power and/or stay on when the computer is off). Connecting your powered USB port to an extended such as the ONCHOICE allows you to deal with many more power hungry devices such as webcams, gaming peripherals, especially devices with lots of LEDs such as my Velocifire keyboard; B01D9M0DOI and so on.

Anyone who uses their computer as an authoring workstation. I am an avid photographer/videographer, and having this many up-pointing USB 3 ports easily accessible in front of me is a godsend! I have mine connected to a Dell P2715Q 4K monitor (B00R420U8O), and have the Toshiba 5TB, a Spyder 4 Elite colorimeter (B006TF36TM), Freecom drives (B00GK5TIT8) and a card reader (B004P8J1DU) all connected with no issues.

Anyone with a gaming rig. Constantly plugging and unplugging controllers can be a bind, especially if you have the kind of gaming peripherals that have really bright LEDs that need to be off when you are not gaming. You can now turn off the sparkly show without having to go into the back of your PC to pull them out every time. Bliss!

A small office looking for a handy charging point for phones. Won’t charge as fast as a dedicated mains USB charge port, but assuming you plug this unit into a good powered USB-out, it should be enough for two or three phones at a time. If you are a web design office with test devices to check your HTML, leaving all the devices connected to one of these should ensure you always have everything charged up for site testing.


A nice addition for the gamer or productivity user. Having all your USB ports at the front of your computer rather than the back makes for a much easier environment. The ONCHOICE also gives you more USB ports. The slight downside is that the power supply only provides 1A. I would have preferred the full USB3 spec for charging USBs (2.5A). But still good for the price.

Power Bank, VIVIS 20000mAh Compact External Battery High Capacity Power Bank Portable Charger with Polymer Battery, 2-Port 4A Input & 2-Port 5A Quick Output, Quick Charge for iPhone 6 6S Plus 5S, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Smart Phones and Tablets(Black)
Power Bank, VIVIS 20000mAh Compact External Battery High Capacity Power Bank Portable Charger with Polymer Battery, 2-Port 4A Input & 2-Port 5A Quick Output, Quick Charge for iPhone 6 6S Plus 5S, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Smart Phones and Tablets(Black)
Offered by VIVIS Direct Store
Price: £69.99

4.0 out of 5 stars A great charger, let down by less than advertised capacity, 17 July 2016
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Length:: 0:38 Mins

I have owned and used a couple of 20,000mAh batteries already; a top end model (Anker Pro) and a consumer model comparable to the VIVIS (imuto). I use the Anker Pro to power a BlackMagic cinema camera rig, and the imuto for charging phones and tablets.

The VIVIS has a number of features that set it apart from both my other battery banks;

Compared to high end battery banks

Like the Anker Pro, the VIVIS uses a LiPo battery rather than a Li-on. Both LiPo and Li-on have the same lifetime in terms of number of charges, but LiPo does not have a shelf life like a Li-on. A Li-on battery will show signs of age after 3 years even if you hardly use it, whereas a LiPo will not. This may be a significant factor when choosing the VIVIS over other battery banks; if you will be fully discharging the battery bank less than once a week, a LiPo will last longer.

Compared against my Anker Pro, the VIVIS is significantly smaller. In fact, it is surprisingly small – it is within 5% on an SKG 10000mAH battery I own, so I was keen to test the actual mAH capacity (and a little suspicious!). More on this later…

Compared to consumer grade battery banks

A Li-on battery bank of this capacity is nearly always made up of 18650 batteries, and this limits the thinness the battery bank can get down to. Not so with a LiPo; it can get significantly thinner (and usually lighter for the same charge capacity. The VIVIS is thinner than my imuto, and pretty much all my Li-on battery banks

Ok, so that’s the theory, on to the practicalities;

First up; output power

I charged a 9 inch tablet (the largest load most typical users will own) tested the maximum power output; I got a peak of 5.04V at 1.9A or around 10W. That is VERY good, meaning that the charge speed of your devices is pretty much limited by how fast your device can charge. Most other chargers drop to below 5V on this sort of current drain, so this is a big deal!

Unfortunately for the VIVIS though, I am not a typical user, and I tested the battery bank with the most difficult load I have; a cinema camera that takes 12V, powered through a 5V (USB) to 12v (CCTV) converter circuit, with the cinema camera fitted with a flat battery. This will seriously strain a 5V battery bank because it has to power both a pro DV camera AND charge the camera battery. This is usually the job for the Anker Pro (which incidentally costs x3 as much as the VIVIS). Anyway, I got a 2.4A at 4.92V sustained, or about 12W. This is a good output level for a consumer battery bank, and proves the 2.5A per port spec. In practical terms, this makes the VIVIS the fastest battery bank for charging devices.

So not just all good so far; fantastic so far.

So now onto the thorny issue of actual capacity. The VIVIS looks physically small for a 20000mAH LiPo. Either it contains some very recent high density batteries, or it isn’t actually a 20000mAH. Time to find out!

I completely discharged the VIVIS and then charged it through a meter that measures mAH. It came up with an actual capacity of 13200mAH. Using the same meter, my 20000mAH Anker Pro gets at or slightly above 20000mAH, and other 5V chargers I own (iEGrow, SVance, imuto, SKG) get to their stated capacity under the same test.

Physically, the battery bank looks nice and robust. It passes the twist test (hold the device at the two shorter sides and try to twist it; the less it creaks the better the physical construction) and the material looks decent; as slightly rubbery plastic with gold metal trim on the sides.

As well as two output ports the VIVIS also has two input charge ports, meaning you can attach it to two USB outputs for faster charging. This only makes for fast charging if the two USB inputs you are using are relatively low powered (less than an amp, as you will find on the side of a PC) as either input port is limited to about an Amp. If you are using mains USBs (typically able to output 2A each), you do not get 4A worth of charging current into the VIVIS.


An obvious one; the capacity is two thirds of that advertised!

Who would buy this?

The actual capacity is decent if you will be charging phones, but for a large (10 inch) tablet, you really need a true 20000mAH to get two charges out of it. However, if you need to charge your tablet as fast as possible and are happy with one charge, the VIVIS might be for you.


There are actually surprisingly few downsides to this battery bank except the less than advertised capacity, which is a real shame because for a consumer grade battery bank, it is actually very good and has a lot going for it; high output, small size (it is the size I would expect for a 10000mAH LiPo), and good build.

OK, so why I am I docking only one star when the capacity is clearly low (and unforgivable omission)? Because I am actually using it in a pro environment (video production) for its high output.

I am using it to power a cinema camera plus a monitor and audio recorder, and it has been working flawlessly in this task for a couple of weeks now. It is much smaller and lighter than my Anker Pro, making my camera rig more usable for certain types of production.

Eyoyo 8"Inch TFT LCD HD Monitor Color Screen with VGA/HDMI/BNC/AV Function For Car DSLR & PC & DVD & Car Backup Camera
Eyoyo 8"Inch TFT LCD HD Monitor Color Screen with VGA/HDMI/BNC/AV Function For Car DSLR & PC & DVD & Car Backup Camera
Offered by Eyoyo
Price: £68.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent feature set and resolution, 16 July 2016
Length:: 1:26 Mins

The Eyoyo is an 8 inch TFT monitor that runs of a standard CCTV (12V) jack, and takes VGA, HDMI (full size D), BNC and AV.

It comes with a 2 pin power supply (plus a 2 pin to UK adapter), stand, and instructions.

First thing; the display.

The display is very good on the default settings; very contrasty with a dark black and punchy colour, and with a reasonably wide viewing angle.

You have the usual menu options to change colour, brightness and contrast, and it’s all pretty configurable. Using Spyder 4 Elite, I was able to colour match the Eyoyo to my main monitor, and I have included an image of the colour gamut Spyder output (the Eyoyo looks to encompass 70% of sRGB. Windows 10 detected the monitor as 75Hz rather than the more usual 60Hz and the picture is rock solid.

Second; connection options.

The connection options are good, and you should be able to connect to most devices with the appropriate adapter. I did not have the required micro HDMI>HDMI and mini HDMI>HDMI to test connection to cameras (I have a BlackMagic Cinema camera and Sony/Panasonic DSLRs) or phones/tablets (I have a OnePlus and a Teclast Android/Windows 10 dual boot), but I will update this review if any of them do not connect when I get the adapters.

In the included video, I show the monitor being used with my laptop during video editing, and I then show the Eyoyo in use along with my 27 inch 4K screen for productivity; Lightroom (where I use the 8 inch screen to give me a print size view of the image under edit; very useful!) and DaVinci Resolve (using the 8 inch screen for ‘scopes) and finally 3DMark (using the 8 inch screen to keep an eye on GPU/CPU temps and clocks).

You may notice that when I am using the Eyoyo with my laptop, I am taking power for the Eyoyo directly from a USB port. To do this, I am using a 5v USB to 12 CCTV adapter USB DC 5V to DC 12V Step-Up Module Converter 2.1x5.5mm Male Connector Plug which I recommend as an additional purchase if you want to do similar. I also use this cable with my 4k monitor (a Dell Dell P2715Q 27-Inch Ultra HD 4K LCD Monitor (2M:1, 350 cd/m2, 3840 x 2160, 9ms, DP/Mini DP/HDMI, MHL/USB) - Black which has USB3 ports which can power the Eyoyo).
The Eyoyo also works with my Anker Pro battery pack Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 20000mAh Multi-Voltage (5V 9V 12V) 4-Port Portable Charger ?External Battery Power Bank with PowerIQ Technology for iPhone 6 Plus 5S 5C 5 4S, iPad Air 2 Mini 3, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 Note Tab, Nexus, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, PS Vita, Gopro, more Phones and Tablets (Black) at 9V or 12V, and I can confirm it will work with any USB battery bank with the USB to 12V cable noted above (I have tested it with three battery banks I own).

What I like about this screen

Most comparable small screens are 800x600 and usually more expensive. The fact that this screen is cheaper and of a higher native resolution is fantastic!

If you are using a modern computer and screen, one or other of them will have a USB3 output, which you can use along with the USB to CCTV cable noted above to power this monitor without needing another power supply plug.

The screen is very punchy and sharp. It is not accurate enough for professional editing as it does not cover the full sRGB gamut, but is excellent for showing secondary information (tools, scopes, metadata etc) within a professional desktop editing work-flow.

The Eyoyo has very low power requirements, and can be powered by a battery, including a standard USB battery bank if you have the right cable.

It can be configured for landscape or portrait.

Who would buy this screen?

The gamer who has replaced a dual monitor setup with one big 4k screen that now fills the desk, but is hankering for a small second screen to display overclock or system status graphs.

The music fan who wants Spotify or similar app on its own screen.

The Lightroom photo editor who wants a second print size screen (I didn’t realise how useful this would be until I tried it!)

The user with a Raspberry Pi or similar who needs a small low power screen, and the PC modder who fancies putting a diagnostic screen into their PC cabinet.

The slate and laptop user who needs a second screen that is also light and portable (the screen doesn’t come with a carry case but fits into a standard 10 inch tablet case if you need a carry case… get a slightly bigger one if you want to leave the monitor base on).

Anyone using a box PC as a mini server or media streamer who could do with a small monitor for occasional diagnostics.

Anyone requiring a low power screen for display and monitoring of relatively low resolution feeds (CCTV) or a small amount of diagnostic information.


It’s a 4:3 screen so if you want to watch films or other wide-screen format content you might want to consider something else.

Windows 10 recognised the monitor as a Daewoo 1280x1024 17 inch monitor. Not really a problem as the image looked fine. The only real thing I had to do was to increase the font size from 100% to 125% to make it more readable.

Although the Eyoyo will probably be able to display the HDMI-OUT signal from your DSLR or cinema camera as long as it is a standard frame rate (I need to check this and will update the review via the comments), this is not built to be used as a field monitor. You would not expect it either at this price! I would say that it might be usable in a studio setting though.

You don’t get any signal cables for the back so you will have to buy your own, and the power supply plug is two pin rather than a 3 pin UK (you do get an adapter though, and it’s a standard 12V CCTV supply so you can easily replace it for not much money).


A real bargain, and a perfect secondary screen to a large 4k screen for the avid games or video/photo editor. You can use the Eyoyo to show important information (Task manager, edit tools and menus or system status for a high end gaming rig). It will also be useful as a status screen for small servers and single board computers, or for electronics projects.

Post-it Recycled Notes - Canary Yellow - Tower Pack Of 24 Pads - 38 mm x 51 mm
Post-it Recycled Notes - Canary Yellow - Tower Pack Of 24 Pads - 38 mm x 51 mm
Offered by Choice Stationery Supplies Limited
Price: £13.78

5.0 out of 5 stars Perhaps too small for the office, but perfect for the home that doesn't want to look like an office, 12 July 2016
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Programme (What's this?)
Firstly, note the dimensions of these Post-it notes before you buy; they are about a quarter of the size of the standard ones. That’s no bad thing though, because they are useful around the house; on the fridge or front door for shopping lists and must-remember in the morning type things, whilst being small enough to prevent your home looking like an office.

There are of course more specialised uses for Post-it notes, as anyone in software development will tell you (the larger sizes are used extensively in Agile development).

I do some freelance web development at home, and that is what I use mine for; a little Kanban board (Google is your friend) on the wall behind my monitor.

Years ago, I also used to write for a living (books on web development) and Post-it notes were used extensively to flesh out chapter contents, and the ones here are just the right size for that (and idea generation in general); write your ideas out on the Post-Its then move them around to form a structured plan. They also look useful for making notes in books and documents.

Who would buy these?

The small size of these Post-its make them less useful for office meetings and planning but more useful for personal things; in the home and kitchen, by the phone or for a home office.

Smaller, less obtrusive and even a little cute.

APEMAN 1080P 14MP Wi-Fi Action Camera Waterproof Sports Camera 2.0'' LCD Screen Full HD 170° Ultra Wide-Angle Lens Action Cam with Portable Package and Dual 1050mAh Batteries
APEMAN 1080P 14MP Wi-Fi Action Camera Waterproof Sports Camera 2.0'' LCD Screen Full HD 170° Ultra Wide-Angle Lens Action Cam with Portable Package and Dual 1050mAh Batteries
Offered by Zeco Direct
Price: £129.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Good starter action camera or for web video, 8 July 2016
Length:: 1:13 Mins

I’ve tested this camera for a couple of weeks now, and the video shows my unboxing and first footage (taken in my back garden).

The camera comes well presented in a carry case that includes a large number of attachments and mounts, including underwater casing. You also get two batteries; nice touch.

It has an easy to use menu system, and there are a number of nice features here, including;

1. Ability to use this as a security camera. The camera turns its back screen off after a few minutes, plus the camera can record and charge at the same time. The camera can start recording on motion detection and can also shoot timelapse. These features mean you could leave the apeman camera connected to a portable battery bank and just leave it. No mains required, and the small size of it all means you can be covert.

2. Ability to run as a dashcam or bike-cam. The camera can record short video segments on ‘loop’ (which means once the SD card is full the oldest segments are deleted to make room for new segments, thus constantly recording, with the last few hours on SD card. You could of course use this ‘dashcam’ feature along with the security features to monitor something like wildlife (such as a nest-cam).

3. Image stabilisation is included, and it works pretty well. A surprising addition at this low price point

The big feature of course though is the video output…

The camera comes with a nice wide angle POV (point of view) that makes the camera very useful for action camera work; the wide angle view enables you to get a lot of the scene in even if you don’t have time to point the camera (you simply have to point in the general direction with a lens this wide!), and the wide angle also enhances the feeling of movement (especially if the camera is close to the ground) for things like skiing and cycling.

Next up; video quality. I will describe this in terms of bitrate;

A typical phone camera (assuming 1080p .mov) will gives you a video bitrate of about 20-30Mbit/s.

Most top end (GoPro et al) action cameras give you 15-50Mbit/s.

A high end phone or modern DSLR with good video will give you up to around 30-50Mbit/s. Some phones (and DSLRs) allow you to hack the bitrate to much more (my onePlus 1 allows me to go to 100Mbit/s).

The apeman action camera gives you an average of about 10Mbit/s.

That sounds a bit low but bear in mind that action cameras are different to other cameras because they have a very wide angle of view, and can be easily mounted to your body allowing you to record a FPV (first person view) of whatever you are doing.

Also worth bearing in mind that YouTube 1080p video is in this ballpark, and I would say this is the target user for the apeman – someone who will be recording FPV video destined to be uploaded straight to the web. The apeman can also be used as a dashcam or surveillance camera.

Ive tested the device with various SD cards, and it recognised a 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB (and was able to write video to all of them). What I did not test is whether the apeman could access all of a 64 or 128GB. The spec says it can recognise up to 32GB, and given that the video is 10Mbit/s, that should be more than enough.


The video quality is not as high as more expensive action cameras; 1080p from a GoPro or Tomtom bandit is better quality. Most current phones will also give you better quality. The low bitrate can be noticeable in areas of low colour variation but lots of detail such as clouds.

You don’t get any slow-motion frame rates, such as 720p at 120fps, which is available for the more expensive action cameras.

The lens feels like plastic rather than glass (or at least, the bit you can touch is).

Although this camera would make a good dashcam for a car, the suction cup mount you would need to attach this to a windscreen is not included. Not a biggie as you can get one from Amazon for not much

Who would buy this?

Anyone looking for an action camera for posting video to Facebook or YouTube.

Anyone looking for an occasional dashcam or a hidden security camera (the apeman seems particularly suited to a security camera if you connect it to a 12000mAH or higher batter bank, but remember to connect the battery after you have turned the camera on, otherwise the camera will charge only).

A good use case for this camera would be as a dashcam for a cyclist; you can mount it on either your bike or helmet with the provided accessories


You get a lot of accessories here, and the camera itself is small and is easy to use. Don’t expect high quality video though; if you have a recent phone that will give you better quality. Where this comes into its own is for footage destined for the web, or for security. If you want better video quality (and some people reading this review will) then you need to think about a more expensive action camera.

TEQIN Mjölnir USB Charging Arc Lighter Metal Ultra-Thin Creative Novelty Charging Electronic Cigarette Lighters Smoking Cigar Windproof Arc Ignition Rechargeable (Black)
TEQIN Mjölnir USB Charging Arc Lighter Metal Ultra-Thin Creative Novelty Charging Electronic Cigarette Lighters Smoking Cigar Windproof Arc Ignition Rechargeable (Black)
Offered by Dewin
Price: £16.49

5.0 out of 5 stars Great looking lighter, 5 July 2016
Length:: 0:55 Mins

This item was sent as a sample for review with no pressure to give a good review.

The video pretty much says it all; nice gift presentation box, cool looking lighter with a very eye-catching ‘flame’ that is actually an arc plasma. What the video does not show is that the charger is 100% metal, and it is not a thin veneer either; the lighter has a nice heft to it, and is cold to the touch because it is all metal

The cool thing about the plasma is that it stays on even in the wind, and of course you need no lighter fuel or flints to keep it going – just plug it into a USB port and recharge. When you recharge there is a little LED that is red when the lighter is recharging, which turns green when you are done.
You’ll not know how long it will last the first time as there’s no way of knowing how full it is, but you soon get a grip on it (it depends on how often you use it, but it’s a week for me… the instructions say 100-120 light ups).

Practically none. The lighter doesn’t tell you how much charge is left, but that shouldn’t be a problem if (like me) you just remember to charge it every 3 or 4 days.

Works well, looks unusual and pricey, feels nice in the hand because of its full-metal construction, and costs nothing to run. Would be lovely as a gift, including for yourself!

Short 1930's Vintage Garden Picnic Party Floral Dress Size M BP02-12
Short 1930's Vintage Garden Picnic Party Floral Dress Size M BP02-12
Offered by Belle Poque Clothing
Price: £17.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Good dress, fast delivery, 4 July 2016
Length:: 0:26 Mins

A nice summer dress (Assuming you get the same pattern as seen in the video).

We chose a medium size for a size 10 and it fitted perfectly, although it was a little lose on the waist unless the belt was used. This means of course that the dress is adjustable at the waist.

Decent material, good stitching, good price, and ships from the UK so very quick delivery.


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