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Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)
Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)
Offered by Gameline GmbH.
Price: 13.49

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4.0 out of 5 stars BB's review of Beyond : Two Souls, 22 Oct 2013
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
BB's review of Beyond Two Souls

Back in 2010, Quantic Dream stunned the gaming world with their take on interactive movie games with the acclaimed and wonderfully original, Heavy Rain. Now, 3 years later and with a bigger budget, game director David Cage and the French design team are back with Beyond - Two souls.

Beyond, was premiered at a movie festival, which goes some way to show the type of effort that has been put into marketing Beyond as a movie/game rather than just a game. It's inspiring to see the medium of the gaming industry being played with like this and break out of the mould. For the most part Beyond does a stunning job of that too.

Very similar to the control system of Heavy Rain, Beyond, uses the minimum amount of controller input from the gamer to take you on this journey. Indeed there is practically no on screen clutter to distract you from thinking this is a movie. Items that can be interacted with are highlighted with no more than a small white circle, or sometimes an X, but all with the minimum of on screen fuss.

When you do get into QTE (quick time events) there are two kinds. The first is the QTE's that show you what to press, the others not. Although that sounds strange the QTE's that don't require you to see the button presses here in Beyond focuses the gamer to concentrate on the on screen action and react to it. This is simple yet outstanding genius game play design! You know when these situations occur as the screen slows down and you react naturally from there on in. It's wonderfully immersive and draws you ever more into the game.

The basis of the story is you play as a girl called Jodie, who from a young age is blessed / cursed with a special paranormal ability with an entity she calls "Aiden". You never sure until the end if Aiden is there to help or hinder Jodie, but the journey of her life expands on a scenario that this power can be harnessed. The game then chops and changes between a young 6 year old Jodie, early teenage Jodie, late teens Jodie and a more mature woman Jodie. The thread and story of these ages of the main character are at first glance scattered incoherently together, but, like a good book with many threads, it all comes together later and makes perfect sense for it's grand finale! It's not particularly hard to figure out what's going on anyway, but is a little too clever for its own good in some ways, but is utterly fasinating none the less.

Not only do you get to play as Jodie, but you can have an out of body experience as Aiden also. This opens up gameplay situations and simple puzzles to sort out for more variety.

Jodie is played by Ellen Page, and the main supporting role is from Willem Dafoe, who plays the part of Jodie's mentor, surrogate father and scientist looking into the workings of paranormal activity, Nathan Dawkins. To be honest, as much as it's thrilling to see such heavyweight Hollywood actors take the parts of these games, Dafoe doesn't really excel in his role. It feels it's more a case of something to add to his CV than it is for his wish to present David Cage's vision of a character. Dafoe is passable, but not wonderful.

What is wonderful, neigh, absolutely mind blowing is on occasion the graphics are indeed sometimes, especially later on in the game, pinch me please, uber realistic. Some scenes, especially of the older Jodie times, are breathtakingly lifelike. It really helps to convince the mind that this is indeed just a beautifully rendered movie. Trouble is, at times its most definitely not. The graphical standard is inconsistent. Young Jodie scenes look decidedly blocky and characters move and express themselves as convincingly as the Thunderbirds puppets!

However, for the majority of the time, the acting is superb, and the core story is breathtakingly varied, much more than you would ever think or indeed has been given away in any of the trailers. It's a very surprising journey for its variety, and you will NOT be expecting what is to come.

To take you on this journey the audio is fantastic, with none other than Hollywood legend, Hans Zimmer, producing outstanding pieces of classical and modern music to deepen the movie like experience here.

And so to the crux of the game itself. Do the decisions you make effect the outcome of the game, seeing as there are 23 different endings? Well, yes but not in the way you would expect. In Heavy Rain, choices during the game directly affected the outcome, and it was explained thus at the end. In Beyond, the way it works is different. Each scene/chapter will play out differently and come to a conclusion at the end of the chapter, but ultimately the end of each chapter won't dictate and affect the ending. The ending and what affects that is YOU, the gamer!

In short you're not forced down a certain pre-determined path at the games end, it's more a case of how you felt your experience went at the end of each chapter, and how YOU want the game to end based on your experience of how you got there.

Now that may sound like a risk, because, you could choose an ending that doesn't really fit the dialogue you had within the game. But, where Beyond is special, is that the ride to the end is so emotional, so evocative and thought provoking, you can't but help but be caught up in the whole experience and want to do the right thing to how your journey with Jodie went. When the credits were rolling I was literally sitting there, stunned, satisfied, and contemplating did I do the right thing and wrestling with my own thoughts and emotions. Then when you're doing that you realize that a GAME has made you question your own actions right to the very core of your own soul!

The only way to truly satisfy the itch of would I have done something different, should I have chosen something else, can only be answered by playing the game a second time and seeing how you feel then at that time. No doubt a second play through will make you feel different to the first. There is basically no right or wrong choice, it's dependent on the basic human emotions you have to think about during the game, and that can change day to day, hour to hour anyway.


Beyond blazes a trail of what can be done outside of the box with games on consoles, and it's a shame no other developers have taken the plunge to the extent Quantic Dream have because these type of games are HUGELY entertaining to be part of. Maybe they haven't because it is indeed a rather complex process to make, let alone to play. For the most part Quantic Dream have nailed it superbly here with Beyond.

It's not a step up from Heavy Rain, more an alternative way to play the same process. What has been improved though are the visuals. I can't express how utterly realistic some scenes and facial expressions looked,and how gripping the drama was to be a part of as it unfolded.

At the end of the day though, does the idea of an interactive movie/game really work though? In answer, YES it does and we should have more of them, but not without its drawbacks. The downside of things is at the end of the day this is meant to be a game to be enjoyed still, and it's hard to be enthusiastic about the parts of the game that require the player to do the utterly mundane and normal day to day things that you know won't have any effect for the final outcome. Too many times Jodie did things in game that had absolutely no consequence to anything at all.

Where it does succeed though in this wet nursing of a character, getting her through all these mundane tasks, is that it draws you further into the character your playing far more. So when you REALLY have to make a hard choice you know will have some ultimate effect, you struggle with your thought process hoping your doing the right thing. Ying and Yang!

Example here would be, you have to help Jodie on a dinner date. You spend 20 minutes of gameplay time doing nothing more than tidying up your apartment, choosing a dinner, cooking it, and choosing what clothes to wear, just so you can make the date and what's to come during the date work. It's not exciting to play this part, but you do it because you want to see the right outcome, simply because you CARE about the character you're playing. If you sit back and realize how a game can make you feel like this and what's just been written, it's kind of disturbing a game can affect you like this but it is fascinating to experience all the same!

And that, in a nutshell is what the game actually is, an EXPERIENCE. How that experience moved you in your thought process will ultimately decide how you feel about the game when you're finished. None can argue it's quality of production, stunning artwork, superb graphics, settings, story, music and acting, but how that all comes together at the end, is really up to you, the player.

Either way, it's something that will be hard to not enjoy by anyone; it certainly blurs the line between game and movie or movie and game, and is definitely worth a play through if for nothing else than to find out what can be accomplished by the current generation of console.

Rating 8/10

Unique experience, superb production levels, slightly chaotic story line, but wonderful to be part of.

Puppeteer (PS3)
Puppeteer (PS3)
Price: 12.72

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5.0 out of 5 stars BB's review of Puppeteer, 22 Oct 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Puppeteer (PS3) (Video Game)
The Puppeteer

Every once in a while, a game comes along that totally re adjusts your perspective on the entire gaming horizon. These games just seem to tick every box, do everything right, and in short knock our socks off. The Puppeteer does that, and not only does it well, it could even be considered the best this generation of consoles can offer.

The Puppeteer. Heard of it? No you probably haven't as in the current gaming climate all the talk is about GTA, COD, Battlefield and what the next generation of consoles will do to make the same crap look just a bit prettier and try to convince us all " its new ". But, if you pause, just for a minute, bring your head down from the future and just enjoy what can be had now, you may miss one of the most magical, exciting, FUN and stunning piece of art on a digital screen ever!

You see the Puppeteer is like an award winning Disney film. It transcends all ages so everyone can come away with a light heart and a smile on their face after spending time with it. It's basic enough for young children to be fascinated with, with the castles, witches, pixies and so forth, but highbrow enough that adults can laugh at the humour also.

So what exactly IS the Puppeteer? Well, to say it's a "plat former" is a disservice. You play as a character called Kutaro who is a wooden puppet with interchangeable heads. Your quest is to save the children's of the world souls from the evil Moon Bear King who wants to rule the universe. To defeat the Moon Bear King you have to collect each of the moonstone shards from the Moon Bear Kings general's.

And so starts your journey. To help you do this you have a pair of scissors named "calibrus". Calibrus, can chop down enemies, and cut through objects, but also can help you get from a to b even if those points are off the ground by chopping your way up to them. Other powers are bestowed upon Kutaro as your epic adventure unfolds, like a shield, hook and slam. You use all these powers in various ways to traverse the environment.

And what an environment it is! The scene is literally set as you play as though you're in the theatre watching the most fantastic puppet show you will ever witness. The voice acting and narration is utterly brilliant. The screen even has the outline of the stage, lights and curtains to give you a thespian; you're at the theatre feel.

But the backdrops! Oh the backdrops are stunning. The game doesn't hide the fact it's a puppet show with the backdrops all being propped up on sticks, but what's amazing about it all is it's all just achingly beautiful to look at with such clarity and detail. Bright, colourful, detailed, varied. The adventure will have you on pirate ships sailing the vast sea, a desert, a Mexican town, mountainous snowy peaks, jungles, castles, and of course, the final frontier, space! Each set piece is lavish in its design and artwork, and sometimes is only on screen for a scant few seconds before it's all replaced with yet another stunning beauty!

The game is for this day of age, pretty long too. It's divided into 7 chapters (called acts) and each Act is split into three chapters (called Curtains). Each curtain is at minimum 20 minutes worth of gameplay, or for some of the longer curtains, up to a whopping 45 minutes. During that 45 minutes the backdrops and sets will change many many times, so it's not just a case of the same theme, same look for all that time, OH no. Oh yes it is, Oh no it isn't! In fact one curtain could have up to around 25 to 30 beautifully crafted and thought out scenes.

The gameplay is also fantastic. It's a custom built engine for this game by Japan studio. Everything from the lighting to the physics is made for this game only and it shows. It's superbly smooth, works brilliantly, is fun to be part of and looks utterly fantastic. The lighting is especially standout as it manages to capture emotion and feel. The audio is also superb, down to the tiny details. There is even perfectly timed "ohhs" and "ahhhs" from the virtual audience you are supposed to be with, with rapturous applause at the games end. Even the end credits are entertaining and interactive!

On this journey, Kutaro is flung around the screen with reckless abandon. Massive set pieces to negotiate, huge boss fights, exciting chase sequences, stunning on rails sections, quick time events, puzzles, battles and timing, it's ALL here and paced to perfection.

Even when playing in 3D, the design of the game is set up perfectly. Not too garish to be a distraction and in fact designed to simply enhance the depth of the screen rather than shock you. There are moments where things pop out at the screen towards the player but it works wonderfully well. Even without 3D it's still gorgeous and perfect.

The story is a little trite, and possibly the weakest link to the whole game. It's sometimes difficult to follow who's actually speaking on screen as the animations for characters talking is a bit iffy at best. The movement for who is supposed to be talking is far too OTT. However if you turn the subtitles on, all soon becomes clear and then easy to follow.

Be that as it may, it's still an enjoyable plot with twists, turns, gasps of horror, laughter, love, and even time for some proper west end musical numbers, which all in all makes it utterly unique and joyous to behold and listen too from start to finish.
In short, every aspect of the game is breath taking and perfectly designed for maximum enjoyment.


The nearest game you could compare the Puppeteer to is Little Big Planet, but that's at a stretch and even if you do so, it's still putting the Puppeteer into a metaphorical box it doesn't deserve to be in. Although it's a platformer it does everything it can to not be exactly that. You'll be amazed at what places you'll end up for something you think is meant to be on a flat screen!

It kind of makes me sad, that games like this are so few and far between. We're inundated with the same boring commercially successful crap these days, from developers who have to play it safe due to pressures from the almighty publishers. How refreshing it is to play a game that brazenly stands up with an identity all of its own at the worst possible commercial time and says in a tiny voice, "This is what I am and I'm proud of it." The gaming industry would be better off with ten versions of the Puppeteer than ten versions of the same boring FPS, driving, or cover based 3rd person shooter.

This game is not just good, it's jaw droopingly stunning. It's not just game of the year good, its game of the entire generation epic! Move over Uncharted 2. Put the champagne on ice, The Last of Us. Park it back in the garage Gran Turismo.

The Puppeteer is game of the generation and when we all look back on the PS3 age, this will be the game that I think is worthy of the title of the PlayStation 3's finest hour.

Rating 10/10
Quite simply faultless entertainment for all the family. What this generation of gaming should have been like from the beginning.

Dead Space 3 (PS3)
Dead Space 3 (PS3)
Offered by A2ZSupplies
Price: 11.25

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4.0 out of 5 stars BB's Review of Deadspace 3, 23 Feb 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dead Space 3 (PS3) (Video Game)
It's fair to say that over the last few years, gamers have had every right to have been openly cynical about games developers rushing out sequels to established titles. Some have disappointed and failed to live up to expectations, and most have just plateaued. Very few series over the last 7 years have actually got bigger, bolder and better as they have progressed.

Developers have to dance a very fine line between creating a new game that has enough core elements of the previous to be familiar, but different enough to entertain on a higher level than before. If you want an example of how to do this correctly then, look no further than Visceral Games Deadspace series, and the latest instalment, Deadspace 3.

The signature MMO of a Deadspace game is sci fi, 3rd person corridor, mainly linear, survival horror shooter. Deadspace 2 expanded on Deadspace 1 with a much more cinematic, varied experience, and Deadspace 3 takes it further still. Clocking in at a 21 hour play through, nearly twice as long as before, the campaign can be played all the way through both in SP and Co-op from start to its glorious and rewarding finish.

Fans of the series will have no doubt been hugely mistrustful of Visceral games messing with the core value of what has made the Deadspace series so popular, that being creating a claustrophobic, terrifying, and lonely atmosphere. So has that same sense of isolation been captured with 2 players still in co-op? Yes, but there is a but. First of all though, that same SP can still be experienced if you play on your own, just you do have the option to play with a friend if you want to.

The "but" comes in though in the combat. DS1 and DS2, the combat was about down to the last round, back against the wall, dismember the necromorphs, crowd control battles. The change in Deadspace 3 however is that it's a more a mash the trigger, don't worry about the ammo, shoot anything that moves combat and then shoot it some more. From the get go, the enemies are harder and more plentiful, so you don't get the luxury of time to pick them apart like you used to. Is this still tense? Yes it is, but in a different way. Think of it as the difference between the film Alien and then Aliens. This time you arrive with much bigger guns, but you face more enemies, yet the result is still the same... you're fighting for your life by the skin of your teeth!

It's disappointing in some respects the combat has evolved this way, but then it does make it more fun due to the enormous armoury at your disposal. Not only the amount of new weapons but the level of customization you can apply to them. Put it this way, there are more guns in Deadspace 3 than you'll find in Call of Duty! Plus you can mix and match them.

Back to the film analogy. The story itself has a huge big time James Cameron/ Ridley Scott feel to it all. Production levels are superb and immersive. The music score feels ripped from an adventure feature film, the cut scenes directed with superb angles.

The story itself, although not going to win any awards, is much more engaging that people are giving it credit for. Along the way there are distinct nods to films like Blade Runner, Prometheus, The Thing, and of course Aliens. The story flirts with those themes, and finally we get some answers to the questions posed in Deadsapce1. The pacing of the story is uneven but in a "lull you into a false sense of security" type way. You can go for long periods going through the motions to then just when you think nothings about to happen, lots of things suddenly do. The game simply takes your emotions on every level, and plays with them at its whim.

My only real critismn of the game would be directed towards the co-op missions and the environments. The co-op missions sometimes took a long time to complete but the majority had nothing more exciting to do than just get to a distant point, trigger a huge battle and then get back. The missions didn't really add anything original or different to the experience apart from time, ended up feeling more like a chore, but did give the ability to collect more items to use to craft weapons.

The critismn towards the environments is not the quality of them, as each and every one is chocked full of detail, and wonder. No it's really just the fact that during the middle of the campaign, you seemed to spend too much time in one particular environment, beautiful as it was.

To engage the gamer even more are the utterly gorgeous graphics. There is a slight dip in the detail to the previous title, but when you've already set an extremely high standard, a 5% dip is still ranking as some of the best of this generation of games can bring. The game and the artwork are just simply beautiful. The attention to details is just immense. Be that the wisps of smoke, the effects of the snow on your suit, or the stunning backdrops it's just quality through and through.

Gameplay wise, it's slightly more varied than DS2, but only really in a few more puzzles, and some abseiling up and down sections.


Deadspace 3 does exactly what it says on the tin, and frankly has very few faults at all. It reeks of quality from start to finish. The co-op experience and the way it allows players to join into other games, both private and public, runs as sweet as a nut and is a credit to modern day games. The SP experience is still retained but at a harder level of combat due to the game has put a bit more focus into the co-op side of gaming. Tone the difficulty down for SP and the balance is restored.

Quite simply, Deadspace3 is one of those games that has you thinking, why aren't all games THIS good. It's really not that hard an act to follow. It works, looks beautiful, engages, invokes emotions and is pure quality.

There's a lot more that could be discussed, as this is a huge game, with a stupendous amount of replay value. For starters the story is slightly different between SP and Co-op, boss fights, and of course the ending and where the series goes from here. I could go on about them, but it would be much simpler if you just did the right thing, and go buy the game!

Rating 9.5/10

It's Deadspace, you know what's coming, but you'll still be scared witless, enthralled and wanting more. It's a contender for game of the year, and if you have any interest in this genre or the series, you'll not be disappointed.
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Hitman Absolution (PS3)
Hitman Absolution (PS3)
Offered by funfair games
Price: 9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Just short of being perfect, 5 Dec 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
As we draw to a close on the current console's abilities, it's hard to still be impressed these days with new games, as every other game released right now, seems to be a copy of sorts of something else. Sleeping Dogs is very much like GTA. Max Payne 3 is just another decent 3rd person linear shooter. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is... well.. if you want to be really harsh, just a very elongated expansion pack of Call of Duty 4. ( It is people deal with it ! LOL )

So it was such a suprize and joy to play a game as Hitman Absolution, and use in game mechanic's and ideas that are new and fresh even now; that the only real comparison anywhere close to the gameplay being Splinter Cell Conviction, and even then, it's just a small part of that game.

Having not played the previous Hitman game, "Blood Money", i can't confirm if the story for Absolution, continues that game from 6 years ago. What i can tell you is that as a stand alone game, you get up to speed very simply and very quickly with the excellent opening cinematics of Absolution.

The story is, you play as Agent 47, an ICA Hitman for hire. Your handler in the Agency is a lady called Diana Burnwood, but Diana has just gone rogue and taken a "package" with her that the agency wants back. You start the game by killing Diana, but what she tells you in her deathscene has you searching for your own Absolution.

The story is great to begin with, and it's all presented well with some supurb graphics and awsome soundtrack. What isn't so great is the characters you face along the way are out of place in the world your playing. They would be more at home in a superhero game like Batman than a real world hitman one, but even so they are all voiced and acted extremely well. The narrative does seem to wain a little towards the end of the game, and some levels later, i really wasn't sure why i was there to be honest.

Your journey though from start to finish, will be different to any other persons playing the game, and therein lies the real reason this is such a supurb game with extremely high replay value. This will be YOUR adventure even though level to level you all have the same goals.

As there is no hand to guide you, no large arrow saying move here, shoot this, that so many games use to pull you through like a lemming, it felt quite daunting to start as you weren't sure where to go. So you start to explore. Your instinct mode gives you the hints needed to figure it out, but the grey mass in your head will get a workout playing this game. Each level will be played out differently per player. You have to ready yourself to have to think your way through the game rather than be lead through the nose. You basically have to think and be creative like a Hitman!

Whilst on your first playthrough, you'll find things and objects to interact with you didn't realize you could, so you play the level again to use them. On your second playthrough you'll find even more things to use and wonder how to apply them. In all there is approximately at least 10 or more ways per level, ( and there are a lot of levels in a 20 hour playthrough ) to achieve the end goal, and depending on your mood, which you choose to do is up to you.

The game simply encourages the player to explore and take his time, find alternative routes, plan, perfect, and exeucte. And THEN my dear reader your playing as a true hitman should and when you will get the most from the game. Yes there is a small warehouse full of guns to be able to use each and every level, but to be honest, that is actually the most unsatifying way to complete the game, ie using a firearm. There are times and places where using a firearm is the way to go, and just as satisfying as using stealth, but whenever my cover was blown and i got into a firefight, i paused the game and reloaded the last checkpoint. It's not that you can't gun your way out of a situation, or that it's not fun to do so, just you won't really want to, and your not really supposed to gun your way all the way from A to B per level. Your get a higher score for being the silent, perfect assasin.

The fun is to be had in finding a way to ... for example... electricute a target whilst he's having a pee... or poisoning the chef when he's making dinner, or even turning on a gas stove without being spotted, then shooting the cooker from distance to make it all look like one big accident! THAT's where the game really shines. It's like an elaborated game of chess. How do you get the enemy to move one of his pieces over there out of the way, so i can swoop in for the kill ??

Your supposed to savour each and every segment of the game like a fillet steak dinner, but the game is also clever enough to know, if you sometimes want a quick fast food burger portion, you can still progress by having an old fashioned shootout. Instant gratification yes, but when your done slaughtering everyone you know you should have had something else to eat!

There has been much conjecture about the games AI and the disguise system. There are occasions where it is a bit too random and unrealistic, but nothing that is game breaking or a distraction. I played the game through on Normal difficulty, and frankly found that enough of a challange on it's own! Increasing the difficulty, decreased your abilities.

The controls can be a tad cumbersome, mainly just the execution killing system. RB, X, LT to highlight enemies, RT to pin point them, X to then excute. All seemed a bit too labourious when flustered, but seeing as the game has a very slow pace, this never was too much of an issue. That apart the controls were fine.

Contracts Mode is the games online version, where you don't play live with friends, but you play SP segments, created by users, with scores to better in the style you so wish, or within parameters set by the user. In the opening week alone there were 50,000 online contracts to play, which if you enjoyed the SP campaign will give you years of extra playability. Playing contracts gives you credits to then use to uprgade weapons and abilities, and there are a LOT of both!

Setting up a contract for others to play is simple and fun. You basically just play, and whilst playing set your parameters as you go along. How you make the hit is recorded with a base score for others to beat. The online section is certainly not a throwaway part as there are competitions, messages, and a social aspect to the game. It's very well thought out.

Finally on a practical note, it's refreshing to find a game released with no glitches or issues, it all worked perfectly from the off, all the way through.


As a huge fan of the spy genre, i personally got a HUGE kick out of playing Hitman Absolution. I can't but help feel the story was a bit of a let down and a disappointment though. It starts off in a very Bourne like manner, but it then veers off in a direction i feel didn't suit the introduction to the game, or indeed follow on from the contents of the prequel book, Hitman Damnation.

You CAN have too much of a good thing, as so much empahisis has been put into making each level difficult and slow paced, you can sometimes get frustrated and want to rush things for a bit of variety. There's no on rails sequences, driving, or cinematic quick time events. It's just full on steak steak steak from start to finish. It's hard to critizie the game for a lack of variety when each level actually has a lot of it in it, in the way to make the kill, just you did feel like you needed a change of pace from time to time, rather than the seriousness gruffness, full on from start to finish.

That being said, it's a strangley linear, yet non linear game that will have you coming back for more. I often found myself replaying the same small seqment for hours just to "perfect" the kill in that level, and every time i failed, i wanted to do nothing more than go back and try again to find out the right way to make the hit. The reason was, the satifaction of nailing the perfect annoymous kill, sometimes in a very fun and entertaining way, was hugely rewarding and very addictive. Then when you realize the game is chocked full of many hits like that from start to finish, Hitman will have you sitting at home over dinner, at work in the office, out driving the car.. thinking about how do you make that perfect signature kill ....

That my friend, is up to you to find out.

Rating 4/5

Silly in game characters, no change of pace, bring down what is an intelligent, graphically sumptuous, difficult, challanging, fun, with HUGE replay value game. This is a sytlish game. Don't rush through it. Take the phone off the hook, sit back and savour this classy experience. It's refreshing beacuse it's so different to anything else you will have played.
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Painted Skin [DVD]
Painted Skin [DVD]
Dvd ~ Donnie Yen
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: 6.01

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1.0 out of 5 stars DOES NOT DO WHAT IT SAYS ON THE BOX, 28 Jun 2012
This review is from: Painted Skin [DVD] (DVD)
I've never felt compelled to write up a reivew about a film being so bad before but this one is SOOO bad i just have to.

After watching the brilliant Donnie Yen in Ip Man, i saw this film that has a battle scene on the cover of the box and has a wirte up on the back of the box saying things like "Momentous battle scenes.... stunning combat... fight for freedom... reclaim the mantle of battle " and thought yes please i'll have some of that again.

Only to find i've just waisted 2 hour of my life with this film as the other review posted up is right, there is NONE of the above. What you do get is a 2 hour love story, of a 3 couple love trist, where one of the women is a demon who wants to be loved ( ahhh bless ) so does all she can to make the man of her dreams love him....

Yes the content of the film and the blurb on the box are complete poloar opposites of what you would expect.
This is the kind of film your wife/girlfriend would enjoy watching with her girlfriends over a glass of win or 2. It's certainly NOT the bloodthristy chinese martial art battle film you would expect.

I am so annyed at the false advertising i'm actually looking into if there is a proffesional standards bureau to complain to it's THAT misleading...

You've been warned it is THAT bad

Logic3 Cooling Fan PS917 (PS3)
Logic3 Cooling Fan PS917 (PS3)

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1.0 out of 5 stars Well it works, 29 Mar 2008
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
The other review has hit the nail on the head, as a fan it works but it doesn't stay in place. I'm making a little leg for it to prop it up but annoyed that i have to. Surely these things get tested before being put on general sale???

The Righteous Men
The Righteous Men
by Sam Bourne
Edition: Paperback
Price: 5.59

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1.0 out of 5 stars It's so boring!!!, 28 Aug 2007
This review is from: The Righteous Men (Paperback)
The last guy to review this " Simon Cowell " is exactly right about this book.

It seems that any book in the same Genre as the Da vinci code is fair game to become a bestseller on the back of how brilliant the da vinci code was.

To say that this book is better is laughable. I don't even agree that the writing style was better than Dan Brown as some of the prose wasn't very coherant, as if the author was in a rush to explain something. But then there is an awful lot of waffle.

When you get to page 300, if you are unlucky enough to have bought the book and got that far, just sumerize to yourself what's happened and all you'll come up with is a short paragraph.

I gave up reading the book shortly after and got my wife to tell me what happened to which i though " is that it " and was pleased that i decdied to save myself to the time and bother to read the other 300 equally boring pages.

Since reading the Da vinci code, nothing has come close to being as exciting as that, certainly not this book.

Don't bother with it!!! You have been warned

Lost Highway
Lost Highway
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 5.48

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2.0 out of 5 stars Great..... if you like country music, 12 Jun 2007
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This review is from: Lost Highway (Audio CD)
Well this is the first ever review i felt compelled to write as i was sooo disapointed with this album. I love Bon Jovi and their music but feel this is poor for the reason's some of the other reviewers have said it's less rocky, infact it's more like a pebble than a rock.

Adding insult to injury the tunes have a certain "country" twang to them that i cant stand. Heck track 9 even has Leann Rimes on it to proove my point. The ONLY track worth cranking up the steerio to is "we got it going on" the rest is a whole load of VERY forgetable songs, that bland just doesn;t do any justice.

I don't know maybe it's just me but when i get a Bon Jovi Cd' i want some guitar lead rock songs, but if you want that you'll be disapointed with this. You have been warned!!!!

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