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3.0 out of 5 stars Numan - genius? Yes, and a twisted one at that, 5 Oct 2003
This review is from: Hybrid (Audio CD)
The major 'problem' many people have with Gary Numan is that his music is so varied and so diverse that it is highly likely each album will split his fans yet again. Unfortunately this album does exactly what his others have done and has sent many of his purist fans away frowning with confusion. If you respect Numan for his ability to progress and reinvent himself musically, then this is another fascinating advancement, there are excellent remixes of 'Down in the Park', (although two versions of one song seems a little indulgent) ´¿Żancients´¿Ż and the brilliantly dark ´¿ŻRIP´¿Ż. However, remixes of ´¿ŻCars´¿Ż and the classic ´¿ŻAre Friends Electric?´¿Ż just should not exist as it never be possible to match the brilliance of the originals. However, although the songs are fascinating and diverse, remix albums are always hindered by the fact that there is technically no new material available. This criticism unfortunately extends to ´¿ŻHybrid´¿Ż: there is something a little odd about hearing ´¿ŻDown in the Park´¿Ż redone in this way and you may end up left waiting for some fresh music.
If you are a Numanoid who embraces every advancement in the saga of this great man with the same interest as the first song you heard, then buy this album and enjoy his twisted genius. If however you are someone who has recently taken an interest in Numan (possibly through his influence on such brilliant contemporary musicians such as Rammestein and Marilyn Manson) then this album may in places alienate or confuse you, try instead ´¿ŻTubeway army´¿Ż or ´¿ŻExposure: the best of´¿Ż´¿Ż
A deep, dark and excellent ´¿Żnew´¿Ż from a modern artistic mastermind, or flogging a dead horse? Neither, Numan will always be relevant, intelligent and always a cut above every one else (with the possible exception of David Bowie) however, this album doesn´¿Żt display his intelligence and innovation quite as well as ´¿ŻThe Pleasure Principle´¿Ż or other, earlier albums.
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Songs For The Deaf
Songs For The Deaf
Offered by Dirty Deals UK
Price: ú7.89

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A review for the blind, 5 Oct 2003
This review is from: Songs For The Deaf (Audio CD)
The very first thing that must be said about this album is the level of expectation behind it: As well as the high profile of Messrs Homme and Oliveri, there is of course the fabulous voice of Mark Lanegan and the powerhouse that is Dave Grohl playing drums… yada yada yada. So far so interesting, we’ve heard all this before as well as the allegations of being a ‘supergroup’ that only serve to set up bands for a fall. The thing is, that no matter who recorded this album, it would be excellent, the guitars switch between hardcore punk and psychedelic blues as well as everything in between, the lyrics are powerful, emotive and all delivered in the voice Ian Astbury wishes he had… Oh yeah and they have a naked bassist and some bloke on drums called Grohl, who seems to play with such energy you wonder what they’ve been doing to him to make him this pissed off.
‘Songs for the Deaf’ delivers fascinating, brilliant rock music that will stay in your head and on your CD player for weeks after the first rush of enjoyment. Although some songs don’t seem to fit with the standard ‘Queens…’ songs, (‘six shooter’ and opener ‘millionaire’ are pure screaming punk) this only adds to the diversity of the record and make it even more fascinating. Possibly the most interesting track is the hidden track ‘Mosquito song’ with it’s a hauntingly dark lyrics and string arrangement contrasting the gentle acoustics of Homme’s guitar to provide an epic rock track that ebbs and flows leaving the listener simultaneously exhilarated and drained.
A stunning rock album from four stunning musicians with bonus tracks, hidden tracks (rewind from the very first track, see what happens) and a DVD. Superb.
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