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Top Gear Official Merchandise - Stig DaVinci Code T-Shirt
Top Gear Official Merchandise - Stig DaVinci Code T-Shirt
Offered by Top Gear Merchandise/Amber Promotions
Price: £17.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars 'Oooo, it's the Stig!', 17 May 2009
...was one lady's reaction to this t-shirt after she figured out who it was on the front. On the rear it reads 'Some say... if he could be bothered, he could crack the DaVinci code in 43 seconds.' I usually buy a size up on this type of t-shirt, because it is going to shrink (paying for the name/logo etc. not the material.). Well worth the money though.
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God of This City
God of This City
Price: £20.36

4.0 out of 5 stars Puts some meat into Christian music..., 17 May 2009
This review is from: God of This City (Audio CD)
...ok, actually a lot of 'meat'. I got this CD from the church I was attending, as Bluetree were playing there. Needless to say, these guys were a nice surprise for a Sunday morning! They're a good live band and it's great to see the added DJ mix work well into the regular music.

The bass and drums work very well, the guitars are good, and the added DJ mix is a welcome addition to the album, reminding me of Poets of the Fall. The reason why I give it 4 stars and not 5 is, however, that I think it is lacking in the lyrics department on a few of the songs. But with a little more time, lets see what else these guys can come up with.

God of This City (which has a great story behind it in the StandOut International info pack as to why it is on the album) is the best track for me in terms of music and lyrics and as a whole the album itself is a great addition to a music collection.

Storm Mens Abbey Classic Wallet Black/Olive STCAP12
Storm Mens Abbey Classic Wallet Black/Olive STCAP12
Offered by Factor Me Bags & Accessories
Price: £33.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good lookin' bag, 16 April 2009
This is a neat case, made out of a durable 'pleather' material. It locks shut with two magnetic clasps, so it has easy access without having to fiddle around. It has a zipped pocket inside the main compartment and has a mobile phone pocket in there as well. There's another small compartment for minor paperwork that's held shut with velcro - I would have preferred a zip, but it is still covered by the main case. The Storm logo is used subtly throughout. I would use this bag to take a camera, book, lunch and notepad and pen, when hiking through urban and rural areas. Nice product!
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Targus Getta Ladies Laptop Case
Targus Getta Ladies Laptop Case

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4.0 out of 5 stars Huge, quality case..., 16 April 2009
...that I bought for my girlfriend. She was definitely pleased by this, after being let down by Targus themselves to supply. The leather is of good quality and there's enough compartments inside for all odds and ends. Some things may be lost for a couple of months within the bag - that's how big this thing is - but they'll be well protected...

Jade Empire - Special Edition (PC DVD)
Jade Empire - Special Edition (PC DVD)
Offered by PNA247
Price: £7.50

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4.0 out of 5 stars Very good indeed..., 16 April 2009
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
If you've played through the Bioware/Obsidian set of RPGs, you may have a sense of deja vu in some places while playing this game. Protaginist with mysterious past? Check. Female partner with equally mysterious past? Check. Powerful teacher/mentor with mysterious past and with a host of shocking stories about yourself (the ones about your destiny, that is)? Check. Evil guy in a huge suit of armour? Check. This is basically Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic (with "chi" instead of "Force") and Baldur's Gate (did I mention the characters with a mysterious past?) rolled into one, upgraded, sprinkled with the Oriental appeal and a sense of humour. Is this a bad thing? Heck, no.

The newest additions to the normal Bioware fare is the real-time combat and the "transformation" discpline, whereby you can turn yourself into a demon with added benefits - kind of like turning into the Reaper in BG2, or a druid turning into a sword spider. It also puts in a few more situations of moral ambiguity that may find you running around the map a lot, but the reward is worth it in the end. And like KOTOR, you feel that as you're going along, you really are getting impressively powerful. This is a game that is not merely a console port - it has been designed for the PC as the controls are keyboard and mouse oriented (as they should be) and it takes full advantage of the resolution and texture changes. It also knocks Oblivion for six with overhearing NPC's conversations - you actually hear about people talking about you and what you have done, rather than the "hello - hello - did you hear about the emperor's murder - I hate you - good day - toodles" way of Oblivion.

So why four stars for "fun"? Well, it's a bit short for an RPG and it feels like it does re-tread old ground in a few places - albeit in new and interesting ways - and you may be able to see some plot elements coming from a mile away. And also there's the camera. Sometimes the fight area runs out of room and you can't see properly who you are fighting - this is annoying when you have half a dozen opponents bearing down on you.

This is a well-packaged RPG that will leave you wanting for a Jade Empire 2. If you're disappointed in general with the current glut of mediocre RPGs, then this is for you - it will truly brighten your day.

Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul
Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul
by John Eldredge
Edition: Paperback
Price: £7.46

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome viewpoint for being a Christian, 8 Aug 2008
This is one impressive book - it makes the point that a lot of Christian (xn) men are bored in life and feel like they've somehow been put in a cage, then goes on to destroying the myth that we're here to be 'nice'. It explores man's spirit (for the woman's see Captivating - although a lot of women are helped by this book to understand their man or men in general) and how it can be a little restless ;-); how not to affirm yourself through women but with God; and ultimately, how to walk with Jesus and not turn into a self-styled 'poser'. This book has done two major things for me: to keep up with the faith (since I'm new to Christianity) and realise that all xn men who feel that they need more out of life really should read this book.

Space Captain Smith
Space Captain Smith
by Toby Frost
Edition: Paperback
Price: £5.59

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2.0 out of 5 stars Load of vaguely enjoyable tosh, 16 July 2008
This review is from: Space Captain Smith (Paperback)
This book was hard going for me, as it is a load of slightly witty jokes, sprinkled with sarcasm, unsubtle ironies and innuendo that have been strung together by some sort of plot. Hitchhiker's Guide it ain't - it isn't that funny, and the amount of reference to pop culture is out of place with a comedic sci-fi novel. The story starts well, with the main man Smith demanding a ship for general derring-do, then meeting the rest of the crew and so on. The action sequences are boring - the author does comedy okay, but is a bit lost when it comes to the 'fighting for ol' Blighty' parts.

There are gems to be found here though - especially in the dialogue. Smith and Carveth have good rappor and 'Frogface' is an interesting character, that could/should have been developed further - I think the author might have played the computer game Fallout 2 at some point...

As far as this book is concerned, if you want comedy read Hitchhiker's, if you want wit and a decent character arc, watch the Firefly boxset. I'm afraid that this little story doesn't cut the mustard, as Smith would say.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Good idea, nice execution..., 1 July 2008
...and slightly concerned about some of the prices on this product for the different colours. One of these for £30? I got mine for a tenner, so that my knees don't get uncomfortably warm while using my laptop. It works well, and it's also designed to a slight angle so that your arms are in line with your hands, so to avoid typing strain (hopefully).

In all, good, but use caution with some of the prices on Amazon.

Batman: Child of Dreams
Batman: Child of Dreams
by Kia Asamiya
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic manga interpretation!, 26 April 2008
Batman in manga!? Yes, and it works very well indeed - the Japanese style suits Batman - especially the great splash double pages. Everything is in black and white, which, for me, makes it sublime. The dialogue and story is supurb - it echoes manga animation that I've seen, and I imagined the entire lot of this being animated, literally coming off the page at you. There is not one frame here that looks like it was rushed; everything is so clear and concise.

It's well up there in my list of Batman all-time faves - the hardcover edition also sports a nice silhouette touch to its cover.

Infinite Crisis TP (Superman (Graphic Novels))
Infinite Crisis TP (Superman (Graphic Novels))
by Geoff Johns
Edition: Paperback
Price: £11.56

3.0 out of 5 stars Good, but not without a lot of suffering., 22 Mar 2008
Crisis on Infinite Earths is a massive, epic and very slow going piece of work - it has more endings and more 'final battles' than the Lord of the Rings films, but each and every character is introduced, shown, has a backstory etc. Most of the characters in Infinite Crisis have no such luxeries, with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman falling out over the OMAC crisis, self-pitying and general paranoia. What was started with Identity Crisis was followed up with the Countdown to Infinite Crisis novels and personally I think all of those (esp Identity Crisis) are much better than this, the final stage.

To me, it just seems to be far too rushed, too much in the way of self-pitying and there seems to be too much on one page. I don't like having to squint at a panel - if IC was going to go straight to 'Absolute' status, I think that I would have enjoyed this a lot more. Jim Lee's artwork for the covers is just astonishing as ever, but some of the in-book work could have been a lot better, although there's some art there that harks back to the Marv Wolfman Adventures of Superman days. There's also a lot of gaps between plots as well, and some parts aren't given significance that they needed.

I'll this give this a 'must try harder' score. Story's okay, the plot gaps aren't, art's okay - ranging from 'all right' to 'good'. But I still expected something more, especially with how DC had put in so much effort with the prequels.

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