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B. Cooper (england)

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Sneaky Pete Season 1
Sneaky Pete Season 1

4.0 out of 5 stars Cant wait for the series, 24 Aug. 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Really enjoyed this pilot episode and hope this one goes to series. Smart, funny and well acted.

Workwear World Unisex Medical Hospital Doctors Scrub Trousers Bottoms
Workwear World Unisex Medical Hospital Doctors Scrub Trousers Bottoms
Offered by WorkwearWorld
Price: £10.95

1.0 out of 5 stars Don't bother, 25 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
These 'navy' scrubs are actually purple.

Dexter is Delicious
Dexter is Delicious
by Jeffry P. Lindsay
Edition: Hardcover

3.0 out of 5 stars Novel adapts TV show based on novel., 10 Aug. 2010
This review is from: Dexter is Delicious (Hardcover)
In this, the fifth, installment of the Dexter series author Jeff Lindsay delivers all the trade mark elements of the characters we have previously enjoyed and delivers an enjoyable romp but seems to have fallen into the trap of letting the TV adaptation influence his style so that now it feels like he is writing the TV characters rather than the show adapting his writing.

The plot finds Dexter besotted by a new arrival and trying to give up his old, murderous ways until faces from the past and some all new Florida psychos interupt his domestic bliss. As always Lindsay moves things along briskly and there is plenty of humour ( some lovely shots at the 'Twilight' franchise) and gore, characters go through life altering developments and everything is wrapped up in a fairly satisfying fashion.

As pointed out above, it does now feel like Lindsay is writing the TV characters rather than vice versa: the way he writes the dialouge involving Dexter's wife and sister reads like a TV script, and not a particularly clever one at that, these characters especially have suffered over the series.

All in all an enjoyable installment which moves the characters lives along and delivers a servicable crime story but doesnt quite live up to the promise of the earlier works.
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The Shack
The Shack
by WM. Paul Young
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.39

8 of 11 people found the following review helpful
1.0 out of 5 stars Forget the theology, fix the writing., 28 Jun. 2010
This review is from: The Shack (Paperback)
This book was recommended to me (an atheist) by a friend of mine who has Faith, on the basis that it didnt matter which side of that particular fence you reside on, it was just an interesting read.

Without giving away anything that isnt on the back cover: a middle aged man suffers a terrible tragedy and then months later, in the depths of depression, recieves a note that seems to be from God inviting him back to the scene of the tragedy to talk it over for a weekend.

Now I agree with my friend that no matter your own beliefs that is an interesting premise.

My problem with the book isnt the theological posturing (of which there is a lot) but rather the clumsy, heavy handed and generally amateurish writing.

The dialouge feels false and at points is obviously contrived purely to allow the next passage on God etc. The opening pages are as cliche as the mid section is original and the main characters reaction at the scene of the tragedy is insultingly shallow in its description.

I honestly feel that if the content of the book wasnt so bound to stir controversy and the audience of religious readers so guarenteed then writing of this poor quality would never have been published.

And not to sound picky but the number of exclamation points and uses of the word "Wow" (lots and lots) were distracting to the point of being comical.

If you can put up with the writing you might find the content interesting but in the end the writing just made me so angry I couldnt get past it and was only barely able to finish it out of curiosity... only to find the ending resorting to more cliche and exclamation points.

As for the friend who recommended it... I've asked for a refund.

American Saturday Night
American Saturday Night
Price: £3.99

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars What a 'Night'!, 27 Sept. 2009
This review is from: American Saturday Night (Audio CD)
For some reason there was a gap of about a week between my buying this album and finally getting around to listening to it yesterday and now I'm just blown away by it.

Firstly a warning - Yes its country, yes he wears a stetson so if those things put you off it might not be for you but if you can get past those things give it a go.

Paisley's albums always mix comical songs with ballads and love songs, his last full singing album '5th Gear' (there is a mostly instrumental album 'Play' since) swung too far towards the comincal but this new one leans more towards the serious and the song writing and singing show a more mature aspect to his work. Its obviously a very personal album and the emotion comes through as sincere rather than cheesy.

I cannot say enough about the guitar work on this album - the man is a virtuoso. Theres country, rock and a brilliant blues guitar on 'Shes Her Own Woman'. He really is up there with the best in the world.

Highly recommended album.

by Peter A. Leonard
Edition: Paperback
Price: £6.99

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great new crime writer, 18 Mar. 2009
This review is from: Quiver (Paperback)
Lets get the obvious out of the way - Peter Leonard is the son of legendary American crime writer Elmore Leonard and his first novel concerns a group of characters that wouldnt be out of place in one of his fathers book.
But unless writing genius is passed on genetically thats the end of the story.
Peter Leonard's first book is a taut, hard boiled crime thriller that had me hooked in the first few pages and didnt let go until the final bullet had flown.
The tale of a grieving widow and son being manipulated by various assorted criminals in an attempt to relieve them of their inheritance money is told with life-like dialouge, gripping action scenes and an economy of prose that many writers can only dream of.
Peter Leonards place in the list of crime writers I watch for new material has been assured in just one book... thankfully his second is published at the end of the month.
Highly recommended to anyone who likes their fiction to fly like an arrow.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2-Disc Special Edition) [DVD]
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2-Disc Special Edition) [DVD]
Dvd ~ Harrison Ford
Price: £2.48

2 of 9 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars So disapponited, 6 Nov. 2008
I waited 19 years for this movie and this is what they gave me.
That sounds like I took it personally but by God I did. 'Last Crusade' was one of the first movies I ever saw in a cinema and then I went and sought out the other two on VHS (at the time) and I LOVE those films, simply love them.
When I heard there was a fourth inastalment coming I was cautiously optomistic for a chance to relive the Indy experience in a movie theatre, the trailer looked good, the hype was exciting... then came the film.
The opening was promising, a few nice in-jokes, some well shot action sequences... but then came the fridge.
I wont spoil it for those who havent seen it but I defy anyone to watch the fridge sequence and not say "Huh?"
And from there it was a roller-coaster of 'will it get better?' highs, to 'no it obviously wont' lows.
I didnt mind the aliens, it was set in 1950's America so it was always bound to be aliens, thats fine. What I objected to was the uneccesary characters fighting for screen time, the inexplicable CGH scene with Shia 'Tarzan' Labeouf and the general lack of pace or sustained excitement.
When Lucas released the new Stars Wars trilogy some old-school fans claimed he had "raped their childhood memories", which is a strong statement, and while I wouldnt go that far I do feel that I have been robbed of my nostalga regarding Indiana Jones in the cinema.
Why two stars? It still has a map with a red line tracing Indy's travels, the John Williams score and a shot of a fedora clad Indy in siloette - I owed it at least two.
Will I buy the DVD?
Well I have all of Steven Spielberg's films on DVD (even the pretty hopeless 'Amistad') so I probably will just to complete my collection but it will always be the one that I resent for taking up shelf space.
There has been talk of a Mutt based spin-off series or even a fifth outting for Indy... I beg of anyone who has influence in these things... NO.
At the end of the film there is a little sight gag regarding Indy's famous hat (a reproduction of which hangs on my dining room wall) and Labeouf's character - I wont give away the specifics but when I saw it I turned to the friends I was with and said "If he does it I'm going to walk out", and so I must say now - if they make a fifth film I will not go.

As You Do: Adventures With Evel, Oliver, and The Vice-President Of Botswana
As You Do: Adventures With Evel, Oliver, and The Vice-President Of Botswana
by Richard Hammond
Edition: Hardcover

5 of 13 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Why am I annoyed?, 30 Oct. 2008
Having read and enjoyed Mr. Hammond's previous book,'On The Edge', and being a big Top Gear fan I jumped at this second volume of autobiographical tales.

And for the Top Gear fan there is much here to digest, how things are done to make the show as great as it is, behind the scenes anecdotes and what-happened-when-the-camera-went-off revelations abound. A large section is given over to their Polar adventure.

Also covered are Mr. Hammonds actions in the floods of 2007 and his meeting child-hood hero Evel Kinevel, all relayed in readable, funny stories that will make you smile.


Having been so deeply moved by the sections of the first book written by Mrs. Hammond I jusy kept getting annoyed every time Hammond did something dangerous or silly for the sake of a TV show.

Now this is all just my humble opinion and Mr. Hammond is, ofcourse, free to live his life - but I just kept thinking that for a man who was so lucky to get a second chance he seems to have not learned from it or been changed by it.

Now maybe thats a good thing, maybe not... but thats why I got annoyed by it and thats why 3 stars.

Its a very entertaining read and fans of the show will not be disappointed.

Easy Company Soldier: The Endless Combat of a Sergeant from World War II's 'Band of Brothers'
Easy Company Soldier: The Endless Combat of a Sergeant from World War II's 'Band of Brothers'
by Bob Welch
Edition: Hardcover

39 of 39 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great book by a great man, 23 Sept. 2008
Having read several books by and about members of E Company I had looked forward to this new volume and I was not disappointed at all.

Sgt. Malarkey spent more time on the front line than any other soldier in the company and here he desribes all those events, as well as the rest of his life, in brutally honest, searing terms.

The writing style is deceptively skilled, he appears to be relating things in a very straight-forward manner but actually creates a moving and gripping narrative.

There are sections on his childhood and obviously the majority given over to his war years but he also honestly describes the trouble he had readjusting to life after the war and his opinions on the Ambrose book and subsequent mini-series.

Of particular interest to fans of E company are his stories of the men at reunions and their post war relations.

I am always in awe of these men when I read of their attitude of "we did what had to be done" and none more so than Sgt. Malarkey who here gives us a moving and well written memoir.

Parachute Infantry: An American Paratrooper's Memoir of D-Day and the Fall of the Third Reich (Dell War Series)
Parachute Infantry: An American Paratrooper's Memoir of D-Day and the Fall of the Third Reich (Dell War Series)
by David Kenyon Webster
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Good book, leaves a bad taste., 23 Sept. 2008
While I agree with many of the other reviewers here that this is a good first hand account of a young soldier's experience of WW2. I cannot, however, agree with their sentiments that this book changes the portrayal of Webster in the Ambrose book and subsequent mini series or portrays him as a soldier of any distinction.

The writing here is that of a young man who wanted to be a writer and so viewed events through that prism. He appears to be very descriptive, honest and have very detailed recollections based on his letters and journals.

However in describing himself so honestly he reveals a flawed protagonist; he describes his wound (when shot) in terms of causing minimal damage but providing maximum escape from combat, he lets a fellow soldier who cant swim go on a water-bourne patrol in his stead and generally avoids putting himself out at all. He appears to look down on most of his fellow paratroopers and relates with glee deliberately holding up the rest of the company because a superior officer told him to hurry up.

Having read several other accounts by E company soldiers this seems at odds with the 'band of brothers' attitudes that prevailed in that company.

If you read the excellent "Easy Company Soldier" by Don Malarkey (who saw more front line combat than any other man in E) you begin to see how the other men felt about Webster and how they regard him in hind-sight.

So here we have a well written book by a man who portrays himself in a fairly damning light, I appreciated the writing but came away not thinking much of the subject, and that is at odds with my other experiences reading books of this type.
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