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Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £5.89

5.0 out of 5 stars Bang on, 18 Dec 2011
This review is from: Christmas (Audio CD)
This is probably one of the best Christmas albums ever. You really can play it all the way through without wanting to hit the 'skip' button. Well, maybe Santa Baby could test your patience! Buble has a beautiful voice that's perfect for this material. As ever, though, I wish he'd include more new/self-penned material on his albums. For me, the likes of Home, Haven't Met You Yet, Lost and Hold On are the highlights of his recorded work and Cold December Night here continues this tradition.

For the record, I got the special edition from that 'every little helps' place and it is far superior to the standard version including 3 extra songs and a 32 minute DVD on the making of the album. A lovely package, but this release is great in any format you choose.

In Case You Didn't Know
In Case You Didn't Know
Offered by mrtopseller
Price: £2.92

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5.0 out of 5 stars Keeping it up., 3 Dec 2011
This review is from: In Case You Didn't Know (Audio CD)
Olly Murs' debut album was one of the nicest surprises of 2010. It's gotten to the stage now where X Factor winners aren't really expected to do well once the show ends. It's more about the weekly 'dramas' and the judges supposed spats than producing talent with any lasting appeal. And lets not forget that Murs didn't even win, so he should have had no chance!

Still, his self-titled album placed 3 hit singles and sold extremely well, hanging around the top 5 last Christmas and into the new year. It comes as no surprise that In Case You Didn't Know, released a year almost to the day of his first album, builds on that success whilst not changing too much. Murs co-writes much of the material along with established pop songsmiths like Karen Poole, Steve Robson, Wayne Hector and Andrew Frampton and the result is an incredibly commercial and hooky album.

Lead single Heart Skips A Beat shot to #1 last summer and remains a high point. It was co-written with Sam Preston of Ordinary Boys (and Chantelle!) fame and is as bright as a button. Preston also gives us the short but decidedly sweet On My Cloud here. Olly currently stands at #2 with the second single Dance With Me Tonight which manages to sound retro and current at the same time. It would have been #1 but for being a few copies down on Rihanna's We Found Love.

After this, the catchy tunes come thick and fast. It's generally more upbeat than his debut album and ,to be honest, the standard is so high it's hard to pick stand-out tracks. You can definitely hear some songs wanting to morph into Please Don't Let Me Go, but Murs has his own sound and stamps his personality on all 13 tunes. I especially liked I've Tried Everything, This Song Is About You and Tell The World, and the album's closing I Need You Now, the set's one true ballad, is lovely too.

So, there you have it. If you liked his last album, it's unlikely you won't feel the same about this one. It's familiar, yet different enough in spots not to sound like a retread. Even the sleeve artwork is nice with lyrics included and lots of colour photos. I'd describe In Case You Didn't Know as a total success. Enjoy your first #1 album tomorrow, Olly!

Olivia Newton-John A Collector's Guide
Olivia Newton-John A Collector's Guide

3.0 out of 5 stars Hit and miss., 27 Aug 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Like Gregory Branson-Trent's first Olivia tribute, 'More Than Physical' some years ago, his new tome has attracted criticism for the poor quality of the pictures, the numerous typos suggesting this was never proof read, not to mention the been-there-done-that information the book offers.

All of the above are pretty much true, though in the latter's case, there is new (to me) speculation as to the reasons Olivia and Matt Lattanzi's marriage collapsed in the mid-90s. Indeed, there is much talk of how the union came to be in the first place! Don't know how true it is, but you can bet your bottom dollar you'd never get any of this in an Olivia endorsed product!

Branson-Trent is obviously a huge ONJ fan. He covers her life in detail spending as much time on her rise to superstardom in the 70s as he does the last 20 years where her career has been, shall we say, less hectic. Not all of it is accurate and you can find most of this on the internet. Also, the print quality is pretty bad. The photos I'd probably seen 99% of before, but then again, I have followed O for 35 years!

I am going to tentatively recommend 'A Collector's Guide', these problems to one side. It's perfect for a new ONJ fan wanting a biog of her life with plenty of pictures. For diehard fans it's less of an event, but it IS a book about Olivia Newton-John, and there aren't many of those about.

Break Out
Break Out
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £14.09

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5.0 out of 5 stars All you hoped for., 26 Aug 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Break Out (Audio CD)
Have just finished playing this mighty 2 disc beast that features both the 1983 and '84 versions of this classic album. It also contains umpteen extended mixes and 7" single tracks. It's been a long time coming but this is absolutely worth the wait. The sound quality is superb throughout. I didn't notice any compression here, not to mention any tracks sourced from vinyl. It's even packaged beautifully in a six panel digipak sleeve with a lavish booklet containing interviews with Richard Perry and the 2 surviving sisters amongst others. It really is a flawless release and I'm notoriously picky! Buy with total confidence and enjoy this superb album once more.
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Price: £12.38

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1.0 out of 5 stars Tat., 26 July 2011
This review is from: McCartney (Audio CD)
You can't polish a turd, but you can sprinkle it with glitter, seems to be the motto for the 2011 McCartney remasters thus far. Released in 1970 after the Beatles break up, 'McCartney' is a remarkably poor and shoddy set that if it hadn't been by him would have never got a release. True, 'Maybe I'm Amazed' and 'Every Night' are excellent and belong on a better album than this one, but the rest? 'Lovely Linda'? 'That Would Be Something? 'Man We Was Something? Utter rubbish, the lot of 'em. The majority of the album isn't even fully-fledged songs, just doodles and jingles and bits of nonsense.

It's laughable that this appalling effort has been afforded a deluxe edition featuring 2 CDs and a DVD encased in a 128 page hard-backed book. What on earth will they fill it with?! I have the 2 CD edition and that's hopeless! Are they going to do the same with every McCartney/Wings album? I can see 'Band On The Run' but 'Wings Wild Life', 'At The Speed Of Sound' and 'Ram'? Come on, have a care!

No one could claim that Paul McCartney isn't a song writing genius when the mood takes him and it would take more than the occasional duff album to tarnish his reputation, but if you're Macca curious, please, DON'T start with 'McCartney'. It really is absolute drivel.
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4 [Deluxe Edition]
4 [Deluxe Edition]
Offered by nagiry
Price: £11.04

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2.0 out of 5 stars Less 'Put A Ring On It', more 'Put A Sock In It'..., 25 July 2011
This review is from: 4 [Deluxe Edition] (Audio CD)
For saying many fans are complaining that '4' is a ballad heavy affair, it sure is a noisy bugger... It's true that there's nothing truly uptempo here, though 'Love On Top' does have a certain swing, but it's hardly an album of soothing balladry!

Dogged by one of the worst lead singles ever, the totally horrid 'Run The World (Girls)', '4' was off to a poor start. I'm presuming the single was meant to mine similar territory to her 'anthemic' 'Single Ladies', but has the curious effect of sounding like a car alarm going off. A huge mistake. Luckily, 2nd single 'The Best Thing I Never Had' has restored 'Bey' to the upper reaches of the chart. It is one of the better tracks here, though it's nothing she (or anyone else) hasn't done better before. 'I Miss You' features Beyonce a little less yawpy than usual, but the rest of the material is massively over-produced and terribly oversung too.

Beyonce does have an amazing voice, but like most modern singers she wants to show it off all the time. There's little subtlety in her delivery here, unlike her previous 'Sasha Fierce' set where she did show some restraint occasionally, and rather than impressing, it just gets on your nerves as she shrieks and bellows her way through another dull mid-tempo number. Make no mistake, as a vocalist, Ms Knowles is so OTT she makes Leona Lewis sound like Lily Allen, and what makes it worse is that the material here isn't worth the trouble. She can honk and growl as much as she wants but the tunes still ain't up to much!

There will be more (minor) hits from '4' but the album is unlikely to go down as a Beyonce classic. Another thing, the lady was bragging about recording over 70 songs for this album (what must the rejected tracks be like?!), so how come the 'deluxe edition' features a second CD comprising of only 3 new songs (sadly more of the same) along with 3 hideous remixes of the flop 'Run The World' single? What a rip-off!

McCartney II
McCartney II
Offered by RFH Global
Price: £8.90

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3.0 out of 5 stars Paul gets creative in the bathroom., 17 July 2011
This review is from: McCartney II (Audio CD)
It's fair to say that when this album was originally released in May 1980 Paul McCartney would never envision there would be a day when it would become a deluxe edition! It was meant to be an experiment, not for commercial scrutiny, just Paul mucking about at home and getting himself together after the Wings split.

I didn't actually get the album until it's first CD remaster in 1993. By then I'd already bought 'Tug Of War', 'Pipes Of Peace' and several Wings albums so 'McCartney II' definitely came off worst... I can imagine the dismay fans must have felt upon it's original release. In fact, I'm sure I remember some deeply unpleasant reviews at the time!

Did the album deserve them? Well, yes, probably! 31 years later it's still hard to defend tracks like 'Bogey Music', 'Temporary Secretary' and 'Nobody Knows'. McCartney at his laziest, the lot of 'em. But, lets not forget this LP did produce 2 top 10 hits, the much lauded 'Coming Up' (nice and quirky but in truth a little irritating now) and 'Waterfalls', the latter the sort of ballad Paul could write in his sleep, but by it's company, a highlight here. Of course, McCartney is too much of a craftsman to surpress his talent for melody for too long and the closing 'One Of These Days', along with 'On The Way' and 'Summer's Day Song' are all pretty decent.

Initially 'McCartney II' was set to be a double album! The horror! And all the scrapped tracks turn up here. They are interesting to listen to but the single LP was definitely the way to go!

As usual with these McCartney reissues, the sound and packaging are first rate. I've never heard this album sound so fresh, and not in a compressed way either. If you're new to solo Paul, DON'T start here! Try 'Tug Of War', the album after this one and it's polar opposite in song quality and production.

I am glad I bought 'McCartney II', though. It's a perfect companion to his debut solo album 'McCartney' from 1970, which is very ropey in spots too! Interesting, then, but probably not essential. Wait for the 'Tug Of War' reissue if you're in doubt.

Together We Were Made
Together We Were Made
Offered by b68solutions
Price: £8.99

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2.0 out of 5 stars The Feeling is gone..., 25 Jun 2011
This review is from: Together We Were Made (Audio CD)
I'm a big fan of The Feeling. I loved 'Twelve Steps And Home' (particularly) and 'Join With Us'. Both were great old-fashioned pop albums, full of hooks, excellently produced with fantastic vocals. I realised they must be due for a new album but 'Together We Were Made' seems to have come out with little fanfare. The lead single, despite some airplay, didn't make the Top 40 and the signs don't look good for any long term success for this album...

I have to say I'm utterly disappointed with the album. The songs are extremely weak, INCREDIBLY repetitve and the whole thing is far too long. Any spark of inspiration is long gone and the album sounds like it took far too long to write and record. That the aforementioned lead single, the totally dull 'Set My World On Fire' was deemed the best track fo single release is telling. That song really is about as good as the album gets...

I've played the entire set 3 times now and have yet to hear anything with a chance of being a hit. I got the deluxe edition and found the second CD to be even worse. The only redeeming factor is that Dan Gillespie Sells' vocals are as wonderful as ever but on material like this, what does it matter?

It gives me no pleasure to write this harsh review but 'Together We Were Made' just isn't much cop and it's a real shame.
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Faith - Remastered 2CD/DVD Special Edition
Faith - Remastered 2CD/DVD Special Edition
Offered by Sent2u
Price: £10.00

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4.0 out of 5 stars Stop moaning, George!, 20 Mar 2011
I was actually quite happy with this 2 CD 1 DVD release. The remastering is a breath of fresh air for anyone recovering from bleeding ears having purchased the recent super-compressed Duran and Spandau reissues. 'Faith' sounds fresher but isn't especially louder than the 1988 CD. I think any problems with the sound stem from the DDD recording practices used in 80's CDs along with the often weedy production of the material in the first place (thanks George!)

True, there's little on CD 2 that hasn't been available before or that I'll probably listen to again, if I'm honest, but the DVD is interesting. OK, the EPK for the 'Faith' album and tour is routine at best and I, like many others, own all the videos of the singles, though they do look and sound good here. The real find is a long-forgotten 1988 interview with a weasel-faced Jonathan Ross in support of George's controversial 'I Want Your Sex' single. At 23, George surely didn't realise the global superstardom that lay just around the corner for him but even here he didn't seem to be enjoying himself much!

The packaging is rather nice. A sturdy outer case encompasses a forty-page hardback book that holds the CDs and DVD along with a recent interview with George. It comes as little surprise in said interview that George is as gloomy as ever and it's not long before he's taking the usual pot-shots at his biggest selling album. It's not 'good enough', some of the material is 'weak' and the structure of the choruses 'obvious'. Something he'd 'never do now'. Tell me about it! As someone who has ploughed through tuneless, overlong albums like 'Patience' and 'Older', I'm well aware George is 'different now'! Different in the way that he no longer can write a decent pop song, that is!

Summing up, whether he thinks so or not, 'Faith' is the last time George Michael was any good. It's a fun, pop-soul album that's packed with worldwide smash hits and I say that believing that Wham!'s 1984 'Make It Big' album is far superior to even this! This 2011 reissue is well worth your time. It's just a pity dear old George doesn't agree...

Make It Big
Make It Big
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars And they surely did., 9 Jan 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Make It Big (Audio CD)
Released towards the end of 1984, 'Make It Big' capped a perfect couple of years for Wham! It filled a gap as other popular groups of the time, like Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and Culture Club, were beginning to experience sales dips and Wham! were more than happy to step in.

'Make It Big' only has 8 tracks but 3 of them were #1's. It's fair to say that 'Heartbeat' and 'Credit Card Baby' would have probably followed suit too had they been released as singles. Rarely does such a perfect pure pop album come to light and maybe the duo were right to assume this would be their peak. 'Make It Big' is one of those albums you can put on and enjoy every track. You don't have to hit the skip button once!

He may not agree but I think George Michael was never better than here. His first solo album, 'Faith' from 1987, was arguably a bigger world wide hit and is an excellent pop/soul set, but it doesn't flow like 'Make It Big'...

I first bought the CD in the mid 80's, when they were new technology. It didn't sound particularly good, muffled and very 'soft'. This edition was remastered in 1998 and sounds amazing. It's so cheap too! To me it really is one of the best albums of the 80's. No wonder it scaled the heights.

I do think 'Make It Big' is worthy of it's own deluxe edition, similar to the forthcoming 'Faith' one. There must be umpteen remixes to include on it, not to mention the yuletide smash 'Last Christmas' released as 'Make It Big' was high in the charts. And think of what fun the DVD could be! All those videos and TV appearances! Come on, guys. Make it happen!

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