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The Friendly Swede Polyester Mesh Bag (Set of 3 Sizes)
The Friendly Swede Polyester Mesh Bag (Set of 3 Sizes)
Offered by The Friendly Swede [UK]
Price: £6.99

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These black-colored strongly-constructed, very handy Friendly Swede Multi Purpose mesh bags come in three sizes: small (7 inches by 10 inches), medium (11 inches by 15 inches), and large (16 inches by 24 inches), each with a drawstring top and pushbutton bead closure. The top and bottom are strong silk-like solid polyester material and in between is sturdy, breathable mesh. They can be used for a multitude of storage purposes around the house, in the car, or during road trips or air travel: for example, in traveling, these bags excel for both storage and as separators within luggage, allowing the traveler to quickly locate different items. The small bag can contain electronic gear, such as battery chargers, reading tablets, checkbooks, wallets, and passports. The medium bags is perfect for a pair of shoes and flip-flops. And the larger bag is useful for beach or yoga gear, sports items, or a few clothing items for a day trip. Machine washable. Highly Recommended. Five HANDY Stars. (Friendly Swede 3 Pack of Multi-purpose large, medium, and small mesh bags. These items were provided for testing and an impartial review.)

Angela Hewitt in Recital by Angela Hewitt [Music CD]
Angela Hewitt in Recital by Angela Hewitt [Music CD]
Offered by V Mall
Price: £36.22

Five IMPECCABLE Stars. BRILLIANT performances of classical piano masterworks from both the baroque and classical eras by Canadian-born, award-winning piano virtuoso Angela Hewitt. She presents us with her initial recording of the works of two of classical music's greatest composers in their anniversary years: George Frideric Handel (250th) and Franz Joseph Haydn (200th). Ms Hewitt, one of the world's leading Bach exponents, who has an appreciation of and fascination with Handel and Haydn that flows from deep into her childhood. On this CD, she records Handel's "Chaconne In G Major, HWV 435" and two suites: "No 2 in F Major, HWV 427" and "No 8 in F Minor, HWV 433", just an enticing sliver from his enormous output of operas, oratorios, orchestral works, concerti grossi, and so on. She then performs two works by the prodigious composer, Haydn: the "Sonata 'Un Piccolo Divertimento' 'Variations' in F Minor, Hob XVII: 6" and "Piano Sonata in E Flat Major, Hob XVI: 52"; the sonata being a musical form heavily influenced by Haydn, among many other forms. Throughout the performances, she demonstrates her impeccable technique, kinetic pianistic firepower, her ability to dynamically shade with nuances and inject emotion into her playing. In addition, Ms Hewitt shows three of the most important musical characteristics: flawless time management, articulation, and her keen ability to execute phrases, which lifts each performance to a level achieved by only the very best.

The 'best of the best' begins with the Handel's "Chaconne in G Major", one of Handel's voluminous harpsichord pieces, where Ms Hewitt infuses this baroque dance with the stately elegance and crystalline beauty it deserves. The Allegro movement of Suite No 2 in F Major, HWV 427 is imbued with all of the musical charm and grace that Handel probably sought. The dark, rich colors of the Prelude of Suite No 8 in F Minor and the sprightly velocity and complexities of the Fuge, the Allemande, and the mesmerizing Courante and the Gigue are wonderful presentations by Ms Hewitt. Haydn, on the other hand, was a composer who was "forced to be original" by being out of the musical mainstream and away from the prevailing musical influences of the day, and he lives up to that phrase with the calm, beautiful 3 note thematic development of the spellbinding 16 minute "Sonata 'Un Piccolo Divertimento' 'Variations' in F Minor, Hob XVII: 6" by way of single-note lines flowing from hand to hand: certainly a brilliant piece that well-informs modern day pianists, even those outside of classical music. The quiet moments and 'Sturm & Drang' of the Allegro Moderato movement of Suite No 8 in F Minor, full of 'glisses' and grace notes, is an amazing feat of composing and execution by Ms Hewitt. The icing on the cake is the Finale. Presto movement to the E Flat Major piano sonata that clearly demonstrates what I mean about Hewitt's ability to 'get into a piece' through the 'phrases' not just the notes, and her time management in and out of the pauses. Totally impressive! Five decades into her celebrated globe-trotting career, Angela Hewitt demonstrates she is still at the top of her game with this wonderful recording that is a welcome addition to her extensive discography. My Highest Recommendation. Five AMAZING Stars! (14 tracks; Time-67:19. Angela Hewitt plays a special Fazioli piano.)

[2 PACK] Premium Dry Bags - two 500D PVC Tarp waterproof dry bags (170 Oz and 340 Oz) for outdoor activities and watersports - Lifetime Warranty (Yellow + Blue)
[2 PACK] Premium Dry Bags - two 500D PVC Tarp waterproof dry bags (170 Oz and 340 Oz) for outdoor activities and watersports - Lifetime Warranty (Yellow + Blue)
Offered by The Friendly Swede [UK]

Five ECONOMICAL Stars! These Friendly Swede Premium Dry Bags are 500D PVC Tarp and come in two sizes: a 10 Liter yellow color bag and 5 Liter dark color bag, which in practical terms means if the bags are used open at the top as a shopping bag, they can easily contain an area equal to 2 gallon liquid containers in the larger size bag and in the second bag equal to 1 1/2 gallon liquid containers, respectively. The closed, sealed bags achieve an almost perfect water tight seal by folding the top three times around a flexible top plastic strip and securing it with the attached snaps: the company says it is not perfectly water tight and although it floats, should not be used as a flotation device.

The smaller 5 Liter bag: about the size of a half gallon milk container when folded has room for up to 15 items of electronic gear, wallet, check book, medications, and the like. The larger 10 Liter bag has enough room for a day trip: pants, shirt, socks, underwear, smartphone, charger, checkbook, meds, and wallet. They provide both waterproof (within limitations) and some physical protection (do not put sharp objects in the bag) making it perfect for storing items at home, protected from dust, humidity, and insects, as well as for traveling, camping, and at places such as at the beach, protecting the items from dust and minor protection against damage along the way. Highly Recommended. Five PRACTICAL Stars! (2 Friendly Swede 500D PVC Premium Dry Bags. Lifetime warranty. This item was provided by the manufacturer for testing and an impartial review.)

Price: £29.01

This review is from: Duo [VINYL] (Vinyl)
(This is the 2-record 180 gram vinyl long-playing (LP) audiophile version of 2012’s award-winning “Duo” by Sol Gabetta and Hélène Grimaud. It also makes it possible to download an MP3 version free from the Deutsche Grammophon website.)

Five EXCELLENT Stars! This is an inspiring, enjoyable, powerhouse meeting between two award-winning highly-individualistic classical music superstars who consider their initial meeting as fateful, not coincidence. Hélène Grimaud (who is called "the earth" in their interview), one of the greatest interpretative classical pianists who experiences sound as colors, and star cello virtuoso Sol Gabetta ("the air"), famed for the nuanced, singing quality of her instrumental interpretations and her highly emotional playing, meld their 'earth and air' talents and personae into a marvelous musical duo. It began in 2011 in a joyful, fateful musical encounter by these musicians that 'clicked' immediately. In a wide spectrum of musical tastes, they cover the duo compositions of Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Claude Debussy, and Dmitri Shostakovich, and this diverse program works wonderfully and has toured to great success.

All performances are excellent and the 'best of the best' begins with the 'storm to calm' of the 'Finale' of Debussy's Sonata for Violoncello and Piano in D Minor; the awesome beauty and virtuosity of the spellbinding 12 minute Shostakovich Allegro non troppo from the Sonata for Violoncello and Piano in D minor, Opus 40; the fiery third movement of Schumann's 'Drei Fantasiestücke' (Three Fantasies), Opus 73 and the overpowering beauty of the familiar 14 minute Allegro non troppo and the 6 minute Allegro-Più presto movements of Brahms Sonata for Piano and Violoncello No 1 in E minor, Opus 38. Awesome Grammy-nominated performances by two great artists who form a dynamic duo of singular musical purpose. My Highest Recommendation! Five BRILLIANT Stars! (13 tracks; Time 73 minutes, 45 seconds. Booklet notes in English, German, and French. This recording won the 2013 ECHO Klassic award as the Chamber Music Recording of the Year in the 19th Century Music (Mixed Ensemble), category.)

Jazztet & John Lewis
Jazztet & John Lewis

This review is from: Jazztet & John Lewis (Audio CD)
Five ERUDITE Stars! This is an enjoyable, swinging meeting between the Art Farmer and Benny Golson-led sextet called The Jazztet, and composer John Lewis, the pianist and musical director of the Modern Jazz Quartet. Lewis was a prolific composer of many songs that went on to become jazz standards, often showcased by the MJQ. On this recording, Lewis created fresh, unique arrangements of some of his greatest works which have stood the test of time since this recording and one song was created by Lewis for this session, the opening song "Bel". This version of the group consisted of Farmer on trumpet (who in his post-Jazztet days would go exclusively to flugelhorn), Golson on tenor sax, Tom McIntosh on trombone, Thomas Williams on bass, the acclaimed Cedar Walton on piano, and the illustrious Al "Tootie" Heath on drums. Lewis voices McIntosh's trombone in a crucial way to make the group sound larger.

The 'best of the best' begins with "Bel" a joyous, angular, sometimes dissonant, but swinging song that jumpstarts great solos by Farmer and Golson. The bluesy, lilting wonderfully-arranged "2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West" has a great solo by Williams on bass to lead off Golson and Farmer improvisations. expected as far as arrangement goes and the solos are superb. A big surprise is the arrangement and fast tempo of normally sedate "Django" which is somewhat disguised until the bridge appears. There is an extended 12 minute performance of Lewis' somber theme song to his musical soundtrack of the 'film noir' motion picture "Odds Against Tomorrow" which shifts into faster tempos for bright, first-rate improvisations. And, perhaps best of all, the timeless beauty of the lovely "New York 19" which produces some of the best solos on the album based on Lewis' attractive chord changes and arrangement. This is a Highly Recommended recording which is notable for the selection of John Lewis by the group, since the 4 front-line players are potent composers and arrangers themselves who have produced jazz standards. Lewis and the Jazztet take full advantage of his fecund musical imagination. Five EXCELLENT Stars! (Vinyl LP album, 6 tracks; Time-41:55. The Jazztet was destined for two runs of a few years each: in the late 1950s- early 60s and then reformed in the 1980s. They recorded 6 albums. Given the individual demands on the capabilities of Golson, Farmer, and several personnel changes, the Jazztet's short periods of existence shine as a notable union that produced some great musical albums, while many lesser groups have faded from memory. The original Jazztet had included Art's twin brother Addison Farmer on double bass, Dave Bailey on drums, Curtis Fuller on trombone, and the pre-Coltrane pianism of McCoy Tyner.)

The Big Empty
The Big Empty
Dvd ~ Jon Favreau
Offered by Rare Dvds
Price: £24.99

5.0 out of 5 stars WILD TIMES IN "THE BIG EMPTY" OF CALIFORNIA!, 31 Oct 2014
This review is from: The Big Empty (DVD)
"This can't be a good idea, John." - Grace

Five MYSTERIOUS Stars! "The Big Empty" is an enjoyable, unusual twist on the "mysterious suitcase" movie genre (like Ronin, for example). Out of work actor John Person (Jon Favreau of "Iron Man" acting and directing fame) is hired by his neighbor to take a blue suitcase to a motel at a wide-spot-in-the-road truck stop called Baker, California and give it to a mysterious man (Sean Bean of "Legends"). Person is told the blue suitcase cannot be opened and to defend the suitcase, if necessary. In a wild tale with quirky interesting characters and an unusual ending that you won't see coming, "The Big Empty" is independent film making at its best, featuring a number of well known actors who are clearly enjoying their roles: Favreau, Daryl Hannah (Blade Runner), Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy), Rachael Leigh Cook (Perception), Jon Gries (The Pretender), Kelsey Grammar (Cheers, Frasier, Boss), Gary Farmer (The Score), and others. Along the way, we meet Grace the fetching neighbor, Stella the bartender, Crazy Randy, Elron, Ruthie, blue eyes and bandaids, and the Royal Hawaiian Motel central locale, all culminating in a mysterious, eerie, spellbinding ending that no one could see coming, but which makes perfect sense, given all that has gone before. Oh, and yes, we learn the contents of the small blue bag. After it's over, watch it again and it all makes sense. Written and directed by Steve Anderson, with music by Brian Tyler. Highly Recommended! Five BIZZARE Stars. (94 minutes, Rated R.)

Firm Roots (Are What You Need To Win)
Firm Roots (Are What You Need To Win)
Price: £0.99

5.0 out of 5 stars KITTY MARGOLIS & JOE HENDERSON: A BLAZING "FIRM ROOTS", 24 Oct 2014
Five SIZZLING Stars! Jazz singer Kitty Margolis, from the album "Evolution", sings a fast-paced, blazing version of Cedar Walton's standard "Firm Roots (Are What You Need To Win)", displaying her outstanding soprano range, distinct elocution, and attractive vibrato as she dashes through some hip, uplifting lyrics in what may be the definitive vocal version of this tune. Adding to the excitement of the song is a tight ensemble delivering unison phrases and the presence of DownBeat Hall of Fame tenor sax legend Joe Henderson who conjures up a marvelous thematic improvisation full of his characteristic trademarks, a great "Long Ago and Far Away" quote, and a virtual seminar on how to run these particular chord changes. Then Margolis, Henderson, and the ensemble combine in the swirling fade out. Highly Recommended. Five BIG Stars (1-track. Time-5:10)

AVANTEK Portable Digital Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - Gift for Families
AVANTEK Portable Digital Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor - Gift for Families
Offered by Claybox
Price: £45.99

Five HELPFUL Stars! This AVANTEK blood pressure monitor uses the same physical 'pressure cuff' location as in hospitals and doctors offices: the upper arm. The package contains the monitor, one adjustable 16 and 1/2 inch long Velcro-fastened cuff, and a 24 inch long by 1/4 inch wide pressure hose. The BP unit's screen is 4 and 3/4 inches by 4 inches and angled for reading displays of systolic, diastolic, and pulse as well as access to the memory, start/stop, and set buttons. It uses black letters on a gray background 2 inch by 3 inch LCD screen to display day, date, year, and 3/4 inch numbers/figures for the systolic mmHgk and diastolic mmHg readings and results, pulse results, and stored memory results for 2 users.

In testing this Avantek upper arm blood pressure monitor against my current wrist BP monitor, the Avantek results are yielded faster than my current BP monitor and are within a few numerics of my current meter for all three results. The cuff sleeve fits comfortably on the upper arm and does not bind or present uncomfortable pressure when pumping up to maximum pressure. I normally prefer wrist meters for ease of use, but now prefer and trust the results of the Avantek meter which is just as easy to use. This monitor is powered by 4 AA batteries, not provided with this sample. Highly Recommended. Five HEALTHFUL Stars. (Avantek BP Monitor, hose and cuff unit. Users Manuals in English and Germanic. This item was provided for testing and an impartial review.)

Love And Fantasy (The Flame Series Book 2)
Love And Fantasy (The Flame Series Book 2)
Price: £0.77

In Book 2 of the "The Flame Series", talented author Naeem Sikandar creates an engaging cautionary tale of love and loss again centering around Megan, "the girl with the golden mane", a pretty college student from a nice family who goes looking for love and gets her heart broken in Book 1 of the series by Jason. Then she meets Lee whose intention was to help her by being a good friend to get over her loss. But Megan learns he has a serious relationship going with someone else. That only stokes the hopeful fantasy part of her story. Having been disappointed twice, she falls into inappropriate behavior that affects her grades. As the story develops, Lee's handsome cousin Martin shows up and a friendship blossoms. Based on the ending of Book 2, readers will probably want to go directly to Book 3 when it's published and they may want to backtrack to Dream Search (The Flame Series Book 1), if they missed it. Some sensuality. Highly Recommended. Four and a half ENTERTAINING Stars! (Reviewed in Kindle text and text-to-speech, 67 pages.)

Aleratec 12-Pack (7" x 8") Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Tablets, Smartphones, and LCD/LED TV's
Aleratec 12-Pack (7" x 8") Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Tablets, Smartphones, and LCD/LED TV's
Offered by AleratecUK
Price: £9.99

Five CLEAN Stars! This Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth has individual 7 inch by 8 inch sheets which have a softer, finer pill than the usual microfiber towel and is great for cleaning the screen for virtually anything that has a glass viewing screen or touch screen including smartphones, computer monitors, tablets, LCD and LED TVs, the glass outsides of microwave and toaster ovens, plastic fronts of various audio and video components such as CD/DVD players. They can also be used to clean and dust the edges and the outside cases of laptops. In addition, they can be used to clean the surface of those dusty, stained remote control devices that proliferate around the house for various electronic gadgets, especially between the buttons.

In some cases because of stubborn smudges, fingerprints, and dust, the cloth may need to be slightly moistened to remove them. The cloths are a nice size for cleaning most single items. While the dusty, dirty cloths can be cleaned by hitting them against the top of a chair, they can also be hand washed or machine washed using the cold water/gentle cycle and air or machine dried. Highly Recommended! Five USEFUL Stars. (1-Aleratec 12-Pack of 7" by 8 " Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for Tablets, Smartphones, TVs, etc.. This package was provided for testing and an impartial review.)

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