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Bandridge Pre-Amplifier - 6.35mm Microphone/Phono To 2 RCA- Mic/Turntable Preamp
Bandridge Pre-Amplifier - 6.35mm Microphone/Phono To 2 RCA- Mic/Turntable Preamp
Offered by CableFinder
Price: £25.99

2.0 out of 5 stars Not worth it, 27 Oct 2014
Lasted less than a year. There's no way of knowing if this is a power failure, dodgy mic/phone switch or something else because there are no power indicators. Received this as a gift so now I have to go and get another pre-amp. Before giving up the ghost for no reason, it worked okay, but I would not recommend it because this is an unreliable product.

Mookie Swingball Replacement Ball and Tether
Mookie Swingball Replacement Ball and Tether
Price: £5.99

4.0 out of 5 stars Just the job, 7 Sep 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
You know that moment when everyone is having fun in the garden, maybe you're even halfway through a swingball tournament, when the unthinkable happens. Someone hits the swingball but it doesn't swing - it flies. That is when you need a new ball and tether. This has happened to us twice. The replacement arrived in good time and fits perfectly. (We have the portable all-surface version of Mookie swingball). Now we are ready to get back to the swingball championship. Well, as soon as it stops raining we will be.

Project Nim [DVD]
Project Nim [DVD]
Dvd ~ Herbert Terrace
Price: £5.60

5.0 out of 5 stars A film about linguistics... in the cinema. Who woudda thunk?!?!?, 17 Aug 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Project Nim [DVD] (DVD)
Nim Chimpsky has refound fame - albeit posthumous. (Nim died of a heart attack in 2000, aged 26.) From James Marsh, the man who brought us the brilliant 'Man on Wire' documentary as a 'heist', comes Project Nim about the chimpanzee who was taught by humans to sign as a story of abandonment by (almost) every human who was supposed to care for him. Based on the book by Elizabeth Hess, this is a story of the inhumane treatment by humans of an animal that became a member of a family, the subject of a scientific experiment, a laboratory test animal and a legal test case.

Originally envisaged as a means of showing how animals can acquire syntax, thereby disproving Noam Chomsky's (hence the name - geddit?!?) assertion about unique human abilities to learn language, and apparently as a way to make the main investigator, Herbert Terrace, famous, it seems Nim never conformed to humans' expectations. Surprisingly, he turned out to be a chimpanzee - but one who was actually able to communicate with humans.

You do not have to be interested in linguistics to enjoy this film - just as you did not need to know anything about tight-rope walking to enjoy Marsh's previous documentary. The film is thoroughly enjoyable, moving and enlightening - telling us much more about humans than chimpanzees - and comes highly recommended. If you didn't get to a cinema in time, check out the DVD.

40th Anniversary
40th Anniversary
Price: £21.21

5.0 out of 5 stars DVD & CD of the highest quality, 17 Aug 2013
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This review is from: 40th Anniversary (Audio CD)
Yes. That's right. It's a DVD & CD set - just on case you weren't sure because of the poor description on Amazon.
If you are a Tower of Power fan, this is a "must have." Yes, you probably have all the tracks already - and some of them (like the immortal 'What is hip?') you may have a few times and even other live versions. But you need this one, too. Because this is not just the latest Tower of Power band - this is a whole bunch of Tower of Power bands. For this very special 40th Birthday bash, the boys got their friends from over the years to come back together and have a great party of fabulous music - fortunately for us it was recorded and has been released in top quality audio and video.
Tracks for the DVD are:

1. We came to play
2. Soul with a capital S
3. Can't stand to see the slaughter
4. Down to the nightclub
5. Interviews
6. It's not the crime
7. You've got to funkifize
8. Interviews
9. As surely as I stand here
10. Interviews
11. I got to groove
12. Interview
13. Boys from the bay
15. This time it's real
16. Souled out
17. Time will tell
18. Interviews
19. I thank you
20. Mr. Pitiful
21. Interview
22. Only so much oil in the ground
23. Interview
24. Credit
25. Interviews
26. A little knowledge (is a dangerous thing)
27. Interviews
28. What is hip? part 1
29. Interviews
30. What is hip? part 2
31. Interviews
32. What is hip? part 3
33. You're still a young man
34. Knock yourself out. part 1
35. Interviews
36. Knock yourself out. part 2
37. Interviews
38. Knock yourself out. part 3
39. Interviews
40. Knock yourself out. part 4
41. Closing credits

There are DVD extras - mostly everybody congratulating themselves on making it this far, but also a tour of where it all started in the Bay area.
On the CD, you get none of the interviews (giving complete uninterrupted versions of 'What is Hip' & 'Knock Yourself Out') and nearly all of the same tracks, except for track 13 (written by, and featuring, Richard Elliot) and tracks 19 & 20 (guest starring Sam ("& Dave") Moore - one of the early soul heroes of the band).
In all, there are 25 musicians on this album, including favourite alumni such as Greg Adams (trumpet), Carmen Grillo (guitar) & Chester Thompson (keys), and while different guests appear on different tracks, one thing remains constant - the solid groove. They may have been going for 40 years, but no other band has stayed as consistently funky as ToP. At 40, that horn section is still razor-sharp enough to cut your fingers, the rhythm section is so tight it lets in less water than a duck's arse, and the band pump out cracking songs like sometime back in the early 70's they found a well that never runs dry. This is a testament to the core of the band - Emilio, Rocco, Doc & David - who have kept the faith in Oakland funk.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Get out of a funk with funk, 31 Jan 2010
This review is from: Decoy (Audio CD)
One of Miles Davis' greatest recordings from his later period in life.
Miles Davis had a rough time in early 1980's. Struggling with addictions he had started the decade completely out of music and the public eye. Slowly he started making albums again, once again gathering around him great bands of talented musicians all fired up and bristling with ideas that few but Miles knew how to channel. I first heard John Scofield and Darryl 'The Munch' Jones on this album, and on here you will find some real blistering funky tracks that just cannot be ignored.
Highly recommended.

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