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Buffalo LS-QVL/E-EU LinkStation Pro Quad 4 Bay NAS Enclosure
Buffalo LS-QVL/E-EU LinkStation Pro Quad 4 Bay NAS Enclosure
Price: 122.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars Easy, Fast & Reliable with 1 Minor Issue, 2 Oct 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My trusty five year old HP MediaSmart server died on me and, no matter what I did, it would not restore properly. It’s funny how these ‘restore’ programs never work the only time you ever need them ... anyway, I removed the four hard disk drives from this unit with an aim to purchase an enclosure to put them in. I couldn’t find one suitable and so decided to purchase the Buffalo 8TB (2 x 4TB) LinkStation Duo NAS (RAID 0/1). This had 2 disk drives already with it.

The product was a dream to set up and use and so when I noticed that Amazon were selling the Buffalo LS-QVL/E-EU LinkStation Pro Quad 4 Bay NAS Enclosure, I jumped at the chance to make the purchase and make use my four old disk drives.

Installation was easy with just four small screws securing each drive in place. They slide in and slide out after that, what could be simpler?

The fan is super-quiet in use and there is an ‘auto’ option so that the unit switches on and off with your computer.

It takes a little time for the Buffalo LS-QVL/E-EU LinkStation Pro Quad 4 Bay NAS Enclosure to create the Raid 5 array that I opted for (one disk failing means you simply swap it for a good one and you lose no data) but this is typical of any device of this nature so no problems there ... I could use the device at the same time as well.

Data transfer is faster than my much older Buffalo Terrastation server but, interestingly, the navigation program you get with the new Buffalo Linkstations also detects this older drive so, a nice bonus there.

You can back up your PC or Mac using the Buffalo LS-QVL/E-EU LinkStation Pro Quad 4 Bay NAS Enclosure, access the drive from anywhere in the world and a host of other features.

I’ve put this server to the test since my purchase and it appears to be a very reliable, fast and solid piece of kit.

I had one minor issue of the ‘automatic’ function to make it readable via a web browser from anywhere in the world, not working ... the 230+ page manual explained that I should, therefore, do this manually. Easier said than done as I had to do a little research to find the exact settings I needed for this. I did achieve it, though and all is well. If you purchased a second Buffalo product, you’d be able to perform this task easily but it’s not for beginners, I feel.

It’s nice to see the Buffalo drives all coming alive when I boot up my computer and then closing down after I switch off, another nice touch.

If your old server breaks down, don’t waste your old hard disk drives, go for the Buffalo LS-QVL/E-EU LinkStation Pro Quad 4 Bay NAS Enclosure where it’s priced low enough to be affordable and high enough so you know that you’re getting quality over other larger enclosures that are starting to become available.

Maxell Air Stash 16GB Wireless USB Flash Drive
Maxell Air Stash 16GB Wireless USB Flash Drive
Price: 80.39

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5.0 out of 5 stars Who Would Have Thought., 20 Jun 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
There I was stuck with my iPad and no way of quickly transferring files from my PC to iPad and vice versa. What could I do?

I then read an ad in a iPhone & iPad magazine which informed me of this remarkable wireless memory stick..

So, straight to Amazon I went to get it at the lowest price, matched it with a 64Gb memory card (it comes with a 16Gb but I needed more space) and awaited delivery.

Once charged up, I was away.

My computer found the drive and I copied a number of files successfully.

Next, to test if it could really copy to and from anything wirelessly.

Yes it could. No hassles, no configuration problems, just found the wireless signal and away.

You can't copy from the Air Stash while connected to another wireless network but, as you can simply plug it into USB in appropriate equipment, that's not too much go an issue. It's so quick and easy to swap wireless connections on the iPad anyway, again, it's not really an issue.

The firmware can be updated, too and Maxell have said that you soon will be able to both copy and be on your usual network with a future update.

Who would have thought that something like the Maxell Air stash would have come along to rescue those using devices with no connections?

I was thrilled to discover it and now thrilled to be using it. Recommended by this subscriber for certain.

Maxell Air Stash 16GB Wireless USB Flash Drive

Platinum 64GB Class 10 SDXC Memory Card - - 177119

HP CM750A OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Web)
HP CM750A OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Web)
Price: 149.98

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5.0 out of 5 stars Very Pleased AND Surprised At HP Printer, 20 Jun 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This is my first HP printer for many years and, boy, am I pleased I bought it.

Very fast and good quality print, but I expected that. What I didn't expect is that the ePrint, Apps and little extra product delivery print services that they offer would be so useful.

I have news and technology updates delivered to my printer and printed out every day, I can email items when I'm on the road with a customer, to have it ready and waiting for me in the printer's out-tray, brilliant.

It holds a decent amount of paper so I'm not constantly having to fill it up and the XL print cartridges hold enough ink to print over 1000 pages ... value for money, I'd say.

The scanner is quiet and fast. Air print from my iPad was instant and the fax now works.

I say 'now works' because, while setting up I was informed that the cable was the wrong type for my 'phone system, which was odd as it was the one they supplied with the unit where all I did was swap it from my old fax and it worked perfectly.

The only negative from my point of view is that the scanner list doesn't lift on it's hinges so, when you want to copy anything thicker than a magazine, like a book, you can't close the lid. This is me being fussy, I know, but it was a useful thing that Canon do with their scanner lids.

On the plus side, the HP8600 scans and copies double-sided, a wonderful extra with the 'plus' model.

Five stars for this as it wirelessly does it all, with ease. It was also the easiest to set up printer I've ever installed.

I print from a number of other desktops, laptops, mobile devices etc. and there was no problem 'finding' the printer and printing perfectly.

I have taken out a separate guarantee as, should it go faulty, you'll get a reconditioned replacement rather than a new replacement so do be aware and go for the extra cover (I opted for the 3 year, with accidental damage cover).

Highly recommended, a beautiful printer that is fast, efficient with extremely useful features.

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One (Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Web)

Wake Up and Smell the Profit: 52 Guaranteed Ways to Make More Money in Your Coffee Business
Wake Up and Smell the Profit: 52 Guaranteed Ways to Make More Money in Your Coffee Business
by John Richardson
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Business Tips I've Ever Read, 6 Jan 2011
I've been involved with Internet marketing for many years and read tons of tips for marketing your business.

However, it wasn't until I'd read John Richardson's book 'Wake Up And Smell The Profit' that any business tips actually hit home. These 52+ tips are spot on, I even suggested them to my former boss so that he could improve his business.

Although I'm not in the coffee niche, this book can work for anyone who runs any kind of business.

It really is the best value for money book on business tips and I'd recommend it to anyone who's serious about getting the best out of their marketing.

Don't hesitate, buy it, you won't be disappointed.

PURE AVANTI Flow Table-top Digital Music System
PURE AVANTI Flow Table-top Digital Music System

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4.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Sound, Fantastic Usability - Pure Brilliant, 4 Sep 2009
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Where can you listen to all those business podcasts, seminar CDs and audio files that come as bonuses with your online purchases of Internet marketing material? Normally at your computer, of course.

But with the brand new Avanti Flow unit from Pure, you can listen in any room of your house or even in the garden. When you use the Pure media server you can even listen anywhere where there is a Wi-Fi connection when armed with your username and password.

I love these devices that make use of the latest technology and that are totally useable.

The Pure Avanti Flow has a very powerful 75 watts (RMS) output (that's loud) for when you want to play your music through the system via DAB radio broadcasts or from your iPod. The iPod can simply be slotted onto the top connector in order to be played via the powerful amplifier and woofer built into the unit.

I have a large collection of audio files on my main PC and the Avanti Flow can play them via a media server, like Windows media player, for example. This is great news for me as it gets me away from being stuck in front of my computer all day. I can listen at my leisure anywhere I please, at last.

The lowest price offering is currently Amazon to purchase who always seem to manage a better deal than anyone else. It was delivered the next day.

I also ordered the Pure Evoke Flow to compliment the unit as, once you've input your favourites using your Wi-Fi connection (a wireless router in my case) it will become available to all your `Flow' devices where they're stored online.

The online system is called `The Lounge' and is a one-stop place to store all your favourites ... be it `Listen again', media servers in your home or office, DAB radio stations, sound effects, pod casts or latest updates. Pure have really gone to town to make it easy to use and very useful.

I managed to connect both units to the Internet via my wireless router without any problems. All you need to do is register first to get a special code to input into each unit. This only needs to be done the first time you use it.

You can set timers to wake you up each day, close it down so you can sleep or use the `kitchen timer' for anything else. The alarms aren't as comprehensive as the Pure `Bug' but it clearly wasn't meant as an alarm clock, so this is understandable. For example, on my Bug DAB radio I can set different alarms for different times of the week, while the Flow series simply switches on at the set time using the last station you were listening to at the same volume.

You can wake up to iPod or Internet radio, too. There are thousands of Internet radio channels to listen to, a station for every niche, in fact. These are all accessed via The Lounge.

The sound quality is truly amazing, you really do have to hear it to believe it. Output through my Bose headphones is fantastic and I don't think I've ever heard such a perfect quality sound from anything before, I'm most impressed.

There are two main speakers built in with a sub woofer at the bottom. All can be controlled from the supplied remote control which is clearly laid out. It uses radio waves too, so you don't need to point the remote control at the unit before it works.

You can pause, skip, search, rewind `Listen Again' radio shows from the BBC using the remote control which is very useful (subject to programme supporting it).

There isn't really a downside to the Pure Avanti Flow sound system that I can think of. I would like to be able to record programmes and pause, rewind anything (as with The Bug device) but you can't have it all, can you?

Connections include an input for external devices (so you can listen in wonderful stereo sound), an output to another amp or device, headphones and a USB socket for updating (if you don't have Wi-Fi handy) to the latest firmware to bring more and updated features as time goes by.

Presets can be set so that you can go to your favourite input or station at anytime at the press of a button.

Both units are a good nine out of ten for features, usability and sound quality. Recommended.

Panasonic DMR-BS850EBK Twin Freesat Tuners 500GB HDD Blu-ray Recorder
Panasonic DMR-BS850EBK Twin Freesat Tuners 500GB HDD Blu-ray Recorder

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4.0 out of 5 stars My First Blu-ray Recorder, 8 July 2009
The Panasonic DMR-BS850EB is a very impressive piece of kit, I must say!

With so many features and options this is one purchase I've made where I HAD to read the manual.

Basic operation is easy with only the more complex tasks making it a must to to delve into the comprehensive operating instructions.

Freesat is new to me but the unit found over 140 channels for me to view and record in just a couple of minutes. You simply enter your post code and it'll even find your regional channel, nice touch.

It also finds 'other' satellite channels if you so desire ... it found 1029 of these when I tried .. not all of these were free to air but interesting to say the least.

It records High-Definition programmes, too and you can save them to Blu-ray discs according to copyright settings on each programme. Standard definition programmes can be copied as many times as you please.

The picture is perfect, of course, as it's full HD quality.

It also recorded from my Sky+HD box with no problems.

It has two tuners for Freesat, so you can watch one channel while recording another or record two at once. The electronic programme guide is efficient but has no search facility yet, that'll come soon, I'm sure.

Changing channels is instantaneous for me but the aspect ratio on some channels won't fix on 16:9, rather, it changes to wide. I'll sort this out soon, I hope.

Sound quality is the best I've heard but this is down to my surround sound system, too.

I also have a Panasonic TV, so Viera link can be used to operate functions on both units.

The Panasonic DMR-BS850EB also supports SD cards with video, audio, MP3 etc. and can also be connected to the Internet for special Viera Cast broadcasts.

A USB socket is useful, too. Plug in your USB drive to transfer music or video onto the unit.

The remote control is easy to use but takes a little getting used to after using Sky for many years. I'm getting better at it each day, though.

I can copy from the built in hard drive to Blu-ray disc at high speed to save any programmes that I've recorded.

Connectivity is fantastic. Any modern piece of equipment will fit, no problem.

I've been using the player/recorder for about 5 days now and am still finding new features to play around with. While my wife just wants to watch TV and record, I prefer to experiment with the more technical features and options, proving that anyone can use this unit at their own level.

So if you want the very best quality recordings you can get or the flexibility of copying High-Definition or standard quality modes in order to share DVDs or Blu-ray content, then this unit is for you.

I always buy high quality kit and the Panasonic DMR-BS850EB doesn't disappoint.

Bad points? None really ... I could be fussy and say that I wish you could rewind live TV like with Sky+ but this WOULD be a little picky as you can pause live TV if only I would remember to press pause first when the 'phone rings (smile).
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