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Mr. David Kiddell "davek" (UK)

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Anti-Vibration Shock Absorber, Pack of 4
Anti-Vibration Shock Absorber, Pack of 4
Price: £2.79

5.0 out of 5 stars They do the job, 13 Dec. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Bought these as our washing machine vibrated during the spin, you could feel the floor moving.
I thought I'd give these a try first of all as they didn't cost much and then get something else if they didn't work.
Now you can hardly feel anything, they do the job brilliantly.
We also don't have much clearance under a shelf above the washing machine, so used another reviewers suggestion and slid the machine back in by using washing up liquid under it's feet.

Sony CMTG1BIP Hi-Fi Sound System with DAB Radio
Sony CMTG1BIP Hi-Fi Sound System with DAB Radio

3.0 out of 5 stars Beware weak DAB receiver, 7 Sept. 2013
We bought one for better music in the kitchen. While setting up the unit I found that the supplied DAB aerial produced a display of `No Service', so I bought a metal aerial. This aerial also produced a display of `No Service', so I bought a longer `T' aerial which when fitted found a few stations, but many had poor reception. I again sought advice and was informed that I need an external DAB aerial to be fitted.
I feel the DAB receiver in the Sony HiFi is not strong enough. My Roberts radios costing a quarter of the cost of the Sony are all able to clearly receive DAB stations, so feel that I should not need the additional cost and inconvenience of having to have an external DAB aerial fitted.
The speaker cables are also only @ 1.5 metres, so you may need to buy longer.

An update.
I tested the Sony against a Marantz M-CR603 and a Roberts CRD37. The Sony and Marantz using a 'T' aerial and the Roberts it's own small supplied aerial.
At the front of the house by the window, all 3 picked up generally the same DAB stations clearly.
At the back of the house by the window, the Marantz and Roberts picked up many stations clearly. The Sony picked up less and had trouble particularly with BBC stations.
In the centre of the house where I originally intended to place the Sony, none picked up any stations.
Again, my conclusion is that the Sony has a weaker receiver than the others.
I have since had an external DAB aerial fitted at a cost of £150. It now picks up many more stations than I had before and very clearly.
In the kitchen, I now have great sound that can be played nice and loudly !
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Roberts Record R DAB/FM RDS/SD Digital Portable Radio Recorder
Roberts Record R DAB/FM RDS/SD Digital Portable Radio Recorder

13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Quirky but does the job for me, 11 Oct. 2012
I wanted a radio to tape programs that I could listen to later and which aren't always available on `listen again' or podcasts, so did a bit of research. It appeared that the Roberts is the only one available. I wouldn't have bought it judging by the reviews, but decided to take a chance.
All the things that the earlier reviewers said are true -
The manual is wrong.(see decksj's review for details.
When setting a recorder, don't take too long to read the manual as it goes back to the beginning after a few seconds !
You can't check the settings on each of the recorders without inputting the settings again.
It is mono.
You have to delete recordings using a laptop or pc.
After setting a recorder, don't switch it off at the mains, as it will default the end time to the start time and try to do a 24hr recording !
That said, although it is a bit tricky to set recordings and it is a bit like an 80's VCR to operate, once you get the hang of it and make sure you don't switch it off at the mains etc., it does do the job.
I have just discovered radio 4Extra plays and can now record them and listen to them and Radio 2's Sound of the 60's while washing up !
I also find it's little quirks quite amusing. I get around not easily being able to see what is set to record by keeping a paper list of the settings and what I expect to have recorded when I come home. They are now nearly always what I expect them to be !
All in all I am pretty pleased with it.

The British Pacific Fleet: The Royal Navy's Most Powerful
The British Pacific Fleet: The Royal Navy's Most Powerful
by David Hobbs
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £35.00

3 of 8 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Will be available soon, 3 Mar. 2012
Didnt know any other way of doing this, but I have contacted the publisher who said that new copies will be available soon.
So no need to pay the ridiculous prices people are asking here.
This really is an excellent book that I reviewed recently for the HMS Indomitable Association and think there will be a lot of interest in it from the members, so would like the chaps who were actually there to not be ripped off by the sort of people asking £125 etc on here.

Karcher K3.99MB+  Pressure Washer with Dirtblaster and Wash Brush
Karcher K3.99MB+ Pressure Washer with Dirtblaster and Wash Brush

5.0 out of 5 stars Does what I want, 10 July 2011
Bought this in May 2010 and have used this a few times on various peoples patios.
Was a bit concerned by other peoples reviews that it likely to break, but I have found that by following the start & stop procedures outlined in the manual it has continued to work well though to now (July 2011)
You may need to watch it on pointing, as it's powerful enough to lift it out.
Would thoroughly recommend it.

Whitaker's Almanack 2011
Whitaker's Almanack 2011
by A & C Black Publishers Ltd
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £45.00

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Much fun to be with ?, 31 Dec. 2010
I bought my last Almanac 10 years ago, so thought it about time for an upgrade.
There are less available now and I had looked at some smaller ones in bookshops, the Whitakers was always wrapped in plastic, so couldn't be looked inside.
For those of you thinking of buying it, let me briefly describe what's in it.
It's roughly broken into 3 main sections - The United Kingdom, The World and The Year 2009-10.
The first section covers such things as - The Royal Family, lists of Peers, Earls, Barons, Dames & Knights. Lists of names of members of the Privy Council, names of MP's, full listings of electoral results, lists of independent schools, names of Bishops, Deans & Archdeacons by diocese. Full details of the laws surrounding Corporation Tax, Divorce, Employment law and so on. In all, running to 674 of the books 1371 pages.
The second section covers things such as the worlds longest rivers, distances in air from London and detailed descriptions of each of the worlds countries covering climate & terrain, history & politics, economy & trade etc., to page 1084.
The last section covers things that happened in 2009-10, including main news events by region as well as sports results etc.
My last Almanac was the Hutchinson Almanac (no longer available) and on opening, you are immediately struck by it's clearer layout compared with the Whitakers and may more pages of tables covering all sorts of information that an old anorak like me finds interesting - government spending on various sectors going back over the previous 10 years, world oil production by country, tables of the worlds companies ranked by market capital etc, etc.
The sort of thing that I just like to dip into over a cup of coffee, but also useful if looking up something specific.
The Whitaker by contrast seems much drier with list after list of names & addresses. It is absolutely jam packed with useful information, if you are interested in those things described above.
I personally, can't see myself having as much fun with this book as I did with the old Hutchinson and wouldn't have bought it if I could have seen inside it first.

A Field Guide To The Mammals Of South-East Asia
A Field Guide To The Mammals Of South-East Asia
by Charles Francis
Edition: Hardcover
Price: £31.49

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Less than it appears, 28 Dec. 2010
This rating may appear low, but I'll explain why.
On the plus side, the book has fantastic diagrams of the animals.
The first part of the book is taken up with the diagrams, along with brief info on it's size and markings anmd a distribution map on the opposite page. Many of the pages describe say only 4 species, so have quite a lot of space that has not ben printed on.
The second part of the book gives info on each animals identification, similar species, ecology distribution and status. A lot of this info is repeated from the first section of the book.
The book is large - 24 by 16cms, making it quite big to take out into the field.
The text is also printed in quite a large font, so generally there isn't that much information in it compared to other field guides such as 'the Kingdiom Field guide to African Mammals'.
I think it could be so much better.

No Title Available

11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
2.0 out of 5 stars Didn't meet my expectations, 19 Nov. 2009
I'm a gardener who spends quite a bit of time by myself, so thought I would get a radio for to listen to Radio 4 & 5 for a bit of company. My friend is also a gardener, who has had a Roberts 'Test Match special' radio for yers and swears by it, so I thought I would go for the same.
Radio 5 isn't all that clear and hisses & fades as I move around. I've taken to sweeping leaves by trying to face the same direction, so that I can follow what's being said.
Radio 4 is is so feint I have given up with it.
The reception on the local music channels seems much better, but they're not what I want to listen to.
I would say that it would be ok if you didn't move about at all while listening to it, listening to it while sitting on a park bench at lunch for instance.
As you can tell, I don't like the radio, but the the copmpany who supplied it was K K Electronics, who were superb and wiuld rate them 5 stars.
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