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The Romance of Morien
The Romance of Morien
Price: £0.00

4.0 out of 5 stars pretty interesting story, readable translation, 8 April 2013
This is an arthurian romance that kinda has a lot in common with modern fan fiction. You can just hear the author thinking "let's have some new guy turn up and make friends with all my faourite characters!", which is a formula used quite a lot in fan fics. Anyway, it's an interesting romance (in which there is no actual romance, btw), and one thing particularly worth noting is that the hero is black (ok, mixed race, but no distinction is made here), and unlike most texts where black/mixed race characters appear (feirefiz the piebald? the"ugly hero"?) he is also described as handsome, which makes a refreshing change. We do see people finding him SCARY and thinking he's the DEVIL, but one of his new friends comes along to threaten to kill them if they don't get over themselves, so all's good. Aah, the knightly way of dealing with racism. Anyway, Morien is a reasonably likable hero as romances go, a lancelot-gawain fanboy with a bit of a chip on his shoulder and a tendency to approach everything by fighting, but able to make friends with surprising ease. In the overall arthurian canon, this would slot in a few years before the grail quest, and a lot of the main characters do appear, with varying degree of mainness (Gawain's pretty much as main as morien, Guinevere's basically a cameo), and they also are all pretty consistent with their usual characters, although it does seem somewhat oblivious to the blood feud between gawain and morien's family, for all the talk about how Aglovale is going to die soon, it doesn't mention that he's going to die because GAWAIN IS GOING TO KILL HIM. That aside, there's only one incident that i can remember of glaringly unrealistic fighting ability, which is pretty good going. There is also only one scene of cheerful massacring, and overall the values dissonance isn't too bad compared to some texts. The story has some aspects of the Fair Unknown, but by no means sticks to that formula. This is a translation that still sounds vaguely medieval, but is perfectly readable and understadable, and the story has enough going on without becoming hard to follow. If you're interested in these legends, and maybe want a text that isn't too long and doesn't feature endless tournament sequences (i'm looking at you, morte d'arthur) or some looove story where they blatantly only like each other based on looks (cliges. among others), then you can't go wrong with this.

Aralorn: Masques and Wolfsbane
Aralorn: Masques and Wolfsbane
Price: £6.99

4.0 out of 5 stars one great book, one not so much, 9 Jan. 2013
first book`s brilliant, definitely worth five stars. second book really not very compelling, more like three stars. buy if u like the author, just don`t expect too much from the sequel (or the dragon. it's not a very interesting dragon)

Inked (Cassie Palmer)
Inked (Cassie Palmer)
Price: £4.13

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4.0 out of 5 stars good collection of novellas, 18 April 2012
this is a decent collection of novellas vaguely connected by the theme of tattoos - slightly random in my opinion, but hey. the individual novellas were:

Karen Chance
In the past I've found this author not really my thing, but I liked this one. It had interesting supportng characters and a likable heroine. The love interest wasn't that interesting (I liked his brother more) but there was nothing wrong with him either. It manages the rare feat of having sex scenes in a novella that didn't feel clunky and forced so credit for that. There was a lot of backstory and political background that was quite interesting and I felt could have been explained more, though the explanation was adequate and I think the characters might be from full length boks by the author?

Marjorie Liu
The only author here I hadn't heard of. Interesting and original story, though I don't tend to like time travel stories. It took itself a bit seriously. The main character and her grandmother were both likable, the demons are cool, the child is likable but overdone, the villain is a bit vague, and the love interest is a little too perfect - though in fairness this could be because he's in it so little. Pretty sure this is in a series - parts were quite badly explained.

Yasmine Gallernon
Slightly vague plot, slightly vague characters. What heroine and love interest see in each other not clear. Sex scene tagged on the end just for the hell of it. Least good of the four. Think it's a prequel to the author's main series? If I'd read that I'd probably like it more. Almost nothing to do with tattoos by the way.

Eileen Wilks
Fairly standard who-dunnit plot line. I like the characters, the solution wasn't obvious till about halfway through. The climax felt a little anti-climactic. Part of her main series.

Shades of Gray: A Jude Magdalyn Novel (The Jude Magdalyn Series Book 1)
Shades of Gray: A Jude Magdalyn Novel (The Jude Magdalyn Series Book 1)

4.0 out of 5 stars good, 15 Feb. 2012
the best thing about this book is that you never quite know where you are with it. some character or plot twist will come up and it'll be like "i know where this is going" but you actually don't. it has a load of cliches that it overturns. the characters were quite interesting although most of them didn't feel very real.
unlike other reviewers, i liked theo, he seemed nice and wasn't as boring as everyone seems to think. i liked him more than williams, who was kind of annoying and really needed nore explanation.
i want more of lies in the nex books.

First Grave On The Right: Number 1 in series (Charley Davidson)
First Grave On The Right: Number 1 in series (Charley Davidson)
Price: £5.99

4.0 out of 5 stars enjoyable, 15 Feb. 2012
i really liked this book. it was funny and the main character was interesting, i wanted to read more about her. the secondary characters were mainly likable too though i didn't really get some of them and her father was like the most boring character ever. the plot was interesting too, though there wasn't much of a sense of urgency to the main plot (the one about the lawyers) and i felt things were resolved too easily in the end.
the main problem of the book was reyes. the whole thing with him seemed to be "charley fancies this guy so therefore you should care loads about him". plus he was a bit of creepy, and not in a scary way either. also there was no main opponent for the main character really, rice doesn't appear till quite late on and doesn't really seem a match for her.
also the whole thing really reminded me of grave witch by kalayna price, which is a better book.
basically the best thing about it was the authors writing style, which was very good, but there were a lot of problems, which will maybe be sorted in the next books? though short of scrapping reyes (maybe for garrett? i liked him) im not sure how thats going to happen

Grave Witch (Alex Craft Book 1)
Grave Witch (Alex Craft Book 1)
Price: £4.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars great, waiting for the sequel, 22 Dec. 2011
this book was great. the main character was perfectly likable, and didn`t go on about tramatic past or how tough she thought she was or how much she fancied love interest characters all the time like some narrators do, though she did go on about not having any money like many others. there weren`t cliches sprinkled over everything and i couldn`t really guess where the plot was heading, though the fight scene at the end was a bit confusing. it was also kind of short and there weren`t really any other fight scenes, so if that`s what you want maybe try a different book. the supporting characters were all good, though i felt more could have been done with death (maybein the next book?) and it seemed to be trying too hard to be cute with the dog. it did remind be a bit of touch the dark by karen chance especially with the ghost sidekick, but i actually didn`t like that book much, this is much better. it`s a good book, definitely worth it, and i`ll wait (impatiently) for the next one and look at the author`s other books.

Hole in the Wall (The Jude Magdalyn Series)
Hole in the Wall (The Jude Magdalyn Series)

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2.0 out of 5 stars really not worth it, 22 Dec. 2011
i read shades of grey and loved it, wanted the sequel, it wasn't out yet, so brought this. my advice to you is don't. you get about one page that adds absolutely nothing to the story and then the first few chapters of the actual book. if you've read shades of grey and are waiting for the sequel don't bother getting this, it's really not worth it.
if you are thinking of getting this to see if you should buy the full book, 1) it's still probably a waste of money (not very much money, but still) because if you do like it and get the book then you've wasted 89p or however much it is on an extra page, and if you don't like it you've wasted 89p (or whatever) on something you don't like,
2) you should buy the full book it's awesome

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