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Offered by The Music Warehouse
Price: £6.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars SHEER, 6 Jun. 2005
This review is from: Antics (Audio CD)
This album is absolutely amazing. It grabs and shakes you like a british babysitter, it gets you from the beginning with tracks like evil it enthrawls you from the start. If you like Joy Division you are sure to like this, it has Ian Curtis' style of singing. This is one of the best albums I've bought for a couple of years and you can get strait into it. I really now must go and check out their first album and EP. This band have the potential to go REALLY far and should; because this album is a classic you can listen to again and again!!

Get Behind Me Satan
Get Behind Me Satan
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: £3.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT, 6 Jun. 2005
This review is from: Get Behind Me Satan (Audio CD)
I've been waiting about 2 years for this. And on the way home from school I did! This is a classic return to form. And they have gone in a different direction. They've experimented alot more than they did with the previous minimalist ones. This one uses a variety of instruments and styles. For example they use the xylophone which comes of really well. Piano's are also featured heavily throughout. But these changes should definately be praised. It makes them alot more dynamic and just generally cooler. I'm glad to see Meg singing again, as I loved cold cold night on Elephant. You should buy this over coldplay or the Tears as i got them as well and this one is much better seconded to the Tears. Go for it!

Demon Days
Demon Days

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4.0 out of 5 stars v. Good, 4 Jun. 2005
This review is from: Demon Days (Audio CD)
Not as good as the first album, but still a really good listen. A bit too much rap for me though. The first album got it just right but this one has gone a bit overboard. Saying this Damon's parts in it is worth buying this for if your a blur fan. They really are outstanding. Feel Good Inc. is probaly the best track on the album, followed by El Manana, which is just Damon on the acustic guitar with complimentary backing music. This sounds alot like the work he did in Blur's album 'Blur' which is fantastic.
This album has a very prominent bass throught which the last one didnt, but this is certaintly an improvement. It gives the song alot more depth whens its played like a lead guitar. 'White Light' really takes Damon back to his rockier roots, this is an outstanding song. But i was disapointed with the last 2 tracks of the album, Demon Days has the most annoying choir in it and Don't Get Lost in Heaven isn't really anything special either.
But the track before that 'Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head' is a fantastic warped tale of an island of people getting killed by a monkey because 'strange folk' disturb the resting monkey. This is then well finished off by Damon on an acustic guitar.
I'd recommend this album to any Blur fan just for his parts. First album was better though

Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Dear Catastrophe Waitress
Price: £9.11

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Stuff, 4 Jun. 2005
Most of the Songs on here are absolutely amazing. Really good spontanious indie pop. I have several Belle and Sebastian albums and this is one of the best. Stay Loose is the massive highlight of the album. One of my favourite songs of all time. However; I only gave this 4 stars because its not all brilliant. The song 'If you find yourself caught in Love' is absolute dross and 'Asleep on a sunbeam' isn't the best thing you'll ever hear. Apart from those minor setbacks I'd still have to get this album. Or possibly start with the newly released greatest hits then start buying the albums.

Offered by Mattpuss
Price: £9.36

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5.0 out of 5 stars Masterpiece, 9 Mar. 2005
This review is from: Employment (Audio CD)
This album is really great. All the songs could be made into singles. This is highly addictive indie/pop at its height. The Kaiser Chiefs are having a really great start to the year and have the ability to follow in Franz Ferdinand's path to fame. This is the best album of 2005 so far.

Bring Your Own Poison - The Rhythm Factory Sessions
Bring Your Own Poison - The Rhythm Factory Sessions
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £9.96

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3.0 out of 5 stars So, So, 22 Feb. 2005
This is average, not really all that inspiring. I only got this for The Libertines song. The quality of recording is not that good but you really get a fell of whats happening at the moment in London.

Sim City 4 (PC CD)
Sim City 4 (PC CD)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Classic, 20 Feb. 2005
This review is from: Sim City 4 (PC CD) (Video Game)
This game should be in every gamers collection. It has everything, superb graphics, great gameplay. everything. You will find it somewhat easier by purchasing the strategy guide which goes over everything you are going to come across thus making your city alot more succesful.
Sim City4 has come on leaps and bounds from Sim City 3000. Absolutely everything imaginable has been improved; on Sim City 3000 I went miles into the red just a few minutes after starting thye game. But on Sim City 4 this rarely happens until the city is massive and unlike the last one neighbors actually offer you buisness deals which helps with trash problems or whatever you're struggling with.
You can also build Casinos and Prisons for quite a big income; but inturn they effect the economy so you have to positions things wisely and wait until the city is at the right size.
I havew had this game for around 12 months and still play on it regulary. This is one of the must have games for PC.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 (PS2)
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 (PS2)
Offered by CDandVinyl
Price: £2.25

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good stuff, 20 Feb. 2005
An overall great game, better graphics than Call Of Duty or Medal oh Honour. BUT: You cannot save during missions so if you are a whiskers width away from the end and get a grenade thrown at you your back to stage one. Saying that the missions are good and the online play is much better than Socom Navy Seals ever was. I only use this for online play as the missions get so fustrating and when you do them again you tend to get sloppy because you know when the enemys are going to spring out at you, thus dying even more than before.
But you should solely buy this game for online play, especially if you have a USB headset letting you communicate with your team. This makes the game so much better.
If only you could save during missions this would be the best Military game of all time.

Silent Alarm
Silent Alarm
Offered by Giant Entertainment
Price: £4.45

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4.0 out of 5 stars Nice one, 20 Feb. 2005
This review is from: Silent Alarm (Audio CD)
This is definately a grower album and in several more listens I will probaly say its worthy of 5 stars. You should certaintly consider buying this album if you're into bands like The Libertines. Best song in my opinion is either Like Eating Glass or Helicopter. The only dissapointment is that they didn't put Little Thoughts on! but even so, you still should get this album.

Stan Bowles
Stan Bowles
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: £1.40

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4.0 out of 5 stars QPR 1974, 19 Feb. 2005
This review is from: Stan Bowles (Audio CD)
If you are into the east end indie scene at the moment you should like The Others. They are, in someways, quite different to the other bands around at the moment. They have gone for a more Raw, Punk sound rather than opting for tight, precise guitar and singing.
This is a very original act and are like a breath of fresh air from the bands that are around. Their album is out now.

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