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Wicked Promise
Wicked Promise
by Kat Martin
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Unexpected!, 17 Nov 2009
Well, the story is not really unexpected, because it is already well-known. The development of the ward-guardian relationship is pretty the same we read in other books. What is unexpected is that this is my first Kat Martin's book and I fell in love with this author. Her style is fluid, she creates the necessary tension to keep you turning the pages and forgetting about everything else. Furthermore she created a heroine who is not annoying. That's really unexpected! Usually the heroines, in order to show their independence, intelligence and capacity to do everything like almost modern wonder-women, they become so stubborn and willful to seem almost stupid and unlikeable. In this case, Elizabeth is a very likeable heroine and she is now one of my favourite, together with Alaina of Woodiwiss "Ashes in the wind".
The plot is something we all have already read: a rake, troubled by his past, found himself with a ward he doesn't want to care about. Slowly he is able to change for her until the passion starts burning for both of them, but he is married even if his wife is not living with him. And then the necessity to get married for her in order to escape a brute, the jealousy of Nick at the idea of losing her but since that he can't marry he knows he has to let her go. But then a murder changes everything...
I am really happy to have met this author, I really hope to find also in her next books that I am gonna read a catching plot, interesting hero/heroin and a bit of mystery.

Dark Torment
Dark Torment
by Karen Robards
Edition: Paperback

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3.0 out of 5 stars Thought better, 8 Aug 2009
This review is from: Dark Torment (Paperback)
I read so enthusiast reviews about this book that I purchased as soon as I could. But after having finished "Dark Torment" I was quite disappointed. It is a very good book because it is written by Karen Robards, who I adore, so it is far better than many other books out there. But seen that Robards wrote it, I thought to find myself in a more all-involving book, like some others Robards' titles.
I don't know what I feel missing in this book. The setting is interesting, Australia, which is at least something new from the usual ones. He is the usual tall-dark-beautiful blue eyes hero, who a lot of us would desire to own ;)
She is a strong and stubborn girl, with beauty inferior complex, who is used to give orders. When she becomes the owner of a man who doesn't like to receive orders, well, the sparks can only spark!!!
Maybe it is this thing, the owner-slave relationship that I don't like and so it is possibly the reason I don't appreciate too much the plot of this overall good romance.
I would have rated it 4 stars, but I give 3 stars considering her other books. I loved much more Forbidden Love, Dark of the Moon, Tiger's Eye, Amanda Rose and Loving Julia, which I consider among my "favourites of all time".

All I Desire
All I Desire
by Rosemary Rogers
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

4.0 out of 5 stars Who cares if it is always the same????, 8 Aug 2009
Really, who cares if Rogers writes books which are so similar??? I don't mind!!!! I admit that I love Nick Kinkade of A Dangerous Man and when I read she wrote another similar book and hero, I couldn't run fast enough to get it!!!
I also admit that I am particular partial to this type of setting, the New Mexico and similar, and also to these strong and rude "cowboys". I also appreciate when there is not only romance but also adventure and political matters involved in the story.
I understand when people complain about this book.
People who desire to read this book have to know that "All I desire" is very similar to other titles, like Sweet Savage Love and A Dangerous Man, for its hero and its general setting and political situation (more or less).
Before purchasing the book and being disappointed, one has to have well in mind the former statements. Of course, someone might have bought without knowing and find in his/her hands a book similar to others he/she hasn't appreciated, so I understand his/her disappointment.
Anyway, I enjoyed a lot this book, the love scenes are steamy, I couldn'it put it down and every occasion was good to keep reading it!

Sapphire (Super Historical Romance)
Sapphire (Super Historical Romance)
by Rosemary Rogers
Edition: Paperback

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4.0 out of 5 stars Sooo catching!, 8 Aug 2009
Sincerely, I really liked this book, there are some "minus" but for me the "pluses" outnumber them.
First of all I have to admit that there are some things I didn't like like the fact that as far as Sapphire begins her trip toward England, she completely forgets about the man who grew her, who considered her father for 20 years, in favor of her real father. From that moment she considers herself only as the daughter of a noble, and not of the hard-worker man who has been her father for 20 years.... So all the parts in the book, when she repeats that she can't be anybody's mistress because she is the daughter of Lord Wessex are very annoying! Come on, you know that you are a lady since one month and you already act so uppity! Besides, you are a well-bred and educated girl, grew up in a respectable family, you shouldn't consider to be a mistress also for this simple fact!
I also add that I disliked a lot the other characters like her sister and her godmother. I almost skipped the parts when they were the only ones present because they were too annoying.
And yes, the hero is really stubborn, too stubborn that you almost would like to slap him!
Apart from that I liked a lot the interaction between the hero and heroine, so much that these scenes amend to all the drawbacks I found in the book. The love scenes are really steamy!!!!
I appreciated the fact that the heroine abandons the hero, for a while! At last, in one of the many romances I read, I found an heroine who decides to leave the "source of her misery" and try to go on with her life without him! Of course, Sapphire is not the only heroine I read leaving her lover/husband/etc. but nonetheless she is one of the rare who instead of complaining, brooding, screaming, she just leaves him, without a goodbye and taking nothing from him! Well, in this, I think she is a quite modern character and in that moment I appreciated Sapphire a lot.
As usual, being a Rogers' book, I had difficulties in putting it down. I like a lot almost all the ones she has written, they are so all-involving that I would like to have more time to keep reading them! And for me "Sapphire" is no difference, I was really taken by the story!

Love Cherish Me
Love Cherish Me
by Brandewyne Rebecca
Edition: Mass Market Paperback

5.0 out of 5 stars Sooooo passionate, 20 May 2009
Rebecca Brandewyne is one of my favourite authors in the historical romance genre. And with this book she didn't disappoint me.
The love between Storm and Wolf is so passionate, but it is the story, with its twists, that prevented me from putting down the book!
Just in case, I have to admit that Wolf hasn't always behaved properly towards Storm, but in this kind if books it is pretty difficult finding a gentle and rational hero!
After Rose of Rapture, I think this is one of her best books!

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