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All That Echoes
All That Echoes
Price: £9.65

4.0 out of 5 stars All That Echoes, 12 May 2013
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This review is from: All That Echoes (Audio CD)
I decided to give this album four stars because overall I think it is not quite as good as Illuminations which I think is The best Josh album so far. However, there are many great songs on this album and so I would still definitely recommend it to any Josh fan. I think I prefer Illuminations because the songs that he wrote himself are better on that album than this one and I loved more of those songs instantly, but on this album many had to grow on me. Also, I liked the arrangements of the songs more on illuminations as it was something I had not heard from Josh before, but this one sounds more like some of his previous albums in terms of production and song choice. Josh is, however a brilliant song writer and he has written some great songs for this album.

Standout tracks:

Brave- the first single and one of the more upbeat songs. I think this song has a great message and is catchy and I like the use of a female vocal as it reminds me of oceano on Closer.
False Alarms- this one Josh co-wrote. It has very moving lyrics and suites his voice well.
Falling Slowly-great choice of cover, beautiful melody.
Happy in My Heartache- this is another one Josh wrote, it is more mid tempo and has a more pop sound and again has moving lyrics.
Hollow Talk- this one is interesting, it is not like anything on any other Joah album so it is a standout because of that, it took me a few listens, but now it is one of my favourites on the album. I like the arrangement and use of instruments on this.
I Believe- this is a Stevie Wonder cover and Josh does a really good job on this I love the choir and the big finish with drums.

The only song on the album that I do not like is She Moved Through The Fair as I prefer to hear a womn sing this song, although the lyrics are written from a man's perspective, I think a female vocal sounds more ethereal which I think suites the melody more. I really like this album and it has a good mix of styles and also some songs in different languages which are really good. I definitely recommend this album.

Elizabeth Marvelly
Elizabeth Marvelly
Price: £9.00

4.0 out of 5 stars Elizabeth Marvelly, 19 Feb 2013
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This review is from: Elizabeth Marvelly (Audio CD)
I discovered Elizabeth Marvelly recently and I decided to buy her albums as I am a Hayley Westenra fan and I love discovering new CC artists. While I think it is impossible to criticise Elizabeth's voice, I gave this album only 4 stars because of song choice. I think Elizabeth sounds best when she sings light classical and pop so I like the ones she wrote herself (When You Are Sad and Far Away) I also like her version of There you'll be.

It Is You (from Shrek) adds a more musical theatre sound and I think Elizabeth should record more of these type of songs. The Maori songs are by far the best on the album, Tarakihi is dramatic and is very moving with a full orchestra, He Wawata is one I had not heard before, but it is a lament with a beautiful melody. these songs add to the folk aspect of songs such as Road and Miles to Dundee, this song really suits Elizabeth's voice.

However I did not really like the inclusion of Flower Duet as I don't think it sounds as good as the lighter music on the album, this is a tougher classical piece. I also did not like La Vie en Rose as I found that the arrangement was quite strange and so the song does not flow as well as other versions I have heard. Love Can Build a Bridge is ok, not bad, but not great.

Overall I like the album, but when I listened I thought that as this is a debut album, it will only get better from Elizabeth and I was right as I ordered her second album and it is full of all of the right music for her voice and is much better than this one. This album is a great introduction to a new singer.

Offered by SmokeCDs
Price: £16.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Great second album, 19 Feb 2013
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This review is from: Home (Audio CD)
This is Elizabeth Marvelly's second album and it is much better than her first one. Home is the perfect title for this album as this is a very strong theme of the songs, there are some in Maori and some in half english half Maori. The latter I love, they are Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art, the sound even better in Maori than english. The are also songs Elizabeth has written such as Home, she is a great song writer as well as singer. I am always impressed when any singer writes their own music, especially classical singers because so many just keep recording covers and it can get annoying.

Of the covers on this album my favourite must be Don't Dream It's Over, this song has a beautiful melody and it really suits Elizabeth's voice and I love the arrangement. I love the Maori language and the two Maori songs on this album are great ones - e papa and tarakihi.

Elizabeth has a clear voice in some ways like Hayley Westenra, but I would say Elizabeth has more depth to her voice and sometimes a more mezzo-soprano quality. This album is well worth getting if you are a fan of classical crossover music, the songs are well chosen and well arranged.

Child Of The Universe (Deluxe edition)
Child Of The Universe (Deluxe edition)
Price: £31.73

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Delta album so far, 24 Nov 2012
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I have to say this is the best album delta has made and I have all of them. Delta has a beautiful voice and is also a very talented songwriter and this album displays both of these talents. This album is full of great pop songs, some nice slow ballads and some more dancy tunes.

My favourites:

Wish You Were Here- beautiful piano ballad Delta wrote about her friend who died, this has to be one of the best songs delta has written the lyrics are so emotional and such a beautiful melody.
Sitting on Top of the World- This was the first single released from this album, it really is a 'sunshine song' really upbeat and some amazing vocals from Delta in the middle section- shows her range and very catchy.
Hunters and the Wolves- this has a Kate Bush feel (for me) but I love all of the drums in it and also the imagery of hunters, it is quite tribal in feel as well.
Speed of Life- again beautiful melody meets beautiful lyrics, great chorus too.
Touch- love the message to this (everything feels your touch)this song has percussive elements and another catchy chorus
Knocked Out- must be my favourite on the album, it has a great message also, very upbeat.

the bonus disc is inspired- it is accoustic recordings of some songs on the album and it is great to hear how Delta interprets the songs with only a few instruments and not so much production and how they differ from the versions on disc one. I could say something about every song on the album because they are all great and there are no tracks I would skip or would say are not as good as others, this whole album is so well written, conceived and produced and it deserves to be successful.

Barton Hollow
Barton Hollow
Price: £7.21

5.0 out of 5 stars Barton Hollow, 25 July 2012
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This review is from: Barton Hollow (Audio CD)
I discovered the civil wars via Taylor Swift as they recorded a song 'Safe and Sound' with her as part of the Hunger Games Soundtrack, I'm so glad I listened to that song or I would never have heard the Civil Wars and this album, which is beautiful. It is interesting that they won a Grammy in both the Country and Folk categories as it seems that it is hard to put them in just one category. This album is a bit folky and and bit country and it is a perfect blend of many things, the songs are brilliant and so well written. The album is not over produced and it has a feel as though it were all simply live recordings. I loved Joy William's voice as soon as I heard it, she has a beautiful folk quality, it took more time for me to like John Paul, but when I listened to this album I could hear how well their voices work together, it's a perfect partnership of both singing and song writing. They both play instruments on the album too.

This version has extra tracks which I love 'Billie Jean' 'Dance me to the end of love' and 'I want you back' are stand out tracks of the extra ones.

My favouries of the others are '20 years' 'C'est la mort' 'Barton Hollow' 'I've got this friend' 'poison and wine'. I could almost list the whole album, I love how some songs are really chill style, but others like 'Barton Hollow' really hit you, all of tracks have beautiful mealodies and the arrangements are simple sometimes with just a few instruments, which really brings out the blend of the voices and harmonies of the songs.

I'm so glad I got this album and you don't have to be a huge country fan to love it as long as you love great songs and great singing this is the best album to get

Let Me Fly
Let Me Fly
Price: £16.05

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4.0 out of 5 stars Let Me Fly, 31 May 2012
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This review is from: Let Me Fly (Audio CD)
Amazon kept recomending this album to me and I put it off for a while and so I only bought it fairly recently. Sara's voice is a strong, clear soprano and it is clear from the song choices on this album that she knows how to use her voice and which songs suit her best. This album has a celtic feel to it and this is a theme that runs through the whole album from 'Let Me Fly' to 'Sleepsong', even 'Frozen' (Madonna Cover) has been given a celtic treatment and I think this works really well, I especially like the addition of the choir in this song, it adds a percussive element. I think the covers of pop songs is what makes this album so good; songs such as 'Bedshaped' and 'Chasing Cars' show Sara's vocals off best and I think it is on these songs that she expresses so much emotion with her voice, this is espceially true of 'Time After Time'. I also like 'This Year's Love', the melody is beautiful for this song and Sara sings it in a higher key and it sounds comfortable in her range.

I can't fault Sara's voice or her performance of the songs on this album, but the reason I gave it 4 stars not five is because I think some tracks are weak such as 'Angel' 'Fields of Gold' and 'Pie Jesu'- Sara sings these songs very well, but I think that not much has been done to these songs and while they are nice songs I personally think they are not as good as 'Frozen' where a new arrangement has made the song really fit the sound of the album and has made it sound different from the original. The same is true of 'Bedshaped' where the instruments used have brought a new take on the song.
Sara has a beautiful voice and this album is well worth getting, I'd recomend it!

Price: £13.25

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5.0 out of 5 stars Glorious, 30 May 2012
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This review is from: Glorious (Audio CD)
I loved Laura's first album so much I knew I had to order this one as soon as I could and the title 'Glorious' is a great one for this album. This is really fitting music for 2012 and this album is full of great songs. Laura's voice is beautiful and these songs show off the best parts of her voice, she has a really clear upper register and this is best heard on the tracks 'Benedictus' and 'Sanctus'.

The arragements on this album are also very good; I think it is important to have new arrangements especially as these are songs that I have heard many times before. The way Laura sings the songs and the way they are arranged means that they are not boring and even songs like 'Danny Boy' which I thought I would not like because so many others have sung it before have become my favourite songs on the album.

I think Laura's voice is very expressive on this album, she sings with emotion and passion on many songs such as 'White Cliffs of Dover' and 'Born Free'.

'The Rose' is another standout track, I love the instruments used and the way Laura sings it. The symbolism of rose is on another song on this album and connects to England and also to her first album 'The Last Rose'. The original track 'stronger as one' which is for the Diamond Jubilee fits in so well, I love the African vocals as well as it adds another dimension to the album. All of the songs on this album really are 'glorious' and Laura has a 'glorious' voice to match, some songs are patriotic such as 'Land of Hope and Glory' but most of the songs are simply great songs. Another stunning album from Laura, I hope to hear more from her.
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Sea Sew
Sea Sew
Offered by Direct Entertainment UK
Price: £9.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Sea Sew, 20 Oct 2011
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This review is from: Sea Sew (Audio CD)
I am a huge fan of Lisa Hannigan, I love her voice and her range. I'm so gld she is releasing solo material, there are son many good songs on this album for example Ocean and a Rock, Lillie, Sea Song, Venn Diagram, I Don't Know, Keep it All. I love how inventive the lyrics are and there is the imagery of the sea and ocean that runs through many of the tricks and links them all together very well. The sound of the album is very folk-like which is what I expected, but it does not sound samey or boring. Sea Song brings a slightly different sound as it is almost a Latin feel, Keep it All is also a bit darker. Ocen and a Rock, Lillie and Venn Diagram are more relaxing with beautiful melodies and guitar. I Don't Know is done very well, it builds up very well with percussion to start and then has horns and an infectious chorus. This album is well worth a try!

Price: £9.45

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another amazing album, 20 Oct 2011
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This review is from: Passenger (Audio CD)
I have loved Lisa's voice since I heard her on the Damien Rice album 'O' and I loved her debut album 'Sea Sew' and this album is just as good. It definately has a rock style on some songs such as Home, however there are many songs that are relaxing on this album like her first album. The songs I love are what'll I do which is upbeat and has a great melody, I wish it was longer, I also love Passenger, Sail and Nowhere to Go. Lisa Hannigan is a very talented songwriter and I love her lyrics and her unique voice. Some of the songs have a country feel to them and use instruments such as banjo and lots of percussion and there are songs which are more influenced by folk which is where I think Lisa excells as her voice suits this style best. Safe Travels (Don't Die) is funny and another lovely song. I love this album, a few songs had to grow on me as I wasn't sure the first time I listened, but I am singing along now- buy this album!

Price: £9.24

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5.0 out of 5 stars Daydream, 11 Oct 2011
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This review is from: Daydream (Audio CD)
This is definately Katherine's best album to date, I wasn't a huge fan of believe as I felt that some of the pop songs on there did not really suit Katherine's voice- however this album is a perfect mix of different styles. The more pop like songs such as Your Silhouette and Can't Slow Down are beautiful and really suit Katherine's voice. I also like the more classical pieces such as L'alba Verra. The inclusions of the hymns Love Divine and Blaenwern gives this album more of the feel of sacred arias,which was my favourite of Katherine's albums until Daydream came out! Blaenwern is in Welsh which I love as Katherine sounds at her best in Welsh and its been a while since there have been any songs in welsh on her albums. This album has avery romanic feel to it- it is arranged and produced beautifully and it is also very cohesive as a sound and all the songs really fit the idea of a 'daydream'. There were a few of the song choices that I was not sure about such as Ave Maria as there are so many versions of this, however this version really fits as it has a dreamlike quality,I also thought it was interesting to include I dreamed a dream in French, but I love it in this language and I had never heard it in French until now. I like all of the songs on this album- if I had one complaint it would be that while I love 'break it to my heart' and think it suits Katherine's voice I think it is a bit close to the original and I do much prefer Delta Goodrem's version- however it is a lovely song. I also second the opinion of another reviewer that this is a perfect album for christmas- it has a very christmas like sound despite the fact that it is not a christmas album, I think this is very good and adds so much to the sound of the album. The album artwork is also very beautiful.

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