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Sony PlayStation Vita Memory Card 16GB Model (PlayStation Vita)
Sony PlayStation Vita Memory Card 16GB Model (PlayStation Vita)
Price: 24.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars An expensive necessity for the likes of PS+, 23 Mar 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A memory card for the likes of the Vita is a hard thing to review – after all you’ll need one at some point to save game data at the least (the Vita doesn’t have memory for this built in). For this purpose the 4GB card that Sony bundles in with a lot of Vita consoles is good enough, as save games don’t require a massive amount of memory.
However, if you are looking to download full games or downloadable content (DLC) you are really going to need something more than a paltry 4GB. With the (frankly brilliant) advent of Playstation + (PS+), a larger memory card becomes a necessity.
So, having PS+, I came to the point where I required a card larger than the 4GB that came bundled with the console- downloading the likes of Uncharted: Golden Abyss takes up 3485MB!

Of course, I baulked at the price of the memory cards- like everyone else that has posted a review so far- as we have been spoiled by the pricing of Secure Digital cards and such like over the last few years.
Apparently, Sony went with their own proprietary cards for the Vita to ‘ensure a stable user experience for all Vita buyers’ (which may be true) though it’s widely regarded that the reason was to try and combat piracy which plagued the PSP. However, in doing so they closed the memory card market for the Vita to themselves, meaning there is no competition and prices are high.
I bought the 16GB card as I couldn't settle myself spending sixty quid on a 32GB card – it’s just too much.

The card arrived the next day in an Amazon cardboard envelope package which was suitable for the item. The memory card is stored within a sealed card (as per the Amazon product picture). Cutting along the edge opens and reveals an instruction sheet hidden inside and the card held in a plastic sleeve.
The cards themselves are very similar to the likes of the SD cards but slightly larger (15mm x 13mm). They slot into the bottom right of the Vita (looking face on), below the serial number sticker.

As I previously had the 4GB card I had used the Content Manager to save my game saves to the PS+ Online Storage -you can also save to a PC or PS3. This meant that all I had to do was transfer the saves to the new card, download the games I wanted from the PS Store and I was away.

I currently have ten games installed on my 16GB card which are a mix of full vita games (Uncharted, Need For Speed), PS Store games (Super Stardust, etc) and PS Mobile games. I could probably get one more full Vita game installed before I run out of space.
The cards are of a good quality – I have experienced no corruption of data or write problems like I have previously with cheap SD cards in cameras, etc.

Amazon seemed to be the cheapest going at the time of buying and that included pricing up pre-owned cards from the likes of Game.

In summation; the card serves it’s purpose but is very expensive for what it is.
Hopefully in time the prices will come down but it seems we’re stuck with what we have for now.

Philips HF3330 goLITE BLU Energy SAD Light
Philips HF3330 goLITE BLU Energy SAD Light
Price: 175.30

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4.0 out of 5 stars Shining some light on the product itself., 17 Mar 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I am reluctant to post one of the 'It works' or 'Doesn't work' kind of review for this product as I feel there are plenty of them already listed. I believe that - as with any of these types of products- results vary from person to person.

Therefore, consider this review one that is more concerned with the actual unit itself.
I also wish to add that I have had two of these unit to try out - the reason for which I will explain later on in the review- which is the reason I am able to comment on the older case.

I originally received this Philips SAD Light back at the end of November 2012.
I has my eye on one for a while but was reluctant to drop the large amount of money for one. I eventually picked one up in Amazon's Black Friday deals.

It arrived a couple of days later (with Super Saver delivery) within a medium sized and well packed Amazon box.
The actual unit box gives off a good impression of a clean lifestyle/medical type product.
Opening it up reveals the instructions and quick start guide within a plastic bag sitting atop a protective cardboard shell. Within the shell sits the actual light.
Removing the light, you find another cardboard box containing the AC adaptor for charging. Helpfully, Philips have included three different plug connectors (US, EU and UK) for the AC adaptor which simply slide on and off the plug part, meaning the unit can be used for worldwide travelling (and hopefully combating jet lag).

Also included is a protective sleeve for the light unit.
The images shown on Amazon are of the older leather style slip case. The newer units come with a suede style slip case. It is a lot thinner and not as good quality as the old leather style case but it serves its purpose of shrugging off scratches, etc.

The actual SAD light is a quality looking and feeling product.
It is finished in a high gloss plastic, white on the front and back and a silver border around the sides.
The front is taken up by the LED panel housed behind the see through frosted screen. Below is the touch sensitive LCD control screen. The right side of the unit houses the power button which lights up while in use. On the back is a hole for the leg stand which hides away, flush with the unit, when not is use. It is made of metal and is held in place by a magnet to stop it wandering off when not in use which is a very nice touch. The bottom edge has a rubber strip to stop the unit sliding around when being used.

Pressing the power button lights up the LCD control screen in a blue hue. From here you can change the timers, alarms and intensity of the light. The panel is touch sensitive (reactive as opposed to capacitive) which obviously saves on further buttons being required on the unit itself.
A second press of the power button turns on the light panel.
I was initially struck by the intensity of the panel - it is very bright, as I suppose it has to be! I would imagine a fair part of the cost of the light has gone into the panel as the LEDs aren't the cheapo type that you can purchase off eBay (for example).
Pressing the power button again turns off the panel and a long press shuts off the whole unit.

I was initially very disappointed in the battery life. The light was only lasting for a couple of fifteen minute sessions before needing charged. This got steadily worse, to the point that I couldn't get a 10 minute session from the unit without it conking out. It was obvious to me there was a problem with the unit so I got in touch with Amazon customer services.
After explaining the problem the very helpful assistant was happy to send a new one out to me on express delivery (and thus displayed why Amazon are renowned for good customer service).

The new unit hasn't displayed any such problems with the battery and, from a full charge, can dish out about 5 or more 20 minute sessions. The unit can also be used while plugged into the mains.

The unit itself is fairly light but not to the point that it feels cheap. It can certainly be deemed portable and is easy to travel with.

To sum up; I can say the Philips SAD Light is a quality product that has been well thought out and works well.
However, at almost 200 pounds it feels somewhat overpriced and is the main reason I feel I can't give 5 stars.

Wither it works for you for the purpose of alleviating Seasonal Affective Disorder is another matter. At least there is always the ability to return to Amazon.

Original Suncase  / for LG E960 Nexus 4 / *with Belt Loop* Genuine Leather Case / Cover / Quality Slip Pouch / Soft Phone Bag (LGN4) (Premium Quality) Black
Original Suncase / for LG E960 Nexus 4 / *with Belt Loop* Genuine Leather Case / Cover / Quality Slip Pouch / Soft Phone Bag (LGN4) (Premium Quality) Black
Offered by Trendcell Germany/packages fully insured
Price: 11.90

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Quality case to protect Nexus 4, 27 Feb 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I was lucky enough to get a hold of the Nexus 4 on the second release run from the Play store meaning I got my lovely new phone at the end of November 2012.
By then I had heard plenty of reports regarding users dropping and damaging the glass back of the phone. I tend to be careful with my smart phones anyway (they're expensive gadgets after all) but wanted to case it up due to the reports of the phones glass back being 'fragile' and I've always kept previous phones in a case to avoid scratches.

My problem was, I had my Nexus 4 and there was no decent cases on the market for it at the time due to it being so new and the well documented supply problems weren't assisting in getting accessories to the market any time soon.
I therefore took my self to eBay where I ordered what was meant to be a case custom made for the Nexus 4. The result was anything but, with it being too tight, not long enough to cover the whole phone, was made of a cheap feeling faux leather and had rough plastic like shavings within the 'soft' interior which would have no doubt made a mess of the screen given half a chance.

I had to resort to a old case I had for my DesireHD until I noticed the Suncase for Nexus 4 on Amazon.
Checking the reviews for Suncase phone cases for other phones, I noticed they seemed to garner decent feedback and as the description seems to suit my needs I decided to order up.

The case arrived about 4 working days later (shipped from Germany) and was packaged well meaning no damage to the item.

Opening up revealed a nice looking, well made case within a plastic sealed bag.
The leather (which is genuine by smell and feel) is of a good quality and is very smooth and even.
Flipping up the magnetic strap on the top revealed a foam insert inside the case to keep the shape during transit.
Removing this I could see that the 'front facing' inside was felt lined to protect the phones screen and the back was leather. The stitching holding the case together is very well done and is certainly the best I have seen on a phone case to date - it'll take a lot to burst the stitching.
Turning the case around revealed a belt loop which is pretty flush to the surface, which I was happy for as I didn't want it catching as I took it in and out of my pockets (I don't see myself using the loop anyway).
Both the front and back are imprinted with the Suncase name and logo which, in my opinion, is better than printed as it won't come off or get grubby over time - it's quite subtle.

Sliding the phone into the case for the first time was a bit tight, probably due to a mix of the leather being a bit stiff due to newness and the sides of the Nexus 4 being of a soft touch, anti slip material. However, I fits well and covers the whole phone (unlike the cheaper eBay effort) providing a satisfying amount of safety. It might look from the Amazon photos that the top edges of the phone near the magnetic clasp would be exposed - I can state this is not the case and the whole phone is covered. The openings near the clasp allow easier removal of the phone from the case.

I have been using the case for the last three months or so and it is doing a great job of keeping scrapes and scratches away from my Nexus 4-the phone is still like new. The leather has loosened off a wee bit which allows the phone to slide in and out easier - the magnetic clasp would keep it from sliding out completely if it was to get too loose I'd imagine.
The leather and stitching is still holding up well and looks like new.

The phone has been dropped once -while charging in the case with the clasp open my dog bolted for the door and pulled the cable which resulted in the phone dropping onto a carpeted floor- with no damage to the apparently fragile glass back.

The only thing I would have liked to have seen added would have been felt on the back inside as I think this would have assisted in removing fingerprints from the glass when taken in and out of the case (like the felted front inside does with the screen).

Overall I can fully recommend to any Nexus 4 owners for the above reasons.
I had to pay a bit more for it, instead of getting a 'custom made' eBay effort (which I have since noticed is selling on the Amazon maketplace - so beware!) but I wish I had spent more in the first place instead of having to buy twice - quality costs and in my opinion the Suncase is worth the extra.


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