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Rotten Apples, Greatest Hits
Rotten Apples, Greatest Hits
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5.0 out of 5 stars Songs for every mood.. I love it!, 16 Sep 2005
This album is full of fantastic songs.. if you don't know the pumpkins, I STRONGLY reccommend buying this.. if you already have all the albums, id still go for it! It has had a huge effect on my life.. with many of the songs featuring on 'the soundtrack to my life' so to speak! Tonight, tonight and disarm are going to play at both my wedding and my funeral! There are such a range of songs here.. there are the more aggressive altern songs which are amazing (especially when driving.. ZERO.. bullet with butterfly wings..ooooh yeh!), and there are equally some beautiful tracks like Perfect, Disarm, Stand Inside Your Love and many more. I have strong feelings for almost every song on this album so it's hard to specify but I honestly feel this album offers a section of the pumpkins for everyone.. this will actually appeal to pretty much anyone who enjoys rocktype music! My love for the pumpkins extends far beyond this compelation as I do have all the source albums.. and there are some songs which are sadly missed out.. for example Soma and Mayonnaise! However.. it is still amazing, everyone I know who has it has got obsessed with it very quickly! I have been obsessively listening to it on/off for many years and I am not atall sick of it.. it's my driving music right now actually! I love it.. get it!!!!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Stunningly eclectic beautiful, probably my best album., 28 May 2002
This review is from: Californication (Audio CD)
I find this to be a beautiful emotional spititual album. It has such a mixture of funky tunes and gorgeous flowing songs that its the perfect blend. Songs like Scar Tissue, Otherside and This Velvet Glove, and also Savior, everyone can connect with on some level, personally. Its the perfect album any season, you can listen right through it and love every single on, all the songs are single worthy!You can listen to it in a depressive state, or when your happy and want to chill out. I havnt listened to the 1st two songs on the album much, i start at number 3 and let it run from there, simply because i orginally got it for Scar Tissue, as i found it breathtaking and still do, even though i listen to it all the time and have done for a year. This is an utter ESSENTIAl to have in your collection, and although i have no other chillies records, this one is sufficient for me to say they're one of my favourite bands. The vocals are stunning, Anthonys really amazing, and the instrumental side is just wonderul, they have SUCH talent. if your cruising around amazon, trying to find an album which will last you and you wont tire of, this is it. BUY IT! its amazing and noone should be without a copy! RIGHT?

Price: 5.70

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5.0 out of 5 stars This is an amazing album, possibly better than Freak Show!, 26 May 2002
This review is from: Frogstomp (Audio CD)
As a 16 year old myself, i found this an amazing album. I can't believe that they were 15 when they did this, it really gets me through. Id never really heard much by silver chair before i borrowed it from my friend but when I started to listen to it, its amazing and brings with it an atmosphere of utter depression, and also a tinge of optomism from "Tomorrow". I feel that Isreals son is just an amazing song to rock out to and get the agression out. The first 7 songs at least are all amazing and very addictive. Suicidal dream is a beautiful, heartfelt song which every emotional dysfunctional teenager can relate to. Good to chill to and to scream and go crazy to. perfect!

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