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Every Weekend
Every Weekend
Price: 7.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant. Again., 30 Mar 2013
This review is from: Every Weekend (MP3 Download)
Maybe it takes this amount of time to produce 9 1/2 great songs (last one is a collaboration) and if that's the case, I'm all for it.

I was scared this was never going to happen.

I'm not a typical Hadouken fan, or am I? Raised on early nineties dance, old skool and hardcore, and then metal.

I love this album. These guys, yet again, have taken everything good about modern movements in music and just made them WAAAAAAY better than the other guys. And even better vocals than last time out too.

Everything on this album is powerful, well produced and enthralling. The only guys on this level are The Prodigy. Enough said.

Tear The Signs Down
Tear The Signs Down
Price: 10.38

4.0 out of 5 stars A massive jump away from Monster, 8 April 2012
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This review is from: Tear The Signs Down (Audio CD)
I expected a couple of catchy sing-alongs like Steve McQueen from the last album, but this really is a musical exploration and a complete departure from the style of a few years ago. This will probably alienate a good amount of the fanbase, but The Automatic really do have some musical chops now.

I did wonder how long it would take for the dynamic to shift to be a bit more artistic with the switch of Alex Pennie to Paul Mullen. The previous album, This Is A Fix, showed signs and this album really goes to some strange places. It's like listening to a different band, which isn't at all a bad thing. I like both styles of The Automatic.

Some of the songs provide complexity that makes them hard to listen to at first but, as time has always showed me, that's generally the sign of a great album made by a great band. I'm not sure exactly how great this will be over time but it's definitely caught my interest.

One last note: the harmonies on this album are very, very good. Listen to Not Accepted Anywhere, the first album, and the difference is striking. It's so good to see a band maturing and trying stuff out.

Dark Passion Play
Dark Passion Play
Price: 11.21

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5.0 out of 5 stars Polished, rich, interesting music, 8 April 2012
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This review is from: Dark Passion Play (Audio CD)
I've heard Nightwish with Tarja and I prefer Annette.


I actually think Nightwish are better with a sexier sounding singer in Annette, Marco's lyrics add a good twist and they both work well together. Annette varies her singing style, as does Marco, and both are strong. Add to that the huge musical sound with live orchestras, metal guitars, electronics and it's a brilliant stand alone piece. It's fun, emotional and everything else besides.

Anyone who likes Tarja can still listen to her solo stuff. There's no point pining for the past when you've now got two separate musical acts, both with unique qualities. It's like the trunk of a tree (Nightwish) sprouting two new branches - "Nightwish now" and Tarja Tarunen (solo). Definitely not something to be sad about.

Well done Nightwish. I'll be buying Imaginaerum very soon.

Dreams Of Death And The Death Of Dreams
Dreams Of Death And The Death Of Dreams
Price: 12.31

4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant debut - please keep at it, 1 April 2012
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I saw these guys about 5 years ago in Manchester. I thought they really stood out and told them so. Compared to EVERY other band I was watching at the time, OC were just more polished and more the finished article.

This album is better than many debuts. Instruments are excellent, as is the vocal presence. The lyrics are very nearly there and with more development (i.e. a second album) these guys could do something fantastic.

Why have I given 4 stars? This is a debut album, and a very good one at that, but if I said this was 5 out of 5 perfect there wouldn't be anywhere to go, and that would be very wrong.

The Decay of Hope is one of my favourite songs full stop, and that's saying a lot. This album sits well in my album collection besides lots of other massive names in metal and rock. Good work.

Offered by davehopetrading
Price: 7.35

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5.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly fast-paced and powerful, 31 Oct 2011
This review is from: Evanescence (Audio CD)
I'm surprised at some of the more negative comments here.

This is a great album. It's very upbeat, while still keeping the melancholic theme that we know from other Evanescence albums.

Also, this sounds like a band, not Amy Lee, a guitarist and a producer like on Open Door. Good, meaty guitars, and well-placed electronic bits. Very nice.

The musicians seem to play with much more freedom and energy than Ben Moody and co, and although I love Fallen, this album just has more energy. I must admit, I cringed at the "hello, hello, remember me" lyric that every band seems to add to a comeback album/first song, but the rest of the song, and the rest of the album stands up excellently.

16 songs too, so you get your money's worth after waiting five years!

I've listened to this album a few times now, and every single time I get to track 16 wondering why the album has ended so soon. That's the sign of a real winner.

Crash Love
Crash Love
Price: 7.63

4.0 out of 5 stars Not quite as good as the last two, 8 Jan 2010
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This review is from: Crash Love (Audio CD)
I've been a fan of AFI since they polished their style and made Sing the Sorrows (I was a bit take it or leave it before then - yes smite me for the blasphemy).

The first thing I thought on hearing Crash Love was "Oh No! Davey Havok's gone happy! Arrrggh". It's ike he's Samson and his songwriting power was in his hair (now shorn). The happiness filters out into darker songs about halfway through the album but this isn't the meloncholy, pain ridden AFI that I know and love.

Come on guys. Get depressed again. Maybe come to the North of England, it's "lovely" up here.

Yes, that'll do it. Mmm greyness.


UPDATE: After lots of listens, this is actually a really good album. The high and lows are quite pronounced, making for an exciting listen. So why four stars? "Crash Love"??? Seriously? Silliest name for an album ever.
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Price: 7.58

4.0 out of 5 stars A great piece of the nineties, 22 April 2009
This review is from: Goodbye (Audio CD)
I bought this album when I was a little too young to appreciate it.

When I listened to it again over ten years after its release I was surprised. I enjoyed most of the songs. There's the odd filler tune but there are very few albums without fillers so that's not really a failing. The very English vocals of Sarah Blackwood are of particular note and are in a style that has unfortunately left British music as it gives it a very clear identity.

If you like understated electronic music with the odd guitar and bass riff then you'll like this album. Some parts remind you of Becoming X by the Sneaker Pimps while other bits are like the Pet Shop Boys.

A great, somewhat forgotten British band with a sound that is both pleasant and dour at the same time.

Invaders Must Die
Invaders Must Die
Price: 8.35

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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb. When's the next one coming out?, 4 April 2009
This review is from: Invaders Must Die (Audio CD)
What a great bit of music.

Its been a very long time since I listened to an album and thought "that was short, I need more. I'll have to listen to it again. And again. And again." The album is over 40 minutes long but I'll be damned if I feel 40 minutes passing when I listen to it.

They even include a "Reprise" of Omen (a remix) which is a bit cheeky, sort of ripping themselves off, but then if you think about it for a second it makes sense. Liam Howlett ALWAYS knows what he's doing and the remix of Omen is the best bridge for the two tracks it sits in between.

As a musician myself this album makes me think one thing: I wish I was Liam Howlett. I'm going to listen to Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned now to see if he made a mistake, or if I did when I thought it was a bit pap.


Creating Websites That Wow!
Creating Websites That Wow!
by Mark Neely
Edition: Paperback

1.0 out of 5 stars Very, very outdated. Quite awful. Yah boo., 3 Mar 2009
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If you want a history lesson, or a good old laugh at the past of the internet, then check this book out.

If you want to learn how to design web sites that "wow" then covering your feet with jam, donning a fine wicker bonnet and screeching a soliloquy to the moon would be more use than reading this book.

It may have been fine in its day but the world has moved a VERY long way in the last 8 years.

Pagan Folk
Pagan Folk
Price: 14.49

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent pagan folk music with a modern twist, 3 Mar 2009
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This review is from: Pagan Folk (Audio CD)
If you like loads of different instruments in your music then you're in luck. If you like the sounds of the forest then you're also in luck. And who doesn't like those eh?

I heard Omnia on MySpace and thought "Why the hell not?" I'm glad I took a chance on them as they're great. If you like something different when it comes to music, and you're willing to try new but sometimes ancient sounding music then give this album a go. Just discovering what on earth the various instruments are that these guys use was an education in itself.

Great album. Great cover. Great idea. Great.

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