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The Undying Darkness
The Undying Darkness
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, 12 Mar 2006
This review is from: The Undying Darkness (Audio CD)
I have been waiting a long time for this album. Their previous effort was top notch and after they had tech issues at the Unholy Alliance Tour a couple years back the only thing I had left to look forward to from them was their new CD. After listening to it a couple of times I can tell you's superb! They have progessed so much from their last CDs to become a top class band. Here's a track by track:
INTRO: A nice atmospheric intro which builds up the anticipation for some heavy metal to come. Would be nice if they came onto this track when they play live, seems like a good song to get the crowd in the mood! Nothing extra special here though.
I RAPE MYSELF: Those textbook Caliban guitars kick in and you know you're in for a treat! The vocals have matured a great deal since The Opposite From Within, with his screaming becoming a much deeper, gutteral growl. The chorus is also very catchy with some beautiful melodic vocals and a great speed up bit on the drums.
SONG ABOUT KILLING: Something that must be mentioned about this album is that the song titles rock! Nice headbanging stomp kicks off this tune, leading into more plodding at a slightly faster pace. In fact, this song is just pure plodding brutality, with even more brutal screams and grunts. Killer track.
IT'S OUR BURDEN TO BLEED: Awesome drum intro! the drumming on this song is all very good, and the destructive tempo is kept up throughout the song. The chorus is a beautiful contrast to the harsh nature of the rest of the song, making a very distinctive and effective contrast. The fact they can pull of both types in one song just shows how good this band are.
NOTHING IS FOREVER: This song reminds me of Shadows Fall, but I quite put my finger on why! More sing/scream contrast here and a nice change in tempo throughout the song as well. Strings are present too, adding a really epic feel to the tune. A cracker.
TOGETHER ALONE: Double-kicking from the start shows how brutal this song is going to be. The screaming here points back to his old style too, a nice change from his newer manner on this album. Really fast heavy song, would be an instant mosh-pit inducer. Heavy metal at its best.
MY FICTION BEAUTY: Really cool guitar at the beginning here, gives a sense of eeriness to the song. This is a hardcore fist pumping tune, one which has a great stomping beat and then a lovely soaring chorus. One of the most atmospheric and best songs on the album.
NO MORE SECOND CHANCES: This song starts of slow and gradually builds into a fireball of hellacious double-kicks and rapid fire riffs. A really angry song that may possibly make some people want to hit someone so try listening to it alone and not in public!
I REFUSE TO KEEP ON LIVING...: This song is great, it has everything that defines the band in it. Dual guitars with some great technical stuff (love the squealing!) and diverse drums from stomping beats to machine gun bass drums. The vocals switch from scream to melodic all the time, throwing the listener all over the place. Quality.
SICK OF RUNNING AWAY: Guitars work well together hear to create a really catchy tune! Probably the most accesible of the tunes here just because it is not as heavy, although the vocals are business as usual. Slower than the other songs, making it more rock n rolly (dare I say it) that the other songs.
MOMENT OF CLARITY: The three sole drum beats at the beginning of the track could not possibly prepare for the intense rampage that is to follow. It's like a train running at full speed down a tunnel and the listener is hanging on for dear life at the end of it! The tempo is consistantly kept up as well, an incredible feet for a song at a pace such as this. Awesome!
ROOM OF NOWHERE: Really great end to the album, highlighted by an extremely emotional chorus (which I think is created by some excellent guitar work). This ending leaves the listener feeling like they have been slapped in the face, its really that brutal and sums up the album as a whole perfectly.
If you like metal you will love this. It has everything a metalhead loves and stuff that others may love too! Check it out....

Ascendancy [CD + DVD]
Ascendancy [CD + DVD]

5.0 out of 5 stars Stunning, 11 Mar 2006
This review is from: Ascendancy [CD + DVD] (Audio CD)
Get ready for a STUNNER of an album! I heard this from a friend when it first came out and it literally blew me away, I had to get help raising my jaw back up from the floor! Each track (as you will see) really shows expert songwriting and their ability to play their respective instruments is incredibly high. Here goes, track by track:
THE END OF EVERYTHING: Just a nice interlude before all hell breaks loose. Really builds up the tension - it is this that causes chills to run down your spine at the beginning of Rain. Very kl introduction track, better than many ridiculous ones other bands come up with.
RAIN: And there go the chills! It's the drumming that really gets me here, it's so fast yet controlled, a perfect sound! Another great aspect is the contrasted screams and melodic vocals, which seem to work extremely well together. There is a kind of In Flames like bridge, which is never a bad thing! Dual guitars on this song rocked my socks off (as they do on pretty much every track on the album), something that made me a fan immediately.
PULL HARDER ON THE STRINGS OF YOUR MARTYR: The intro drums prepare the listener for an onslaught of pure heavy metal. A pounding pre-chorus leads into a very Metallicesque chorus. Many people compare them to Metallica, but I feel these guys are more modern than them...possibly they are what Metallica would have sounded like if they had started out now. The vocals on this album are really very strong, as seen in song in particular. Of course the guitar solo isn't bad either :P
DROWNED AND TORN ASUNDER: A soaring guitar intro suddenly leaps into a galloping mosh-pit inducer! The double-kicking is just brutality incarnate, it must sound incredible live. This leads into a more melodic chorus, throwing the listener on an audio rollercoaster from the heavy to the harmony! And then there's the solo - it just shows how good these guys are! They play their guitars as naturally as breathing, leaving the listener breathless on hearing such an awesome display of talent.
ASCENDANCY: This is definitely not a standout track on the album, but it is still a corker and one that would be the best on any average metal cd. Matt Heavy's singing/screaming ability is first class, and it allows the band to surprise at any moment with different moods of riff or tune. And of course there is a solo too!
A GUNSHOT TO THE HEAD OF TREPIDATION: This song in my opinion shows off their guitar mastery the best on the whole album. It works so well because the two guitarists compliment each other brilliantly, providing some quite stunning harmonisation. The vocals on this song are also particularly strong. This song actually has it all! Fast bits, slow bits, melodic bits, screaming bits...even crowd participation of chanted "heys"! Solo is brilliat as well...
LIKE LIGHT TO THE FLIES: This song is my fav on the album, so good that my band even covered it at a gig a few weeks ago! It kicks straight into a destructive pace and this is sustained throughout the whole song. What I love about this song in particular is it is the song that best shows Matt Heafy's full vocal range...some really intense screaming in the verses and a beautiful soaring melodic chorus. The solo is also one of the best on the albums, as it builds and builds to a crescendo and then kicks back into a final chorus. Magic.
DYING IN YOUR ARMS: The most probable pick for a single on the album because of its more mainstream sound. Little screaming here, but one relentlessly catchy chorus! Its different from everything else on the album, but its still a quality song. Nice break from the heaviness of the rest of the album and a nice dual guitar solo to top it all off.
THE DECEIVED: After the previous softer side of the band, this tune kicks straight into some double-bass heaviness! You can tell the intro and verse would cause an obscenely large moshpit, but this all changes with a melodic chorus, something often done by the band and is always very effective. I just can't explain how good the guitars are, you have to buy this and see for yourself to believe it, they really are outrageously good guitarists.
SUFFOCATING SIGHT: Fist pumping intro which leads into a breakneck verse. The drumming is insanely fast, like a machine gun at points - thats how fast this is! This is heavier than the other songs not just for its intense speed but also for some periods of pure fist pumping metal, a song you can really headbang to. And don't forget the guitar solo.
DEPARTURE: Nice build up leading into one of the most diverse songs on the album. Matt's vocals here shine in particular, showing the versatility he possess in the playing of his vocal chords. Lyrics actually reminiscent of Slipknot here, which is not a bad thing as Corey Taylor is a lyrical genius. This song really does hurl the listener all over the place, you just don't know where its going to take you next. The solo actually appears out of nowhere and hits you square in the face like a rather large fist. Class.
DECLARATION: A seven minute epic of a closer to the album, which sums up Trivium in a nutshell (albeit a rather big nutshell). They try to pack everthing heard over the album into one song and come up with a touch of genius.
I give the album itself 10/10, its just an incredibly written album including some genuinely talented musicians, somehting that is hard to find these days. But on this new edition, you get a BRILLIANT new track by the band as well as a DVD feat. backstage action, live videos and promo videos. I had the original but I bought this as well and it was worth the money, this DVD is essential! I now give it 20/10 just for the DVD and extra tune alone! Brilliant album, ALL BUY IT!

Inhuman Rampage [Parental Advisory]
Inhuman Rampage [Parental Advisory]
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 6.67

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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliance, 20 Jan 2006
Ok before I heard this album I had listened to a bit of Dragonforce before, very talented stuff but nohting special in my opinion. This album has changed my view completely - well not totally, I still think they're talented, but WOW this is something special!
THROUGH THE FIRE AND FLAMES: This is the first single and it kicks off straight into blinding guitarwork. You'd think you would find only a couple of parts like this throughout the CD, but no, it's almost constant! Vocals are a lil cheesy, but it's power metal and I LOVE IT! Can just see this live with a mass crowd crooning along...magical! The drumming also creates a very kl galloping beat, which along with the guitars gives an upbeat feel to the song, something which I admire power metal for compared to the mostly depressing rest of the genre. You want videogame sounds in the middle of solos? You got it! 10/10
REVOLUTION DEATHSQUAD: The superquick tempo from the previous song is sustained on this song, with credit for this going to the consistent pace of the drumming. More videogame sounds too! Lyrics are incredibly epic - that is Lord of the Rings stylee and in the vein of other bands such as 3 Inches of Blood - something which is actually a great change from the norm. I just can't get over HOW good these solos really are, they are delivered at a breakneck speed and they actually work! Singing that high must hurt certain areas........ 8/10
STORMING THE BURNING FIELDS: Lighting the match at the beginning of the song is incredibly fitting, because this tune hits you in the face like a bomb exploding! Pure noise and speed! Drumming is intense, really well done. My favourite chorus so far, but tbh they are all brilliant and will be so much fun to sing along to at gigs! Strange sounds fill this song, many odd things must have been done to these guitars to produce such aural strangeness. AND, if you think it couldn't get any cheesier, there is a "oh-oh-oh" singalong with clapping beat to boot! Perfect. 8/10
OPERATION GROUND AND POUND: Opening guitar riff sounds kind of oriental, which is really cool! Keyboards definitely make this more prominent, a nice new direction not taken by the band in anything I've heard by them before. Drumming is fantastic as usual. It all gets serious for a while half way through, where crunching guitars start pounding the ears (like the title suggests!), but these soon give way to the typical Dragonforce sound. Nice keychange towards the end too, a very well structured song overall. 9/10
BODY BREAKDOWN: Drumming here is much slower at first, leading to a kind of floating feeling, which disappears suddenly into an onslaught of double-bass kicks. Verse includes this keyboard sound which makes it sound like a dream (almost like Rainbow Road from Mario Kart on N64!). Pretty similar formula to their other tracks, but there is something different here too, an odd bridge part which comes out of nowhere! Insane tapping solo per usual is included. Bass joins in a solo with some juicy slapping, really adds to the talented axemen's work! I just love the cheesiness! 9/10
CRY FOR ETERNITY: Intro is very epic, fast solo over military-style guitars is very nice. The intros on this album are lovely for each song, then they all kick into an insanely fast beat after a short period. The chorus reminds me a lot of Babylon by Edguy, who these guys sound VERY similar to and also are touring with next month. Bass solo AND staccato guitar solo in one song? It just gets better and better! This is personally my favourite guitar solo on the album as it incorporates an obscene amount of finger-tapping, never a bad thing imo! 10/10
FLAME OF YOUTH: The solo vocal parts on this are so much fun to hear, I can imagine them live getting an incredible ovation from the crowd. Most "emotional" chorus on the album imo, but is it really THAT emotional? No, this album isn't about emotions; it's about fun, epic feeling and tonnes of guitars. Solo here has a sort of Egyptian feel for a while, but then it just goes off into what I now called Dragonland, a place where the guitar rules all and the other instruments must try their best to follow it! Whatever occurs onstage or in the studio, it sounds amazing! 8/10
TRIAL OF BROKEN HEARTS: A ballad...and a cheesy one at that! Keyboards emphasising strings, harpsichord sound and double-kicks; this is pure chedder. The vocalist is really talented, a fact that normally is drowned by the guitars taking songs over, but this tune allows the listener to really see his skill. A calm way to end the otherwise hectic album. Still have to include a solo tho... 9/10
Overall this album has pretty much everything: breakneck drumming, bass solos, guitar solos of every shape and size, ballads, headbanging tunes, dancing tunes, moshing tunes and cheesy vocals. A brilliant power-metal offering that has won themself a big fan in me and I'm sure will win anyone who listens to the album fully.

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