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iPad 2 & New Apple iPad 3 2012 (Retina Display) 'Black' Leather Folio Stand Case With Built In Wireless Waterproof Slim 2.0 Bluetooth Keyboard - iZKA® One Stop Shop For All Your Accessory Needs
iPad 2 & New Apple iPad 3 2012 (Retina Display) 'Black' Leather Folio Stand Case With Built In Wireless Waterproof Slim 2.0 Bluetooth Keyboard - iZKA® One Stop Shop For All Your Accessory Needs

1.0 out of 5 stars POOR QUALITY, 30 Dec 2011
Cheap price. Cheap quality. If that's what you're after. It'll do. I couldn't keep. Quality too bad for my taste (maybe I have high standards, but that's fine), so I returned for a refund. Refund VERY swift and contact VERY good with seller.

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5.0 out of 5 stars BRILLIANT KEEPSAKE, 30 Dec 2011
Bought for our tree and very pleased with the quality and price. Would recommend. Not heavy. Light weight wood and pretty addition to the tree for a great 12 days souvenir. Very FAST delivery. VERY happy.

TeckNet® Premium New iPad 3 & iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case For New Apple iPad 3 and iPad 2
TeckNet® Premium New iPad 3 & iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case For New Apple iPad 3 and iPad 2

4.0 out of 5 stars GREAT KEYBOARD CASE, 12 Jun 2011
Great iPad 2 keyboard case. As with other review, please be aware the colour is not tan inside. I received mine black outside as expected and grey inside. Not a problem for me as I bought this mainly for the keyboard function, not aesthetics. Only arrived today and using it to type as we speak. For the price it is perfect and allows quick typing. For the reason I bought it, it will be brilliant which is for using away from my Mac and out of the house if typing a longer document, otherwise for shorter typing ipad inbuilt keyboard is perfect. Only fault I've noticed so far is 'del' button seems to do the same job as the backspace...need to contact seller!

Also, typing on my lap as we speak and it is lying perfectly on my legs on sofa in sitting room and not falling over, but do have to have a relatively flat surface in order for iPad to stay in groove, but that's ok for me.

NOTE: NOT leather, but great for the price.

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4.0 out of 5 stars IPAD 2 TOTAL COVERAGE CASE, 12 Jun 2011
Would recommend this to others as one of the only total coverage cases for the iPad 2 and also a much better price than the iPad 2 magnetic folding front covers. Personally feel this is better than the magneticover ass too as you get total coverage and therefore, protection and there is no danger of the cover getting knocked off or coming off.

Reason I bought it: Perfect for using to lift the iPad 2 slightly for typing or resting the Pad 2 totally as a stand to watch films/TV, folding the front cover panels over as with the magnetic iPad 2 front covers (design shown in pictures is incorrect, as front cover folds over into a TRIANGLE, NOT flat, to use for typing as shown in the pictures or as a stand for watching films/TV also shown in the pictures), but then also can close front cover part over the screen, turning off the iPad 2 when fully closed and protecting the screen. Unlike other available 'magnetic' front screens for iPad 2, I felt it was invaluable to have a front cover providing back coverage too for protection while using as magnetic front covers cannot be put on on top of gel rear covers, need bare iPad! Therefore, I felt it was inevitable I would accidentally damage back/scratch whilst using for the above purposes, so this case was/is perfect for the use.

BEWARE: Not a problem, but if you fold screen totally over and therefore behind the iPad 2, then it switches the iPad 2 off into sleep mode, as the magnet is obviously very powerful. Therefore, great for using the iPad 2 with cover open or folded to use as a stand, but DO NOT fold completely underneath iPad 2. Not a problem for me as I never do this and this is not why I bought the cover, great as a stand.

Also, cover is made from a felt like rubber, not fully rubberised/silicone feeling. Fits well for the use I want it for and is a good cover, but glad I have other snug/tighter fitting gel cover and protective screen for general usage. Agree with more negative feedback that it is not the best fitting cover, but as I said, for the purpose I need, it is a far cheaper option and more protective front and back than alternatives.

Not entirely sure it is a genuine apple product, but still does what I need it to.

Hope review is helpful.


5.0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT PROTECTIVE PRODUCT, 12 Jun 2011
Definitely recommend this product for iPad 2. Absolutely worth the purchase for the price. Fits PERFECTLY and allows the iPad 2 to look seemingly unprotected allowing the stylish design to still be visible, whilst giving brilliant protection to the back, sides and corners, with great non-slip grip. Also, folds round onto the front just enough to hold TIGHT to the iPad 2 whilst not encroaching onto the stylish screen. Agree with first review, SLIGHTLY tight to get on, but totally worth it as fits like a glove for ultimate snuggness and protection. I am also a stickler for quality and I feel the quality of the gel/plastic is brilliant and looks much more expensive then the prive depicts. Great coverage for a valuable APPLE product.

Belkin Pleated Sleeve for iPad  - Black
Belkin Pleated Sleeve for iPad - Black
Offered by Londonmagicstore
Price: £9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars PERFECT IPAD CASE, 12 Jun 2011
Would definitely recommend this case for iPad or iPad 2. I have iPad 2 and it fits inside the Belkin case brilliantly either alone or even comfortably with a protective silicone/leather sleeve over it, mainly probably because the iPad 2 is slightly thinner than iPad. This also allows more room in the case to fit other items you might want to carry around, paperwork, leads etc. I even have an iPod 2 keyboard leather folding case within which iPad 2 slots and that folding leather case with keyboard + iPad 2 fits into this case with zip closed, with just a VERY small amount of convincing. Mainly because this case is ever so slightly stretchy and therefore forgiving, IF it needs to be.

Amazingly protective with padding where needed, but even with this padding this Belkin design is still quite slender and front hidden design pocket expands if required.

Cases are a personal thing, but all in all...

GREAT case, so much so I bought two in different colours for different uses, great case great price. An advisable protective purchase for any iPad owner.

Crumpler Muffin Top 3000 Photo Bag - Expresso/Sand
Crumpler Muffin Top 3000 Photo Bag - Expresso/Sand

5.0 out of 5 stars FEEDBACK, 12 Feb 2011
Great bag for daily use, can carry our Nikon Digital SLR, plus extra & larger lense, spare battery, spare memory card, plus probably lead or two and also money and small extras if you needed! Could even remove internal devide and use as man bag! Enjoy, great colour and great bag.

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