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Corsair 32GB Flash Voyager GT USB Water Resistant Flash Drive
Corsair 32GB Flash Voyager GT USB Water Resistant Flash Drive
Price: 27.84

2.0 out of 5 stars Broke within 6 months, 1 Mar 2014
I should point out this is a review of the item - even though I did not buy it from Amazon...

I wouldn't buy one again. This has packed up within 6 months. Worked fine initially, super fast. Then it started to only work intermittently on my USB 3 port on my PC.

It then stopped working entirely on the USB 3 port and whilst it worked on USB 2, it often reported it required formatting before it could be used - even though there was data on it.

I've since searched the internet and there are a load of similar cases - and a lot of those report it breaking within 6 months - some earlier.

I only gave it a second star because when it was working it was super fast.

Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10 Muvi HD 1080p Mini Handsfree Camcorder with Remote Control and Wide Angle Lens (4GB Memory Card)
Veho VCC-005-MUVI-HD10 Muvi HD 1080p Mini Handsfree Camcorder with Remote Control and Wide Angle Lens (4GB Memory Card)
Price: 110.00

7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars I can't review the product on it's own, 23 April 2012
On the on ehand I find the product excellent. A great piece of kit with great video quality. On the other hand, a ridiculous helmet mount for the camera!

The good
..Excellent video quality
..Several mountings included
..Nice LCD display at the rear for video review (this is also a negative - see below)
..quite a few controls and settings

The bad
..As usual - VEHO are exaggerating about their battery life - 4 hours stated, I get 2.5 to 2.75 hours at most
..You cannot switch off the LCD display at the rear, which I expect eats into your battery life
..The helmet mounting is ridiculous. It cannot be fitted to the front of your helmet and therefore has to sit on top - and looks ludicrous
..VEHO tech support is worse than useless. I opened a ticket and asked for an explanation about the battery life on the 9th April 2012. On 18th April, I opened a ticket pointing them to my original ticket - and NOTHING - and it's now 23rd April. Both auto-reply emails from them for both my tickets state they aim to reply in 3 working days. I think that estimate is about as accurate as the claim about this cameras battery life.

I feel kind of cheated. 4 hours was what I was looking for. I'm doing the C2C and wanted a camera with a good battery life. I believed their 4 hour statement...but it seems you need a huge dose of salt with that. Now I'm going to get 2.5 hours footage a day.

It was difficult - but I decided to give this 3 stars.

The product alone (if it lived up to their specs) would be worth 4 and it would only drop that one because of the ridiculous helmet mount.

I dropped a point each for:
...VEHO support - it is rubbish (as stated by others here)
...the battery life is 1/3rd OFF their specifications
...the helmet mount

But it gained one of those back for the video quality.

Not good enough. A missed opportunity.
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Set of 2 Tyre Lights LED Valve Cap Lights for Bike or Car Tyres / Wheels
Set of 2 Tyre Lights LED Valve Cap Lights for Bike or Car Tyres / Wheels

1.0 out of 5 stars Cheap = crap!, 20 Aug 2010
Bloody awful product. 2 lights (ugly as sin) came with 3 batteries in each and 3 spare for each light (12 batteries total). NONE of the batteries worked. When I bought some new batteries at great cost - the lights didn't work - so who knows - maybe the batteries were ok...either way, beware of cheap crap.

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish - DO NOT BUY - you've been warned.

It Is What It Is: The Autobiography
It Is What It Is: The Autobiography
by David Coulthard
Edition: Paperback
Price: 6.99

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3.0 out of 5 stars Not bad...but not great, 12 Jan 2010
As a Scot I really wanted to read this book because I was a fan of Coulthard....but it wasn't all I hoped for.

I actually look at him in a different light. Not necessarily a bad light, but he's not up where I used to place him. I've always classed him as a mediocre driver with occasional sparks of brilliance. His book seems to show this, but then contradicts itself by saying he is brilliant. How HE got big names to go to Red Bull.

He came across as arrogant and yet humble. Normal and yet a legend. His dismissal of "normal" people (he mentions how it annoys him that his friend says "you have to try Skateboarding" or "you have to try snowboarding "- why would you let it annoy you that someone says that??) seems to come from the fact that a chunk of his childhood is missing. He doesn't seem to know how to interact with normal people and doesn't seem to be comfortable outside F1. I guess this is normal as he's been in racing for so long...but it's a shame that he's missed his childhood. Also his dad seems to come across as a "US mother of a pageant beauty queen"...pushing, pushing, pushing. But I guess if you're going to invest that kind of money in your son, then maybe you would be that pushy. Seems a shame though.

The main gripe I had with his book is his constant insistence to advertise it to me...there's no need David...I've got it...that's why I'm reading it. It just irked me almost the whole way through the book (and therefore made it an uphill struggle to enjoy it) that he continually says "It is what it is"'s a simple thing and I'm sure it won't bother many people...but it amazed me how much it got on my nerves. From then on (well before halfway through) I was fighting to enjoy it.

Don't go expecting any inside info into the paddock world or's Coulthards book and he's writing about himself. This didn't annoy me because I knew it was going to be about him...just letting you know.

I have to give him credit though. Normally if I am disliking a book, I have no problems putting it down. But something about it made me want to read to the end. And I did - so I don't is what it is, I guess!

I gave it 3 stars - took one away for his annoying promotion of the book within the book, and one away for seemingly being so contradictory in places.
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Eight Lives Down
Eight Lives Down
by Chris Hunter
Edition: Paperback
Price: 7.19

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2.0 out of 5 stars Disappointed, 5 Feb 2009
This review is from: Eight Lives Down (Paperback)
Yes, anyone who puts themselves on the line deserves respect and I have no problem with affording this man the credit and respect he deserves after being in the field.

However, if this truly is an account from himself, then he needs a rethink. Personally, I found it very much "me, me, me", even though he tries to remind you (all too seldom in my view) that he's always thinking of "the others".

And that's what got me about the book....pages and pages and pages of how he did this and how they were out to get him...then every now and again there was a mention about how the others suffered.

I know the book was about him. But it was the way he tried to put it across that it wasn't, all the while going on about himself and the danger he was in etc, that turned me.

And frankly, I didn't believe that the insurgents and Fedayene were out to get him. Iraq had x,000's of troops from various nations and at one point in the book, he states his "mate" told him "...they are out to get are number 1 on the hitlist" (not an exact quote but something like that). It was at that point I put it down.

I thought the book was very, very self centered and one directional. I couldn't even finish it.

If you want to read a self centered book where someone bigs themselves up and all the while pretends to be humble, then be my guest.
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Twentieth Century Battlefields
Twentieth Century Battlefields
by Peter Snow
Edition: Paperback
Price: 9.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant book...but "lite", 21 Oct 2008
I won't mark it down because it's's worth the four stars being detailed and concise and well written.

You see at a glance what battles are included and how many pages there are, so you cannot be disappointed with the detail....besides, there is plenty of detail here. Not for your hardcore historian, but it makes the reader want to read more on the battles.

The book focuses on Amiens, Midway, Stalingrad, The Imjin River (Korea), The Tet Offensive (Vietnam), Yom Kippur (Israel), The Falklands and Kuwait.

Each of them is about 40 pages. There are some maps laying out plans and offensives and some actual pictures taken during the battles.

As the other reviewer said, it is "lite"...40 pages per battle is by no means in depth, but there is plenty of info packed into these 40 pages.

A great read and a bargain at the offered price.
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Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Step by Step Book/CD Package (PRO- Step by Step Developer)
Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Step by Step Book/CD Package (PRO- Step by Step Developer)
by Michael Halvorson
Edition: Paperback
Price: 26.44

24 of 24 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great "intro" book, 19 Sep 2008
This book is an excellent introduction into the world of Visual Basic 2008 .NET language.

He gives you a list of the chapters you need to skip/ skim over and read thoroughly depending on your background (new programmer, coming from a different .NET language or a VB6 programmer).

He does a good job of pointing out the essentials within his book and his examples are easy enough to follow.

I've bought quite a few "Teach Yourself" books in the past and was so bored by chapter 2 that they were shelved. I've finished this now and will be looking for a book with more gritty details.

A great intro book for the novice programmer or a new programmer to the world of .NET programming.

One other important do not need to purchase the Visual Basic language. You can download Microsofts free Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition and whilst the book mentions a couple of items that are only available in the bought version, but these are few and far between

Memoir '44
Memoir '44
Price: 36.18

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4.0 out of 5 stars Great intro board game, 19 Sep 2008
= Durability:3.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:2.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Memoir '44 (Toy)
I bought this after having played strategy games on the PC for some time.

The game is a fantastic introduction to new gamers.

My daughter and I play a scenario very often and there are loads of new scenarios on the Days of Wonder website.

It's packaged well and the quality is good, although I do see the board will eventually have limited life which is why I gave it 3 for durability.

Education wise, it got 3 stars also because it does give you some info on the scenarios supplied, hence educating the user...but it isn't an "educational" tool

If you want to introduce one of your family or friends to the world of board gaming, this is the one.

Classic War Movie Themes
Classic War Movie Themes
Offered by Direct Entertainment UK
Price: 9.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars I don't know what the other reviewers have a problem with, 19 Sep 2008
This is exactly how I remember from when my dad brought it home on 33" vinyl.

It's not changed in the slightest.

If you want a trip down memory lane, buy it, switch the lights off and close your eyes and enjoy your trip down memory lane

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