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Man VS Machine
Man VS Machine
Offered by skyvo-direct
Price: £6.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Man Vs. Machine - Xzibit's finest hour, 19 Aug 2002
This review is from: Man VS Machine (Audio CD)
After purchasing this album in America, and comparing it to his previous works, it is clear to see that this is Xzibit's finest work yet.
I felt slightly let down by the last album, 'Restless', because I felt that the rapper was leaving behind what he had previously stood for and represented - the underground scene. He seemed on a downward spiral, 'Restless' and '40 Days and Nights' couldnt match the rough ruggedness of his debut 'At the speed of life'.
To his credit though, he has managed to turn it around. I'll raise my hand and say I was a doubter of his alliegance with Dr Dre and feared it could commercialize and ruin him. Not so. Dre provides 'The dysfunctional member of the Alkoholik family' with some truly amazing production and gritty yet catchy backing beats.
Xzibit himself is on his best form ever. I can honestly say that around 6 songs in here better what I felt where his previous two best songs 'Paparazzi' and 'The Foundation'. His lyrics are sharp and precise, his delivery masterful.
His love of the underground is plainly evident, yet many of the songs will have lighter hiphop fans chanting along to. This could be the first album to truly bridge the gap between mainstream and underground, and show the way for a host of other underground artists to assault the charts.
A truly great album.

Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VI
Offered by Click4entertainment Limited
Price: £87.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best Final Fantasy, 17 Aug 2002
This review is from: Final Fantasy VI (Video Game)
Most people would say that Final Fantasy 7 is the best in the series, and I would have probably agreed until I played this.
After having played Final Fantasy's 7,8,9 and now this through to completition, I can firmly say that this is the finest installment of the serious available to Playstation users.
The graphics provide a wave of nostalgia for anyone who loves the SNES as much as I did, and they're not ugly pr unpleasent, but actually quite nice, and reminiscent of playstation RPG's such as Alundra and Breath of Fire.
By the end of the game it is possible to have 14 characters in your command. Compare this to the 9 of Final Fantasy VII.
The characters are immediately more likeable than those in later installments, the personalities more rounded, and nowhere near as much of the confusing, annoying, frustrating, phsyco-babble in a search to find who they really are.
The stars of this game also bring a genuinely funny quirky humour to the game, which had me laughing out loud many times.
Each character has their own special commands, a feature which has never been harnessed as masterfully in any of the other games as in this one, which is a shame as it added a new dimension to the gameplay.
The game itself, as we have come to expect of the series, is huge, but personally I found this installment a greater challenge than any of the others. The boss battles are harder than in the other games and you will need careful strategic battle plans to prevail.
The story is wonderful, and cannot be fully explained in the space I have here.
But the thing I found most pleasing about this game was that it was more FUN than any other Final Fantasy game I have played. It is simply a delight to play.
There are a few added features to the SNES version, such as FMV sequences (beautiful as usual), and photo galleries etc.
All in all for a £10 package it can't really be faulted. A flawless game.

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