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In Your Honour [2CD]
In Your Honour [2CD]
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 4.76

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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Ever, 23 Jun 2005
This review is from: In Your Honour [2CD] (Audio CD)
Having followed thew foo fighters through all of their previous albums I was obviously excited about the release of this latest album. One thing I must say to start off is that there are people complaining about the acoustic CD and thats just not right, sure it may not be as good as the "loud" CD but if you think about it for 9 you are paying the same price as for a single album! I mean, even if it isn't to your taste, CD1 is worth the money alone, if it means thinking of CD2 as an extra, so be it, your not loosing any money.
Anyway, CD1 is fantastic, originally I sat down to give it a quick listen but I found myself sitting down for hours replaying it, its that good. Tracks like "In your Honour", "Best Of You", "DOA" and "The Last Song" see them returning to the greats of what I think was their best album until now; There is Nothing Left to Loose.It is the kind of music you just have to crank up really loud and enjoy for all its worth.
CD2 is also good, as I expected from his acoustic versions of songs like "Times Like These" more recently. It is different, and I suppose is suited more to background music, dont get me wrong; its good, but it doesn't have the same effect as the hard-hitting stuff of CD1.
Overall a great Album, I was amazed by how good the first 6 tracks were and continued to be amazed as the cd progressed. Who knows, the acoustic stuff could even see them appealing to a whole new audience.

Burnout 3: Takedown (PS2)
Burnout 3: Takedown (PS2)
Offered by Digitalville UK
Price: 8.40

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5.0 out of 5 stars Burnout 3 Review, 1 Nov 2004
Burnout 3
Being a huge race-game fanatic, I was understandibly excited about the release of Burnout 3. A proud owner of the second in the series (Burnout 2, duuh) I was a big fan. In my mind the game was established as one of the great racers already, with a truely innovative Crash mode in place and gameplay to rivel any.
The thing about the second was, ok, the graphics were good, not great, good, the menu screen left a bit to be desired and, well, the cars themselves, though graphically not bad, were pretty poor. They were dull and boring, with far too few of them.
So, though sound in many aspects the 3rd installment had a few things to improve on, and, by-god did it do that.
The new title Burnout 3:Takedown, appropriatly named, contained the biggest change in the game. The Takedown. A great new addition that allowed the driver to earn points, and hence boost (the key element of the game) in a heroic fasion. The takedown is obtained by crashing into one of your opponents (now 6 of them, compared to the old 4) from behind, the side etc. Most easily by ramming them into a wall. Once you have done such a thing, the game slows down and you can enjoy watching the mangled carcus of your opponent hurl through the air as you whizz by un-schaved. Well I say un-schaved (you just had to repeat the word you couldn't spell didn't you...) but in reality your rival still has one last through of the dice before admiting defeat. The Aftertouch Takedown is done by simply holding down R1 whilst crashing and controlling your hurning vehicle through the air into an opponent. This again gains you vital points needed to win the race.
Graphics have been completely overhaulled and a new graphics engine put in place. What can I say, just watch the expression on a first-timer and that just about says it all. Slack jawed and in awe of what is undoubtibly PS2's best graphics to date they will be eager to get their hands on it.
I just cant stress enough how good it looks, the cars finely detailed, leaves falling off trees, and shattered glass and carbonfibre fly through the air as you crash, your car tore to pieces. Approaching 180mph you just cant see whats going on, I mean really, the pillars, trees and buildings whizz by in a blur and before you know it you have hit a corner. But this is what makes it so fun, only the most skilled of gamers can take on the fastest cars in this game and survive.
The vehicles have also been vastly improved on. There is now 67 cars, more than double the amound of the previous game, including a host of "Heavyweights" designed souly for the purpose of crashing, which leads me smoothly onto the next section:
Crash Mode: many's favourite part of Burnout 2, this has also been improved. For any of you who are not aware of this mode, shame on you, but all it consists of is crashing into a load of vehicles and doing as much damage as possible. There are new icons available to pic up before, during, and after your crash. These icons vary from splitting your total points in half, giving you unlimited boost, giving more points, doubling or even quadroopling your score. 100 in total crash jumctions, and yes they are great fun, if not a bit repetative, I personally perfer another new part of the game:
Road Rage: Road rage events envolve you "taking-out" as many vehicles as you can while you drive around a circuit. Just like a regular race, but with no finish. Two catches, one: there is a time limit, and two: your car sustaines damage, so if your car reaches "Damage Critical", beware, you are one crash short of oblivion. These are fun, I usually get angry and crash before taking-out any of my opponents, but its all good.
The new menu is great, simple but effective. There are three different maps, USA, Far East and Europe, in each many different race events, crash junctions, road rage events and GP's (a series of races in which points are awarded for high positions).
There is a multiplayer mode, which is nice. There are many more options available than the previous game, including all that is available on single player. It is most fun enjoying a road rage event with friends, smashing them into a building seconds before they total you with an aftertouch takedown. Most excitidly though there is an online mode available, just immagine, takingdown people from all over the world, Brilliant!
This game is fantastic, for a racer it is surely the best in its class, the release of GT4 will be shaking in its boots. It has everything you want in a driving game, and more, top marks:

Live In Hyde Park
Live In Hyde Park
Offered by DVD Overstocks
Price: 13.87

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5.0 out of 5 stars RHCP Live, Brilliant!!, 29 July 2004
This review is from: Live In Hyde Park (Audio CD)
Having been at their concert at Murryfield on the same tour, I can tell this album will be amazing. They were brilliant live, (I waited 4 hours to get a good spot!). Even more exciting it has fleas trumpet solo! Worth buying just for that alone!

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [2003] [DVD]
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [2003] [DVD]
Dvd ~ Sean Connery
Offered by best_value_entertainment
Price: 2.73

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2.0 out of 5 stars The League ; poor, 27 Feb 2004
To be honest going into the cinema to see this movie I wasn't expecting much, and didn't get much. The plot of this movie was tyring, with endless cheesy jokes and yawn-able gun fights. Special effects on the other hand were pretty impressive, scenes with the large ship and hyde in particular. I think for sci-fi fans this is probubly right up their street, but it was completly wasted on me. The ending adds a twist, which was the only interesting part of the movie, with the writers leaving the door clearly open for a sequil.
Overall, average, dont buy unless you are a sci-fi fan or indeed have read any of the books featuring these heroes from the past. If it was up to me, I'd leave it.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (PS2)
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (PS2)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Tiger Woods 2004 Review, 22 Feb 2004
This game is by far the best golf game I have played to date. Where the graphics in 2003 were great, they have found a way to top that and make it even better. The courses look brilliant, magnificently detailed down to the smallest divet.
Game play is great also, with the "world tour" option being my personal favourite. During this mode you play against pro's, each getting harder and harder the more you progress. The Pro Shop is another new feature that is simply amazing. You are able to customeize your golfer completly, adjusting their hair style, their face, the way they swings their club, their reaction's ... the list goes on and on. There is hundreds of pairs of clothes to fit him/her with also, as well as different clubs, shafts and balls. The futher through the game you get the better the sponsorship offers you gain, this adds further incentive to keep playing.
Length wise I found this to last me for a segnificant amount of time, more than a month playing very often each day. So for hard-core gamers this will appeal also, difficulty is moderate, it takes a while to get used to but when you do it is well worth it. Controls are simple with many added features since the last game including a new chip shot.
Overall I found this game to be of the highest quality, EA have found a way to top the previous game tremendously, I wonder though is will they be able to do it again when next year comes round? Only time will tell.

Sagem MYX6 PORT Prepay F-R-A-  Mobile Phone
Sagem MYX6 PORT Prepay F-R-A- Mobile Phone

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5.0 out of 5 stars Sagem MY-X6 Review, 22 Feb 2004
I have had this mobile for about 6 months now, and it still works like a charm. Picture quality is excellent, far better than much more expensive mobiles on the market. It has a good amount of memory for storing audio, photo's and pictures. To be perfectly honest I dont think there is a better phone out there, let alone for the money, alright it doesn't have java games but thats about all it hasn't got.
So, overall a great buy, mobile gamers may want to splash out on a more expensive mobile, but if that is not for you then this mobile is all you'll need.

The Pleasure of my Company
The Pleasure of my Company
by Steve Martin
Edition: Hardcover

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5.0 out of 5 stars "This all started because of a clerical error", 22 Feb 2004
These the words printed on the reverse of quite simply the best book I've ever read.
Being a student I don’t have much time to read, or more
realistically, don’t want to. I have been a huge fan of Steve Martin's films for a long time now, "Bowfinger" being my favourite. So, I thought I'd try out one of his books. This book is brilliant, witty, ingenious and extremely clever. It has opened my eyes to the joy of reading, as I am currently reading another of his books "Pure Drivel". The storyline is based around a neurotic 30 something year old male who is torn between 3 women, each extremely different, beautiful in their own way. Being very shy he finds various different ways to see them, without the torment of having to ask them out. It follows his weird and wonderful journey as he gets to know them better, encountering endless obstacles, such as the dreaded kerb, and the much feared light bulb!
Beautiful storyline, superb humour, good job it all started because of a clerical error!

Olympus Mju II Cg Qd Kit
Olympus Mju II Cg Qd Kit

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5.0 out of 5 stars Olympus Mju II Qd, 22 Feb 2004
I have had this camera for about 3 years now, and it never seises to amaze me. Yes, the market has moved on now, but this is probubly the best value for money. Picture quality is brilliant, it is lightweight and portable. Alright, so it doesn't have a zoom feature, but it is perfect for family photo's etc. It also won best compact camera 2001, which has to mean something.
So, if you are in need of a relatively cheap camera, this is for you, what a buy!

Futurama (PS2)
Futurama (PS2)

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3.0 out of 5 stars Futurama Review, 22 Feb 2004
This review is from: Futurama (PS2) (Video Game)
This game takes you on a journey through the weired and wonderful world of fututama. On you're way you encounter many of the tv shows characters, who undoubtubly add the inevitable humour. I am a huge fututama fan and enjoyed this very much, I can see why dislikers of the programme however would not like this as much (hens the rating).
You begin you're adventure as fry, the dimwitted pizza-boy who was croigenically-frozen in the year 2000 and found himself popping out in 3000 AD. There are 2 other characters to play as, unlocking them as you make you're way through the game's endless missions and puzzles. There is also 1 further character you only get to use for a short period of time.
The controls are simple, it takes very little time to pick them up. Although each character has his/her own unique abilities so controls differ slightly.
Graphics in this game are much like those used in most simpsons games. They are excellent, showing off the cast's endless adventures brilliantly. Great detail is taken with scenery also, entering places from the tv show you can explore and unlock hidden secrets on your way.
In terms of length this game kept me occupied for a good 2 weeks, playing for a decent amount of time each day. They manage to varie missions very well, keeping you fixated throughout. One thing I will say against this game though is that to the inexperienced gamer it could become quite an arduous task to complete certain missions, I personally became stuck on certain missions for a few days. I find this to make me loose interest in the game, so for any strugglers out there I advise that you find yourself a good cheat's site and unlock such features as unlimited health etc. This can help you get through those much hated missions.
Overall I would rate this game pretty highly, worth the money. If you are a fan of the tv show or are just in need of a giggle, this is for you.

The Matrix Revolutions [DVD] [2003]
The Matrix Revolutions [DVD] [2003]
Dvd ~ Keanu Reeves|Carrie-Anne Moss|Laurence Fishburne
Price: 2.83

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5.0 out of 5 stars The Matrix Revolutions Review, Brilliant., 21 Feb 2004
After the sheer brilliance of the 1st movie I think anyone would struggle to top, the wachowski brothers did there best to satisfy our need for awesome gun-fights and more of the much loved "bullet-time". In "The Matrix Reloaded" they did what they thought we wanted, but they, and indeed we were wrong. Realizing that there is more to the matrix than jus simple gun-fights we wanted more, demanding a plot that furfilled our need for closure with this final film. Reloaded indeed was hated by the criticts because of its extremely complicated dialogues, in particular the scene with "The Architecht".

This 3rd and final film to me was the best there has been. The graphics were flawless, with the final scene between "Neo" and "Agent Smith" absolutly enthralling. The super-slow-mo is timed to perfection with the most minute detail catered for, encluding the small splash of the rain against Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith's) fist as it hures towards Kianu Reeves face.
Need I say more? This film deliveres everything, the ending although ridiculed for its bland-ness deliveres what the majority of viewers wanted. 5/5, 10/10, 100/100, 100%.
[One thing I wll say though is that the ending does pose some questions concearning the release of a further 4th film. You can make up your own mind.]

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