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Animal Welfare in Australia - a Tour of Cattle and Sheep Farms
Animal Welfare in Australia - a Tour of Cattle and Sheep Farms
Price: 1.93

4.0 out of 5 stars A must read for all Animal Farmers, 11 Dec 2013
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This book, written by a couple of ex Brits who, now Ausie citizens, who, using the somewhat thin excuse of a "work related need", took several months to explore their adopted country. The plan consisted of visiting many different animal farms / stations to inform Clive's work.

Perhaps one can blame their "mad Englishman" genetics, but they chose to do this journey of discovery, this clockwise circumnavigation of Australia..... by car. More accurately by 4x4 pulling a trailer tent, but this of course allowed them to stay close to the ground and discover the real outback, of striking geology, and of birds and animals and to start to understand the country.

But this is not a book about how to go about exploring the outback, or about how they got on, it is about the life of animal farmers in the bits of Australia that no one visits or really knows about.

The text is a timeline of what they found on snapshot visits to many farms, and allows the authors to consider their experiences and discuss with the reader how this industry survives and makes a living and as the title suggests the welfare of their animals.

Between farm visits the reader shares their experiences of delight in seeing unusual birds and wild animals, the wonder of nature, often accompanied with a self-taken photograph, whilst experiences with native Aboriginals raise thoughts on how the "mother county" irreversibly damaged this former colonies land and people and destroyed Aboriginal farming methods.

Overall the unique aspects of this book make this a must read for all city-based Australians and lovers of Australia. Further, every animal farmer across the world will gain enjoyment and understanding of the similarities and differences of their colleagues' lot.

Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike
Ultrasport Exercise Bike F-Bike
Price: 89.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars Impressed with manufactures., 8 Nov 2012
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Lowest seat height is too high so that anyone greater than 5' 9" has to climb on. This is annoying. It is however relatively light in weight if you need to carry it about, note the word relatively, it is heavy but others are much heavier and is slim and folds easily for storage; scissor action. A machine like this can be a storage problem in many houses so having a bike that is lighter, slimmer and folds may well be useful

Highest friction setting is too low so that users end up peddling fast with little resistance. This makes the bike very poor as one needs to be able to increase to a higher resistance over time as ones muscles develop. - POSTSCRIPT - manufacturers read this review and have e-mailed me to say that they believe that this is faulty, they are in the process of have replacing it.

Overall, it is cheaper and slimmer, and the manufactures seem to listen to our reviews and sort problems which is very encouraging. So what would I improve on the next version: The LCD screen could use backlighting and could be bigger and I would benefit from making the seat more comfortable and being able to have the seat at a lower setting.
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Home for Christmas [DVD]
Home for Christmas [DVD]
Dvd ~ Andre Rieu
Price: 9.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Trailer for this DVD, 5 Nov 2012
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This review is from: Home for Christmas [DVD] (DVD)
Not sure if you want this? Watch this official trailer:


Five minutes of Andre explaining why you will want to buy this christmas music DVD with samples of video and music that make it an essential DVD for Andre fans this christmas. Enjoy.
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Miele Large Vacuum Cleaner Floor Tool Brush
Miele Large Vacuum Cleaner Floor Tool Brush
Offered by Selectric London Limited
Price: 40.11

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2.0 out of 5 stars Check the price before purchase, 24 Oct 2012
If you buy this from Miele direct I think you end up paying less than this. Please consider checking this out before you order.

Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Multivax Dry Vacuum and Carpet Washer
Vax 6131T 3-in-1 Multivax Dry Vacuum and Carpet Washer
Price: 84.00

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3.0 out of 5 stars Flimsy wet parts, not as good a dry cleaner as others but useful, 22 Oct 2012
Dry vacuum cleaning: 2 stars - there are much better and easier to use models - look at Miele for instance.

Wet carpet cleaner: 2 stars - works but the wet head will break in several different places (a wheel will fall off and the connector for the clean tube breaks) so that roughly each year you need a new head (about 18).

Cleaning up spills and leaks: 5 stars - very useful and effective, I recently discovered that a blocked waste pipe under a sink can be cleaned by undoing the waste pipe and inserting the black nozzle of the Vax and suck.

Behind The Gardens... Behind The Wall... Under The Tree
Behind The Gardens... Behind The Wall... Under The Tree
Price: 9.72

5.0 out of 5 stars Life changing music, 12 May 2012
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I first heard this album in 1980 and have listened to it hundreds of times and have purchased it in almost every form as media has moved on.

Nobody else plays a harp like this and this album, his first is a cross between progressive rock and jazz. There are 8 tracks but realistically they all blend together into one long piece of music.

I used to run relaxation therapy classes and sometimes played this album. It is perfect to relax to and to fall asleep to. Enjoy.

If you do not know this artist, look at the many YouTube videos first his style is unique but if you like it buy this album.

Modern-Tech Plug in Capacitive Stylus Sony Ericsson X10. Xperia X12, Xperia ARC, Xperia Neo
Modern-Tech Plug in Capacitive Stylus Sony Ericsson X10. Xperia X12, Xperia ARC, Xperia Neo
Offered by Modern-Tech
Price: 3.95

1.0 out of 5 stars Not for Arc, 14 Jun 2011
This product will not work on a capacitive screen such as on the SE Arc. Only a finger will work as a finger has an electrical charge. Before buying, see if your screen works with a pen. If it does you will be ok.

Acer Aspire Timeline 5810T 15.6 inch Laptop, 8+ Hours Battery, Intel Core 2 Solo ULV SU3500 1.40 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD DVDSM, Vista Home Premium
Acer Aspire Timeline 5810T 15.6 inch Laptop, 8+ Hours Battery, Intel Core 2 Solo ULV SU3500 1.40 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD DVDSM, Vista Home Premium

5.0 out of 5 stars Battery Life at last !, 7 April 2010
At last a laptop that works as a laptop. Now when I go places, I frequently leave the power cable/charger at home, because this laptop lasts.

Good points - Designed to use less power by having a cooler processor and video card, and therefore runs it's one fan. slowly and quietly with cool air coming out. The processors run unusually cool - currently reading 33 degrees Celsius (using SpeedFan) compared to 75 to 85 degrees C from my previous laptops. There are several other power saving features such as auto-switching off of the DVD drive when on battery and not in use, which makes me thoroughly recommend this product for anyone who wants a machine with a long battery life.

The lid is thin and made of metal and is cold to the touch, which feels strange but this makes me think that the screen is stronger and less likely to twist and brake.

O find the speakers have a very good stereo image, much better than any other laptop I have heard, but in a noisy place I find the output volume is not enough

Bad points - the keyboard consists of flat keys so that in low light conditions I find it difficult to work out which key is the one you want - the home keys have small raised bits which at least helps a bit.

Other points - power cable plugs in on right side next to network RJ45 socket, a USB socket and the DVD drive. Left side has two video sockets (15-pin and HDMI) plus 3 x USB and headphone and microphone sockets.

Overall - Having owned this model for about 5 months now, I would recommend this laptop to anyone and will be definitely be considering ACER models in future. My comparison laptop knowledge includes several HP, Compaq and Toshiba laptops.

Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition--for purchase with PC Hardware only, 3 Users (PC)
Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student Edition--for purchase with PC Hardware only, 3 Users (PC)
Offered by snowmansales
Price: 99.99

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4.0 out of 5 stars What is it? Should you buy it?, 17 Jun 2008
This is a licence for a three computer version of
- Wordprocessor - Word;
- Spreadsheet - Excel;
- Presentation Manager - PowerPoint; &
- Note recorder OneNote

In the box, you get one set of installation files on a DVD, and one licence code that can be registered for three computers in the same home.

Called a Home & Student edition, you do not need to have a student in your home in order to legally use this product, but there is a restriction - you are not allowed to use this product for any business reasons. So if you run a business from home this is NOT for you. - Microsoft market an Office Small Business Edition which comes with extra features and web help for small business users.

However, if you just want something to write letters; write notes; and, do the family finances at home, this is a sensible and cheap solution which makes Microsoft Works almost pointless.

An obvious thought here - there aren't many non-commercial reasons to use PowerPoint at home other than for kids homework so why include it? Publisher (used for writing Newsletters and very popular among churches) or the database program Access (although difficult to learn) would have been of more use, whilst the loss of Office Outlook (not to be confused with Outlook Express) is annoying if you already use an older version as your e-mail system.

Note however that Office 2007 only works with Windows XP or Vista, so computers running Windows 95, 98 or ME can NOT run this product.

With a new version, one expects improvements and in this case there are many. The most obvious being the new menu system which takes a bit of getting used to but needs to be learnt as this will be the future.

You get Word, Excel & PowerPoint as in previous versions but not Outline and do not get (in the box atleast)a cheaper upgrade to other useful programs such as Publisher and Access (in previous versions this was an option).

In place you get OneNote - and this is an advantage as it is an excellent new product for writing notes in some sort of order (the program takes words and pictures) and excels at copying words and images off webpages such as an invoice. This program is very useful and worth experimenting with as it is a genuine new approach to storing information.

Worth it? Yes because for three licences, this is cheap, and it is an excellent product that the world uses. If you have kids, then they will need to be able to use this by the time they start work.

If your prime purchase is for your children, then while the above is true, it may be worth changing to this version at the same time as your children's school does - it makes the learning curve of the new interface easier and makes working on files both at school and home easier. Note: schools often change major software such as this during the Summer Holidays - school IT staff do not get the same long holidays as the children.


1. No ability to cheaply add on other Microsoft Office products such as Publisher or Access which many students or home users would want;

2. Documents are saved by default as ".docx" and not ".doc" (and also in Excel ".xlsx" etc.) This is a problem if you send a document by e-mail to someone else as their computer can probably not read your .docx file, so you need to either "save as" as a .doc for this document or alter (in options) the default setting to always save as a .doc file. - Easy but annoying.

3. At the top of the window of each application instead of saying "Document 1 - Microsoft Word", it says "Document 1 - Microsoft Word non-commercial use" (or Excel etc.) in this version. This looks naff, and is not easy to remove.

4. The new layout of menus and buttons at the top of each program is a pain to re-learn, but as I said earlier, this will be the future so one needs to bite the bullet on this one at some stage.

Installation Tip: Remove all old versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote before installing this new version, by doing this your registry and hard drive will have less in them and work faster. Remember, you can leave applications such as Outlook and Access 2003 on your computer, to run alongside your Office 2007 applications.
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Colouring Book
Colouring Book

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5.0 out of 5 stars A compilation of Original King's Singers tracks., 7 Dec 2007
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This review is from: Colouring Book (Audio CD)
This compilation album is a selection of early King's Singers tracks that were originally recorded between 1970 and 1978 when the line up was Nigel Perrin; Alastair Hume; Alastair Thompson; Anthony Holt; Simon Carrington; and, Brian Kay. Much of this album contains the 12 tracks that launched their "pop" career, with the remaining 6 tracks being a rather beetles heavy collection of some of the best music.

Music is of course about taste, and if the King's Singers "popular" music is to yours, then you will be very happy with around 16 of the 18 tracks here. Some arrangements could be considered to be better (or at least worthy equal modifications) of the original artists. David Bowie's Life on Mars (from the impossible to find "Keep on Changing" album) being a personal favourite.

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