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Canis Canem Edit (PS2)
Canis Canem Edit (PS2)
Price: 9.90

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4.0 out of 5 stars CURE GASTROPARESIS- canis canem edit rocks, 3 Nov 2006
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
as u know rockstar- the ppl. behind gta have developed this game. as u may or may not know rockstar have also developed the warriors & manhunt. u may wanna check these out

one of my fave games of all time is GRAND THEFT AUTO SAN ANDREAS. this game ranks alongside such greats as mario 64, goldeneye & zelda- ocarina of time. there is now just under a year 2 wait 4 the proper gta sequel.
i thought i might as well give gta: vice city a go so as 2 make the wait shorter. dont get me wrong; vice city is a gr8 game. but when ure going back 2 it from san andreas u become a lil disappointed. vice city's map isnt gr8, u cant swim, u cant fly, the controls havent been peRfected yet & IT'S A MUCH SMALLER GAME. metaphorically speaking, when uve been driving a ferrari (san andreas)- its hard 2 go back 2 an ordinary car (vice city).

when canis canem edit (old name- bully) was announced- its premise interested me. then i found out it was using the san andreas game engine; so it would have gr8 graphics & probably a gr8 map & control system. i was right. then when i saw the price[...]i was like; 'wot harm can it do in giving it a go?'

canis canem edit is a gr8 lil game. good humour, memorable cast of characters & nice story line. 4 the mature gta audience- its not the same as gta, but give it a try u may well like it. no guns or swearing here. instead a much much better fighting system. u can shove, peform wedgies, peform embarrasing finishing moves etc. u also have an assortment of 'weapons' incl. stink bombs, marbles, fire crackers, a slingshot amongst other things. no cars/ planes 2 drive/pilot here. instead u get skateboards- pretty nifty controls, bicycles & MOPEDS (top stuff- bit slower than motorcycle but closest 2 car u gonna get).

wot's more after the first chapter- u can EXPLORE THE SURROUNDING TOWNS. id say the size of the school & surrounding towns is just smaller than gta 3. there's a gr8 fairground with go karting 2 explore- neat idea. we have a cemetery & mental assylum amongst other venues. u can SWIM/ CLIMB as well.

the school classes r mini games. complete the classes & gain new moves/ new weapon 2 ure arsenal. the mini games r like the beach parties in sna ndreas- u have 2 press the buttons in specific order 2 complete it. u have the boys & girls dorms on campus, the gym, the school basement etc.

u not only get night & day- but u get DIFF. SEASONS here. when it hits halloween, the school becomes fittingly decorated. the missions that u receive reflect the seasons ure in. so u get 2 play halloween pranks at night during that period.

in the towns- the police r there 2 discipline u. in school- u have the prefects. ure m8 gary is the san andreas equivalent of the corrupt cops. there's some gr8 secret passages/ areas 2 explore. the music aint bad- a lil magical. im not a big harry potter fan but the boarding school & the atmosphere reminds me a lil of hogwarts. dont let this put u off. there's plenty of 'gang' fights betweens jocks, nerds, preps & greasers. the cast gets familiar after a while. u notice acquaintances hurrying round the school. this makes the game rather more personal 2 san andreas.

all in all- id say that this (maybe saints row or just cause) is probably the best thing 2 tide u over until gta 4. i dont c how they can do a sequel 2 this? [...]this is a gr8 lil gem

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